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SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Postal History




1867 cover to Scotland "Via Marseilles" with scarce franking of Rouletted 'TEN PENCE' in Blue on 9d orange-red SG 35 tied by GPO cds, unusually fine.






1899(Nov 6) OPSO cover with 'Police Commissioner's Office' imprint at lower-left, to British Guiana with rare franking of Perf 10 '5D.' on 6d brown overprinted 'O.S.' SG O72 (Cat 18 x50+ on cover) tied by GPO cds, 'VICTORIA/BC' squared-circle transit b/s & 'GEORGETOWN/DEC29/B.GUIANA' arrival b/s, central fold & minor repaired tears at the top well clear of the stamp. Ex Anthony Presgrave. A remarkable destination & stated to be one of only three covers recorded with this stamp.







Specimen Overprints with Sidefaces to 10d, Tablets to 5/- & 1899-100 Pictorials set, also 'REPRINT' Overprints x14 to 10/-, generally very fine. (Qty 33)





Modest collection with some better stamps including Star Wmk 1d (3 margins), No Wmk 4d, Perf 10 2d yellow-green, 'TASMANIA' 1/- plate proof single, Sidefaces 5/- apparently mint, etc, condition variable. (Qty 55)





1870-96 Sidefacescollection on Hagners with unused/mint including Single-Line Numeral Wmks 1d x5 & 2d, 'TAS'-in-Bars Wmk 1d x20+ including three with Double Perfs, 2d x2, 4d yellow, 4d buff x5, 9d x12 plus imperf proof in orange and 5/- x3, 'TAS' Wmk 4d yellow x5, 4d buff x2, 'd/2' on 9d imperf plate proof pair with Current Number '50', 1891 d Imperf Pair, etc, used array of shades, nice 4d blue & 'TAS' Wmk 1d rosine Imperf Pair (1911 usage in Sydney), numeral cancel interest, condition variable but generally fine to very fine. (Qty few 100)





A B1

1889 Surcharge'Halfpenny' on 1d with 'al' Sideways Reading Downwards SG 167a, lightly mounted, Cat 2000.





1892-99 Tabletsset to 10/- mint, set to 1 (a little faded) used, 'REVENUE' Overprint on 1 mint & used (a little faded), etc, generally fine to very fine, Cat 1400+. (Qty 64)





1899-1912 Pictorialscollection in Hagner album with De La Rue set mint x3 (5d x2 only), used x3 (d x2 only) & 'Specimen' Overprints, 1902-05 Litho 2d SG 239b used x3, 1905-12 Litho 2d Perf 11x12x11x11 mint x2, 4d Perf 11 mint x5 & Perf 11x12 CTO, 6d Perf 12 mint x7 & Perf 11 mint x7, 1905-11 Typo d Perf 11x12x11x11 & Perf 12x11x11x11 both mint, 1d Perf 11x11x12x11 mint, 2d Perf 12x11 variants mint x8 & Perf 12x12 used, 3d Mixed Perf 12x12x12x11 mint, 6d Perf 12x11 (minor thin; RPSofV Certificate), 1911 Stereo Plates 2d Perf 11x11x11x12 mint, 'ONE PENNY' on 2d Perf 12x11 used (tonespots), 1912 Thin Paper 3d mint x13 including block of 4, etc, a few varieties noted & a good range of 'T' 'OS' & 'A' (George Adams) perfins, some minor problems but generally fine to very fine, Cat 7500+. An excellent basis for further development. (Qty 100s)





A B1

1899-1900 De La Rue Pictorialsd to 6d SG 229-236 with 'Specimen' Overprint, lightly mounted, Cat 550. (Qty 8)






POSTAL FISCALS:1863-80 St George Perf 11 2/6d SG F23 mint with large-part o.g. & CTO, Platypus set mint & used plus 'SPECIMEN' 3d & 1/-, 'REVENUE' Overprint 2/6d SG F30 CTO and Platypus 1d 3d & 6d mint, generally very fine, Cat 1100. (Qty 16)





REVENUES:Collection with a few mint including '1d.' on 3d Overprint Inverted pair, also St George reprinted die proofs to 10/- x7 different (stated only six sets prepared), then an array of mostly Chalons with fiscal cancels including strips of 3 1d x2 & 1/- and some apparently unused from which pen cancels (a few probably postal) have been removed, many others either fraudulently used or with fake cancels including Sideface 5/- with superb but nefarious BN '17' & 5/- with Victorian Barred Numeral (!), condition rather mixed. Offered strictly 'as is'. (Qty 128 + proofs)



TASMANIA - Postal History



1854 to GB with BN '35' on cut-to-shape 4d & mss "Hamilton 22 Dec" (stated to be Ex Purves), 1854 stampless from London, 1856 Hobart-Launceston with 'PRE-PAID' cds in red, 1860 & 1865 with Imperf 6d & BN '52' or superb '75', 1867 Hobart-Launceston mourning cover with Perf 10 4d, 1867 Hobart-Victoria with Perf 10 6d, 1869 mourning cover to GB with Perf 12 4d & 6d (in Private Contract Period) tied by BN '77' of Ross, 1870 with superb BN '63' plus private 'BOURNBANK/...' & postmaster's 'N NORFOLK' h/s (stamps removed), 1890 apparently commercial to GB with 6d Platypus, 1896 Registration Envelope to GB with 'd/2' on 9d pair, Pictorial frankings with cds of 'BEACONSFIELD', 'LEFROY', 'LINDA', 'LOTTAH' x2, 'MOUNT DUNDAS' & 'ULVERSTONE' in blue, two OHMS with 'ONE PENNY' on 2d perf 'T', etc, plus a group of Postal Sttaionery including a very fine 2d+d STO Envelope with embossed 'ET TENEO ET TENEOR' on the flap, condition rather mixed but excellent value at the estimate. (Qty 55)






