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Airmail covers 1929-60 mostly commercial but the earlies are philatelic: Part One to GB including 1929 (June 23) First Acceptance x2, 1931 per little used Delhi-Karachi Extension & First Acceptance to Kenya (only 6 carried), 1935 inwards "City of Khartoum" crash with the "ambulance" cover & roneo'd label, 1936 "Scipio" crash x2 (one with cachet unrecorded by Nierinck), 1937 "Cygnus" crash, good range of frankings including lots of Jubilees & a part-parcel tag with KGV 50r!! and rates including 1936 20c & 1937 25c postcard rates, 1946 & 1949 parcel tags at 3r60c & 8r80c - including a 5r - rates, etc; Part Two to Europe including 1933 to Trieste, 1935 triple-rate to Sweden with 1927 2r, 1937 to Switzerland with 'BY AIR TO MARSEILLES' jusqu'a h/s, 1937 to Austria delivered by Vienna's Pneumatic Post!, 1939 underpaid to Switzerland with Postage Dues, 1946 to Hungary x2, 1947 from Swiss Consulate at 1r80c triple-rate, etc; Part Three to Other Destinations including 1922 flown within the USA (apparently commercial), 1931 to Java (philatelic; only 14 carried), 1932 underpaid to Java with Postage Dues, 1934 registered to New Zealand with 'MBI' perfins, 1937 linen parcel tag to New Zealand at 3r72c rate, 1937 underpaid to Newfoundland, 1939 to USA with '...has taken the liberty of forwarding this letter to you BY AIR...' label on the reverse, 1947 5r20c double-rate to USA with KGVI 5r, 1947 paquebot usage of Australian aerogramme back to Australia, etc; also a few inwards including 1948 from Aden & 1946 from Sarawak; generally fine to very fine. (Qty 78 items)





Airmail covers pre-WWII mostly commercial to Britain including 1929 First Acceptance, 1933 2r58c quadruple rate, 1935 & 1936 Paquebot usages, 1934 3r47c quintuple rate with 1927 1r & 2r, 1936 4r56c septuple rate, EAMS x2, etc, and to Other Countries including Australia 1935-36 x3, Burma 1934, Czechoslovakia 1936, Egypt 1936, France 1929 (very early) & 1937 Paquebot usage, Germany 1936 with 'BY AIR VIA ATHENS' h/s, 1937 2r10c triple-rate, 1937 & 1938 both underpaid and 1938 with 5c late fee, Iraq 1929 & 1931 both registered, Ireland 1933 usage of formular registration envelope & 1936 underpaid, Italy 1939 scarce 30c postcard rate, Sweden 1936, Switzerland 1936 from the Swiss Consulate, and United States 1932 1934 & 1937 all with London jusqu'a bars, etc, a few registered & a couple of PPCs, generally very fine. Ex David Norris. (Qty 59 items)





Overseas Destination mail mostly pre-1960 & mostly commercial covers all to unusual destinations including Algeria (1947), Angola (1951), Argentina (1950 registered airmail parcel tag rated 18r with KGVI 5r strip of 3), Cambodia (1933 with Indo-China Postage Dues, damaged), China (1917 registered & censored with 'BRITISH POST OFFICE/HANKOW' arrival b/s), Colombia (1954), Danzig (1901), East Germany (1959), El Salvador (1939), Ethiopia (1949), Fiji (1953), German East Africa (1896), Gold Coast (1949, between governors), Guatemala (1891), Iran (1952), Iraq (1937, numerous instructional h/s), Japan (1887), Kenya (1936), Madagascar (1947, underpaid for airmail), Maldives (1958, taxed), Mesopotamia (1917, to "Ceylon Sanitation Corps/.../Busra"), Monaco (1938, underpaid with Monaco Postage Dues), New Caledonia (1958), Newfoundland (1938), Nigeria (1938, registered), Papua (1918, parcel tag rated 3r40 with KGV 1r & 2r), Philippines (1905, registered), Pitcairn Island (1947), Russia (1895, message in Russian), Siam (1899), Spain (1929), Sudan (1945), Tanganyika (1950), Transjordan (1949), Trieste Austria (1914, registered), Trieste Italy (1935), Tunisia (1933 airmail), Uganda (1932), Uruguay (1902), Yugoslavia (1948), Zanzibar (1896) etc etc, many airmails & other better usages, many with transit/arrival markings, generally fine to very fine. (Qty 75)


No longer available




1841-53 Pre-Stamp Maillargely annotated on pages with Colombo Shield 'POST PAID' (Reversed 'S') 1841 in black & 1842 in red (Ex Joseph Hackmey), oval 'POST PAID' 1843 & 1846, oval 'POST FREE' 1846 with a partly fine colourless embossing of the very rare 'CEYLON/[crown]/DIEU ET MON DROIT/GOVERNMENT' device, also 'GAMPOLLE/POST- ' (1849), half-circle 'KARUNDUGALLE' (1855), 'KORNEGALLE/=POST-PAID=' (1848), and 'STEAMER LETTER' cds of Colombo (1849 & 1853), Jaffna (1848) & Kandy (1844 & 1850), condition generally fine to very fine & way above-average for this scarce material. (Qty 13)






