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Mint collection on Minkus pages with Kangaroos including Third Wmk 9d Harrison Imprint pair plus punctured 'OS' 6d blue and 5/- & 10/- (both CTO), SMult 1/- Ash Imprint pair, KGV Heads mint to 1/4d x4 including 4d lemon & a few varieties, Engraved 6d Kooka & 3d M/S, 1/- Large Lyrebird, Vic Centenary ANZAC & Jubilee sets, 'OS' Overprints apparently complete (no certificates for the Kingsford Smith duo), later issues virtually complete unmounted - no 5/- Cattle on White Paper - including Robes both papers, BCOF set with both 5/-, Arms & Navigators 'SPECIMEN' sets, also some Postage Dues, generally fine to very fine. (Qty few 100)






'OS' Overprints complete plus extra SMult Wmk 6d Roo block of 4, KGV CofA Wmk blocks of 4, Bridge imprint blocks of 4, 1/- Lyrebird singles x3 (one punctured 'G/NSW') & a corner block of 4 (**), a few minor blemishes but generally very fine. (Qty 54)






Archival collection on hingeless pages with Kangaroos CTO including First Wmk to 2 (no 2/-; the 2 with a light bend) mostly with the 'MELBOURNE/ 24 /VIC' cds, Third Wmk 1 grey & punctured 'OS' to 2 (small thin), various KGV Issues, Postage Dues overprinted 'SPECIMEN' 1902 Blank Tablet (the 5/- without overprint) and 1902-04 set to 20/- plus CTO Bicolours to 1 (no gum) & a few others; also an array of 1940s to 1990s issues missing many of the better items, generally very fine. Ex Belgian Post Office Archives. [The stamps were originally mounted and there are some hinge remainders, minor black adhesions from the old pages & the occasional fault from the remounting process] (Qty 100s)






CTO array from collectors' sets with Kangaroos including Third Wmk 1 grey plus punctured 'OS' 5/-, 10/- (Roo Misplaced with Tail in Tasman Sea), 1 grey & 2 (characteristic centring & irregular perfs), SMult Wmk 5/- plus 'SPECIMEN' 10/-; Engraved 1d & 6d; KGV Single Wmk including 4d orange, 4d violet, 4d blue & 1/4d, SMult Wmk Perf 14 1/4d plus 'OS' values including SMult Wmk Perf 14 1/4d, etc; Other Issues including Large Lyrebird, Bridge 5/-, Vic Centenary, Macarthur, ANZAC & Jubilee sets, Arms set & others to mid-1950s, all with large-part o.g. & mostly with hinge remainders; also some mint including Roos Third Wmk 10/- & CofA 5/-, KGV CofA 1/4d, KGVI Definitives plus Robes Thick Paper set, mostly with hinge remainders; Cat $9000+. (Qty 240 approx)






CTO array a similar but smaller selection with Kangaroos including Third Wmk punctured 'OS' 5/-, 10/- (Roo Misplaced with Tail in Tasman Sea), 1 grey & 2 (characteristic centring & irregular perfs), SMult Wmk 5/- plus 'SPECIMEN' 10/-; KGV including SMult Wmk Perf 14 1/4d plus 'OS' values including SMult Wmk Perf 14 1/4d, etc; Other Issues including Large Lyrebird x2 (one 'OS'), Bridge 5/-, Vic Centenary, ANZAC & Jubilee sets, Arms set (very scarce), etc; also some mint including Robes Thick Paper set, some light bends, unmounted, Cat $8000+. (Qty 180 approx)






Album pages with a mostly CTO selection including Engraved duo, KGV to 1/4d & punctured 'OS' to 1/4d, Bridge Victoria Centenary ANZAC & Jubilee sets, Arms set (very scarce), etc, also some mint including Robes Thick Paper set, generally very fine with large-part o.g. (Qty 200+)






Australian Territories collection in two large Scott albums, AAT, Christmas & Cocos Islands, Norfolk & Papua New Guinea all apparently complete to about 2001 including PNG Postal Charges SG D1 (no certificate), all the Emergency Surcharges, M/Ss plus many with Show Overprints, etc, all the key sets are unmounted & we expect the collection is at least 95% unmounted. Terrific thematic content. (Qty 100s)





Selection of commercial pieces many with very scarce WA/Commonwealth frankings with WA values to 2/6d & Roos to 1/-, etc, also some loose Roos, postmark interest. To appreciate the extent of this tragedy, had the covers been left intact, they would have been worth upwards of $20,000! (Qty 36 pieces + loose)





On-paper quantity in large tea-chest mostly Decimal period but noted some earlier including KGVI issues. Potential postmark interest. Must be collected. Weighs 38kg. (Qty 1000s)





Pre-decimal accumulation mostly used with range of Kangaroos x300+ noted 4d small 'OS' x2, 5/- Third Wmk x8 & 5/- CofA Wmk x11, quantity of KGV Heads with values to 1/4d plus packets & some on piece, later issues noted 2 Arms, 1 Navigators x2, etc, a few mint & some Colonies also, plenty of official punctures including 'OS/NSW' & 'G/NSW', commercial perfins, potential postmark interest, condition variable. Weighs 11kg. (Qty 1000s)





Accumulation of mint and used, some Roos, KGV Heads and other Pre-Decimal blocks of 4 including imprint blocks, 'OS' overprints, late Pre-Decimal sheets and part-sheets, Decimals, coil strips, Postage Dues including on 1947 large cover from USA, condition mixed. Inspection may reward. Weighs 11kg. (Qty many 100s)





