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Odd little lot with a few better stamps including QE 3d booklet pane used, six covers to the USA with 2d Roos, 1918 registered to the USA with KGV d & 1d x5 with 'HAY ST WEST/WA' cds & 'HAY STREET WEST' h/s on R label, etc, condition variable.





Small accumulation of Australia & Worldwide with album of Victorian Postage Dues including Brown & Blue 4d x35+ (both shades), 6d x2 and 1/- x2, lots of Red & Greens unchecked for watermarks, many on piece with tax markings alongside noted one with 'RECEIVED TORN' h/s, postmark interest noted 'FOOTSCRAY' & 'RICHMOND' boxed straight-line h/s, some BNs, 'LC' cancels, etc, plus small Bristol-Myers box mailed with 6d Kookaburra (containing Victorian stamps), a few Victorian PPCs some with 'UP TRAIN' cancels including one with 'WANGARATTA GOODS' cachet, Purves 'Postal History of the Port Phillip District' (battered) and 'Barred Numeral Cancels' (fine), 1949 RPSV Journals, some Municipal ephemera, etc, condition variable. (Qty 100s)





Carton of covers etc with some better usages & some postmark interest in the pre-decimals, later material includes lots of Priority Post covers, also a bundle of meters & slogan cancels, plus a bundle of Lord Howe Island booklets & philatelic covers, some GB covers & world Framas. In other words, it's a bit of a mishmash. (Qty 100s)





POST OFFICE LABELS: Carton of annotated pages of all manner of labels except airmail & registration including numerous complete sheets, a smattering of covers with some better usages. This lot includes numerous types we have never seen used on postal articles so such items would be of some rarity. This lot offers lots of bang for your buck & the opportunity to develop the usage side, probably for little outlay. Ex Robin Occleshaw. (Qty Qty)



C of A - Other Pre-Decimals



1959-64 Definitives 8d Tiger Cat award-winning one-frame exhibit with copy of the original design signed "Eileen Mayo" {5/10}, original sketch for Royal FDC artwork, die proof in recessed mount, Post Office publicity card with block of 4, then highly specialised array of Retouches and Re-Entries including in mint blocks & notably including ShC R9/6 States I & II both used, and State III & IV (the Typhoon Retouch) blocks of 4, also a few covers including domestic with a block of 9, single on local double-rate cover (5d+3d for the second ounce), & single on a complete parcel label, generally very fine. The lot also includes some other reference material including positional blocks, 100+ parcel tags, and a quantity of used duplicates. Ex John Sinfield. (Qty 100s)






PUNCTURED 'OS': 1d single on envelope with Commonwealth coat-of-arms printed in red on the flap, locally used at Adelaide, a couple of minor tonespots, Cat $600. [Known to have been sent by South Australian Senator Sir Henry Barwell]






STATE GOVERNMENT PUNCTURES: 1d punctured 'OS/NSW' Upright single and Sideways single and block of 8 (4x2), all unmounted, and another single (small fault) + KGV d orange punctured 'OS' tied to Metropolitan Meat Industry Board cover - minor faults - by poor 'HOMEBUSH BAY ABATTOIRS' cds. Very scarce group. [It is disappointing that Geoff Kellow did not cover the State piunctures] (Qty 4 items)






STATE GOVERNMENT PUNCTURES: 1d punctured 'T' block of 4 (**) & marginal block of 6 (3x2, lower units **); also single tied to OHMS cover - minor blemishes - by Launceston slogan cancel. (Qty 3 items)






POSTAL HISTORY: Useful commercial selection all with 1d Canberra comprising single on local insurance company envelope, single + 3d Air to Lord Mayor of London, singles on two underpaid & taxed covers to USA, x3 on cover to NZ cancelled 'AUCKLAND/LOOSE/LETTERS' cds, single + KGV 1d Melbourne-Sydney with Late Fee cds, x4 Perth-Kalgoorlie, pairs to Colombia, Germany, USA & South Africa, solo on PPC to Germany, single + KGV d on 1935 Esperanto postcard to Sweden, and singles on uprated 1d Envelopes to Germany (philatelic) & Japan; plus between one & five examples on registered covers from 'SHAW/NSW' to Sydney with blank R label, Brisbane-Thursday Island, Canberra-South Africa, Sydney-Germany, Townsville-Germany with no R label, Lord Hopetoun Club envelope Canberra-GB, and uprated Registration Envelope Victoria-USA; mostly very fine. (Qty 22)



C of A - Postal Stationery - Envelopes




Used selection including Star 1d red with Left Point Broken (uncancelled), 1d+d x2, 1d black-brown Die 2, 1d brown to the Bahamas (b/s) & to USA uprated with 1d cutout, & 2d orange, Star with 'POSTAGE' 2d scarlet, 'THREE/HALFPENCE' on 2d orange (stained) & 'POSTAGE' 2d scarlet, KGVI 3d Knife 2 ACSC #EP45(2) with scarce Hobart 'COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA/1901 JUBILEE 1951' slogan & 3d registered to Spain, QEII 5d light blue uprated with 4c Coil for internal airmail, etc, fine to very fine. (Qty 21)


