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C of A - First Day Covers




1938-49 Robes Thick Paper 5/- & 10/- tied to plain cover by 'REGISTERED/1AP38/SYDNEY NSW' cds ACSC #212y/214y to Scotland, a couple of minor blemishes, Cat $450 (for the 5/-) & $750 for the 10/- but no price given for the two values on the one cover.






1938-49 Robes Thick Paper 1 dull blue tied to generic KGVI FDC by 'WOLLONGONG/1NO38/NSW' cds ACSC #216y, registered express to Jamberoo (arrival b/s), a couple of minor blemishes, Cat $3500. A rare cover.






Accumulationwith Australia from Roos noted 5d punctured large 'OS, KGV Heads & Commems, a few Decimals **, covers including FDCs, Flights, Tin Can Mail & some postal history interest; GB & BCW with pickings. (Qty Qty)





Mint & used disorganised accumulation on Hagners but noted British Commonwealth with range of mint 1935 Jubilee & 1937 Coronation sets plus some used, Canada range including 50c Jubilee parcel cancel, Greece 1940 Aegean Islands overprints set *, Malta group with QEII 1956 Pictorials set *, NZ on leaves with some modern mint, Solomons QEII sets to 1 *, then albums & box of stockcards with more, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 1000s)





Modern mint accumulation including 1981 Royal Wedding collections in albums including M/Ss, gutter strips & booklets, 1980s Norfolk & Pitcairn Islands, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, etc with many in blocks of 4 & lots of thematic interest, some used in albums & loose including Australia, plus FDCs from Australia, GB, Solomons etc, & bundle of recent mail with values to $2, condition mixed but mostly fine. (Qty Qty)





British Commonwealth in 40 albums & stockbooks some KGV & KGVI but strength in QEII to late 1990s with minor duplication, including long sets, M/Ss, booklets, self-adhesives & imperfs, noted 1948 Silver Wedding pairs x27, some Australia & GB plus worldwide with UN Flags sheetlets, lots of thematic interest in Flora & Fauna, Transport, Sport, Royalty, etc, the majority unmounted, enormous catalogue/face value. (Qty 1000s)





Worldwide First Day Covers accumulationwith lots of thematic interest including extensive Canada range 1940s - modern, GB 1970s-90s, UN with Sterling Silver medals, Russia 1980 Olympics, Flora & Fauna of the World in 17 albums, 1977 Jubilee & 1978 Anniversary omnibus issues, WWF Nature in quantity, a few mint stamps also. (Qty 1000s)





1937 Coronationcollection of mostly First Day Covers including some illustrated types, many registered & some postmark interest, noted Newfoundland Long Set x2, Malta commercial to Australia, Straits commercial air to NZ, Turks commercial censored to Bahamas, Nigeria used in Cameroons, etc, generally fine to very fine. (Qty 250+)



CEYLON - Postal History



Airmail covers 1929-60 mostly commercial but the earlies are philatelic: Part One to GB including 1929 (June 23) First Acceptance x2, 1931 per little used Delhi-Karachi Extension & First Acceptance to Kenya (only 6 carried), 1935 inwards "City of Khartoum" crash with the "ambulance" cover & roneo'd label, 1936 "Scipio" crash x2 (one with cachet unrecorded by Nierinck), 1937 "Cygnus" crash, good range of frankings including lots of Jubilees & a part-parcel tag with KGV 50r!! and rates including 1936 20c & 1937 25c postcard rates, 1946 & 1949 parcel tags at 3r60c & 8r80c - including a 5r - rates, etc; Part Two to Europe including 1933 to Trieste, 1935 triple-rate to Sweden with 1927 2r, 1937 to Switzerland with 'BY AIR TO MARSEILLES' jusqu'a h/s, 1937 to Austria delivered by Vienna's Pneumatic Post!, 1939 underpaid to Switzerland with Postage Dues, 1946 to Hungary x2, 1947 from Swiss Consulate at 1r80c triple-rate, etc; Part Three to Other Destinations including 1922 flown within the USA (apparently commercial), 1931 to Java (philatelic; only 14 carried), 1932 underpaid to Java with Postage Dues, 1934 registered to New Zealand with 'MBI' perfins, 1937 linen parcel tag to New Zealand at 3r72c rate, 1937 underpaid to Newfoundland, 1939 to USA with '...has taken the liberty of forwarding this letter to you BY AIR...' label on the reverse, 1947 5r20c double-rate to USA with KGVI 5r, 1947 paquebot usage of Australian aerogramme back to Australia, etc; also a few inwards including 1948 from Aden & 1946 from Sarawak; generally fine to very fine. (Qty 78 items)



PAPUA - 1901-1942 The BNG & Papua Stamps Period - Postal History




AEROPHILATELY:1935 (Sep 27) Port Moresby-Darwin AAMC #P90 with 2d Bird & 6d Air Mail manuscript cancelled "A11-1/Port Moresby/28-9-35/[signature]" overstruck with 'DARU/ 28SE35/PAPUA' cds, Darwin b/s of 27NO35, vertical fold & minor blemishes. An enigma. [The AAMC states Hempel departed Moresby 27/9/1935 but this cover suggests he left a day later. Why two months to reach Darwin?]


No longer available

Displaying 10 Lots in Category - Omnibus Issues

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