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     Prestige Philately Auction 227 CatalogueCOMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - Coil Stamps

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Displaying 6 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - Coil Stamps










Annotated group of "false" coils constructed from normal sheetswith Roos ½d & 1d strips of 4 with joins, ½d strip of 6 & 1d used with join still present, KGV 1½d red Die 2 strip of 4 with perforated pink leader & strip of 4 with join. Uncatalogued but scarce to rare. (Qty 9 items)






1927 KGV Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½x12½1½d red strip of 4 [1R42/60] with complete blank/pink coil starter strip inscribed '960 THREE HALFPENNY STAMPS/VALUE, £6' ACSC #92bb, the starter folded at an angle for display, Cat $6000. A great coil stamps rarity. [The ACSC states that only one such strip - with three stamps atached - has been recorded]





1937-65 KGVI & QEII Issuesannotated collection with Coil Machine Tester pairs in red & green in both perfs & another on blank paper, a few "false" coil pairs from normal sheet stock including 2d strip of 3 with join, Coil Perf 2d red pair, 2d mauve with the Watermark Inverted mint strip of 3 & used single, 1942 2d mauve pair & strip of 4 with join, blocks from coil perf sheets including 1959-64 2d Plate Numbers '1' & '2' blocks of 8, 3d Plate Number '3' block of 14 & Plate Number '5' block of 8, good range of starter strips including ½d '960', 1d purple-brown '960', 1942 Wmk 2d '960', Queen Mother 2d '960' in Red & in Green, No Wmk ½d '720' & '960' x23, 3d scarlet '960', 3d green '960' x2, QEII 3d green '960' x2, 1959-64 2d '960' x2 (one endorsed "Helicon"), etc, many identified varieties, generally very fine. (Qty 100s)






1938-49 DefinitivesPerf 15x14 KGVI scarlet coil tester strip of 5, two units with trimmed perfs on one side, two units unmounted.






1964 QEII Proposed Coil Issue Perf 14¾xImperf 5d brown & deep blue photogravure essay ACSC #398E(1)A vertical pair with the perfs reinforced, officially defaced with magenta die. Rare unissued essay & an important item for the collector of QEII issues, or of coil stamps. [The ACSC states that only one undefaced example has been recorded in private hands: Cat $10,000. It is noted that it is Perf 14¼xImperf but that may be an error. The Australia Post Archives contains a range of examples with various defacements that may have been related to cancellation experiments]


No longer available




1966-75 Decimal Issuesannotated highly specialised collection with Coil Machine Tester strips, many varieties identified including 5c Wattle strip of 7 with Plain Paper Join, 7c strips with Autotrons Present, 7c with Buff Partly Omitted and with Buff & Green Omitted, official publicity cards for Floral 2c & 7c (+ QEII 7c) & 10c, good range of coil bands (no stamps atached), mostly unmounted. (Qty 100s)



Displaying 6 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - Coil Stamps

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