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C of A - Postal History



1939-44 inwards airmail covers including from Argentina 1939 at 1p95c rate, India 1941 twice censored, Panama 1944 at 90c rate with postal tax unpaid but forwarded after additional 1c affixed and cachet crossed-out, USA x2 at 70c PanAm Clipper rate, condition mixed but mostly fine. NO RESERVE. (Qty 9)



TASMANIA - Postal History




1864 (Oct 22) small cover to an army officer on the Deccan Plateau "Via Bombay" with 'TASMANIA' Imperf 6d & 1/- both with almost full margins tied by BN '52' cancels of Launceston, diamond 'POST-OFFICE/LAUNCESTON/ [crown]/...' d/s in red alongside & straight-line 'REGISTERED' handstamp, tiny 'BOMBAY' transit b/s & large-part 'SECUNDRABAD/1864/NO22' arrival b/s in red on the reverse, minor blemishes. A scarce destination from Tasmania. A very attractive franking of the 'full set' of the 1858 'TASMANIA' issue.






British Commonwealth collection on leaves with strength in Post Offices Abroad Overprints including British Occupation of Former Italian Colonies 'MEF' to 10/- *, Eritrea complete * & used including Postage Dues, Somalia 'EAF' complete * & used, Tripolitania 'BMA' set * & used, 1951 'BA' set used plus Postage Dues 'BMA' & 'BA' sets * & used; Gulf States with Bahrain including Overprints on India KGV 3a blue used & on GB KGVI 10/- used, Eastern Arabia, Kuwait including Overprints on India 1939 4a 6a & 12a used & 1945 set * plus on GB 1949 10/- * & Muscat; Levant with 1887 '4 PIASTRES' on 10d *, Morocco Agencies Overprints on Gibraltar, on GB KGVI 1949 set used, Spanish Currency KGVI 1937-52 set used, French Currency & Tangier; also selections of Omnibus issues **/* & used for 1937 Coronation (complete * plus extras), 1946 Victory, 1948 Wedding, 1949 UPU (apparently complete with many **), 1953 Coronation, etc, condition generally fine, Cat 5000+. (Qty 100s)





British Commonwealth Overprints accumulation mostly mounted mint including Eastern Arabia partly-duplicated range including type varieties, Bahrain 1942-45 on India KGVI white background set (13) plus range of later on GB issues including '15r' on 1 Wedding, Kuwait 1945 on India KGVI White Background set & 1950 on GB KGVI set plus range of used, Muscat on India and Qatar 1957 on GB QEII set plus extra types, then extensive partly-duplicated range of Morocco Agencies including Gibraltar QV set, KEVII CA & MCA wmk sets, Opts on GB KEVII set mint & used with extra 2/6d * x3 (one dull purple) and another with neat 'FEZ' cds plus 'SPECIMEN' 1/- & 2/6d, KGV sets to 1/- plus 'SPECIMEN' x2, Spanish Currency KEVII set (12) used, French Currency & Tangier sets, also Levant KEVII set, etc, condition mixed but many fine, Cat 3500+. (Qty 100s)





Array with no British cards, many better types some with plain backs (proofs?) including a group from Johore featuring a traffic bingle, includes a gorgeous German series 'BERLINER TYPEN', much better than average US section with only a few 'linens' & many automobile types including Ford advertising, very fine Japan & China (one to Melbourne with Large Dragons franking), India, Canada, Egypt, New Zealand, etc, generally fine to superb. (Qty 400 approx)






Collection mostly used from 1850s with sparse earlies, 1895 QV 2r 3r & 5r x2 each, KEVII 3r 5r & 10r, KGV Star Wmk 15r & 25r, Multi Stars Wmk 25r, 1929 Airs set * & used, 1931 New Dehli set used, then reasonably complete 1946-62 (ex Gandhi 10r, 1949 Definitives 10r & 15r), also some Officials, a few Revenues, China Expeditionary Force 'CEF' overprints QV set (10) used and KGV set (11) *, range of Convention & Feudatory States, a few Nepal and some Pakistan including Overprints on India, also quantity of extras partly sorted in envelopes with some multiples & possible postmark interest (but otherwise unchecked by us), condition variable, Cat 1200+. (Qty 100s)






1898 Surcharge ' Anna' on a block of 48 (three blocks of 16 plus gutters) from left of sheet with Grossly Misplaced Overprint to the Left and Up SG 110var, unmounted but with a few minor age faults. (Qty 48)






1935 airmail to Austria with KGV 2a, 2a6p & 4a tied 'BANGALORE/19DEC35' cds, 'BY AIR MAIL' label endorsed "By Air in India", taxed with large 'T' cachet annotated "14a" & "oz" in blue pencil, on arrival Austrian Postage Due 24g affixed on face tied 'GRAZ/28 XII 35', minor blemishes.






1948 Gandhi Commemoration 1a to 10r set tied by BOMBAY GPO/15 AUGUST 1948' special illustrated oval cancel to 'FATHER OF INDIAN NATION MOURNING ISSUE' illustrated first day cover designed & printed at India's 'Security Press, Nasik', stamps in fine condition but cover has a couple of very minor blemishes.



Displaying 9 Lots in Category - India

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