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"The Art of Collecting National Heritage: the Letters of Henry Luke White 1910-1913" compiled by Judy White (2007), hardbound with dustjacket, inscribed "Published as a limited edition of 300 copies, of which this is number 250" and signed "Judy White". One of the most enlightening books ever on the psyche of the collector. [HL White's fabulous stamp collection reposes in Sydney's Mitchell Library. His legendary collections of birds eggs & skins are housed in the Museum of Victoria. The disperal of his library of Australiana titles caused a sensation. For Gary Watson's in-depth review of this important book, please visit our website or request a copy of the review by fax or mail]





1860s-1980s Middle-East collection in Hagner album mostly used array including Abu Dhabi, Aden, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran (with usual array of forgeries and reprints), Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (with a few Hejaz), Syria, UAE & Yemen. Pickings. (Qty 100s)





A funny old array of stuff on stocksheets with some better Roos including Third Watermark 10/- pair, Engraved 6d Kooka, early Postage Dues to 5/- etc plus lots of Victorian Postage Dues to 5/-, Queensland Burel Band 1d complete sheet, old map of Australia etc. (Qty 100s)





Better British Commonwealth in this QV-QEII stockbook accumulation including Falklands mint QV 9d, KGV 2/6d Whale & Penguin, KGVI 1938 to 1 (excluding 5/- & 10/-), 1952 set used; Jamaica earlies in mixed condition, KGVI to 10/- & QEII to 1; also British Guiana, Grenada, Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island with some better pickings. Condition variable. (Qty 100s)






British Africa commercial covers from Gold Coast with very different WWII censor tapes to USA with 1d pair or to New Zealand with 1d strip of 3; Mauritius 1949 to Czechoslovakia; Rhodesia 1921 to a soldier in Egypt; Zanzibar 1954 local cover with 'NGAMBO ZANZIBAR' cds; East Africa 1910 PPC "Mengo Market" with very fine 'JINJA/U.P.' cds & 1917 registered cover from Mombasa with 6c & 12c strip of 3; Kenya & Uganda 1933 to Holland with 'LOCAL AIR FEE PAID' & superb 'PAR AVION/JUSQUA BRINDISI' h/s; and Tanganyika 1933 registered to Germany with KGV 5c & 1/- and boxed 'By Air to/Brindisi' h/s; generally fine. (Qty 9)





British Africa covers from all over the Continent with better items from Gold Coast, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Sudan, KUT, Zanzibar, British Cameroons, Boer War etc, lots of registered and airmail covers, some village postmarks etc, condition variable. A valuable lot. (Qty 60 approx)






British Asia commercial covers from Hong Kong 1937 by air to USA with KGV 30c 50c & $1 pair, & Nov 1941 to USA with Centenary 5c strip of 3 & 15c and 'NOT OPENED/BY/CENSOR' h/s; Iraq 1925 to Germany with a 1a & 3a tied by 'LOWER BAGHDAD (IRAQ)' cds, & 1924 to London with 3a pair; North Borneo 1950 by air Sandakan to USA with $1, & 1946 internal airmail Jesselton-Sandakan with 4c pair; and Straits 1937 by air Penang to Denmark with 5c 25c & $1; a few minor problems. (Qty 7)





British Asia is well represented in this collection on Hagners including India with revenues, States including Patiala 1940-43 set SG 103-15, also Aden, Burma, Ceylon, North Borneo, Labuan, Pakistan & Straits Settlements; plus other British Commonwealth including Gibraltar, Sudan with Officials, Zanzibar including 1936 7s50 used & 10/- mint, also a little Egypt and Iran. Mixed condition. (Qty approx 2000)





British Asia covers from India including 'HALF ANNA' h/s on KGVI 9pi Postal Card, Burma, Ceylon, Hong Kong etc, also Sarawak including 1936 registered to Sweden, WWII airmail to GB & 1951 internal from 'TATAU', Aden 1940s to Kamaran Island & to Yemen, etc, condition variable. (Qty 31 items)





British Commonwealth trio of stockbook accumulations including Gibraltar QV 1886 2d opt on Bermuda and later issues to 1/-, KGVI most values to 1* plus extra 5/-, 1967 Ships used (excluding 5d); Papua New Guinea 1952-1975 heavily duplicated used including 1952 10/- Map & 1 Fisherman x8 of each, 1963 10/- Rabaul (12, including 3 pairs); Niue 1902-1980 with mint KGV 2/- Admiral x3, 1932 d Perf 13x14x13x14 ** (Cat 250), Arms 2/6d (5, three used) & 5/- (3, two used), KGVI to 3/- (7, one used), duplicated later issues with some multiples. Condition variable. (Qty many 100s)





