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Extensive collection predominantly used with Kangaroos 1st Wmk to 5/- (CTO), 2nd Wmk to 2/- plus 5/- 'OS', 3rd Wmk to 10/- plus 1 grey and 1 brown & blue 'SPECIMEN' overprint *, SM Wmk to 5/- (uneven perfs), CofA Wmk to 2 (couple of shortish perfs), range of 'OS' punctures including 1st Wmk 'Small OS' 3d, 4d, 6d (tone spot), 9d & 1/- *, KGV Heads complete with 4d Die II and 'OS' overprints plus extra shades, 'OS' punctures, etc, then reasonably complete to 1965 with Kookaburra 6d Engraved, KGV Commemoratives including 5/- Bridge CTO plus 'OS' punctures * & used, 'OS' overprints including Kingsford Smith duo CTO, Robes Thick Paper & Thin Paper and Navigators (ex 2), condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 100s)





Oddments including Kangaroos 4d x6 & Third Wmk 2d Die IIA pair & strip of 3, KGV including CofA Wmk 1/4d VFU block of 4 and low value mint blocks x6, KGVI 1/4d imprint block commercially used, condition variable. (Qty 100+)





Selection of varieties including KGV 1d red Roo's Tongue (on faulty cover) & Bandage on Emu's Leg (on cover), Swan 1d Retouch ACSC #138f & unlisted 'AUS.TRALIA' both in mint blocks of 4, KSmith 6d Re-Entry x2, Jubilee 2d "Suspended Microphone" #166(U)f used, SA Centenary 2d with unlisted Snapped Flagpole in ** block of 6, Robes 5/- #212e, KGVI 2d violet Medallion Flaw in block of 4 punctured 'G/NSW', No Wmk 4d Koala #199h x2 & i x2 all used, Food Production 3d varieties x10 mostly used, Birds 1/6d ACSC #416h & 417i and 2/- Whistler Broken Twig ** & U, Anzac 8d ACSC #427d in ** block of 4, etc, STC $2700+ plus unlisted items. (Qty 65 items)





Archive box with a basic collection in two albums with lots of used multiples and some postmark interest including 'WAVE HILL/NT', also a large quantity partly sorted in packets, and some FDCs. (Qty Qty)





Predominantly used array on Seven Seas pages plus 64-page stockbook with Kangaroos to 10/-, KGV Heads, lots of Pre-Decimal Commemoratives noted 9d Macarthur, 1/- ANZAC & 1 Navigator blocks of 4 commercially used, some Postage Dues, 'OS' overprints, BCOF including 1/- Lyrebird blocks of 8 & 10 with 'ARMY PO' cancels, also Decimals to 1980s, plus some Colonies noted South Australia with range of 'OS' overprints, etc, potential postmark interest, condition variable but many fine. Weighs 18kg. (Qty Qty)





Used collection on expensive Schaubek hingeless pages with Kangaroos 1st Wmk to 5/- (CTO; tone spots), 2nd Wmk to 2/-, 3rd Wmk to 5/-, SM Wmk to 5/- (punctured 'OS', CTO), CofA Wmk to 10/- (blemishes), KGV Heads & Commemoratives including Kookaburra M/S with Exhibition cds in red (gum discoloured), Kingsford Smith 'OS' overprint duo CTO and 5/- Bridge CTO, then apparently complete to 1978 plus a few booklet panes, 'OS' overprints and Postage Dues, condition variable but many fine. (Qty 100s)





Album of Roos & KGV Heads with some better stamps noted including 10/- Roo, KGV 1/4d strip of 5 and official punctures, many annotated varieties including Roos 2d Missing Fraction in pair BUT it's the wrong shade, the "variety" has been made with a pen, & it's torn! (Qty 100s)





Huge used accumulation in stockbooks hundreds of Hagners from Kangaroos & KGV Heads, some blocks of 4 and larger multiples, Pre-Decimal Commemoratives in quantity including 9d Macarthur, 1/- Centenary, 1/- ANZAC, 10/- Robes, etc, noted 10/- Arms x100+, modern Decimals including International Post, some M/Ss and sheetlets, a few Postage Dues & Revenues, some Territories, a bit of mint scattered throughout, great opportunity for packet-maker/reseller, condition variable but many fine. Weighs 65kg. (Qty 1000s)





Box of Kangaroo & KGV duplicates in packets plus KGV Penny Reds annotated varieties on pages including both Substituted Clichs. (Qty 100s)





