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Displaying 14 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - General & Miscellaneous Lots










Patchy collection to early 1970s in Seven Seas hingeless album & on Hagners with used Roos including 4d yellow-orange perf 'OS/NSW', KGV Heads including SMult Perf 13x12 1/4d **, most 1930s commemorative sets * or used (no 5/- Bridge), Thick Paper 1 Robes with part-imprint *, Arms optd 'SPECIMEN' trio *, sd Navigators **, some 1960s-1970s sets in block of 4 **, condition variable. (Qty 100s)





Postage Dues accumulation on Hagners with a few better values noted & a few varieties, condition very mixed. Close inspection recommended. (Qty 100s)






Exercise book with Roos to 5/- used, KGV Heads CofA to 5d Imprint blocks of 4 */** (mounted across the gutters), KGVI 3d Die I block of 4 **, 1936 Australian National Games label, also pre-decimal mint multiples & FDCs and a little foreign material. (Qty few 100s)





Mostly used accumulation with Roos to 2/- including heavily duplicated SMult Wmk perf 'OS' 6d, KGV Heads to 1/4d (2), commemoratives to 2/- with duplicated 9d & 1/- values, KGVI & early QEII part-sheets & large multiples */**; also a few decimals & modest Australian Colonies; mixed condition. (Qty many 100s)





Basic collection in four Seven Seas albums with pickings in the mostly used pre-decimals then a fair degree of completeness from 1966 to 1996 */** or used (1990s issues **); also Australia Post albums of Gold Medallist sheetlets for the 2000 Sydney & 2004 Athens Olympics plus the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.





Officials on Leuchtturm leaves mostly used with Kangaroos including First Wmk perf Large 'OS' 2d 6d 2/- & 5/- and perf Small 'OS' 4d 5d 6d 1/- & a mint 2/-, Second Wmk 5/- with parcel cancels, Third Wmk 9d (mint), 2/- brown & 10/- (CTO); KGV selection incl Rough Paper 1d red Die II & 'OS' Overprints mint or used; a few mostly CTO Commemoratives; condition variable. (Qty 120 approx)





Oddly constructed collection that requires close inspection but we noted a fine mint 5/- Bridge & a used perf Large 'OS' 2d so there should be other pickings, also some unmounted decimals/postage & an array of Australian Colonies/States. (Qty many 100s)





Box of "goodies" with a Lighthouse stockbook home to some mint Roos including SMult Wmk to 2/- & KGV Heads to 1/4d x3 including 4d orange x3 (one an aged "lemon"), these in rather mixed condition; a large stockbook of collector's duplicates; quantity of decimals in packets - we noted a complete 1966 60c booklet - etc. (Qty 100s)





Chaotic collection on leaves with lots of pickings including used Roos to 5/- x2 (one CTO), Engraved 6d CTO, KGV SMult Wmk Perf 14 1/4d (parcel cancel), Jubilee 2/- with superb 'TANTANOOLA' cds, 'OS' Overprints CTO, Robes Thick Paper set mint & used, sd Navigators used, varieties including Roos 6d brown Broken Leg & KGV Sgl Wmk 1/4d Thick '1' both commercially used etc. (Qty 100s)





Large carton with a veritable hoard of Roos, KGV Heads etc partly sorted into old envelopes. Stated not to have been touched for 40+ years. We don't have time to wade through consignments such as this, so it's a real mystery lot. If you have the time, you may find it to be a goldmine. (Qty many 1000s)





Airmail-related material with a few covers, various airmail & baggage labels, 1923 complete "Pals" magazine + 12 "Pals" labels (not airmail types), Qantas promotional covers & PPCs etc. Also fine/very fine copies of "50 Years of Australian Air Mails" x2 & "Basil G Watson" x2 both by Eustis, "Qantas Empire Airways comes of Age" (c.1955?), "The Air Race England to New Zealand in 1953" & "The High Way" published by ANA (?) in the 1930s. Ex Robin Occleshaw. (Qty Qty)





Consignment balance including d orange Roo large-part sheets with annotated varities, annotated modern telegram envelopes, huge imperforate sheet of airmail labels, range of unused Aerogrammes, WWII 1 War Savings Certificate + three propaganda labels on covers, 1884 Queensland Post Offices & Railways Map (decrepit) & Queensland Revenues on documents, condition variable. Ex Robin Occleshaw.






c.1932 specimen folder inscribed 'AUSTRALIAN POSTAGE STAMPS' with Kangaroos to 5/- plus perf 'OS' 2/- 5/- & 10/-, Third Wmk 1 grey & 2 and the very scarce Small Multiple Wmk 10/- all with 'SPECIMEN' overprint Type C, Engraved Kooka, KGV to 1/4d including 4d Die II plus some 'OS' perfins & overprints, commemoratives including 5/- Bridge, overprinted 'OS' including Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d etc. All values to 5/- are CTO, and all have full unmounted o.g. Superb! With the original buff manilla envelope. [A similar but c.1938 folder with the standard CofA Type D 'SPECIMEN' set, sold for $2530 at our auction of 10/4/2010] (Qty 65)





c.1932 specimen folder another c.1934 folder with a slightly different selection but all the same key stamps, a few are more off-centre & we noted a couple with perf faults. Again, with the original envelope. (Qty 68)



Displaying 14 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - General & Miscellaneous Lots

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