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     Prestige Philately Auction 229 CatalogueCOMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - King George V Issues

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Displaying 5 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - King George V Issues










Album of mint Penny plated examplesmostly Greens but with some Reds including a Large Multiple Wmk block of 6 & a few Violets, condition variable including some unmounted units (170+); plus a packet of used Greens.





Four albumsof denominations to 2d - but no Penny Reds - including 1d green x200 approx, 2d orange x120 approx & 2d brown x100 approx, apparently checked only for inverted watermarks, some mostly NSW postmark interest. (Qty 1000s)





1914-35 One Penny dated cancelsextensive collection mounted on pages by Wmk & Perf starting with Reds Single Line Perf (earliest date 20.7.1914), 1d red Comb Perf including block of 4 with clear '-7AU14' (ERD), then Smooth & Rough Papers showing shade progressions plus Die III x58, LMultiple Wmk with one Cooke printing '14FE18' and a quantity of Harrison printings (earliest date 22.12.1919), also Violets (earliest date 16.2.1922), Greens with Single Wmk '-1MY24' and LMultiple Wmk '20MY24' (both First Day of Issue) etc, includes many scarce Sunday cancels, also noted official punctures & overprints, commercial perfins, a few NWPI overprints, variety & postmark interest, overall fine condition; also substantial duplicates in three stockbooks. Offered intact, this presents an excellent study opportunity as well as a fascinating challenge to take the collection further towards completion. [See also Lot 59] (Qty 1000s)





One Penny varieties on coverextensive collection of 240+ Reds, a few Violets and 800+ Greens all with plated varieties on covers (some are Shierlaw fronts), postcards or postal stationery arranged by plate position, the Reds including Pane I Saddle on Emu, Pane II Broken Crown, Pane IV Pregnant 'Y', Pane V Cut Left Frame, Break In Left Frame, Broken Crown x5, Scratch Behind Roo x2, Notched NE Corner x2, Pane VI Colour Spot, Thinned Left Frame (also in violet), Thinned Left Corner x4 (also in violet on illustrated advertising cover), Notched NW Corner x2, Emu Frame Flaw x5, Pane VII Wattle Line x5 (including one in pair with TLC Nick), Secret Mark x3, Ferns (also in green Perf 13x12), Top Frame Break, Pane VIII Distorted & Thin 'ONE PENNY' x7, Scratch Behind Roo x2, Corner Spot x2, 'RA' Joined x3, Run 'N' first & second states (plus various retouches on Greens), lots of other ACSC-listed varieties & many minor flaws, stated to be unchecked for shades, also postal history & postmark interest noted '2ND AUST INF BDE FIELD PO' arrival on cover to soldier, 'WELLINGTON/LOOSE LETTERS' d/s, taxed & postage dues, '20 POSTED' cachets, destinations include Estonia, condition mixed but many fine. A lifetime's work. With plating reference books. (Qty 1080 approx)





1d red plated Die IIs on cover including [2] tied 'BOWRAL/11JE15/NSW' on mourning cover, [20] tied 'NEWCASTLE/20OCT15' machine on PPC, [32] tied 'TPO 1 SOUTH/-9SE15/2/NSW' cds on GF Lynch & Bowden advertising cover with 'PRESLAND' cachet, [38] Smooth Paper x2 & Rough Paper on full covers, plus six Shierlaw fronts with units [3] [9] [15] [39] [50] & [57] respectively, condition mixed but mostly fine. A very difficult assembly. (Qty 12)



Displaying 5 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - King George V Issues

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