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Consignment remainders with many better covers including Australia 1d Engraved on PPC, NSW PPC with 'TRAVELLING PO No 3 WEST' cds, Swedish PPC with 1909 Art Industries Label (fault), etc, Postal Stationery including Australia KGV 1d red Postal Card with 'OHMS' Heading x2 different, Papua 1d unused in well above average condition, scenic Postal Cards including from Bhutan, Chile, Switzerland & Cape of Good Hope, etc, a few Boer War items including a superb South Australian cabinet card of Corporal Ernest Alexander Becker, also a German Colonies range of stamps "Cinderellas" & Postal Cards, etc, condition variable but most of those mentioned are very fine. (Qty 150 approx)





Valuable batch of commercial covers including Abu Dhabi 1965 to GB with 50np Antelope & 1972 airmail with 'UAE' Overprints 35f, Dubai Aerogrammes x4, 1942 remarkably fine POW cover from GB to Malaya, Bechuanaland 1893 1d Postal Card with 'MAFEKING/BECUANALAND' cds and 1910 & 1912 PPCs with 'LOBATSI' or 'FRANCISTOWN' cds, Tanganyika 1925 to Italy with Giraffes 10c & 15c, Samoa 1923 with 'ALEIPATA' cds, New Zealand 1954 Rotary International airmail cover to USA with 6d & 10/- Queen on Horseback, Somaliland 1903 defective PPC with faint 'BERBERA' cds & 1946 OAS cover with superb 'HARGEISA' cds, etc, condition variable but most are fine to very fine. (Qty 39)


No longer available



OMNIBUS ISSUES: Valuable batch of commercial covers with 1949 UPU issues from Aden to Zanzibar with better frankings including solos, postcard & formular aerogramme rates, airmail & registered covers, scarcer postmarks, better destinations, etc, condition variable but most are fine to very fine. A solid basis for an interesting collection. (Qty 58)



C of A - Kangaroo Issues



Dealer's stockbook with a good array of material including many 'OS' - notably Large 'OS' to 9d - & 'OS/NSW' perfins etc, some postmark interest, generally fine but many of the values from 1/- to 5/- have unattractive parcel cancels. Entirely unchecked by us for varieties. (Qty 100s)



C of A KGV - King George V Issues


Large carton of kiloware in bags etc, partly sorted by denomination, mostly on small pieces, noted some Penny Reds plus quantities of Single Wmk 1d reds, 2d oranges & 2d scarlets etc. Appears to be largely from a Tasmanian source so there should be lots of Tassie postmarks. We expect, but can't guarantee, that this hoard is entirely unchecked for shades, varieties or postmarks, making it a potential goldmine for specialists. [See also Lots 647 & 999] (Qty many 1000s)



C of A KGV - Single Watermark


70 1d red collection of dated examples in two very fine Gibbons "Devon" albums, from JL27/1914 to 31DE18 providing a clear picture of the appearance & disappearance of the numerous shades, plus three pages of random 1914 dates, personal assessment of the shades is required but some have been annotated including Orange-Red x4 & Salmon x6, generally fine to very fine with some on piece & lots of postmark interest including 'TEL OFFICE/OC14/14/ GRACEDALE HOUSE VIC' (RO period & the ERD; rated RRRR), 'PICTON LAKES/DE28/1914/NSW' (LRD; closed 1919), 'LAMPLOUGH/MY10/15/VIC', 'PHILPOT CREEK/10JL15/QUEENSLAND', 'MOOROOPNA NORTH/22FE16/ VIC', 'WORLDS END CK/4AU16/STH AUST' (ERD by 5 years), 'GEMBROOK WEST/NO15/16/VIC' (closed 1921), 'TO MELTON/17DE16/VIC', 'EVANSFORD/MY6/18/VICTORIA', 'YELBINI/12FE17/WESTN AUST' (ERD), '[CHESTE]RFIELD'S/7MY18/[VI]C' (RRR; ERD by 18 years!) and '[McL]EOD MILITARY CA[MP]/16SP18/VIC'. An excellent study opportunity. Ex Dr Michael Ryan. (Qty many 100s)





70 1d red accumulation in packets plus three Hagners including Die II x34, some postmark interest. Not assessed for shades. (Qty 1500+)



