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SPANISH MAILS:Entire letters to Spain comprising 1798 to Malaga & 1801 to St Sebastian with Spanish 'PORTVGAL' h/s in red or black, 1806 to Tarragona with 'LISBOA'-in-oval h/s in red, and 1840 to Cadiz with impressive '229' arrival h/s in red; mails transitting Spain to France x6 comprising 1814 with 'PORTO' h/s & Spanish 'PORTVGAL' h/s in red, 1822 & 1826 with 'ESPAGNE/PAR BAYONNE' h/s, 1830 & 1834 with 'ESPAGNE PAR/ST JEAN-DE-LUZ' h/s, and 1836 with light 'ESPAGNE/PAR OLERON' h/s in red; to Bavaria 1807 to Nuremburg with 'SToD/GALICIA' h/s in red & 'ESPAGNE/PAR BAYONNE' h/s; and mail from Spain with 1813 with 'BILBAO/BIZCAY' h/s in red & fumigation slits, 1817 with 'ALICANTE' h/s in red & 'HESPANHA' h/s in black, 1841 with very fine 'HESPANHA' h/s in blue, 1834 from Alicante with very fine 'POR/LISBOA' (rated 7) & 'C Est de N' h/s, 1840 & 1843 with 'B.C./CADIZ' (= British Consul) h/s & 1846 with superb similar h/s with fleurons; and from Gibraltar 1817 with light 'S ROQUE/ANDALUCIA BAXA' h/s in red & 1828 fumigated with no Spanish markings, both with 'HESPANHA' h/s in black or red, 1839 with British 'GIBRALTAR' & 'GIBRALTAR/PAID' h/s, and 1840 with 'GIBRALTAR' h/s with '240' or '120' rate h/s in blue; condition variable. (Qty 22)





BRITISH PACKET AGENCY IN LISBON: Selection with forerunner 1774 to London "By the Diana/Capt Cobb/...", various 'LISBON' straight-line handstamps including on 1804 with superb 'FOREIGN OFFICE' arrival b/s, 1809 with manuscript "Lisbon July 18th 1809", 1820 partly-printed entire headed 'PACKET OFFICE Lisbon', 1839 to France via London with boxed 'Packet Letter' h/s, 1846 with boxed 'LISBON' h/s, 1851 to Paris via London with boxed 'COLONIES/&c ART 13' h/s; various rates, condition variable. (Qty 15)



Displaying 2 Lots in Category - Consular Mail

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