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     Prestige Philately Auction 133 CatalogueCOMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - Coil Stamps

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Single-volume annotated collection commencing with Dickie Trial New Zealand d & 1d blocks of 4, 1d x2 plus blank strip with "Dickie Perfs" and Victoria 1d strip of 10; Great Britain c.1914 Grover & Co essays in 4 colours plus block of 4, "Poached Eggs" green strip of 4, "Black Eggs" strip of 4 plus imperforate between blocks of 4 & 8 and pair in magenta; then our own stuff with Kangaroo d strip of 6 with join & 1d strip of 4, KGVI coil testers in red (3, plus a pair) or green range of pairs & strips, 2d Die II coil pair with Uniform Large Holes and join, 1942 Wmk 2d two pairs & strip of 4, 1d Princess coil perf imprint block of 8, 1959 3d Plate '3' (right-hand x2 & left-hand) & Plate '5' (left-hand) blocks, decimal testers, Flowers including 7c pair with Green & Buff Omitted etc etc, also a range of coil starters including some British types. Generally a fine collection with lots of interesting material, plus some supporting literature. (Qty 100s)





A B1

1937-49 Definitives Perf 15x14 KGVI 2d scarlet Coil Pair (Variable Holes) BW #188bL, characteristic sharp perf tips, well centred, unmounted, Cat $600.





A B1

1937-49 Definitives Perf 15x14 2d scarlet Die II Coil Perf (Uniform Large Holes) lower-left corner imprint block of 4 BW #188zqa, well centred, one unit lightly mounted otherwise unmounted, Cat $2000. With a normal imprint block for comparison. The perf tips at top of the coil perf block are fine points. The normal perfs are flat at top]


No longer available




KGVI Coil strips all with coil join comprising 1941 2d mauve strip of 4 (*), 1942 Wmk 1d strip of 4 (**) & 2d mauve strip of 6 (a couple of pulled perfs, the bottom pair unmounted), No Wmk d Roo strip of 7 with "Foggy Hills" & 2d strip of 6 (**), 1951 3d red & 3d green strips of 4 (**), Cat $500+. (Qty 7 strips)



Displaying 4 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - Coil Stamps

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