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Collection in nine albums with numerous pickings throughout notably Roos to 10/- x3 & 1 grey including First 2/- x2, Second 5/- and Third 2/- brown with 'HB' puncture plus some unused/mint values, lots of KGV Heads - unchecked by us for shades or varieties - with mint blocks of 4 including Penny Reds x7 & 1d red Die III (*/**), Kooka M/S mint, duplicated better 1930s Commems including 2/- Jubilee mint x3, CTO range including all perf 'OS' Commems, 6d Engraved x2 & 5/- Bridge, sd Navigators, Decimals mostly unmounted mint including 1971 Christmas block of 25, etc, condition variable but inspection will reveal lots of higher grade material. (Qty Qty)





Mostly used accumulation with Roos including 2d punctured Large 'OS', Third Wmk 1/- block of 4 plus annotated 1d & 6d brown varieties, a bag of KGV Heads on piece, Kookaburra M/S with Exhibition cds in blue, Robes, QEII 5c booklet pane, 2001 Year Book, a packet of commercial perfins, a bundle of unused Aerogrammes, "Federal Australian Philatelist" Vol I No 2 (1890), "Australian Stamp Monthly" Vol I No 9 (1930), etc. (Qty Qty)





1914-65 complete used collection (ex Roos & KGV Heads) including 5/- Bridge CTO, KGVI 3d White Wattles, Robes both papers, Navigators (8), also complete 'OS' punctures & overprints, plus some Decimals, a few packs & Norfolk Island **, some toning. (Qty 100s)





Mint accumulation1914-70s noted KGV 1d Engraved x28 including imprint block of 8, Kookaburra 3d M/S and 6d Engraved x2, 1930s plate number blocks **, Arms set plus 2 'SPECIMEN', coil tester pairs, quantity of KGVI & QEII imprint blocks, QEII 5d green booklet plate number '- 2 -' block, a few Decimals including booklet panes plus $00.00 Frama, also KGVI 5/10d parcel label cut-out, condition variable but many fine. (Qty 100s)





Odd lot in an open boxwith some Roos & KGV Heads including annotated varieties, sheet folio with QEII 4c sheets of 100 with Plate Numbers x11, some gutter blocks, etc, some toning noted.






Listed varieties on covercomprising Roos Second Wmk 2d with Colour Flaw at L/R Corner as ACSC #8(U)d not listed for 2nd Wmk, commercial to USA; KGV 2d scarlet with White Spot on R of R/H Value Tablet (unlisted) 1924 philatelic to Germany; KGV d orange with White Flaw on King's Head #66(6)d 1925 philatelic to USA; 4d Koala with White Spot at U/R #198h Forces; 2d AIF with Red Spot #219d on FDC; No Wmk d Roo Line from Ear to 'O' of 'POSTAGE' #179g on AAT philatelic cover; condition variable. Scarce group. (Qty 6)





Selection of varietiesincluding KGV 1d red Roo's Tongue (on faulty cover) & Bandage on Emu's Leg (on cover), Swan 1d Retouch ACSC #138f & unlisted 'AUS.TRALIA' both in mint blocks of 4, KSmith 6d Re-Entry x2, Jubilee 2d "Suspended Microphone" #166(U)f used, SA Centenary 2d with unlisted Snapped Flagpole in ** block of 6, Robes 5/- #212e, KGVI 2d violet Medallion Flaw in block of 4 punctured 'G/NSW', No Wmk 4d Koala #199h x2 & i x2 all used, Food Production 3d varieties x10 mostly used, Birds 1/6d ACSC #416h & 417i and 2/- Whistler Broken Twig ** & U, Anzac 8d ACSC #427d in ** block of 4, etc, STC $2700+ plus unlisted items. (Qty 65 items)


No longer available

C of A - Kangaroo Issues



Mint selectionwith First Wmk 3d x3 (one **) including variety ACSC #12(1)e (Cat $1200) & 9d variety #24(2)i; Second Wmk 2d 2d & 9d #26(2)r (faded & regummed, Cat $1200 mint); Third Wmk 3d punctured 'OS/NSW', 6d blue punctured 'OS', 9d variety #27(4)o, 2/- brown, 2/- maroon x2 including variety #38(2)j, 5/- variety #44(D)v, 1 grey & 2 with Type C 'SPECIMEN' Overprint; SMult Wmk 9d x4 including varieties #28(3)d (rounded corner) & #28(4)o, 2/- variety #39(2)j in pair & Ash Imprint pair, 10/- variety #49(V)o (Cat $2000) & 2 'SPECIMEN' with variety #57(D)o; and CofA Wmk 2/- varieties #40(2)fc & ka, 5/- varieties #46(D)j & n, 10/- x2 including variety #50(D)e, plus 'SPECIMEN' 10/- 1 x3 & 2 x3 all with varieties; plus some NWPI Overprints to 2/-; many with gum-side issues so careful examination is recommended. (Qty 82)





