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Gary Watson and the Team at Prestige Philately are delighted to announce the merger of Prestige with Mossgreen Auctions, effective Monday 1st December 2014. Mossgreen, based at 926-930 High Street in leafy Armadale, close to the Melbourne CBD, is a multi-department auction house dealing in fine art, antiques and collectables. Mossgreen Gallery and the delightful Tea Rooms are in the same building.

The merger of these two dynamic businesses will provide philatelic clients of both firms with unrivalled expertise and knowledge. Gary Watson, formerly Managing Director of Prestige Philately, is now Mossgreen’s Head of Philately.

For further information about philatelic auctions, including to consign material for sale, please contact:
Gary Watson - email Phone +61 3 9508 8888
Torsten Weller - email Phone +61 3 9508 8888
Charles Leski - email Phone +61 3 9508 8888

For information about other Mossgreen departments, please contact:
email Phone +61 3 9508 8888

** Please note that unsold lots from Prestige auctions are no longer available.

Otherwise, our website remains accessible and free of charge. You can view past auctions, download the Prices Realised Lists, read the numerous articles about public auctions and other important subjects, etc etc.

To visit Mossgreen’s website click here.

View the prices realised and auction material from more than 100 auctions.

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Selling your Collection?

Mossgreen / Prestige has a reputation for achieving outstanding results for our vendors.

For major collections we will travel anywhere in the world to accept your consignment.

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“For a first time bidder, I can say without hesitation that I am dealing with an auction house with the highest integrity. I will have no hesitation whatsoever in leaving large bids on your books once again.” - AN - England (8/8/2011)

“I must give credit to Prestige Philately for devoting entire sales to material I’d have guessed would bomb or perform rather poorly, yet turns out very well…The Thailand collection of Adelaide academic Len Colgan was offered on June 24…Some of the realisations amazed me, and credit to Prestige for taking on such a collection AND getting for the vendor a far better price than any other firm on earth would have garnered…Good to see material from unusual places getting strong results, when offered lotted up carefully and promoted widely…” - Glen Stephens in his “Market Matters” column in Stamp News (August 2011)

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