Handy leftovers with lots of Laureates including 2d "gutter" block of 6, 9d on 10d x7, 10d grey x2 and 5/- blue & red group including a pair & a block of 4, also an envelope of about 100 stamps with Double Perfs mostly 1d or 2d values but a few better ones noted, etc, generally good to very fine. Ex Max Watson. (Qty 100s)






1884-96 Large Stamp Duty1d, 6d, 1/-, 2/-, 4/- vermilion, 5/- maroon/yellow, 1, 1/5/-, 1/10/-, 2 & 45/- all with the spectacular Type 13 script 'Specimen' handstamp in black (1d 1/- 2/- & 2) or violet, some with the perfs trimmed on one or two sides, large-part o.g. An extremely rare group, of which only one example of each is recorded in private collections by Kellow Turner & McCredie. [Bill McCredie's 1/6d, 3/- maroon/blue, 6/-, 10/- brown/pink, 15/- mauve - straight edge - & 35/- sold for an aggregate of $8395] (Qty 11)



VICTORIA - Postal History




1891Joseph Best (Vigneron) cover to "Passenger per SS Ballard" at Brindisi, Italy with d red and 1d brown x2 tied Barred Numerals '209' (second type) and 'GREAT WESTERN' cds alongside under-paying pre-UPU 6d foreign rate, taxed with Melbourne 'T ("3d")' oval cachet for single deficiency only, Italian Postage Dues '2' in red on 30c orange & black x2 (one with rounded corner) and 10c orange & red affixed on face tied 'BRINDISI/10/10-91' d/s, a few edge faults.


No longer available




1894return usage to Melbourne of (1d on 1d+)1d on 1d reply-half Postal Card with 'ST LOUIS MO/DEC26/94' (Boxing Day) cancel & San Francisco transit of DEC30, from Mekeel Stamp & Publishing Co to David Hill but wholly commercial.






Old Gebruder Senf worldwide album mostly used with some pickings noted GB QVic to 5/-, Italy 1925 Holy Year set *, Australia with Colonies noted Tasmania Pictorials *, a few Kangaroos & KGV including NWPI overprints, 6d Engraved fine used, some Asia including China, plus loose including a few picture postcards & some Australian & Worldwide coins, condition mixed but worth a closer look. (Qty 100s)






Ireland1922 KGV Coils with Long '1' in '1922' 1d in strip of 3 & 1d single, lightly mounted; and Palestine 1920 (Sep) Overprints 2p 'PALESTINB' SG 22d in unmounted block of 4; Cat 310+. (Qty 3 items)





British Commonwealthmostly mint array in two stockbooks with long sets including British Guiana KGVI to $3 x4, British Honduras KGVI x2 sets, Caymans KGVI first set to 10/- x4, Falklands KGVI Pictorials & QEII Birds, Falkland Dependencies Thick Maps unmounted blocks of 4 & Thin Maps, Gibraltar KGVI to 1 x3 plus 1953 10/- & 1 pairs, KUT KGVI to 1 x3, Montserrat KGVI, St Vincent KGVI, also good lot of British Occupation of Italian Colonies including Postage Dues, a few Silver Weddings, sprinklings of 'SPECIMEN' oddments - many without gum - including from St Lucia x14 & Seychelles x45, etc etc. The condition throughout is a bit mixed with some mostly minor toning noted. On the positive side, we haven't checked for better perfs, so inspection is likely to be rewarded. (Qty 1000s)





Box of coversincluding 100+ from small BWI post offices in the Caymans, Grenada, Montserrat, St Kitts Nevis and St Lucia; Leeward Islands Postal Stationery including 12 items with 'SPECIMEN' Overprint; lots of military mail including 1901 Boxer Rebellion postcard with message in morse code!, several Boer War items, WWI with PPC bearing 'Soldaten-/Brief/...' stamp, Swiss PPC with 'Internement des Prisonniers de Guerre/MURREN-SUISSE' cachet, POW covers from Belgaum Camp in India, WWII noted Belgian cover with re-addressing label & 'Regiment Cycliste Frontiere/...' h/s, GB Used in Belgian Congo airmail to SAfrica with 'TROUPES COLONIALES/CENSURE MILITAIRE' label, GB 3d POW Postal Card to Thailand, and Nyasaland 'NOT EXAMINED/BY CENSOR' h/s & 'PASSED/Q5' h/s, etc; also BEA 1901 Mombasa to India, 1938 Gibraltar airmail to Ceylon at 3/- rate, Uruguay airmails to South Africa, etc, condition variable. A very interesting lot. (Qty 250 approx)



Displaying 61 - 80 of 123 Lots in Category - Overprinted Stamps

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