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C of A - Other Pre-Decimals



1914-65 array on leaves including 1929 WA Centenary 1d imprint block of 6 with Re-Entry to Swan's Neck & 'T' of 'AUSTRALIA', block of 4 with Re-Entry to Swan's Neck & 'TR' both *, Sturt 3d Deformed 'AU' *, perf 'OS' 1d & 3d corner blocks of 10 **, Kingsford Smith 3d Plane Dropping Mailbag (2, one in a Plate 3 block of 6) ** and 6d Re-Entry to 'T' of 'AUSTRALIA' in an imprint block 8 **, Extra Islands in a block of 4 *, Kingsford Smith optd 'OS' pair ** (3d looks highly dubious), 6d Airmail Re-Entry in imprint strip of 3 and in block of 6 **, 5/- Harbour Bridge CTO, Macarthur set in imprint blocks of 4 *, most other 1930 commemoratives * and/or used plus varieties, imprint & plate blocks, also Navigators with White Papers ** (4/- is *) & BCOF to 5/- plus a few covers, some items with toning, mostly fine, Cat well over $3000. (Qty Qty)






1928 International Philatelic Exhibition 3d Kookaburra M/S block of 4 with even toning, mounted in margins only, plus a single M/S with Exhibition cds of 29OC28 (first day of issue) in red and another mint (missing selvedge at left) signed in selvedge by John Ash & James Murray (the Exhibition Postmaster); also 3d Kooka perf 'OS' block of 6 */** and a facsimile "proof" in dull blue on thin watermarked paper (156x116mm) with 'Hlio-Vaugirard - 1949' imprint. (Qty 7 items)






1928 International Philatelic Exhibition 3d Kookaburra M/S from a central position with perforations on all sides, central horizontal perforations a bit weak, unmounted, Cat $225. [Only three positions in the sheet of 15 M/Ss have perforations on all sides]






1929 Airmail Sheet Stamps 3d Type A (toning) & Type B imprint blocks of 4 **, Type A Plates 1 to 4 blocks of 4 **, Type B perf 'OS' **; Booklet Stamps Type A Long Wing to Plane in a block of 4 */** (variety stamp **) and a used single, also a 1929 flight cover and a 1938 cover with 'ADEN/ PAQUEBOT' cds tying adhesive, some toning, Cat $1500+. (Qty 20 items)





A B1

1934 Victoria Centenary Perf 10 2d to 1/- imprint blocks of 4, the lower units unmounted, Cat $235+. (Qty 12)





A B1

1937-49 Definitives Perf 15x14 1/- Lyrebird block of 20 (10x2) with two Authority Imprints & lines in the gutter, also with part Plate Number '7' at base, the upper-right unit mounted otherwise unmounted. An important new discovery. [The ACSC records only three plate blocks of this stamp - '3' at top, '4' at top and '-6-' at base but states at page 4/107 that " were manufactured, of which six were used for printing". This could be from Plate 3 - in which case it would be the first plate block recorded from the base of the sheet - but the unique Plate 3 block BW #209z has a '3' with rounded top. It is almost inconceivable that the engraver would have placed a straight-top '3' at the base. In addition, the almost 90 degree angle of the downstroke adds to our confidence that this is the first record of stamps from Plate 7]






1953-56 QEII 3d green Coil Perf sheet of 160 (16x10) with gutter & sheet of 320 (16x20) with no gutter, unmounted, Cat $2400 as 120 blocks of 4. (Qty 2 sheets)





A+ A1

1956 Olympic Games 3d carmine-lake BW #332E(1), well centred, unmounted, under-catalogued at $5000. Superb! An internationally important item for an Olympic Games collection. While the ACSC characterises this item as an "essay", it is more correctly an unissued stamp. 27,000,000 booklet stamps had been printed when the decision was made to raise the basic rate to 4d. The Post Office destroyed all but a few sheets. At the two Archival Sales conducted in 1987 & 1988, a total of 40 stamps was sold, comprising 4 singles, 4 booklet panes of 6, and a plate number block of 12 (sold for $109,250 at our sale of 24/5/2008). The last single we handled sold for $12,075 at our auction of 24/5/2008.


No longer available




1963-65 QEII 5d green die proof in recessed card BW #398DP(1), RBA cachet in violet on the reverse endorsed "3-10-63" & "6", Cat $3000. An excellent addition for a booklets collection. [Proof No 6 was given to D Dundas of the Stamp Advisory Committee. NB: while the back of the mount is original, the face-card is a modern replacement]



Displaying 9 Lots in Category - Australia Other Pre-Decimals

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