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1877 Stamp + Coupon 9d (without control number) to 6/- complete with tiny 'SPECIMEN' h/s on both sections, a couple of quite insignificant faults otherwise very fine & attractive, ungummed. A set of great rarity and appeal. Ex JRW Purves. Acquired on 29.3.2008 for $3680. [The whole set is illustrated by Kellow Turner & McCredie at page 26, where they state this is the only set in private hands (in expectation that Henry Harvey's set was bought by Purves), which is almost certainly the case. Absent from Ray Kelly's collection] (Qty 6)






1879 Large Format with Security Underprint Wmk V/Crown 1d to 5/- complete plus the Wmk '2' 4/- purple/yellow-green all handstamped 'Specimen' in script type (KTM Type 14), several with the Watermark Inverted, a few minor gum-creases & some very minor gum loss from being removed from the official record book to which they were formerly affixed at the top, still large-part o.g. Extremely fresh and colourful. Ex Ray Kelly: acquired on 1.12.2007 for $2530.

The 4/- & 5/- are illustrated by Kellow Turner & McCredie at page 46 where this is noted as the only set in private hands . They also state that only the 3/- 4/- & 5/- have latticed background. That is incorrect: all values have a latticed background, although it is faint on most of the lower values. (Qty 10)





1882-87 New Values & Designs d brown-red/cream (faults), 1d dull violet-blue, 8d lilac-purple & 10d ochre all with 'Specimen' handstamp in script type (KTM Type 14), large-part o.g. Ex JRW Purves and Ray Kelly: acquired on 1.12.2007 for $2760. [The apparently high price in 2007 was due to unused & used examples of the 1d being very rare. In fact, we have never seen either. KTM state at page 46 that the official archival "set" are unused & that these are the only recorded examples with a 'Specimen' handstamp. Being cancelled as per Lot 281289 " seems reasonable to assume that these stamps, together with the earlier ones, constitute an archival [set]"] (Qty 4)






1887 Queen Victoria Black on Coloured Papers d to 2/- (missing the 2d), plus Colour on Coloured Paper 5d all with italicised 'Specimen' handstamp (KTM Type 24b), the 10d with Triple 'Specimen' Handstamp. The 1d is badly defective, but the others are mostly extremely fine to superb with large-part o.g. (a few being possibly unmounted). Gorgeous stamps. Ex Ray Kelly: acquired on 1.12.2007 for $1092. [For this issue, the text "Board of Land and Works" was changed to "the Victorian Railways Commissioners"]

KTM devote 14 pages to the two sub-types of this 'Specimen' type but make no mention of its use on Railway Stamps. Given that all the other Speciimens from Ray Kelly's collection are listed, this is a curious oversight but the absence of any such issue from their listing strongly suggests that this is the only known set. (Qty 11)



Displaying 4 Lots in Category - specimens

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