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1860-88 Two Pence plating study in two springback albums with a separate page for each of the 120 positions on the plate, each page with an enlarged diagram indicating the features of that position, all positions represented by examples in orange (41), blue (306), yellow (862) &/or grey (175), condition a bit variable but generally fine to very fine, some postmark interest, Cat 12,500 (minimum). Ex Max Reynolds. [The lot includes a copy of "The 2d Perkins Bacon Plate 1860-88" by Brian Pope & Max Reynolds (1995) - based on this collection - in which the authors speculate that the albums are the work of Dr Harry Osborne and Frank Chadwick. Careful inspection likely to reveal many better stamps that are not reflected in the quoted catalogue value] (Qty 1384)





1861-1900 Issues attractively presented on album pages many with the watermark orientations noted including some very scarce variants, numerous better items with unused/mint including 1861 Intermediate Perf 4d vermilion x2 (both with problems), Perf 14 at Somerset House 1d x2 & 4d x2, Clean-Cut Perf 6d x2 & 1/-, Very Rough Perf 1d x3; No Wmk 1d x4 (one with Double-Tailed Swan) & 6d; 1864-79 CC Perf 12 set and Perf 14 set; DLR 3d with 'SPECIMEN' h/s; CA Perf 14 set and Perf 12 4d; '' on 1d blocks of 4 & 10; 1885-93 set with shades plus Plate Number '1' singles to 1/-; 1888 New Colours; good range of 1893-95 Surcharges including blocks; Wmk W[crown]A 2d & 6d Plate Number '1' blocks of 4 etc. The used material includes 1861 Intermediate Perf 1d 6d x2 & 1/-, Clean-Cut Perf 1/- Watermark Upright x3 (one inverted); 'ONE PENNY' on 2d x6 plus a faked Triple Surcharge; CA Perf 14 2d block of 6 & Perf 12x14 1d; 'Half-penny' in Red & in Green on 3d; Wmk W[crown]A 1/- with the Watermark Inverted; etc, also 'Medical' h/s on 1d x2 & 2d x2, and fake 'O.S.' h/s on 2d; condition a bit mixed but generally fine to very fine. High catalogue value. An excellent basis for development. (Qty 300+)






PRESENTATION STAMPS: c.1889 seriffed 'SPECIMEN' handstamp (McCredie & Kellow Type 1) on Crown/CC Perf 12 1/- green x2 & Perf 14 3d brown, Crown/CA Perf 14 6d lilac x3 (one with no gum), and DLR d & 4d; also Crown/CA 6d mauve CTO with oval-of-bars cancel; a couple of tonespots, part- to large-part o.g., Cat 1125 plus CTO 6d. (Qty 9)





PRESENTATION STAMPS: 1891 provision of stamps to the UPU for distribution comprising Wmk W[crown]A 2d unused; V/Crown Perf 12 1d to 1 all CTO with concentric-circles cancels (Double Impression on the Pound); Crown/A 5d unused plus 3d 6d & 1/- CTO with Perth cds; all handstamped 'ULTRAMAR' in blue or violet & affixed to a page from an archival album, minor aging & a few tonespots mostly affecting lower denominations. Ex Portuguese India Post Office Archives and Bill McCredie: acquired for $2990. [Between 1895 & 1910, specimen stamps sent by the UPU to Lisbon were handstamped 'ULTRAMAR' (= overseas) prior to being distributed to the Portuguese Colonies. See also Lots 193 & 317]






PRESENTATION STAMPS: 1891 provision of stamps to the UPU for distribution comprising Crown/CC 3d (no gum), 6d lilac, 6d reddish lilac & 1/- bright green (no gum), New Colours 1d x3 different, 2d both shades & 4d x2 (one slurred), and DLR d 2d 2d 4d 5d & 1/-, all with 'SPECIMEN' handstamp (mostly) or overprint, most with large-part o.g. & generally very lightly mounted. [More comprehensive than Bill McCredie's "set" of 12 that sold for $1207. See also Lot 166] (Qty 17)






PRESENTATION STAMPS: 1901 Federation Presentation Set comprising Crown/CA 3d brown, 4d red-brown & 6d lilac, DLR Crown/CA d 2d grey 2d 4d 5d 6d & 1/-, and W[crown]A 1d 2d yellow & 2d, condition a bit mixed, a few very fine with large-part o.g., all CTO with oval-of-bars cancels. Scarce. [Missing only the 1888 1d & 2d. Bill McCredie's complete set, with Letter of Presentation, sold for $1207] (Qty 13)






PRESENTATION STAMPS: 1904 collectors' set comprising DLR Crown/CA d 3d 4d 5d 6d & 1/- (trimmed perfs at right), W[crown]A 1d 2d yellow & 2d, and V/Crown 2d 4d & 8d to 1, condition a bit mixed, no gum but a few very fine with large-part o.g., all CTO with concentric-circles cancels. Scarce. [Missing only the V/Crown 1d. Bill McCredie's similar V/Crown set of 10 only - also missing the 1d - sold for $1035] (Qty 19)






PRESENTATION STAMPS: V/Crown 2/- brownish red/yellow & 1 orange BW #W66ba, and Crown/A d 4d & 5/- all perforated 'OS', all CTO with an unidentified cds probably of the Melbourne GPO (the 'O' is obvious on all stamps; a couple also show fragments of a final 'E'), large-part o.g. Superb & rare! Believed to be from a presentation set for which there is no archival evidence.







1908 Visit of the American "Great White Fleet" 1d PC16, unused. Superb! [These generic cards were printed in NSW. The relevant Queensland, South Australian, Tasmanian, or Western Australian 1d stamp was overprinted at Melbourne. The WA 1d electro with Decapitated Swan flaw (Pope & Thomas's "Die 11") is common to this and the next two lots]


No longer available




1908 Visit of the American "Great White Fleet" 1d PC16, unused. Superb!






1908 Visit of the American "Great White Fleet" 1d PC16, to "Dudinalup/Via Balingup" with light 'COTTESLOE' cds of 22SP08 & light unframed 'BALINGUP' arrival b/s. Issued 1/9/1908: examples used in the month of issue are scarce & desirable. [The message is unusually between children, the senders practising their rudimentary French! Dudinalup is a locality near Nannup: it has never had a post office. Hugh Freeman's philatelic usage to the USA sold for $862 at our auction of 23/9/2011]


No longer available

Displaying 11 Lots in Category - Fauna - birds

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