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Bulging Schaubek album with useful earlies including 5fr grey (Brun guarantee h/s), Mersons with better values, War Orphans 50c+50c * & 1922 Surcharges *, 1923 Bordeaux Congress (*, a little aged), better Sinking Funds (*), 1925 Paris Expo sheet (*, the stamps are unmounted), 1927 Strasbourg M/S (* with small faults but the stamps are very fine unmounted), 1927 Airs (no gum), 1929 Le Havre Exposition (*, guarantee h/s), 1936 Airs set, 50fr Banknote, South Atlantic Flight, 1937 Pexip M/S (VLMtd, the stamps are unmounted), 50fr Ader, then apparently complete to 1977 (mostly mint with much unmounted), etc, some problems in the earlies but generally fine to very fine. High catalogue value. (Qty many 100s)





Collection in two Davo albums with some attractive Classics, Peace & Commerce to 5fr, a few mint Sowers, 1922 War Orphans set (apparently unmounted), 1927 Airs (dubious cancels), 1936 Airs to 50fr, 50fr Banknote (a bit soiled), 1936 South America Flight, 1937 PEXIP M/S (unused, no gum), 1937 Museum pair CTO, post-WWII issues to 1988 virtually complete & mostly mint with many unmounted including better sets, 1989-96 largely complete VFU, some "back of the book" issues, generally fine to very fine. (Qty 100s)





Extensive collection in four springback albums with Peace & Commerce 1876-85 Type I 1c x8 (one mint), 2c x2 & 4c x6, Type II 75c x8, 1877-90 3c ochre/yellow (unused), 75c shades x9 & 5fr shades x10, 1898-1900 Tinted Paper 50c x11 & 2fr x11, better Mousons & Mersons including 1900 2fr x16 & 1926 20fr x10, 1903 Type 1 Sowers mint set, most War Orphans & Sinking Funds (some mint), 1925 Paris Exhibition 5fr, 1927 Airmails (mint, no certificates), 1936 Airmails, Banknote 50fr & South American Flight 10fr x4, 1937 PEXIP M/S (*, the stamps are unmounted), Museum duo (mint), 50fr Ader x2 (one mint), 1945 Marianne 100fr two sheets of 25 (**), 1946-58 issues complete mint or used including 1000fr Helicopter x15, 1964 Philatec sheetlet (**), 1977 & 1982 Definitive sets (**), etc, also some FDCs & "maximum cards", and "Back of the Book" issues including pre-cancels, some postmark interest, condition variable but generally fine to very fine, STC 24,000++. (Qty Qty)






Packet of epreuves de luxe including several blocks of 4. Attractive. (Qty 32)





Oversize items including 1937 PEXIP M/S (small faults but the stamps are very fine **), 1942 Tricolour Legion sheets of 25, 1943 Relief Fund sheet of five strips, 1949 Stamp Centenary two sheets with labels (one CTO), 1949 CITEX sheet of 10 (a bit aged), 1964 PIPEX sheet of 8 (toned) & another CTO, and a couple of "Cinderella" items, unmounted. (Qty 14 items)





1849-76 Classic issues with 1849-52 5c (shallow thin), 40c x4 & 1fr x4, 1852-53 Napoleon 'REPUB FRANC' 10c, 1853-61 'EMPIRE FRANC' 1c x13, 5c x14, 25c & 80c x57, page of private separations including Rouletted 10c & Serpentine Rouletted 20c, 1862 1c x28 & 80c x23, 1863-70 'EMPIRE FRANCAIS' 2c x20 & 4c x13, 1869 5fr grey x2 (small faults), 1870-71 'REPUB FRANCE' 10c x4, 1870-71 Bordeaux Printings 1c x2, 2c (unused), 4c & 5c x2, 30c x5, 40c x3 & 80c x3, 1871-76 4c x15, etc, shades galore & excellent postmark content, condition variable but many Imperfs with full margins and otherwise generally fine to very fine, STC 40,000++ as the cheapest shades. Excellent potential for the specialist. (Qty 1000+)






1922-37 group comprising 1922 War Orphans Surcharges; 1925 PIPEX M/S CTO at Exhibition on First Day of Issue, hInged at the corners the stamps pristine unmounted; 1936 Airs 50fr green; "Banknote" 50fr (tiny thin); South America Flight 10fr (minor crayon mark on the face); and 1937 PEXIP M/S CTO at Exhibition on First Day of Issue (no gum); Cat 3500+. (Qty 11 + two sheetlets)


No longer available



A C1

1926-27 War Orphans' Fund5fr+1fr SG 453 marginal block of 4, very lightly mounted & the first unit is unmounted, Cat 560++ (mounted).


No longer available




1937 PEXIP Miniature Sheet with 'EXPON PHIL QUE INTALE-A/2606/37/PARIS' hexagonal exhibition postmarks in all four corners clear of stamps, full unmounted o.g. Very pretty.


No longer available



POSTAL HISTORY:Collection on leaves with pre-stamp entires x23, Imperf frankings including 10c ochre/lemon & 10c brown-ochre/yellowish on 1855 & 1856 entires, 10c bistre on 1859 town letter (part-outer only), two formular postal cards used in 1874, 1899 to Saigon with very fine 'LIGNE T/PAQ FR No 1' d/s, 1904 'VALUES RECOUVREES' envelope with Postage Due 10c, pre-WWII airmails to Australia including registered linen-backed front franked 31fr50c & a good range of other rates to 23fr25c, 1939 airmail to India franked 9fr25c, 1948 advertising cover airmail to Australia franked 80fr, etc, lots of postmark interest, condition variable. (Qty 170+)



Displaying 10 Lots in Category - FRANCE

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