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     Prestige Philately Auction 133 CatalogueCOMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - General & Miscellaneous Lots

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Displaying 7 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - General & Miscellaneous Lots










Mostly unmounted group including KGV SMult Wmk Perf 13x12 Electro 9 d sheet of 120 with ACSC listed varieties including 'RA' Joined (Retouched) BW #68(9)la, 4d olive vertical pair from the top of the sheet, commemoratives including 1932 Kookaburra block of 4, 9d Macarthur & ANZAC Ash Imprint blocks of 4 unmounted, a few covers including 1934 to Prime Minister Joseph Lyons with 2d Macarthur tied with 'CLERMONT/ 1 NO 34' cds (first day of issue), etc. Some condition concerns.





Basic collection on album leaves with Roos to 2/-, KGV Heads to CofA Wmk 1/4d x3. Odd better postmark including KGV 2d with part 'APPLE TREE CREEK' (Queensland) cds. Mixed condition. (Qty 170)





Well-filled 48 page stockbook including Roos to 2/- (35, including Third Wmk x19), Heads to 1/4d (19, including Single Wmk x16), Engraved Kooka x3, thereafter mostly heavily duplicated low values with odd better value (sighted Navigators 1 x12, including a pair). Good lot for the variety or postmark hunter. (Qty 1000s)





Accumulation in stockbooks & binders including heavily duplicated used pre-decimals with Roos to 2/- & Heads to 1/4d, mint with KGVI imprint blocks, modest Australian Colonies, a few cinderellas including 1938 City of Ballarat Anniversary sheet of 15, 1980s Framas including 1985 Last Day of Issue cover; Territories mint & used collection including PNG 1952 Pictorials used, plus AAT, Christmas & Cocos Island & Nauru. Possible postmark interest, condition variable. (Qty 1000s)





Air Mail issues feature strongly in this mint and used collection including 6d Engraved Kooka (6, two CTO, one *), 1929 3d Air Type A Ash Imprint block **, reconstructed booklet BW #B40 (only one pane of air mail etiquettes) plus a single booklet pane used, Type B booklet pane of 4 * (Cat $400), 1931 Kingsford Smith 6d brown Imprint strips of 3 * (2, one optd 'OS'), 1934 No Wmk 1/6d Hermes Imprint block of 4, plus other multiples some with varieties, 1949 1/6d Hermes No Imprint block of 4, 1947 BCOF set with both 5/- *, selection of perf & opt 'OS' issues including Roos SMult & CofA Wmk 6d pairs **, Kingsford Smith pair CTO plus a few flight covers. Also a 1945-53 collection with minor varieties, FDCs & RGS covers, cinderellas, etc. (Qty few 100)





Collection in Seven Seas album with many unmounted stamps including Roos SMult 6d optd 'OS', CofA Wmk to 2/- (2), KGV (some lightly mounted) including LMult Wmk set of 5 & No Wmk pair, SMult Wmk Perf 14 to 4d, Perf 13x12 to 5d (excluding 4d Die II), CofA Wmk to 5d, 6d Engraved Kooka (crease) & Kooka M/S **, mostly unmounted 1930-40s commemoratives (no 5/- Bridge) including perf & optd 'OS' issues (Kingsford Smith pair are dubious), later issues including KGVI coil pairs, 3d White Wattles, Robes Thick & Thin Papers, Arms, 5/- Cattle White Paper, sd Navigators (plus White Paper 10/- & 1) all **. Condition generally fine to very fine. (Qty 100s)





Interesting assortment mint and used in albums or loose including unmounted KGVI 3d Die I block of 4, 10/- Arms imprint block of 4 & set overprinted 'SPECIMEN', 1948 1/6d Hermes block of 40 with imprint, 3d Food Production pane of 50 (no selvedge at top) & 3d perf pip gutter block of 20 plus a block of 18 including perf pip block of 6; also decimal multiples with useful face value, commercial covers, Australian States, Canada 1897 8c Jubilee *, etc. (Qty 100s)



Displaying 7 Lots in Category - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA - General & Miscellaneous Lots

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