Used selectionwith varieties First Wmk 3d ACSC #12(1)f & 12(2)f, 5d #16(1)e & 9d #24(2)p; Second Wmk 2d #6(1)d & h, #6(2)e & unlisted Deformed First 'A' of 'AUSTRALIA', 2d #10(1)p & 10(2)g; Third Wmk 3d #13(2)g, 6d blue Wmk Inverted & #20(U)d, 6d brown #21(U)h, 9d #26(2)pa, 9d Die IIB #27(3)d, 27(4)ga & m, 1/- #32(2)g & k, 1/- Die IIB #33(3)f, #33(4)f j & L, 2/- brown #37(1)g 37(2)f & 37(U)g, 2/- maroon #38(1)i & j 38(2)e & unlisted White Flaw below First 'A' of 'AUSTRALIA', 5/- #44(D)d g L m s & ua; SMult Wmk 9d #28(3)g & 2/- #39(2)m; and CofA Wmk 9d #29(3)e & ga and 29(4)L, 2/- Die II x13 varieties plus Grossly Misperforated, 5/- #46(V)o CTO, 46(D)e & L and unlisted No Ears on Roo, and 2 #50(D)k, condition variable but generally good to very fine. (Qty 69)


No longer available



Quality "Exeter" albumwith a mostly used collection starting with a simplified set to 2 (no 1 brown & blue) & Small 'OS' simplified to Third Wmk 5/- (mint), 10/- CTO x3 & 1 grey, then First Wmk mint to 5/- & used to 10/- (the 5/- CTO x3), Large 'OS' to 2/-; Second Wmk to 5/- plus mint to 1/-; Third Wmk to 10/- & 1 grey x2 plus mint to 5/- x2, 'OS' 5/- Harrison Imprint mint pair (a rare item but aged); SMult Wmk 2 plus mint to 5/-; CofA Wmk 10/- x6 1 & 2; and a page of Specimens with First Wmk set, Third Wmk Type B 10/- 1 brown & blue and 2, Type C 10/- 1 x3 (one with unlisted Damaged 'N') & 2 x2, SMult very fine 2, and CofA three sets plus an unmounted 2 with Flaw on Roo's Arm ACSC #58x(V)m; the used material is generally good to very fine but many of the mint stamps have aged/toned gum so careful inspection is recommended. (Qty 100s)





Used accumulationwith First Wmk 6d blue apparent kiss print showing doubling of '6d', Third Wmk 6d blue 'CA' monogram single on piece with Melbourne cds (faults), CofA 10/- and 2 with small corner cds, then quantity including 2d x150+, 3d x250+ (unchecked for dies), 6d blue x400+, 6d brown x100+, 9d x100+, 1/- x300+, 2/- brown x50+, 5/- x 24 etc noted some blocks of 4 and larger, a few annotated flaws & inverted wmks, plus considerable postmark interest, condition variable but many fine. (Qty 1000+)





Used selectionincluding 1st Wmk range to 5/- noted 2d inverted wmk, 2nd Wmk 5/- 'OS' puncture, 3rd Wmk 5/-, 10/- & 1 grey, SM Wmk 2/- with 'S' of 'AUSTRALIA' Flaw, 5/- 'OS' puncture & 10/- and CofA Wmk 10/- & 1, condition variable but many fine. Retail $4000+. (Qty 90)






"Double Frame" varietiescomprising Third Wmk 3d (at left), 9d (at left) & 2/- brown (at top) and SMult Wmk 1/- (at left), a few short perfs, cds cancels largely clear of the doubling. Rare quartet.


No longer available

C of A KANGAROOS - 1st Watermark



Annotated mostly used range including 3d Die II x2 (one Large 'OS'), CTO values to 5/-, 10/- 'Specimen', lots of varieties including 1d Plate K ACSC #4(K)h & 2d Extra Islands (mint), generally very fine, Cat $2500+. (Qty 180 approx)





A B1

1d green block of 4, the second unit with unlisted Frame Break by 'Y' of 'PENNY' [1L14], CTO DE3/13 with large-part o.g., Cat $200++.





A B1

4(G)l1d red Plate G with the "Big Crack" (Early State, from Frame at Base to Value Circle) ACSC #4(G)L, bold Hobart machine cancel largely clear of the variety; and (Late State, Full Height of the Design) #4(G)La, Haymarket (NSW) machine cancel largely clear of the variety; Cat $1350. [Specialists recognise six states of this exceptional variety. These stamps are States 2 & 5]





A B1

17(1)e6d ultramarine with Defective Second 'E' of 'PENCE' ACSC #17(1)e being the last unit in a commercially used block of 4 (one upper unit with defective corner), Perth (WA) cds well clear of the variety, Cat $2000+ as a used single.





A- B2

17(1)ja6d ultramarine Die IIA Substituted Clich ACSC #17(1)ja with vertical marginal watermark line at left, Tasmanian cds cancel well clear of frame break, Cat $4500. [See also Lots 79 & 86 for an opportunity to acquire the complete "set"]





A A1

24(1)e9d violet with Break in Left Frame by First 'A' & UFO below 'AU' of 'AUSTRALIA' ACSC #24(1)e, exceptional centring, Cat $450.





A B1

30a1/- dull greyish-green with the Watermark Inverted, well centred, very lightly mounted, Cat $2000+ (for the standard shades).


No longer available

Displaying 1 - 20 of 173 Lots in Category - Varieties

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