Collection on clear pages with Kangaroos including First Wmk to 10/- plus a regummed & reperforated 2, Second Wmk set, Third Wmk to 10/- + 1 grey (2, one punctured 'OS', CTO), SMult Wmk to 10/- & CofA Wmk to 1, KGV all watermarks apparently complete, Kookaburra M/S (fragile but **), 5/- Bridge, later unmounted including Vic Centenary both perfs, Macarthur, ANZAC & Jubilee sets, KGVI 3d blues, Robes Thick Paper x2 sets, Arms, QEII issues complete including 5/- Cattle White Paper & Navigators set of 8, KGVI-QEII Coil Pairs complete, etc, also a mounted BCOF set, condition variable in the Roos & KGV Heads otherwise generally very fine. (Qty few 100)





Post Office Training School range of Decimals to $1 Flinders including QEII 3c sheet of 100 (margins removed) with various 'SPECIMEN ONLY' or 'CANCELLED' handstamps, also a contrived registered cover with handstamped 5c & 20c x2 tied by AUST FPO/ 7 ' cds. (Qty 163 + cover)





Two ancient suitcases with tins & packets of stamps mostly off-paper Australia & Colonies plus some world-wide, also box of covers & stationery that 'escaped' soaking, noted Tasmania 'ONE PENNY' on 2d violet 'Lake Agnew' Lettercard unused (no borders), WA 2d Lettercard used 1903, KGV 1d Postal Card 'ONE PENNY' overprint used 1924, bundle of PTPO envelopes, a few inwards with India 1941 uprated postal card airmail to Victoria censored, couple of PPCs including 'Zirkon Ratile Factory, Byron Bay', etc, condition variable. Weighs 14kg. (Qty 100s)





Two cartons containing collections in albums and stockbooks, some Colonies, Kangaroos, KGV Heads, other pre-decimals and Decimal duplicates, appears to be mostly pedestrian, however noted huge 1937 Cycling label (faults) signed "Hubert Opperman", condition very mixed. Weighs 27kg. (Qty many 100s)





Box of covers 1930s to modern, a few FDCs plus inwards mail to Australia from GB, USA, etc, condition variable. Weighs 4kg. (Qty 200+)





Two volume collection with many better items including Kangaroos 10/- Large 'OS' (perf faults; no certificate), SMult Wmk 10/- x2 (one with telegraph puncture), CofA Wmk 1 & 2 x2 (one reperforated, the other with amateurish repair), KGV including 4d lemon x3 (one with the Watermark Inverted) & 4d orange Line through 'FOUR PENCE', 5/- Bridge commercially used (much scarcer than CTO or mint), ANZAC 1/- strip of 3, Thin Paper Robes, sd Navigators, Decimals with booklet panes & 1971 Christmas block of 25, then apparently complete to 1999 mostly with Australia Post's printed cancels but including 41c Cycling booklet pair Imperf Between CTO and self-adhesive Wallaby Miscut with 'AUSTRALIA 45c' Omitted on commercial piece. The first volume also includes a large number of blocks - most notably Robes imprints - with fake cancels. Caveat emptor! (Qty Qty)





1913-65 in Seven Seas hingless album, Kangaroos include First Wmk 1/- *, used to 2/-, Second Wmk used to 5/- the 9d and 1/- mint, Third Wmk to 1 grey used, the 2d & 5/- mint, CofA 5/-, 10/- & 1 fine used, KGV SMult to 1/4d mint, CTO or used, Kookaburra M/S unmounted, Large Lyrebird 'OS' *, 5/- Harbour Bridge CTO, Vic Centenary both *, NSW Sesqui **, and BCOF to 5/- *, etc, condition variable but many fine. (Qty 150+)





Carton with two stockbooks containing some Colonies, Kangaroos including Second Wmk Perf 'OS' to 5/-, KGV Heads, other Pre-decimal perf 'OS' and Decimal 'VG', 1966-86 mint or used in Seven Seas hingless album, Decimal 'Specimen' opts to $10, plus shoebox with a few covers, FDCs and PNCs, condition mixed. Weighs 6kg. (Qty 100s)





Collection in Seven Seas hingeless album with Kangaroos including First Wmk to 5/- (ex 6d & 9d, the 3d & 4d are very fine unmounted) + 10/- & 2 'Specimen', Third Wmk to 2/- brown + extra 6d blue & 9d also 'SPECIMEN' 10/-, 1 brown & blue x2, 1 grey & 2, SMult Wmk 'SPECIMEN' 10/- very fine * & 2 no gum; KGV Heads largely complete simplified with Single Wmk to 1/4d including Rough Paper 1d red Die II punctured 'OS' ** & 4d lemon very lightly mounted, CofA Wmk to 1/4d, and 'OS' overprints, etc; other Pre-decimals largely complete including 1/- Large Lyrebird ** (superb), KSmith 'OS' pair CTO, 5/- Bridge, KGVI 3d blue Dies (Die Ia is incorrect), BCOF set to Thick Paper 5/- unusually well centred, Robes Thick Paper set **, Arms **, White Paper Cattle very lightly mounted & Navigators set of 6 **, etc; the pre-WWII issues need to be closely checked for quality, providing the opportunity to continue upgrading. [This lot also includes a little surprise packet of Australian Colonies] (Qty 100s)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 45 Lots in Category - Australia - General Lots

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