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Collection in nine albums with numerous pickings throughout notably Roos to 10/- x3 & 1 grey including First 2/- x2, Second 5/- and Third 2/- brown with 'HB' puncture plus some unused/mint values, lots of KGV Heads - unchecked by us for shades or varieties - with mint blocks of 4 including Penny Reds x7 & 1d red Die III (*/**), Kooka M/S mint, duplicated better 1930s Commems including 2/- Jubilee mint x3, CTO range including all perf 'OS' Commems, 6d Engraved x2 & 5/- Bridge, sd Navigators, Decimals mostly unmounted mint including 1971 Christmas block of 25, etc, condition variable but inspection will reveal lots of higher grade material. (Qty Qty)





Mostly used accumulation with Roos including 2d punctured Large 'OS', Third Wmk 1/- block of 4 plus annotated 1d & 6d brown varieties, a bag of KGV Heads on piece, Kookaburra M/S with Exhibition cds in blue, Robes, QEII 5c booklet pane, 2001 Year Book, a packet of commercial perfins, a bundle of unused Aerogrammes, "Federal Australian Philatelist" Vol I No 2 (1890), "Australian Stamp Monthly" Vol I No 9 (1930), etc. (Qty Qty)





Collector's duplicateswith lots of pickings including KGV Heads 1d reds x27, 1d Die III, punctured 'OS' Single Wmk 2d orange block of 4 & 1/4d, 'OS' Overprints set, KGVI 3d blues x6, Robes Thin Paper 1 (**), 2/- & 2/3d commemoratives, sd Navigators, etc, condition variable. (Qty few 100)





Two albums of duplicates with Roos including First Wmk to 2/- plus 5/- CTO x2 & Small 'OS' 2/-, 5d Ram block of 12, quantity of Decimals to 1978, etc. (Qty many 100s)





Collector's odds n sods with used KGV Heads & decimals including scarcer values, WWI '[flag]/STICK FOR/ AUSTRALIA' label corner block of 12, commercial perfins including unusual patterns, etc, plus some covers including 1951 Sydney DLO 'RE-ENCLOSED LETTER' envelope registered & a few WWI items plus some PPCs of ships used as Troop Transports, philatelic cover with 'KILLIECRANKIE/TAS-AUST' cds (rated RR), etc. (Qty many 100s)





Accumulation in albums & loosewith some Roos, KGV Heads & Commems, then Decimals with considerable face value, 1906 "Rowland Hill" album with a few Colonies noted Victoria 1/- Octagonal imperf with full original gum (crazed & creased) & WA 3d Swan 'Medical' overprint, range of covers from 1930s to modern noted 1937 NSW 2d & 3d imprint blocks on separate FDCs, 2002 QEII Accession PNC, also some worldwide stamps in tubs & loose, condition mixed. (Qty 1000s)





Used accumulation plus a bundle of Decimal packs, also Colonies with Victoria Postal Fiscals, etc. (Qty 1000s)





Large accumulation in six file boxesincluding album of mint & used with a few Roos & KGV plus 1966-85 mostly complete **, then mint Decimals in folders & loose with some complete sheets, booklets, packs, Yearbooks 1981-2004 complete (ex 1987 but one extra of 1981, 1983, 1986, 1990 & 1995), also PSEs (mint & FDI) & FDCs (including some Pre-Decimal) in quantity, plus album of PNG, some GB, Vanuatu, etc. (Qty 1000s)





Large accumulation with a few Roos & KGV Heads then extensive Pre-Decimals including imprint & plate number blocks, 'OS' overprints & punctures, noted 1/- ANZAC ** & used block of 5, Arms set ** & used in blocks of 4 plus 10/- 'SPECIMEN', Navigators ** & used, a few Decimals including 1971 Christmas block of 25, also Colonies range from imperfs with values to 1, potential postmark interest, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 1000s)





Accumulation with 1936 SA Centenary 1/- pair with 'B/Ltd' commercial perfin, Decimals used in quantity & mint plus Yearbooks 1990-93, some Worldwide with pre-WWII Europe, plus small batch of commercial mail noted Austria 1947 tatty cover with 'OFFICIALLY SEALED' labels tied Perth cds, Berlin 1956 airmail to Australia with Buildings 20pf 50pf & Dm2, Roads Board envelope with 'PAID AT ROCKINGHAM/ D -6SE57/W.A' cds, etc. (Qty 1000s)





Large used accumulation from Colonies, some Roos & plenty of KGV Heads with potential postmark interest, Commems & Pre-Decimals then up to 1980s in albums plus quantity loose, apparently unchecked. (Qty 1000s)





1913-80s accumulationmostly used with a few Roos noted CofA 'SPECIMEN' set (no gum) & KGV Heads, Pre-Decimals reasonably complete including Kooka M/S ** and 5/- Bridge CTO, some 'OS' overprints & punctures including Kingsford Smith duo CTO, also KGVI issues ** in larger blocks including imprints, a few Postage Dues, Decimals mostly *, plus used in quantity, condition mixed. (Qty 1000s)





Accumulation in two cartons noted some plate & imprint blocks, Northern Territory Stamp Duty 1c pane of 50 with Authority Imprint, then Decimals ** with a few M/Ss, booklets & packs, plus some FDCs. (Qty Qty)





Accumulation with some Roos & KGV Heads, Kooka M/S with red Exhibition cancel, Pre-Decimals unmounted including a few KGV Commems, Arms set, 5/- Cattle White Paper, Navigators (8), also Decimals ** with Navigators 'SPECIMEN' set then to 1990 in album & packs, condition mixed but mostly fine. (Qty Qty)





Mint & used accumulation with a few Roos, KGV Heads & Pre-Decimals but strength in Decimals 1966-80s ** with many in larger blocks or complete sheets some with annotated varieties, papers, booklet panes, etc, a few CTO, also some FDCs & Stationery, substantial face value. (Qty Qty)





Two cartons of consignment remaindersmostly from Australia including a stack of 1950s-70s FDCs many with blocks of 4 & 1971 Christmas blocks of 6 !! x3, some mint including Robes 5/- Tinted Paper blocks of 4 x2 & Newcastle 2d half-sheet punctured 'VG', used quantity sorted in envelopes, array of Postage Dues, large bag of covers including some earlier meters, also a quantity of inwards mail from all over the world; etc. (Qty 1000s)





1914-65 complete used collection (ex Roos & KGV Heads) including 5/- Bridge CTO, KGVI 3d White Wattles, Robes both papers, Navigators (8), also complete 'OS' punctures & overprints, plus some Decimals, a few packs & Norfolk Island **, some toning. (Qty 100s)





Roos to 5/- & KGV Headsmostly used, Commems range mint & used but including 1/- ANZAC Plate '1' single **, some imprint & plate # blocks of 4 */**, Arms & Navigators sets, plus Decimals * & used to c.1980 then ** to 2003 many in pairs including gutters, strips, M/S, a few booklets & packs, also AAT, some minor toning. (Qty 1000s)





Huge used accumulation with Colonies, Roos, KGV Heads and later issues in quantity noted Kangaroo 4d block of 4 with commercial perfins, 3rd Wmk 2/- 'OS/NSW' puncture, KGV Rough Paper 5d punctured 'OS', potential postmark & variety interest, also mint scattered throughout including Decimals **, plus Revenues noted Qld to $20, WA to 5, Victoria to 5 & $100 used plus ** 1904-09 Stamp Duty 3d block of 26, 1/- block of 28, 2/- pair, 4/- blue and range of Decimal issues to $1 in larger blocks, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 1000s)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 920 Lots in Category - Australia, Commonwealth of

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