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British Empire unmounted setsincluding Bermuda KGVI Pictorials & Keyplates, British Antarctica SG 1-15, Ceylon KGVI Pictorials (ex 2r carmine), Dominica 1938-47 Pictorials, Montserrat 1953-62 Pictorials, Nyasaland KGVI Definitives/Keyplates, Pitcairn KGVI Pictorials Wedding & 1957-63 Pictorials, Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1954 QEII (1 rounded corner) & 1959-62 Pictorials, Sierra Leone 1956-61 Pictorials, Singapore 1969 Founding M/S (folded along the central horizontal perfs), Sudan 1951 Pictorials, and a few others, Cat 1700+.





Papuaincluding BNG to 2/6d x2 (one creased) & mint 1939-41 Airs, etc; and New Guinea including a few GRIs & NWPIs, condition rather mixed. (Qty 200+)





Balance of an estate with France & Colonies, USA including 19th century covers, etc, very mixed. (Qty 100s)





Albumwith Nauru Overprints on GB to 10/- & Shiny Paper Ships; Australian Territories pre-decimal issues complete including PNG SG D1 (no certificate); and New Zealand including Victory, Admirals, KGVI & QEII pre-Decimals complete, etc; generally fine to very fine. (Qty few 100)





Pot pourriin small box. No reserve. (Qty 100s)






Australian Territories with Nauru Ships (*), Norfolk Ball Bay plus White Papers, PNG 1952 set plus 10/- & 1 'SPECIMEN' duo, 1960 (Mar) Postal Charges - no SG D1 - & 1964 Birds blocks of 4, unmounted, Cat 650+. (Qty 97)






Modern European collection with virtually complete Spain 1951-62 issues, Spanish Andorra 1963-97 (no 1972 Europa), Lithuania 1991-2008, Slovenia 1991-2004 & Germany 2000-2011, also Luxemburg Europa 1956 & 1957 sets, apparently all unmounted, STC 5200+. Thematics galore including loads of M/Ss. (Qty Qty)





British Empire range of mostly long sets including Antigua KGVI, Ascension KGVI, Bahrain Overprints on GB, Falklands KGVI 1938 Pictorials, Kuwait Overprints on GB both KGVI sets, Leewards KGVI Keyplates, New Hebrides 1938 Postage Dues, Northern Rhodesia KGVI, Nyasaland KGVI Keyplates, Sierra Leone 1938-49 Defins, Tangier KGVI Overprints on GB, Tristan Overprints on St Helena, Virgins KGVI both sets, etc, also QEII First Pictorials from Bermuda, Caymans, Falklands, Montserrat, Pitcairn, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Solomons, Southern Rhodesia and Tristan da Cunha, generally fine to very fine, Cat 5500+ (unmounted). (Qty 100s)





European selection of better items/sets from Germany including 1939 Nurburgring set tied to pieces by the commemorative cds, Berlin UPU & Relief Fund sets, WWI 'Malmedy' & WWII Laibach Postage Dues sets, Greece 1906 Olympics, Holland 25g Seagull, Switzerland 1938 Aarau M/S on balloon flight cover, Belgium including Railway Parcel stamps, Yugoslavia 1949 Railways M/S, a number of other M/Ss, etc, generally fine to very fine.





Mint European selection of mostly better issues with Austria 1931 Rotary & 1950 Plebiscite (**), Belgium 1952 UPU Congress (**) & 1920 'Eupen' sets, Bulgaria 1932 Airmails, Germany 1928 Zeppelins 1mk (**) & 2mk (VLMtd), 1930 South America Flight & 1934 Airs, Greenland 1945 Pictorials, Holland Legion M/Ss (**), Hungary 1925 Sport (**) & 1951 Stamp Jubilee M/Ss (no gum), Liechtenstein 1935 Zeppelins, Saar Overprints on Bavaria 5mk (horrid centring, guarantee h/s) & 1948 Flood Relief M/Ss (creased), Serbia German Occupation blocks of 4 (**), Spain 1926 Red Cross + Airs, Switzerland 1924 Shields, 1936 Pro Patria M/S & 1945 War Victims M/S, Vatican 1933 Definitives, Yugoslavia good lot including 1947 Airs Bilingual blocks of 4 (**) & 1951 100d M/S (**), etc, some problems but the condition is generally fine to very fine. High catalogue value. (Qty 100s)





