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C of A - Postal History



WWII civil censorship covers range noted Darwin plain label and "D2" mss in cachet on 1939 cover front from Manchuria (!) and 7-dot label on cover front from Cuba (!) with 'D1' cachet, 1940 airmail to Palestine with Newcastle 9-dot label and altered Sydney cachet, from USA with '2/1' cachet on 9-dot label, 'CALIFORNIA CLIPPER' cachets on 1940 airmail to Canada and 1941 airmail to Fiji both with Sydney labels, 1941 'NAVAL SERVICE' cover with Papua Pictorials 1d & 3d and Melbourne label, 1942 to Tel Aviv x3, 1943 Red Cross Message Service cover to Switzerland with 5/- Robes and Melbourne '3' check marking, 1944 to British Guiana via internal airmail, Launceston '6/1' label and cachets x2, other airmails to New Zealand and Netherlands x2, couple of military items with civilian censors including typed 'OPENED BY CENSOR' label and '1/2' Townsville label & cachet on another, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 41)



CHINA - Postal History



MANCHURIA:1922 covers from Russia to Manchuria carried on the Chinese Eastern Railway (North Manchurian Railroad) comprising 1) 10k blue x5 tied Irkutsk (Siberia) oval railway station cancel with Russian Field Post Office transit and 'IMIENPO/17OCT/22' arrival cds; 2) 5k brown x9 (one affixed over edge and torn when opened) on home-made envelope tied Irkutsk oval railway station cancel with 'MANCHOULI' and 'HARBIN' transits; 3) 5k brown block of 9 tied Chita, Siberia oval train '241' Travelling Post Offices d/s with 'MANCHOULI' and 'HARBIN' transits and 'IMIENPO' arrival; plus another with stamp removed; also two 1925 back panels to Australia (!) each with China Junk 10c pair tied 'MA....SHANCHAN' d/s, 'HARBIN' transits and 'WOOLLOONGABBA/QUEENSLAND' arrivals, and 1925 US postal card (hole-punched) to China with two different 'HARBIN' arrivals, minor faults. (Qty 7)



Displaying 2 Lots in Category - Manchukuo

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