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     Prestige Philately Auction 211 CatalogueCOMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery

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POSTAL CARDS: 1917 Re-Issue of Separated Reply Cards Tasmania '1d.' on 1d(+'1d.' on 1d) outward-half with 'THE ANNEXED CARD IS INTENDED/FOR THE ANSWER' Barred-Out BW #P39 uprated with KGV Large Multiple Wmk d green - for the d War Tax - tied by unclear 'OATLANDS/ ----19/TASMANIA' cds, the message dated "23 Jan 1919", minor blemishes, Cat $4000. Ex John Sinfield. RPSofV Certificate (2014). [6820 single cards were re-issued. The ACSC states that "approximately ten examples survive of each half". Most of those are unused. Kevin Nelson's used example sold at the Prestige auction of 27.11.2010 for $4140]






POSTAL CARDS: 1923 2d colour trial proof in carmine on pale buff card BW #P55(E)1, Cat $4000. Superb! Ex John Sinfield. [The ACSC states that two examples - numbered '2' & '3' - are in private hands. This example is unnumbered. This essay was rejected : the PMG requested 'POST CARD' to be in a "clearer type" & for the insertion of an appropriate admonition "at the foot of the card"]






REGISTRATION ENVELOPES - STAMPED TO ORDER: 1937 KGVI 5d BW #RES1 for Hobart Savings Bank with imprint at lower-left & crest in blue on the flap, registration lines added in red pencil, 'REGISTERED/7FEB41/ HOBART' cds, 'REGISTERED/MELBOURNE' transit & 'MO RICHMOND/VIC-AUST' arrival b/s, small piece of the flap removed & a few minor peripheral blemishes mostly on the reverse, Cat $10,000. One of the great rarities of Australian Postal Stationery: only the second example discovered.

As a group, Stamped To Order Registration Envelopes are the rarest form of Australian postal stationery. The ACSC records only four examples across four separate issues! The Hobart Savings Bank is the only recorded user of this form of postal stationery. Firms requisitioning postal stationery had to supply their own stock, on which commercial imprints, advertising etc could be pre-printed. For these issues, the Bank supplied normal envelopes without pre-printed registration lines, resulting in them having only an embossed stamp added, and thus having the appearance of standard Envelopes. However, the 5d stamp is inscribed 'Registration Threepence - Postage Twopence'.



Displaying 3 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - Postal Stationery

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