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Mostly used collection with some presentable Imperfs, Perf 14-15 range to 2/-, No Wmk 9d, First CC Wmk to 2/-, DLR 3d (unused), Second CC Wmk to 2/- x2 (one unused with part-og), 1872-80 CC to 96c including 2c Perf 14x12, 4c rosy mauve mint & 36c with the Watermark Reversed, lots of Surcharges with 1885 to 56c on 96c including 5c on 36c (unused), Perf 14x12 10c on 64c (unused) & 1r12c on 2r50c, Perf 14 1r12c on 2r50c SG 193, 1890 5c on 15c with Inverted 's' in 'Cents' SG 233h, 1899 2r50c, 1r50c on 2r50c & 2r25c on 2r50c, 1899-1900 'SPECIMEN' set (mostly with large-part o.g.), a page of 'On Service' Overprints, etc, some mint including KEVII 1902 1r50c & 2r25c, 1904-05 set and KGVI Pictorials simplified set, etc, generally fine to very fine but the earlies are rather mixed & have not been "lamped" by us. An excellent basis for serious expansion. (Qty 100s)





Ex-dealer's stock predominantly used with strength in QV issues from 1860s including 1887 64c brown, 1885 Surcharges 'Value in Words' 5c on 24c green, 5c on 48c rose x2, 5c on 96c grey, 10c on 64c brown, 20c on 32c slate & 1r12c on 2r50c x3 and 'Value in Figures' 15c on 16c yellow * & 1r12c on 2r50c x2 one with fine 'PARCEL POST' cds, 1899 2r50c purple/red and '2R.25C' on 2r50c yellow, also 1912 KGV to 10r plus 20r * (short perf) plus range of KGVI and QEII issues, postmark interest also, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 100s)





A B1

1921-32 Script 100r brownish grey SG 359, unusually well centred, very lightly mounted, Cat 3500. A rare stamp, especially this fine. Pascal Scheller Certificate (2017) states "genuine and in perfect condition".


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1946 commercial airmail cover from Holland to a member of "Force 136/Colombo Ceijlon" with boxed 'OAT' h/s in red, minor blemishes. [The rate was 12c per 20gm + air surcharge of 40c per 5gm x2 = 92c. During WWII, Force 136 was a group of Dutch resistance fighters who operated in the Dutch Indies behind Japanese lines]






1946 commercial usage of British-type 'FORCES/LETTER' to Holland with 20c tied by Indian-style 'No 9 ADVANCE BASE POST OFFICE/5NOV45' cds, the message in Dutch headed ".../HQ Group B Force 136/SEAC/Colombo".



Displaying 5 Lots in Category - CEYLON

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