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1914-36 Issues largely complete including Sydney Harbour Bridge 5/- postally used & CTO, official punctures & overprints, good range of KGV Heads selected for centring & cds cancels again including official punctures & overprints, so far generally fine to very fine; plus three pages of KGV commercial perfins with some unusual patterns, condition of these is quite mixed. (Qty 250+)





Collection of pairs strips & blocks with Kangaroos including First Wmk pairs to 1/-, 2d pair with the Watermark Inverted, 3d gutter strip of 4, 6d Large 'OS' & Small 'OS' pairs; Second Wmk 1/- 'OS' strip of 4; Third Wmk 6d blue & 9d blocks of 4; KGV Heads including pairs of 4d lemon, 4d blue & CofA 1/4d x2; Other Pre-Decimals including Victoria Centenary 1/- pairs x6 & marginal black of 4; etc, some postmark interest, condition a bit variable but generally fine to very fine. A very difficult lot to assemble. (Qty few 100)





Australia & Worldwide used accumulation noted Roos & KGV Heads including 'OS' punctures with 1d reds x100+ & 4d oranges x50 then quantity sorted into bags, also Australia, New Zealand & USA FDCs plus some better covers noted USA 1937 China Clipper airmail to Manila PI with Fourth Bureau 5c & 10c x7, Spain 1943 censored PPC to England, WWII US Forces in Australia x5 one registered with 'Opened by US Censor' black/pink label, condition mostly fine. (Qty 100s)





1913-65 mostly unused array in three large stockbooks with up to 19 duplicates of each, Kangaroos include 3rd Wmk to 10/-, KGV Heads to 1/4d, Engraved 1d x35 & 6d Kookaburra x19, 'OS' punctures, 3d Kookaburra x19 plus x4 'OS', KSmith 2d 'OS' including 2 unused, 5/- Bridge x4 (2 used, 2 unused), Robes to 1 and Arms to 2 x19 used, then virtually complete to 1965. All of the unused stamps have no gum. (Qty many 100s)





Collections and accumulations in two cartons with some Colonies and KGV Heads, late pre-decimal duplicates, Shaubek hingeless album with mint decimals, used decimal duplicates in stockbooks and Hagners with some Railway Parcel stamps, International Post, and AAT, etc. (Qty many 100s)





Very large tub with some used KGV & Roos in packets, pre-decimal and decimals off-piece in stockbooks, albums and bags, also FDCs & stamp packs, etc, condition mixed. Weighs 19kg. (Qty many 100s)





1913-2000 in six stockbooks, mint and used with a few KGV, KGVI used duplicates, Robes and Arms used, QEII pre-decimal blocks of 4 including 5/- Cattle, Navigators (the 10/- & 1 **), mint decimal blocks of 4 to Paintings $5 & $10, then used duplicates to 2000 plus FDCs in album including 1946 Mitchell, 1964 Navigators to 1 & 1966 to $2. Weighs 12kg. (Qty 100s)





Two cartons of stockbooks, albums and Hagners with Roos, KGV Heads, Robes & Arms used duplicates, late pre-decimal blocks, decimals include Navigators with 'SPECIMEN' set, 75c and $1 Plate 3 blocks of 4, 2006 Commonwealth Games sheetlets, some FDCs & Commemorative covers, etc, condition mixed. Weighs 23kg. (Qty 100s)





Balance of collection noted Kangaroo 1/- 3rd Wmk 'OS' puncture ** (pulled perf), Vic Centy 1/- x12 with a fine used pair, some Colonies, Revenues, Postage Dues including 1d on 1929 US PPC, GB, etc, also postcard range including South Australia 'Valentines' real photo x5 noted 'Melbourne Express Leaving Adelaide', WA Perth folder with 17 views, 'European vacation' group of Egypt x5, Gibraltar x6 and Italy x27 with Capri, Naples, Vesuvius, etc, condition variable but PPCs all fine. (Qty 100s)



C of A - Engraved Issues




1d carmine-red vertical pair Imperforate Horizontally from Plate 2 BW #59bb(var) with a slightly Diagonal Row of Aberrant Vertical Perfs BW #59bb(var), a couple of creases but of very fine appearance, Cat $4000. [Arthur Gray's similar pair from the base of the sheet - also creased & with surface abrasions - sold at the Prestige auction of 30.10.2015 for $3094]


No longer available




1d carmine-red horizontal pair Imperforate Horizontally from Plate 2 BW #59bb with two slightly Diagonal Rows of Aberrant Vertical Perfs BW #59bb(var) & additionally imperforate at left, tonespot on the reverse & horizontal crease but of very fine appearance, Cat $4000+.


