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1945 (Sep 2) Japanese Surrender (VJ Day) group including naval covers x26 from HMAS "Shropshire" x3, "Warramunga" x2 & "Hobart" x3, HMS "Teazer", "Duke of York" x4, "King George V", "Wolf" & "Newfoundland" (with Australian stamp, to Tasmania), HMNZS "Gambia", and USS "Botecourt", "Missouri", "Cecil", "Missoula", "Mount Olympus" x2, "St Paul" & "Delta", many with woodcut cancels/cachets & including some apparently non-philatelic items; also some related commemorative covers & ephemera.



C of A - Postal History




1940-41airmail covers to USA & UK per Pan Am FAM-19 Pacific Clipper service including quadruple 19/8d rate to New York with Robes 5/- & 10/-, KGVI 1d Postal Cards uprated to 2/- x2 (one with AIF 6d) or 1/11d, correctly rated 3/11d per oz from Jervis Bay (ACT) airmail to US only and by ship to UK, 5/10d UK rate x6 and 11/8d double-rate x3 (one a small cover with Robes 10/-), a few registered, many with 'CALIFORNIA CLIPPER' cachet & all censored, condition variable but mostly fine. (Qty 24)





Box of mostly pre-WWI cards mainly topographicals including small publishers, Undivided Backs & real photo types, a few from New Zealand, about 40% are Regal Series types with duplication, postmark interest, condition variable. (Qty 500+)



NEW SOUTH WALES - Postal History




1898commercial cover to Wisconsin "via Vancouver" with Jubilee 2d purple only tied by one of two strikes of the scarce 'NZ MARINE PO/15SEP1898/RMS WARRIMOO' scalloped cds in magenta, double-boxed 'PACKET BOAT' in the same ink alongside & superb NZ-pattern 'T/"25")/CENTIMES' h/s also used aboard the ship, 'TACOMA/WASH' transit & poor Milwaukee arrival b/s, superb 'US CHARGE/TO COLLECT - 10 CENTS' h/s & pre-cancelled Postage Due 2c x5 affixed, ironed-out vertical fold.



SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Postal History




NORTHERN TERRITORY:c.1912 stampless NZ PPC to "B Tennant Esq/Batchelor's Experimental Farm/Northern Territory/ Queensland" (!) with NZ 'TO PAY/1d' h/s, redirected to "c/- Dr Huxtable/Ch Towers" (= Charters Towers Qld), corner bend. [In 1911, three experimental farms were established, one at Batchelor. Less than three years later, the government moved to shut down the farms at Batchelor and Daly River because of mismanagement]






Albumwith Nauru Overprints on GB to 10/- & Shiny Paper Ships; Australian Territories pre-decimal issues complete including PNG SG D1 (no certificate); and New Zealand including Victory, Admirals, KGVI & QEII pre-Decimals complete, etc; generally fine to very fine. (Qty few 100)





"Cinderellas" extensive array with strength in Europe including Spanish Civil War, Poland WWII three different sheets of 50, Trade Shows, Christmas & Exhibition labels etc, United States with lots of TB issues & Boys Homes setenant issues, also Britain with lots of Royalty, Canada, New Zealand, Australia including Railway Stamps & NSW Laureates 6d reprint sheet of 25, etc, loads of modern mullock but plenty of better earlier material including numerous poster stamps & some Revenues, Thailand progressive plate proofs, condition variable but generally fine to very fine, most unused/mint with some unmounted; also 13 woven flags noted as World War I "cigarette cards" (not previously seen by us). Many hours of fun. (Qty Qty)


No longer available



Seven small albums with a mostly British Empire array with numerous pickings throughout & a few nice surprises including Johore $5 SG 101 (**), Newfoundland imperfs, New Zealand 1899 Postage Dues 3d used block of 6 (one damaged), etc, condition rather mixed but many are fine to very fine. Allow time to inspect. (Qty few 100)