C of A - Other Pre-Decimals


Two large cartons of post-WWII mostly pre-decimal kiloware, mostly on piece. We expect, but can't guarantee, that this hoard is entirely unchecked for varieties or postmarks, making it a potential goldmine for specialists. [See also Lots 590 & 999] (Qty 10,000s)



C of A - Postal History



Huge ledger album of covers from family correspondence with WWII Camps including 'MIL PO DARWIN No 1' x3, 'RAAF PO GERALDTON', 'PUCKAPUNYAL/MIL PO VIC' Krag machine cancels x2, inwards to Caulfield Mil PO with 'NO TRACE/CAULFIELD RACE COURSE' (not previously seen by us), handpainted with '1/AFCC' h/s used in the NT, two philatelic covers with 'VICTORIA/LABUAN' linotype cancels, a few Postage Due covers, inwards mail including five from GB reused with Red Cross address labels, 1940s unclaimed covers from Victorian POs including with 'PAID AT/RELIEF' cds (rated RRR) & 'POSTMASTER/BOX HILL' (RRRR; plus unrecorded rubber b/s), some mostly unused KGVI postal stationery, condition rather mixed. An interesting and original lot. (Qty few 100)





Mostly commercial mail including a bundle of South Australian 1930s-40s registered covers plus a few advertising covers from smaller towns one with 'PAID AT PORT AUGUSTA/1D 8OC37/SA' cds (ERD by 11 years; rated RR), also two 1948 philatelic covers with scarce 'MILDURA BCH UNIVERSITY/VIC-AUST' cds, Postal Stationery including KGV 5d Registration Envelopes with 'COMPENSATION' handstamp x9 & STO Wrapper 5d light blue for Sydney Stock Exchange, etc, condition variable. (Qty 70 approx)


No longer available

C of A - Military - World War I




1915 usage to Victoria of an unusual printed OAS envelope of a type not previously seen by us with ACMF crest on the flap, 'MILITARY CAMP/AERODROME HELIOPOLIS' cds in blue & oval 'FRANKED/BY.../FOR CO 21ST BN/AIF' cachet in violet.





MILITIA: 1911 covers to Ross Camp (Tas) from Ross & Stowport and usage of Fullface 1d Letter Card with message headed "Camp Ross" & triple-circle 'MILITARY CAMP/MAR 25 Sent/TASMANIA' cds in blue; 1913 Exemption from Training lettersheet used in South Australia (stamp removed) with 'RIFLE CLUBS OFFICE/("13/12/13")/SA' cachet in red; and 1914 First Military District postcard with printed 'Notice...First Stage of Mobilization [sic]...'; all with faults. Very scarce group. (Qty 5 items)






MILITARY CAMPS: 1915 (Oct 7) OHMS cover from Adelaide with KGV 1d red perf 'OS', to "2nd Depot Batt/Belmont/West Australia", large very fine strike of the rubber 'MILITARY CAMP, ASCOT/19OCT1915/WESTERN AUSTRALIA' arrival b/s (ERD; RO period) in violet & 'OCT 20 1915' date h/s on the face in the same ink, redirected to "Blackboy Hill" with very fine arrival cds on the face, superb 'UNCLAIMED' h/s & returned to the sender. A very desirable cover.

Ascot Camp was at Belmont Racecourse. Haynes & Pope state that a Receiving Office opened 20.10.1915, the day after this cover was serviced there; was raised to a PO in -.11.1915; closed -.2.1917. Blackboy Hill civilian PO was taken over by the Military as an RO on 29.8.1914; to PO 11.9.1914; closed 30.11.1918. Examples of the Ascot Camp steel cds on piece only sold for $470 & $616 at the Prestige auctions of 17.5.2003 & 26.9.2003 respectively. The rubber cds is much scarcer & this is only the second example on cover that we have recorded. Haynes & Pope state it "was not a postal marking", but the two covers recorded counter this statement.





