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AUSTRALIA:QV Volunteer Force Long Service Medal in original box, awarded to 'BJ WARDILL, MAJOR, RETIRED LIST', EF. [Benjamin J. Wardill (1842-1917) was Victorian Baseball League President 1896-98 & 1907-09, and Melbourne Cricket Club Secretary 1879-1910]




AUSTRALIA:WWI Framed Medals (405mm x 565mm) comprising 1914-15 Star, 1914-18 War Medal (2) and Victory Medal (2) plus miniature set of 3 (reproductions), recess mounted, surrounded by five Australian uniform insignia.




AUSTRALIA:Mostly WWII group of Tinnies (tin badges) including Red Cross POW 6d & 1/-, 'War Orphans Appeal', 'Jacks Day 1941 6d', 'Australian Comforts Fund Appeal 1/-', ' Allied Liquor Trades/Betty Bryant/ 1/-', 'ANZAC House Appeal/Miss Gladys Moncrief RSL Candidate', 'United Returned Soldiers Fund/6d Tin Hat Day', some non-military with 1954 Royal Tour, 'Sydney Cricket Ground 1912-13' member badge, plus enamel 'Air Observer Corps' and RSL member badges, Rising Sun hat badge, WWII Pacific Star medal, etc. (Qty 80)




AUSTRALIA:WWII Framed Medals (695mm x 700mm) comprising 1939-45 Defence, War and Service medals x2, then 'Stars' with 1939-45, Atlantic, Air Crew Europe, Africa, Pacific, Burma, Italy, France/Germany, plus 11 miniatures (some reproductions), recess mounted, surrounded by five Australian uniform insignia.




AUSTRALIA:Korea Malaya & Vietnam Framed Medals (440mm x 750mm) comprising 1950-53 Korea (2), 1951-53 UN Korea, 1962 Malaya Service (2), 1964 Vietnam, 1964 South Vietnam (2), 1945-75 Australian Service (2), plus 6 miniatures, recess mounted, may include reproductions for the reverse examples.




AUSTRALIA:Returned Sailors & Soldiers Imperial League blue, red & white enamel badges x2, Victoria 'ARP/AH 199' rev. 'Issued by/State/Emergency Council' and City of Brighton Municipal Band breast badge. (Qty 4)




AUSTRALIA:Victoria: Gippsland Regiment green enamel hat badge, '52' within gum leaves above 'ALWAYS READY/THE GIPPSLAND REGIMENT', fine condition.




BRITISH EMPIRE: Uniform Insignia and buttons in box, range from Boer War to WWII, strength in Rhodesia and South Africa insignia with 'SJAB' x2, 'RHODESIA' x2, 'SAAPCC/SAABKD', 'ARMY CYCLIST CORPS' (no pin); British Indian Army '53/SIKHS', and buttons including Airforce, Navy, South Africa '[Palm Tree]/RWAFF', Royal Scots, etc. (Qty 100 approx)




GREAT BRITAIN:Record of British Valour 1815 metal medallion case (74mm) with portrait of the Duke of Wellington & reverse with "Victory" penning the 'Record of British Valour', label inscribed "The/Battles/of/The British Army/in/PORTUGAL, SPAIN/and/France/From the Year 1808-1814/...Edwd Orme, bond street/LONDON/1815', the case containing hand-coloured discs of various battle scenes with related text on the reverse, the whole in a leather-enclosed wooden case inscribed 'RECORD/OF/BRITISH VALOUR'. An extraordinary & rare item in unexpectedly fine condition.


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SOUTH AFRICA- Boer War: 1899 set of 6 Jeppes maps of the 'Transvaal or SA Republic and Surrounding Territories', lithographed on linen, sheets 1 to 3 in separate folders and 4 to 6 in cardboard slipcase (lightly stained), some tone spots, sheet 3 has the lower 1/7th portion missing, scarce, plus 'St Helena' map (site of Boer Prisoner of War Camp), also books 'Commando - A Boer Journal of the Boer War' Deneys Reitz (1933) 328pp h/b with d/j, 'A Yeoman's Letters' by Corp P.T. Ross (1901) 186pp hardbound and 'Boer War Memories' Lt-Colonel FAB Daly CB (1933) 47pp h/b (cover damage). (Qty 10)





LITERATURE:WWI group 'The Gallant Legion' (1933-36) complete set of 12 Australasian WWI stories, 'Desert Column' by Idriess, 'Hell's Bells' by Maxwell, 'Guests of the Unspeakable' by White, 'Jacka's Mob' by Rule, 'Gallant Company' by Williams, 'Fighting Cameliers' by Reid, 'Iron in the Fire' by Morrow, 'Silent Division' by Burton, 'Grey Battalion' by Tilton, 'Watchdogs of the Deep' by Jones, 'Aces and Kings' by Sutherland and 'Australian Victories' by Monash, plus 'Deeds That Thrill an Empire' Vol 1, 440pp, 462 b/w illustrations h/b, 'The Soul of the War' by Philip Gibbs (1915) 362pp, 'Lord Riddell's War Diary 1914-18' (1933) 387pp, 'War' by Ludwig Renn (1929) in English, 364pp, 'Revolt in the Desert' by TE Lawrence, (1927) 444pp with fold out map, condition mixed. (Qty 17)




LITERATURE:WWII group including 'The Second World War' (3 volumes) and 'Step by Step' by Winston Churchill, 'Khaki & Gown' (1941) by Field Marshall Lord Birdwood, 'DeGaulle's France' (1940) by Jamwes Marlow, 'My Years in Germany' (1939) by Martha Dodd, also other military titles noted 'Haldane 1865-1915 The Life of Viscount Haldane of Cloan K.T., O.M.' (1937) by Major-General Sir Frederick Maurice, condition mixed. Heavy. (Qty 15)


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Displaying 12 Lots in Category - MILITARIA & MILITARY MEDALS

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