1842entire to Kandy with light but fine strike of the rare octagonal '[crown]/COLOMBO/POST FREE/14NO14/1842' with Reversed 'S' d/s in red (Proud #OPD8; the later of only two recorded examples) partly across a very fine colourless embossing of the rare 'CEYLON/[crown]/DIEU ET MON DROIT/GOVERNMENT' device (the earliest of only 5 examples recorded). One of the most important items of the pre-stamp period, and of remarkable quality, being thought to be the finest of the five recorded examples. Ex Ted Proud. [This Colombo Free marking doesn't conform to any of Oxley's listings]






1859cover to "Calcutta/India" but perversely endorsed "Via Marseilles" with Imperf 1d deep turquoise SG 2 (margins at places) & 2d green vertical pair (margins just shaved to huge, with part of the adjoining unit at base) lightly cancelled, very worn 'BATTICALOA/("23 Mai/1859")/POST-PAID' b/s in red & very fine boxed 'CALCUTTA/ SHIPLETTER/1859AP23/BG ("1-6")' arrival b/s; also 1861 internal outer Karundegalle-Kandy with Rough Perf 1d; 1864 two covers to Kandy each with 1d; 1868 usage of 1d Envelope Kandy-"Anaradhapoora"; and 1870 Matale-Bombay with 5d olive (badly defective) & De La Rue 1d pairs on the reverse; rather mixed condition. (Qty 6)






1899illustrated cover for an American newspaper's presence aboard US Transport "Sheridan" heading for the Spanish-American conflict in the Philippines, to the USA with 15c olive tied by Colombo duplex, 'WINCHESTER, MASS/24/APR/1899/RECD' arrival b/s, minor flap tear.





POSTAL STATIONERY:Well-developed collection on pages with Postal Cards x148 including 1879-80 UPU Overprint Essay Rodrigo #P2 2Aa & 3d plus unlisted type with 'Universal Postal Union,' in One Line, then used 6c blue #P4, '2½ cents' on 6c #P7, '2½ cents' on 8c #P8 & with Misplaced Surcharge #P8a, '10 cents' on 8c #P14 (& unused with unlisted Stop after 'cents.'), '5 CENTS' on 6c #P16, good range of KEVII & KGV usages, KGVI No Dividing Line 5c #P102; Letter Cards x13; Envelopes x58 (plus 1857-59 1d to 2/- set of 10 cutouts) including 1d unused & used and 1/- unused, then used including QV 'FIVE/CENTS' on 4c in Black (Inverted) & in Rosine, KEVII 2c, KGV 6c carmine 241x114mm (*), '5 Cents.' on 6c carmine, 5c purple with Trilingual Pricing in Purple (stamps removed) & in Black, KGVI 6c 241x114mm (*); Registration Envelopes x17 with used including QV DLR 10c x2 sizes, KGV 10c 202x126mm x2, formular types x3; Wrappers x11 with used including KGV 6c rose, 3c green x2 (one with No Text & unlisted thus), 3c yellow-olive, KGVI 'THREE CENTS' on 2c, STO QV 2c 'ANNUAL TEA CIRCULAR'; and Aerogrammes x87 including KGVI 10c+10c+10c+10c First Issue #A1a (*), #A2 , #A3-6 group x4, 10c+10c+10c+5c #7-9 group x14 (*), 35c on Rough Buff with Horizontal Wmk Line #A12a, 20c with 'Fold here - ...' only 58½mm long & unlisted thus, Republic 30c+50c #A31 (*) & 80c #A32 (*), 1955 & 1968 different 'OHMS' types (both unlisted); etc.

The condition throughout is well above-average with probably 90%+ grading fine to superb. Apart from the scarce/rare items noted, the strength is in the usages including postmarks, registered, taxed, unusual destinations etc, plus some 'SPECIMEN' Overprints, all providing an outstanding basis for a serious collection or exhibit.

Items priced at £50+ in Chanda Rodrigo's catalogue alone total £12,000+. This doesn't include the Envelopes & Registration Envelopes, which have not yet been listed. Considering also the quality and range of the collection, the estimate must be viewed as being very conservative. (Qty 320+ items)






POSTAL STATIONERY:WRAPPERS: Selection with 'SPECIMEN' Overprints on QV 2c & 5c, KEVII 6c (tape stain) & KGV 4c green (folds), used STO issues for "Times of Ceylon" QV 5c, KEVII 5c & 6c, KGV 6c x2 (one with text in blue, 2c 'T/OF/C' perfin added), two others fine to very fine. (Qty 11)





POSTMARKS: Extensive QV-KGVI collection remainders 'ADALAWATTA' to 'YOGIYANA' in 24 bulging albums, well picked-over but lots of fine to superb strikes remain many on Pictorials & other larger stamps plus multiples, on-piece & probably 300+ covers & postal stationery, noted numerals, QV-period 'PAID' types, a few 'MO&SB' types, Parcels & Registereds, fantastical placenames, etc, quality of the strikes & condition of the covers is very mixed; also a box of loose & completely unchecked material. Ex Ted Proud. Opportunity! (Qty 1000s)



Displaying 10 Lots in Category - CEYLON - Postal History

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