Old Ackland album with British Commonwealth collection,lots of pickings including a rough "Penny Black", Australia Roos to 10/- x2 including Second Wmk 1/- deep dull green (rounded corner, Cat $1500), a very fine commercially used 5/- Bridge (much scarcer than CTO), numerous 'OS' & State official punctures including better values; Victoria Laureates Emergency Printings, NWPI to 5/- with 'KIETA' cds, New Zealand including Postage Dues to 8d & Smiling Boys, etc, also some revenues & some postmark interest, condition variable. (many 100s)





Mostly post-1980Australian accumulation many in larger blocks still in original PO bags, a few booklets, M/Ss, packs & PSEs, also modern Fiji noted 1993 Air Force M/S x20 & 1996 China Philatelic Exhibition M/S x95, GB, India, Malaysia & Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, etc, thematic interest. (Qty 1000s)





A-Z mostly usedin 16 albums noted larger ranges of China with 1979 Games M/S & Emblems M/S *, Germany, GB with QV to 10/-, KEVII to 10/- plus 1936 "City of Khartoum" crash cover to Sydney with explanatory leaflet, India, New Zealand, USA etc, plus duplicates in envelopes. (Qty 1000s)





Australia mostly used accumulation from 1930s-80s with some mint amongst the Decimals, also Colonies noted SA 9d block of 4 *, Vic to 3/-, WA to 2/6d, potential postmark interest; plus China, Germany, GB, India, NZ, PNG to 1, USA, etc, some mint scattered throughout, housed in 25+ stockbooks that alone are worth the estimate. (Qty 1000s)





Mint & used disorganised accumulation on Hagners but noted British Commonwealth with range of mint 1935 Jubilee & 1937 Coronation sets plus some used, Canada range including 50c Jubilee parcel cancel, Greece 1940 Aegean Islands overprints set *, Malta group with QEII 1956 Pictorials set *, NZ on leaves with some modern mint, Solomons QEII sets to 1 *, then albums & box of stockcards with more, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 1000s)





Accumulation in albumsincluding Australia, GB, New Zealand, USA mostly used but with some modern mint noted China with 1978 Horses set **, quantity loose & modern on paper, commercial covers & FDCs. (Qty 1000s)





Accumulationmostly used in Rapkin Challenge & Ackland Universal albums and quantity on pages noted early NZ plus 1984-87 Yearbooks, modern mint GB, Canada, Pacific Islands, Asia, USA, etc, also some covers & postal history mostly to Australia noted Tahiti 1927 PPC, KUT 1944 airmail from APO 2, Papua 1942 with AIF FPO 020 cds, then Cigarette Cards in album & loose noted some Cricketers, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 1000s)





Five cartonsof albums, stockbooks & loose stamps mostly used noted larger ranges of Australia, Canada with 1994 & 1995 Yearbooks, Ceylon, GB, NZ, USA including some modern mint plus lots of Asia & Europe, France 1970s-80s, also thematic interest. (Qty 1000s)





Six large cartonsof albums, boxes & loose with stockbooks with modern mint including Australia, GB, Israel, NZ, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Switzerland, USA, etc plus range of packs, special issues & FDCs, much in envelopes, plenty of thematic interest & substantial face value. (Qty 1000s)





British Empire in Gibbons KGVI album with pickings including mint Australia Robes, Burma 1946 Pictorials & 1947 Interim 'SERVICE' overprints, Sudan 1950 Airs & 1951 Pictorials, Newfoundland 1937 Coronation long set (**) plus Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, etc. (Qty Qty)





Two large cartonswith Australia used from KGV Heads, Decimals in quantity plus a few larger blocks **, packs & FDCs, New Zealand & Worldwide with some pickings noted China & Hong Kong ranges, New Caledonia 1970s ** group, condition variable. (Qty 1000s)





Large mostly used accumulation in albums with some Revenues, perfins, postmark interest, noted Austria 10s Bird & Japan Pheasant 34y & 103y, France with imperfs including 80c Napoleon, GB from Penny Black (3 margins), New Zealand with Chalons x10 including 1/- , Switzerland Helvetia 1fr imperf, also some Australian Colonies, then quantity in envelopes & loose with lots of Asia. (Qty 1000s)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 92 Lots in Category - New Zealand

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