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     Prestige Philately Auction 220 CatalogueTPOs: ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, HOBSONS BAY

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Displaying 3 Lots in Category - TPOs: ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, HOBSONS BAY










A/B A3

TYPE 1 DUPLEX: Largely very fine strike of the datehead portion 'RMSS/ V /MY26/64/HOBSONS BAY' on Perf 12 1/- Octagonal, and a more complete strike of JA26/64 on Perf 12 2/- Woodblock; also a similar strike of the Type 2 duplex RMSS/ T /DE17/85/HOBSONS BAY' on Large Stamp Duty 5/- claret/yellow. The 2/- & 5/- are illustrated at page 95.

Strikes can be identified from the datehead diameter: measured from the 'R' to the 'B' of 'BAY', Type 1 is 20½mm; Type 2 is 22mm. In addition, the space between the 'R' & 'H' is 4½mm on Type 1 & only 3mm on Type 2. On Type 1, there is a large dot between the 'R' & 'H'; it is omitted from Type 2.


No longer available



B A2-

TYPE 1 DUPLEX: Two largely very fine but overlapping cancels of JA4/70 on Laureates 10d brown/pink - rounded corner - & 1/- on cover with 'SCOTTS HOTEL/.../COLLINS STREET' imprint in red on the flap, to Suffolk "Via Marseille", 'SAXMUNDHAM/FE21/70' arrival b/s, repaired flap tear. Carried per "Malta" ex Melbourne 4/5.1.1870; "Hindostan" ex Galle 26.1.1870; and "Tanjore" ex Alexandria 13.2.1870, arrived Marseilles 18.2.1870. Ex Roy Holland: acquired for £840. Rated RRRR: six examples on cover recorded. Illustrated at page 95.

The service was inherently inefficient & expensive to run. Thus, in July 1864, a late fee of 2/- was imposed. This was halved to 1/- in September 1865. Of the eight covers recorded, one predates imposition of the late fee, five bear 1/- late fee, and one has 2d late fee only because it was an irregular posting of a private shipletter, as distinct from a contract packet letter. No cover with 2/- late fee has been recorded.

For many years, no covers were on the market because Roy Holland had managed to acquire all seven of the then known covers! The only other cover known to us was discovered recentlly in a collection of Melbourne duplexes!





A- A1

TYPE 2 DUPLEX: Two largely very fine to superb but overlapping cancels of JL1/84 on Laureates 6d & Bell 1/- on cover to Gloucestershire "Per Ravenna", 'CHELTENHAM/AU11/84' arrival b/s, some very minor soiling. Carried per "Ravenna" ex Melbourne 1.7.1884; "Bokhara" ex Galle 19.7.1874; and "Surat" ex Alexandria 5.8.1884, arrived Gravesend 11.8.1884. Ex Roy Holland: acquired for £960. Rated RRRRR: the later of only two examples recorded on cover and, therefore, the latest RMSS Hobson's Bay cover.



Displaying 3 Lots in Category - TPOs: ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, HOBSONS BAY

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