British Commonwealth QV to early QEII array on Hagners with better mint including Bahamas 1948 Eleuthera, Bermuda KGVI Key Plates 2/-, 2/6d (2, one used), 5/- (2, one used), 10/- & 1 (2), Leeward Islands KGV Wmk MCA 5/-, KGVI 1, QEII 1954 set (low values with plate numbers), also Barbados, Canada & Newfoundland, Dominica, Gold Coast, Malta, Morocco Agencies & Somaliland. Mixed condition. (Qty 1000+)





British Commonwealth covers with Great Britain including 1860 entire to Sicily, 1892 Crdit Lyonnais cover to Russia with Jubilee 5d perf 'CL', 1934 flight cover with Highland Airways label etc; also Ireland 1941 airmail to United States with 1/- Sword & 3d Easter Rising Opt; Cyprus including 1907 to Germany with KEVII 10pa strip of 4 & 1pi, 1917 printed matter rate to USA with pi only; Ascension 1929 to GB with Badge d x4, 1941 British India Line cover with KGVI d 1d 1d & 3d, 1952 registered to South Africa with d 1d 1d & 1/-; Falklands 1970s local cover to "Goose Green" with the letter; 1870 Prince Edward Island local cover with 2d rose; etc, condition variable. (Qty 26 items)





British Middle East range in stockbook including Aden mint KGVI 1937 5r, 1939 5r & 10r & 1951 10/- on 10r all **, QEII 1957 20/- black & lilac * & used, also useful Aden States to 10/-; Bahrain used including KGVI 1938-41 4a 8a & 12a, mint 1949 10r on 10/- (3, one used), Silver Wedding 15r on 1 x2, 1952 set plus extra 10r on 10/-, QEII to 10/- on 10r x2; Kuwait mint Silver Wedding 1949 & 1952 10r on 10/- x2 of each; plus some incongruous Austria. Some condition concerns. (Qty 100s)





British Pacific on Hagners mostly mint including Cook Islands 1892 1d 1d & 2d, Tern & Makea mint or used to 10d, KGV 1/- Harbour plate proof pair, 1921 Admirals 2/- (2) & 3/-, 1932-36 Pictorials to 1/- (4, 2 used), 1949-61 x2 sets, 1966 1 optd 'Airmail' (3, one used); Penrhyn KGV Heads to 1/-; Tonga 1897 Pictorials to 5/- & 1923 'TWO PENCE' on 2/6 & 5/-; Samoa with Palm Trees to 2/6d, Admirals 2/- & 3/-, also some Aitutaki and Niue. Mixed condition. (Qty approx 500)





British Pacific bundle with commercial mail from Tonga, Samoa, Papua etc, philatelic usage of Tonga formular aerogramme to Samoa, airmails, registered, ship cancels etc, condition variable. (Qty 29 items)


No longer available



Caymans, St Vincent & 1949 UPU Omnibus ex-dealer's mint & used stock including Caymans mint KEVII 1908 5/-, KGV 1932 Centenary to 2/-, KGVI 1950 set mint or used, QEII 1962 set plus extra 5/- 10/- & 1; St Vincent with sparse earlies, KGVI 1938 1 used, 1949-52 set mint; UPUs with reasonable degree of completion mint (some duplication), less so used. Mixed condition. (Qty 100s)





Collection remainders including a batch of Asian covers with strength in China including 1950 to South Africa with 'UNKNOWN/ONBEKEND' and boxed 'RETOUR' h/s, inwards to China WWII censored covers from Japan x2 and 1950s PPCs (some addressed to Hong Kong) from various origins, 1940s-50s FDCs & commemorative covers, 1977 Commonwealth Collection of Jubilee FDCs; then stamps including Hong Kong KGVI-QEII & an array of world stamps on stocksheets. (Qty 100s)





Colour photographic enlargements (365x290mm) of 1960s-70s European art stamps, some pinholes but overall condition is fine. Attractive and ideal for promotional purposes. (Qty 55)





Consignment remainders including GB with attractive selection of revenues including QV Customs Duty 1, Audit 2 pair & 5, Australia Postage Dues to 5/-, Postal Stationery cut-outs, Customs Duty revenues to 1/-, WWII Motor Spirit ration tickets, New Zealand covers, PNG collection to 1983 mostly unmounted including 1952 Pictorials, etc. Condition variable. (Qty 100s)





Consignment remainders including Australia 1913-2000 used collection with Roos to 5/-, KGVI to 2, strength in QEII decimals with 1990s-2000 almost complete (mostly CTO) with M/Ss, modern decimals ** with useful face value; Great Britain with KGV-era PPCs, KGVI Arms (excluding 10/- dark blue), Festivals 2/6d to 1 and Silver Wedding 1 all *, Malta 1899 2d Registration Envelope uprated with 5d Galley & QV 1d, general worldwide collections, accessories including Morley-Bright 'INST-A-TECTOR', 1930s Stanley Gibbons Colour Guide with Perkins Bacon coloured labels, etc. Mixed condition. (Qty 100s)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 31 Lots in Category - MISCELLANEOUS

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