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1950s-60s Postal Stationery array of mostly airletters, aerogrammes or postal cards addressed to Radio Australia including India with taxed (5) & 'INSUFFICIENTLY PAID FOR TRANSMISSION BY AIRMAIL' (2), Malaya & States including uprated, others originating from such diverse locations as Afghanistan, Belgian Congo, Burma, Finland, Israel, Mauritius, Netherland Indies, Nyasaland, Portuguese India, Sudan, Thailand & Zanzibar, quite a few with the ABC's receiving '"clock" d/s. Could prove an absolute goldmine for the postal historian. (Qty few 100)





Album of mini-collections from Montenegro, Iceland including Zeppelin set mint, Greenland and Liberia, pickings. (Qty 100s)





Balance of consignment including mint Iran 1915 6ch 10ch & 12ch Printed Both Sides with Centres Inverted on one side; India modern selection of printing and perforation errors, 1958 Radio & Television Stamp colour trials (2), Indian States Entertainment Tax & Transport Tax stamps mostly in blocks of four; Egypt 1953 2m Air plate block of 4 with Double Overprint (toned); New Zealand 1955 QEII 1d & 2d imperforate proof pairs (3, including 1d tªte-bªche); Aden Mahra State 1967 500f Paintings imperforate M/S unmounted; UAE 1976 50f on 75f SG 50a block of 4 unmounted (toned); Great Britain 1870s De La Rue 'Ink Recipe'; South Australia 1886 £15 'Long Tom' optd 'SPECIMEN'; also modern used selections from Hong Kong, Burma & Nepal. Interesting group ideal for ebay or postal sales. (Qty few hundred)





British Africa mostly pre-1960 array with strong sections of Gold Coast Registration Envelopes, South West Africa commercial mail, Swaziland 1954 commercial registered from 'STEGI', Zanzibar unused Avis de Reception card, many airmails & registered items etc, generally fine to very fine. Ideal ebay or show stock! (Qty 105)





British Commonwealth box including BWI commercial airmails, high-value frankings & used postal stationery, good range of used Irish postal stationery, Cyprus shipmails & 1947 commercial airmail to USA at 20pi rate, Malta 1953 commercial airmail to New Zealand with Self-Government 3d x2 6d & 2/-, BCOF set to 5/- (damaged), Canada Express Delivery covers, 1953 commercial cover from Tristan da Cunha, etc, generally fine to very fine. (Qty 61 items)





British Commonwealth assortment of mostly single values but plenty of "meat" including Ceylon KGVI 1r SG 395 block of 4 **, better SWA including se-tenant pairs, Brunei Japanese Occupation to 15c mint/unused, Zululand 5d SG 7 used, CofGH Mafeking 3d SG 3 used, a selection of GB KGV control singles commercially used, nice group of St Helena "town" postmarks, India Used Abroad group etc, generally fine to very fine mint - many unmounted - or used. (Qty 200+)





Clutch of aging album leaves with better British Pacific including Fiji KGV to 5/-, Gilbert & Ellice KGV to 10/- (mint), Tonga 1891 2d 'Stars' unused, 1895 7½d on 2d on piece, later issues to 5/- & some early 'foils', plus Booklets including Tristan Da Cunha SG SB1b & SB2, Samoa SB7-10 (3 of each), British Solomon Islands SB3 & SB4, Nyasaland SB1 & SB2. Condition fair to abysmal, but some salvage value with booklets alone Cat £1000+. (Qty few hundred)





Consignment remainders including used South Australian Officials, Tasmania with 5/- Sidefaces (2, both pen-cancelled), CofGH plus a few OFS & Natal, mint 1981 Kiribati Postage Dues to $1 mostly blocks of 4 & Tuvulu 1976 & 1978 definitive sets, Norfolk Island 1947 Ball Bay to 2/- mint and used, some British & Australian PPCs, condition mixed. (Qty 100s)






Eclectic group of covers mainly to USA including 1904 Russia with 10k franking, WW2 censor items including India with 2r11½a franking, additional items from Brazil & Argentina, 1945 Italian Red Cross cover, 1940s Netherland Indies covers, Czechoslavakia 1951 customs cover with high franking, 1837 Algeria entire to Germany etc.





Flight covers from India-England 4/4/1929, Iraq-England 2/9/1927 & 30/9/1927 (both fronts only) & New Zealand-United States with 'Not paid for.../Air Mail Service' h/s; also "Hong Kong Airmails" by Webb (1968) & Hong Kong PS Journal #2-4 6 & 8-10.





Large shoebox crammed with Australian and world stamps from our 2006 incoming mail. Lots of better values, M/Ss etc with strength in Australia, Great Britain, United States, Canada & Germany but representation from numerous other countries. What am I bid? (Qty 1000s)





Older hoard of Worldwide Miniature Sheets with strong Asian flavour including Japan 1934 Air SG MS271 (Cat £1000), 1935 New Year sheetlet of of 20 (Cat £500), 1948 Philatelic Week & 1949 Postal Week sheetlets, 1950s National Parks, China 1941 Thrift Movement with Russian Philatelic Society opt (5000 issued), packet of 1960s South Korea, plus others from 1940s-60s era including Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam & Russia. Condition very mixed with lots of toning present, which is reflected in the conservative estimate. (Qty 150+)





Pacific Islands sets & singles on dealer's stockcards with a good range of better material noted including postmark interest, generally very fine mint -  many unmounted - or used. Priced for retail sale at $5400+. (Qty 230+)





Pacific Islands dealer's stock of mostly commercial covers priced between $25 & $400 with so many better items that it would take a couple of pages to give a decent description of them. Suffice to say you will find both quality and range here with lots of ever-popular Fiji, New Guinea, Papua, PNG including Emergency Surcharges etc. Priced to sell retail at $12,000+, or an average of about $80. Sensational value at the estimate. (Qty 150+)





Pacific Islands collection on Hagner sheets crammed into three albums with good selections from New Zealand, Fiji, Solomons, Norfolk, Nauru etc, condition very mixed but the careful viewer will encounter some nice surprises. (Qty Qty)





Small variety box including a crammed stockbook of mostly modern issues including Taiwan unmounted pairs, Barbados to $5, also Norfolk Island 1974 UPU M/S (3), Pitcairn 1949 UPU, 1978 Nauru House surcharges in sheets. (Qty 100s)





Stockcard accumulation with useful mint sets including Sudan Postmen 1898 x2 & 1948 with additional set 'SG' opts, 1951 Pictorials plus  'SG' opts,  Bahamas 1967 to $3 unmounted, Muscat 1944 Opts on India plus Officials, Egypt including 1925 Geographical Congress, 1926 Agricultural Exhibition, 1933 Aviation & Railway Congress sets, 1952 opts with £1 King Farouk ('A/50' control) & Airs to 200m, also a few used including Gilbert & Ellice 1939 KGVI set used plus other odds including Australian Colonies. Condition a tad mixed. (Qty 400+)



Displaying 17 Lots in Category - MISCELLANEOUS

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