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POSTMASTER-GENERAL: 1893-1901 for Charities with imprints comprising 'DARLING FLOODS RELIEF FUND' with 'QUEENSLAND' h/s on 1893 envelope with Die 3 in blue; 'ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE POOR/On Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee' (2 variants) with Die 3 in red on 1897 envelopes (Hans Karman's example - the only other recorded - sold for $604); 'INCREASED HOSPITAL ACCOMMODATION' with Die 3 in blue on 1899 envelope (very spotty; the only recorded example), 'INDIA FAMINE RELIEF FUND' on reverse of 1897 postcard with Die 3 in red (only two others recorded); 'QUEEN VICTORIA MEMORIAL STATUE FUND' with Die 3 in black on 1901 mourning envelope (aged, the only recorded example); 'Queen's Memorial Fund/INFECTIOUS DISEASES HOSPITAL' on 1897 envelope (only one other recorded; Ex Guy Linfield: acquired for $391) & on the reverse of 1897 (two, one with roneo'd imprint with 'QUEE'S' error) & 1898 postcards all with Die 3 in red; 'QUEEN'S SHILLING FUND' on 1897 envelope with Die 3 in red & Charity 1d affixed but uncancelled (only two others recorded); 'QUEENSLAND FLOODS RELIEF FUND' on face of 1893 postcard x2 (one used & soiled, the other unused & a bit aged) both with Die 3 h/s in violet (the only recorded examples); 'THE EMPIRE'S PATRIOTIC FUND' on 1900 envelope with Die 3 in red (the only recorded example); and 'The Queen's Fund' on 1895 envelope with Die 3 in blue (Hans Karman's example sold for $460). A very rare & highly desirable lot. [It should be noted that Hans Karman's exceptional collection included only the two mentioned] (Qty 15)





A- A2

DOWN TRAIN 15: Type 2 ('TPO 15') largely superb large-part cancel of 15JE11 on 1d Coronation Postal Card with message headed "Warragul", to Moe. Rated RRRRR: the earlier of only 2 usages on cover recorded. Illustrated at page 79.



Displaying 2 Lots in Category - royalty

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