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Municipal bundle of covers, Stamped-To-Order Envelopes, & postcards for mostly smaller municipalities including Town of Brighton, Shire of Boroondara, Shire of Barrabool (1871), Shire of Tambo, Shire of Darebin, Heidelberg & Eltham Railway Construction Trust, Shire of Mount Franklin & Omeo Waterworks Trust etc, also Borough of Heathcote (1863) & Borough of St Arnaud lettersheets, Town of Northcote postcard with statistics including height above sea level!, postcards with advices headed 'Municipal Association of Victoria' & 'MUNICIPAL RATING REFORM', 1863 outer to Carngham & Beaufort Road Board with very fine 'CARNGHAM' crowned-oval b/s (LRD), 1865 Borough of Creswick lettersheet with poor strike of the rare 'CRESWICK/VICTORIA - VICTORIA' duplex, 1871 Shire of Ballarat lettersheet, 1910 real photo PPC "Wimmera Shire Hall & Offices", & a few MMBW items, mostly pre-1913 but with a few KGV items including 1d violet Envelope for Shire of Minhamite, condition rather mixed. (Qty 59)





A A1+

UP TRAIN 3: Type 2 (duplex) superb strike of JY6/97 on stampless 'ON HEALTH BUSINESS ONLY' lettersheet (advising of a smallpox outbreak), 'KYNETON' transit & light 'METCALFE' arrival b/s. Rated RRR on cover in the second period of use. An excellent & most unusual usage on OHMS Free Postal Stationery. Ex Max Watson.


No longer available



B A1

UP TRAIN 13: Type 3 ('TPO 13/VICTORIA') very fine cancel of 18DE11 on 1d pink Envelope with 'Shire of Seymour' header, to Malvern, minor opening faults. Rated RRRR: only 7 covers recorded.


No longer available



A- A1

UP TRAIN 2: Type 2 ('TPO 2') largely superb cancel of 25OC10 on 1d Envelope with 'Shire of Cranbourne' header, to Clyde. Rated RRRR: eight examples on cover recorded. Clyde is only 6km SE of Cranbourne. The cover was apparently missorted, being sent on the Up Train to Dandenong, then returned to Clyde, making it very desirable double short-haul item. Illustrated at page 91. [Acquired at the Prestige auction of 2.9.2006 for $437]





VICTORIAN MUNICIPAL DIRECTORIES: Extensive collection of these valuable reference volumes that were published annually from 1865, and that contain all sorts of useful information about every city/town/borough/shire in Victoria including councillors by ward/riding, council officers etc, plus descriptive notes about every post town including population of each plus local businesses, prominent landholders/properties, rail & coach connections & distances, etc, also legislation passed in the previous year, postal rates, notable events, and lots of advertisements. These books were inexpensively produced because they were expected to have only a 12-months shelf life. Survival rates were generally very low & early editions, in particular, are often in need of rebinding. However, overall the condition here is good to very fine, with the post-WWII volumes being hardbound.

The earliest edition here is of 1873 (260pp), and the latest is 1972 (1200pp). The 19th century editions are 1873, 1875, 1877, 1879 to 1888 inclusive, 1891 to 1893, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1899 & 1900. Wartime editions are prized & we offer 1915, 1916, 1918, 1941 & 1945. A complete list is included, and will also be found on our website. The "Municipal Directory" is one of the best semi-specialised references about Victoria and a boon to postal, railway, local & social historians, genealogists and others. The collection comprises 63 of the 100 editions and is by far the largest holding in private hands of which we are aware. The fun of searching for, to say nothing of the enjoyment from findling any of the missing years, should not be underestimated. When available, which is infrequently, individual volumes have sold for more than $100 each. [At the age of 23, Max Watson became the youngest Shire Secretary appointed in Victoria. When he retired in 1991, he was one of the longest-serving municipal CEOs in the State, having "done time" at Newtown & Chilwell (Geelong), Glenlyon, Kowree, Eltham, Melton and Metcalfe. Parting with these volumes has perhaps been more of a wrench than letting go of the Franks] (Qty 63)



Displaying 5 Lots in Category - Municipal Mail

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