"Cinderellas" extensive array with strength in Europe including Spanish Civil War, Poland WWII three different sheets of 50, Trade Shows, Christmas & Exhibition labels etc, United States with lots of TB issues & Boys Homes setenant issues, also Britain with lots of Royalty, Canada, New Zealand, Australia including Railway Stamps & NSW Laureates 6d reprint sheet of 25, etc, loads of modern mullock but plenty of better earlier material including numerous poster stamps & some Revenues, Thailand progressive plate proofs, condition variable but generally fine to very fine, most unused/mint with some unmounted; also 13 woven flags noted as World War I "cigarette cards" (not previously seen by us). Many hours of fun. (Qty Qty)


No longer available



Box of interesting covers & Postal Stationerywith Flights, commercial airmails, philatelic frankings to Australia including from Berlin & Saar, other strong German content including commercial mail, Third Reich commemorative cancels - noted one with Olympics M/S - & propaganda Postal Cards plus Nazi cigarette cards x16 (superb), 1850s stampless 'DANZIG' to London, Swiss internment camp covers including 1940 with three different Polish camp cachets, Greece 1936 Rotary airmail cover to Sweden, etc, generally fine to very fine.


No longer available



Unusual foreign selection with United States Imperf 12c (used, full margins), 'GUAM' Overprints to 50c + Special Delivery 10c (all unused with no gum), US POs in China $1 on 50c (regummed), 'UNTEA' Oveprints on Dutch New Guinea (**), Japan 1949 Flying Geese & 1952 Airs (all mint), and Argentina 1953 Officials (mint); also a gaudy group of Independent Africa proofs & M/Ss.





British Empirearray on stockcards & in Hagner album, good representations from many Colonies/Dominions including Canada, Hong Kong, India, Pacific Islands, West Indies, British Africa, etc, condition rather mixed but many fine to very fine stamps noted. Inspection recommended. (Qty many 100s)





Seven small albums with a mostly British Empire array with numerous pickings throughout & a few nice surprises including Johore $5 SG 101 (**), Newfoundland imperfs, New Zealand 1899 Postage Dues 3d used block of 6 (one damaged), etc, condition rather mixed but many are fine to very fine. Allow time to inspect. (Qty few 100)





Old Ackland album with British Commonwealth collection,lots of pickings including a rough "Penny Black", Australia Roos to 10/- x2 including Second Wmk 1/- deep dull green (rounded corner, Cat $1500), a very fine commercially used 5/- Bridge (much scarcer than CTO), numerous 'OS' & State official punctures including better values; Victoria Laureates Emergency Printings, NWPI to 5/- with 'KIETA' cds, New Zealand including Postage Dues to 8d & Smiling Boys, etc, also some revenues & some postmark interest, condition variable. (many 100s)





Collection remainders in albums & on leaves including a stockbook of PNG duplicates including High Values, lots of British Commonwealth pickings, basic collections of Belgium Italy & Vatican, Japan mostly mint selection including 1952 Airs 55y to 160y (Cat 425) plus some used earlies, etc, condition variable, also Brunei 1947 Definitives x5 sets & 1952 Definitives x8 sets all on plain FDCs. (Qty many 100s)





Mostly foreign array with lots of "Cinderellas" & Revenues including British Railway Stamps, Brunei selection including Japanese Occupation 12c x3 & 30c mint, also batches of Indian pre-stamp entires with intaglio handstamps, commercial & philatelic paquebot covers, and Egyptian covers including commercial airmails & some Postal Stationery, condition variable. (Qty 100s)


No longer available



Mostly post-1980Australian accumulation many in larger blocks still in original PO bags, a few booklets, M/Ss, packs & PSEs, also modern Fiji noted 1993 Air Force M/S x20 & 1996 China Philatelic Exhibition M/S x95, GB, India, Malaysia & Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, etc, thematic interest. (Qty 1000s)





New Guinea, Papua & PNG mint & used accummulation to 2000, & covers including 1962 Banker's Packet. (Qty 100s)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 68 Lots in Category - Miscellaneous

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