Used accumulation from Colonies/States noted NSW Consumptive Homes pair * (toned), Kangaroos & KGV Heads including a few *, Pre-Decimals with some imprint blocks, part-sheets, etc, noted Airmail 3d punctured 'OS' plate '4' pair ** (light gum bends), plus quantity loose in envelopes including a few Revenues, postmark interest, condition variable. Weighs 6kgs. (Qty 100s)






SPECIMEN FOLDERS: c.1932 brown/grey folder with 65 stamps comprising Engraved 1d & 6d, Kangaroos to 5/- plus punctured 'OS' to 10/- & CofA 'SPECIMEN' set (10/- rounded corner), KGV to 1/4d including 4d Die II plus punctured 'OS' to 1/4d, Commemoratives to 5/- Bridge (tonespot) plus 'OS' punctures & overprints including Kingsford Smith duo, all to 5/- CTO and all with full unmounted o.g. With the original plain envelope.



C of A KGV - King George V Issues



Mostly used array including all values in quantity noted 1d red shades, 4d lemons x3 at least one of which fits the ACSC 'lime-yellow' description "... watermark shows distinctly through the design, the details of which are difficult to distinguish", plenty of 'OS' punctures, State Government & commercial perfins, some mint including 4d Single Harrison imprint block & 5d CofA Ash imprint block, a few Kangaroos etc, potential postmark interest, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 100s)





Box full of used sorted into envelopes & bags with 1d reds x100s plus quantity of other values including 4d lemons x20, potential postmark interest also, lots of fun here. (Qty many 100s)





Old-time collection on leaves of Single & LM Wmk issues predominantly used noted d 'Cyprus' green, 1d reds including Single-Line Perf x30+, Die II x25+, Die III x5, Large Multi Wmk x25+, 4d lemons x20+ including one 'OS', 1/4d x15, etc, some annotated varieties including d green Flaw on Head *, 1d green 'RA' Joined * x2 and Secret Mark in 'OS' punctured positional pair, 1d red inverted wmk, numerous 'OS' & State Government punctures, potential postmark interest also, plus second volume with 1d red shades x300, condition generally fine. (Qty many 100s)





Album of 1d reds, and album of 2d oranges with an array of NSW postmarks mostly from small towns. Possibly unchecked for varieties. (Qty many 100s)






Penny Red shades all different including Die III x2 & LMult Wmk G104-7 etc, Scott Starling Certificates (2018) for Smooth Paper G15, G23, G23, G24, G24, G25, G26, G28 x2 & G32, Rough Paper G76, and LMult Wmk G101 (Drury Certificate) & G107, mostly with cds cancels & generally very fine, Cat $2500 approximately. (Qty 49)


No longer available



Penny Reds accumulation in stockbook, stated to be unchecked for varieties, likely postmark interest. (Qty 2000 approx)





Stockbook of Multiple Watermark Issues with some better unmounted singles including SMult Wmk Perf 14 4d & 4d and Perf 13x12 4d, plus imprint blocks of 4 or 8 including SMult Wmk Perf 14 3d (block of 8) & 4d, Perf 13x12 1d brown (**), 4d (** but light bends) & 4d, CofA Wmk 3d & 4d, etc, some minor "suntanning" of gum & other minor blemishes but generally fine to very fine.






PENNY HALFPENNY: Annotated study of the Small Multiple Wmk Printings from Plate 4 with the 4R27, 4L47 & 4L53 Re-Entries including Perf 14 Pre Re-Entry Ash Imprint block of 8 ACSC #91(4)zc, 4L47/53 Types B/A pair #91(4)fb and a similar but peculiar pair, 4L47-48 Types B-A pair #91(4)fb, 4L53-54 Types B-A pair #91(4)hb (Cat $2000), and Perf 13x12 4L46-47 & 47-48 Types A-B pairs, and 4L53/59 pairs x2 after reversion of 4L53 to Type A, etc, also booklet pane of 6 & strip of 3. An exceptional lot for the specialist. (Qty 21 items)


No longer available

C of A KGV - Single Watermark




Imprint Blocks comprising TS Harrison One-Line d green (block of 8), and Two-Line d orange, 1d violet, 1d green, 1d red-brown, 1d green, 3d blue & 4d violet, and AJ Mullett 1d green x2, 1d green 'OS' block of 8, 1d scarlet & 4d violet, a few minor problems but of fine appearance, Cat $7300. (Qty 13 blocks)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 140 Lots in Category - Australia King George V Issues

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