No longer available




1d rose-red Plate 1 block of 4 with central Double Vertical Perforations ACSC #59bh, very lightly mounted, Cat $350+. Ex Arthur Gray.



C of A KGV - King George V Issues



Collection on annotated pages with all values except the Penny, numerous shades including 2d Intense Orange (Aniline), 4d Lemon-Yellow mint x3 (one punctured 'OS' but poorly centred) & Lime-Yellow (Scott Starling Certificate), also Single Wmk 1d green on Very Coarse Mesh Paper mint but poorly centred, 1/4d group with Single Wmk mint x2, SMult Wmk Perf 14 mint x2, Perf 13x12 mint x2 & CofA mint x2, Inverted Watermarks including Single Wmk 2d scarlet punctured 'OS' mint but a small thin & 4d blue with 1924 cds, SMult Wmk Perf 14 d 'OS', a few imprint pairs including d green Harrison One-Line Imprint x2 (one with rejoined perfs) and 1d red Harrison, condition a bit variable but generally fine to very fine mint or used, Cat $15,000 approximately. (Qty 250 approx)





Interesting mostly used collection on Hagners with many better stamps including Single Wmk 1d green Dry Ink, 2d orange mint x7, 4d lemon x23 (five identified as "lime-yellow"), 4d lemon 'OS' x3, 4d olive mint No Imprint pair (**), 4d olive 'OS' mint x2 (one **), 5d Rough Paper 'OS', 1/4d 'OS' CTO x3; SMult Wmk Perf 14 1/4d, 'OS' d, 2d x2, 4d & 1/4d x2 (one CTO); Perf 13x12 3d Die Ia mint x2, 4d **, 4d Die II CTO, 1/4d mint x2 (one toned), 1/4d 'OS' CTO; etc, many NSW State perfins including CofA 'G/NSW' mint block of 12 & used imprint block of 4 and 3d used block of 8, many other blocks & a good number of annotated varieties, etc, condition variable but generally fine to very fine. (Qty 100s)





Large accumulation sorted into packets with a quantity of Penny Reds & many other better denominations, condition variable but a high percentage are fine to very fine. From an old-time collection off the market for decades & completely unchecked by us for shades or varieties. (Qty many 1000s)





Mint and used collection on Hagners with 1d Engraved Plate 2 block of 4 (stamps unmounted) & mint singles x10, Single Wmk to 1/4d */** with 4d orange Wmk Inverted, SMult to 1/4d */**, 2d Mullett Imprint and 3d Mullett & Ash Imprint pairs, perf 'OS' to 1/4d used, CofA Wmk to 1/4d mint and used, perf 'G/NSW' and 'OS' overprints etc. condition mixed. (Qty 300+)





Neat collection with most of the basic stamps mint (no 4d lemon or 4d Die II and the Single-Line Perf d isn't correct) including 'OS' Overprints, plus good coverage of the punctured 'OS' issues mostly mint, condition a bit variable - eg the 1d red Die II is a bit aged & has a hinge remainder - but generally fine to very fine & a few including Single Wmk 1/4d & SMult Wmk Perf 13x12 1/4d are unmounted. (Qty 131)






1d green SMult Wmk Perf 14 two blocks of 12, Perf 13x12 block of 48, and CofA Wmk imprint block of 24, likely a few varieties, most units unmounted, Cat $1300+. (Qty 4 items)





Box of mostly annotated varieties plus lots of 'OS' punctures, 1d bright brown-red ACSC #71O with Scott Starling Certificate, "Prancing Horse Essay" x4, etc, generally fine to very fine. (Qty 200+)





HALFPENNY: This and the next 16 lots are annotated illustrated pages of mostly used plated examples with many listed varieties plus numerous positions unlisted in the ACSC. The material is generally fine to very fine.

Range with a few better items including Single Wmk Green Electro 3 [R7, Shading Line Missing below L/H Value Tablet] (a bit aged), Orange Electro 7 mint block of 6 [L52-54/58-60], LMult Wmk Electro 4 mint pair [L1-2], etc, Cat $4500+. (Qty 120 approx)


No longer available

Displaying 1 - 20 of 169 Lots in Category - Australia King George V Issues

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