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Auction: 231 - Lot number: 900 << Previous   Next >>

Description: Mostly used collection with some presentable Imperfs, Perf 14-15 range to 2/-, No Wmk 9d, First CC Wmk to 2/-, DLR 3d (unused), Second CC Wmk to 2/- x2 (one unused with part-og), 1872-80 CC to 96c including 2c Perf 14x12, 4c rosy mauve mint & 36c with the Watermark Reversed, lots of Surcharges with 1885 to 56c on 96c including 5c on 36c (unused), Perf 14x12 10c on 64c (unused) & 1r12c on 2r50c, Perf 14 1r12c on 2r50c SG 193, 1890 5c on 15c with Inverted 's' in 'Cents' SG 233h, 1899 2r50c, 1r50c on 2r50c & 2r25c on 2r50c, 1899-1900 'SPECIMEN' set (mostly with large-part o.g.), a page of 'On Service' Overprints, etc, some mint including KEVII 1902 1r50c & 2r25c, 1904-05 set and KGVI Pictorials simplified set, etc, generally fine to very fine but the earlies are rather mixed & have not been "lamped" by us. An excellent basis for serious expansion. (Qty 100s)

Auction Category: CEYLON

Listed in: CEYLON , overprinted stamps , Early Imperforate Stamps

Estimate: AUD$ 1000.00

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Online Bidding for Lot: 900

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Item was sold for: $2,000.00