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C of A - Commemorative Covers




1951 Gold Discovery/Bendigo Exhibition hand-painted cover of panning for gold with se-tenant pair tied by Exhibition d/s of 3JUL1951, signed "E Wm Ogden", a couple of tiny tonespots.


No longer available

C of A - First Day Covers




1997-2003 in eight albums and loose in two cartons, mostly unaddressed and still in original packaging, includes International Post to $20, PNCs (28) including 2000 $1 Victoria Cross x3, Anzacs x3, AAT, Counter-printed, Framas, PSEs, M/Ss, self-adhesives, setenant strips, Stamp Show cancels, some Norfolk Island and Christmas Island, etc. (Qty qty)



SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Official Stamps - Departmental Overprints




SURVEYOR-GENERAL: Black 'S.G.' on DLR Crown/SA Rouletted 2d orange horizontal pair, the right-hand unit being the 'S.C.' Error resulting in a 'S.G. - S.C.' setenant pair, neat GPO cds of OC7/69. Rated RRRRRR: unrecorded by Ron Butler. RPSofV Certificate (2019). [Absent from 'Besancon']

This is one of the most important of all Departmentals items, in that it proves the 'S.C.' on this issue was an error. NB: Tony Presgrave has advised us that the Supreme Court 'S.C.' on DLR 2d was not issued until 1873.





SOUTH AFRICA: Album with KGV to 5/- including Plate Numbers to 1/3d, 6d with 'Z' of 'ZUID' Omitted, 1/- with the Watermark Inverted block of 4 (**), a page of tete-beche pairs & blocks and Coil Stamps including 2d strip of 6, Airmail set x2, 1927-30 'SUIDAFRIKA' setenant pairs 2/6d x4 including Imprint pair & 5/-, 1930-44 setenant pairs including 2/6d green & brown, 1933-48 6d Falling Ladder in pair & 10/- corner block of 4 (**), 1935-39 Commemorative setenant pairs plus Three Bolts in Wheel Rim SG 80a in block of 4, War Effort both sets in setenant pairs & blocks, Cylinder Number blocks to 2/6d SG 121, etc, then strong Postage Dues including 1914-22 Lettering Type A frame plate proofs x4, 3d with the Watermark Inverted x3, 6d blocks of 4 & 17 (most units **) & 1/- block of 4, 1932-42 blocks of 4 including 3d SG D28aw & 6d x3, 1943-44 Bantams blocks of 6 (**), 1948-49 set plus 2d Thick 'D' x2 in block of 4, 1950-58 'SUID-AFRIKA' 2d Thick 'D' x4 in block of 12, 4d block of 12 & 6d with Misplaced Value block of 4, etc, and Officials selection with setenant pairs including 2/6d, 5/- plus two blocks of 4 & 10/-, generally fine to very fine, Cat 3500+. (Qty 100s)





SOUTH WEST AFRICA: Inviting collection with 1923 14mm Spacing setenant pairs to 1 plus d 'Wes ' for 'West' SG 1a (tonespot), 1d with the Overprint Inverted SG 2a, 1d 'Af.ica' SG 2c & two extra 2/6d pairs, 1923-26 'Zuidwest' 10/- pair, 1927 Pictorials pairs, 'SWA' on 1/3d with 'SPECIMEN' Handstamp, 1927-30 'SWA' setenant pairs to 10/-, 1930 Airs 4d with the Overprint Inverted SG 72b, 1931 Pictorials setenant pairs to 10/- plus Airs, 1954 Pictorials plus ** 10/- pair, 1964-66 Proofs in Unissued Colours x8 (STC R12,500 in 2009), etc; Postage Dues including 6d 'Wes ' for 'West' SG D5a, d with the Overprint Inverted SG D6a, d 'Wes ' for 'West' SG D6c, Rouletted 1d & 1d both with 'Wes ' for 'West' SG D7a (fault on normal unit) & D8a, 'SWA' 6d with No Stop after 'A ' SG D46a, attractive group of blocks including 1931 3d & 6d blocks of 4, etc; and Officials including 1927 pairs of 1d 2d & 6d x2, 1951-52 Transposed Overprints 1d & 2d plus 1d Imprint block of 4 (all unmounted), etc; generally very fine, Cat 6000. A very good lot. (Qty few 100)






SOUTH WEST AFRICA: 1923 14mm Spacing Between Lines of the Overprint d green (hinge remainder) & 1d red (unmounted) setenant pairs as SG 1 and 2 but both with the Overprint Grossly Misplaced with 'Africa. - Afrika.' at the Top. Rare: STC R14,500 (mounted) in 2009. [With all the flyspeck varieties now listed by Gibbons, we must ask why these major errors remain consigned to a mere mention in a footnote??]






A A1

1967 Thoughts of Mao (First Issue) 8f setenant strips of 5 SG 2344a & 2349a, CTO with full unmounted o.g., Cat 1800. (Qty 2 strips)


No longer available

Displaying 7 Lots in Category - Se-Tenant Issues

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