No longer available

C of A - Postal Revenues



Used selection including Kangaroo 4d 'REGISTERED LETTER' with 'REGISTERED/BRISBANE' cds in rosine, KGV 4d orange/white uprated to GB, 1919 New Format #RE9 with d for War Tax (very fine, Cat $1500), 5d #RE10A with scarce 'REGISTERED LETTER SECTION/GPO ADELAIDE' rubber d/s, Flap Folded to Front 5d #RE11A & B (flap fault), 5d with Address Lines at Left #RE13 (unused), 4d on 5d #RE16 CTO, #RE17d x2 (one with Surcharge at an Angle), Oval 4d both sizes, etc, also 1960s 'OHMS 'RETURNED LETTER' Envelope for Sydney DLO, condition variable but most are fine to very fine, Cat $2800+. (Qty 25)





Used selection comprising Kangaroo 4d with boxed 'REGISTERED' & 4d 'REGISTERED LETTER' with Large 'T' in 'MUST' x2, Sideface 4d orange/white x2 (one to Canada with 1d Engraved but damaged), 5d with Red Lines, 5d with Text on Back 'Price 6d...', 'FIVE/PENCE' on Sideface 4d violet opened-out & resealed, 4d with 'envelpe' on back & 4d with Red Lines, KGV Oval 5d uprated with 1d green & 'COMPENSATION' h/s, QEII 2/5d '50 ($100)' with Helecon Ink (opened-out) & 24c, condition variable, Cat $2250+. (Qty 13)


No longer available



Mostly used bundle with Kangaroo 4d Long Envelope with KGV 1d violet added (minor spotting), KGV 4d orange/white, QEII 2/5d with 'CANCELLED' h/s across the 'COMPENSATION' clause, 2/5d Helecon Ink ACSC #RE44, etc, five with red registration labels & some postmark interest. (Qty 21)


No longer available

C of A - Postal History



Large shoebox of commercial & philatelic mail with some better frankings including Silver Jubilee set x2 & 5/- Robes on Clipper cover; better postmarks including 'AUST EXHBTN MELBNE N3' on Vic Centenary 1/-, 1954 with 'POSTED EGELABRA SIDING/NO POST OFFICE' & NSW TPO cds, & 1953 'PAID BULK RATE/ROCKHAMPTON'; Military including 1941 to USA with huge '101 GEN HOSP/4TH MD' cachet, 1944 POW Post Card from Murchison Camp to Germany, BCOF set to Thin Paper 5/- with 'AUST ARMY PO/214' cds, Vietnam commercial registered airmail to Adelaide with Olympics 5c & 25c tied by 'AUST FPO/3' cds & superb registration cachet, etc; also noted 1943 registered to Argentina, 1907 Paquebot from Gibraltar apparently taxed in error & 1938 from NZ correctly addressed to "Karumba/NT" with 'POST-TOWN/NOT KNOWN/["Australia"]' handstamp & apologetic letter from the PMG's Department; condition variable. (Qty 200 approx)





Pre-1950 commercial airmails group with better frankings including Roos 9d & 1/- on 1931 to GB with extra 1d for forwarding to Germany, ANZAC 1/- & Large Kooka 6d to GB, KGVI 3d blue strip of 3 to Penang, Robes 5/- pair & 10/- on two double-rate Clipper Mail covers, Robes 10/- on 1948 Registration Envelope to USA, also 1939 EAMS 5d rate cover to Canada which was not a participant so jusqu'a bars added at London, condition a bit mixed. (Qty 19)





1930s-60s advertising covers with many attractive illustrated types including for LJ Thomas Stock Agents (Gympie), Monaghans Removalists (LIsmore NSW), Woodroofe's Cordials (Adelaide), Glenara Private Hotel (Lakes Entrance), Bush's Bird Shop (Sydney), Canberra Hotel (Brisbane), Lucky Nolan Sweepstakes (Ipswich), Tasmanian Government Railways, etc, several Rotary types & Cleland Shipping Agents (Port Adelaide) advertising collar, some on Postal Stationery, etc, a few faults but generally fine to very fine. (Qty 80+)





Post-WWII pre-decimal advertising covers mostly with imprints only but many are illustrated including a number of very attractive items, the collection is from GB so many are addressed there mostly by air with some better frankings including ANZAC 2/3d single & a pair on a registered cover, generally fine to very fine. A really appealing lot. (Qty 170 approx)





Advertising illustrations & imprints on covers & Postal Stationery with many very attractive items tho the condition is a bit mixed so inspection is recommended. We noted Fullface 1d Letter Card with 'From GLOBE TIMBER MILLS COMPANY, Adelaide' Overprint, 1930s Swans Ltd Heaters (NSW) lettersheet plus folder for 6 such forms, David Shearer Farm Equipment (SA) x5 with 'Moistur ' Error, etc. (Qty 70 approx)





A mostly unprepossessing group but a few better items including Ashburton Road Board (WA) airmail to Perth at 1/1d rate, 1933 Mascot Aerial Pageant blue PPC (VF unused), 1937 Air Mail Exhibition catalogue, a page of unusual labels, lots of Postal Stationery, etc, also some Victoria including 1858 to GB with Imperf 6d orange, condition variable. (Qty 100 approx)





Covers accumulation mostly 1950s-70s domestic mail noted advertising, slogan & meter cancels, postmark interest, better Decimal frankings including 1969 5c PM booklet pair on formular aerogramme, range of 1971 7c Christmas single frankings (a complete set of 7 + extras), 1975 Science 24c solo on oversize cover, etc, plus 1959 airmail from West Germany repaired with 'RECEIVED IN AIR MAIL SEC-/TION SYDNEY IN DAMAGED/CONDITION' cachets, also FDCs from the same period noted quantity of Hermes generics, condition mixed but many fine. Weighs 6kg. (Qty 250+)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 216 Lots in Category - Postal History

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