Exhibit pages of postcards (mostly) & covers including a few items posted soon after the Troopships arrived, various datestamps including '1st AUST LH BDE FIELD PO', '2nd AUST INF BDE FIELD PO', '7th INF BDE/FIELD PO' in violet, 'MILITARY CAMP/AERODROME HELIOPOLIS' x3 (one an illustrated cover for the 5th Infantry Brigade Recreation Tent), '3rd LIGHT HORSE/AIF/...', 'BRITISH CAMP/PO/HELIOPOLIS' x2 (one an Adelaide YMCA Army Department cover), cachets including huge 'O.A.S' in red & boxed 'BASE DETAILS PO/...' in blue, etc, also local cover with GB 1d pair & AIF black/pink registration label tied by British 'ARMY POST OFFICE/SZ3' cds used at Moascar, and four PPCs including a terrific shot of Mena Camp - noted as a "great advance on Broadmeadows" - & the Pyramids, and Zeitoun Camp Barracks, condition variable but many are fine to very fine. (Qty 28 items)





"OCCUPATION": Exhibit pages with postcards including Field Service types & covers including green privilege types (one with two enclosed letters, one of them the reply-half of a Dardenelles Letter Sheet), some datelined as originating at Gallipoli & all the others identified from the various datestamps & square Censor handstamps, also two makeshift postcards fashioned from scraps of cardboard (one to England), a few bear evidence of censorship, condition variable. [Some interesting & poignant messages. One card headed "The Trenches" states "Things are pretty quiet here"; a month later the sender had died of injuries sustained at Lone Pine. Another: "...A lot of people die very sudden here must be something in the air" (bullets?). Another: "...[parcels] get a very rough handling". (Qty 40 items)






"OCCUPATION": 1915 (Dec 6) crudely produced postcard from "Sig Newman/3rd Sig Troop/3rd LH Bde" to "Pte Les Frayne/4th LH Field Ambulance/Gallipoli" with part-cds in reddish purple & British square Censor No 2627 h/s in violet, ironed-out & reinforced creasing presumably as a result of being stuffed in the recipient's pocket. A very rare item, being the only Gallipoli "local letter" we have seen! [The writer states "...let me know where to find you & I'll trot along for a yarn..."]






Stockbook of duplicates with lots of Classics in very indifferent condition but with some better stamps noted, scads of middle period, many Official overprints including 8d with 'OS' in Red SG O9 with 1880 duplex (creased) & 5/- Map with Broken 'S', some Official perfins, Telegraphs 1d unused, etc, some postmark interest, condition rather mixed but plenty of better stamps. (Qty 100s)



NEW SOUTH WALES - Postal History



Small box of mostly PPCs with a few better views & an attractive 1920s "Sydney of Today" fold-out pack, also 1d Die I, 1d Die II & 1d scenic Postal Cards used, postmark interest, condition variable. (Qty 35)






1819 entire headed "Parramatta NSWales/12th June 1819" and signed "Geo Tho Palmer" to "Dingle/Ireland" variously rated "2/2", then "3/8" & finally "5/6", light but fine 'SHIP LETTER/[crown]/26OC26/1819/LONDON' transit cds, professionally cleaned & with some archival tape backing.

A very early "country" letter, believed to be the earliest recorded letter to the British Isles from outside Sydney . The remarkably quick passage of only 18 weeks is explained by the writer: "This letter goes by a whaler direct to England, which is to sail tomorrow: her name is the Foxhound" and in a postscript "I beg to apologize for the slovenliness of this hasty scrawl. I reside 15 miles from Sydney, and an opportunity offers for sending it, which I am likely to lose but for the haste".

George Thomas Palmer arrived at Sydney in 1806 as a lieutenant with the 61st Regiment but with permission to settle there. Governor Macquarie held him in high regard. He became a major landholder, establishing "Pemberton Grange" near Parramatta, and was one of the earliest settlers of the Canberra district, taking-up 13,000 acres at Ginninderra.


No longer available




1901 Robert Jolley PPC ("BOTANICAL GARDENS, SYDNEY") to New Caledonia with message in French, NSW 1d Arms tied by one of two very fine strikes of the French mailboat 'LIGNE T/4/FEVR/01/PAQ FR No1' d/s. [At Federation, NSW only had a "South Pacific" letter rate of 2d - instead of 2d - & an inferred postcard rate of 1d - instead of 1d. The rate was a casualty of the Federal PMG's Department that commenced operations on 1.3.1901. With a duration of only 2 months, this is the shortest-lasting postal rate of the entire pre-decimal period]


No longer available

Displaying 1 - 20 of 112 Lots in Category - Postmarks

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