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British Commonwealth in two albums, mostly mint with lots of pickings including useful ranges from Bermuda including KGVI to 12/6d & QEII to 1, Fiji, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Jamaica, KUT, New Guinea with NWPI Overprints to 5/- + used 1 & Bulolo 1 corner example **, Norfolk Island, Papua etc, condition rather mixed but inspection will be rewarded. (Qty many 100s)





British Commonwealth assortment in albums & on leaves with Bechuanaland including 1938 set *, Hong Kong, Great Britain with Seahorses to 10/-, Ireland overprints mostly used but including Thom 10/- Seahorse * (blemishes, Cat 950), Malta 1902 'One Pnney' in pair *, Papua with Lakatois to 2/6d * or used, Rhodesia 1896 Overprints 6d block of 4 used, St Vincent 1881 3d on 6d bisect, etc, mixed condition. Heaps to view. (Qty many 100s)





British Commonwealth selection including Bahamas 1860 1d dull lake SG 2 * (2, both with APS Certificates), 1938 KGVI to 5/- (2) & 1 *; Canada 1908 Quebec to 10c (7c thin) * plus 15c & 20c used; COGH 1d Triangles x2 (one on Blued Paper, both with shaved margins) unused, Nova Scotia 1851 3d deep blue apparently unused & 3d pale blue (cleaned) plus 3d deep blue on cover; Ceylon with imperforates including 1d SG 2 unused (Cat 800, PF Certificate states "repaired and regummed") & 6d x4, perforated to 1/- x4, Sidefaces including 96c Watermark Inverted SG 132w (Cat 190); Falklands KGV MCA 3/- corner example *; South Georgia 1963 set * (ex 1 grey-black); Gibraltar KGVI Perf 14 3d & 5/- SG 125a & 129 and Perf 13 2/- SG 128a (each with APS Certificate); Natal 1857-61 1d to 1/- reprints; etc, mixed condition. (Qty 116 + 1 cover)





British Commonwealth in Gibbons "King George VI" album containing mostly short/part sets to 1/- or 5/- mint or used plus UPU sets complete mint; also three "New Age" albums two of which are reasonably populated with early QEII short/part sets mint or used; albums alone are worth a good proportion of the estimate. (Qty many 100s)





Commercial covers from Russia to Australia 1917-20 Revolution period, two registered at Vladivostok & two with Censor labels, a bit soiled; GRI 2d on 10pf Postal Card, very fine unused; and NSW 1857 town letter with Imperf Diadem 1d (faults). (Qty 5 items)





Foreign array on leaves including China, Czechoslovakia, Germany with States & Colonies, Japan, Korea, Mexico & Switzerland; also "Lincoln" album with some useful Asian material; mixed condition. (Qty many 100s)





Foreign letters with pre-stamps including 1842 Vienna-Trieste, 1851 Marseilles-Trieste, USA 1835 with superb 'BINGHAMTON/NY' cds, Holland 1868 with Imperf 10c & boxed 'GROOT-ZUNDERT' b/s, Belgium 1863 to Holland with Imperf 20c pair & 1862 to Belfast with Imperf 40c, condition variable. (Qty 16)





Glory box with Australian Colonies including NSW 10/- Long Type, Queensland 10/- Buffalo Fly revenue, Australia with Roos to 2/-; also British Commonwealth plus covers; mixed condition. (Qty many 100s)





Large "Lighthouse" stockbook with a neat but disorderly array from Greece, Spain & Colonies, Switzerland etc with significant duplication of some sections, and a smaller stockbook with a mostly mint array from the Channel Islands with much unmounted material. (Qty 1000s)





Large carton of schoolboy albums plus a quantity of mostly Australian duplicates partly sorted into old envelopes. Inspection strongly recommended. (Qty 1000s)





Large plastic tub with a 1930s schoolboy collection, six Hagner albums with a chaotic array of Australia, Great Britain & world stamps with some heavy duplication. We did note some better singles and quite a bit of Australian postage, also some covers including Great Britain 1900 to a soldier in the Boer War with 'RECOVERED FROM MAILS/LOOTED BY THE ENEMY' h/s in red. Careful inspection is sure to be be rewarded. (Qty Qty)





Mishmash including New Zealand QV revenues & mint Centennial set, NSW with 20/- & Jubilee 2d imperforate pair (a little cut-into), Roos including mint 1/- with Watermark Sideways & 5/- on piece, KGV low values used array, 1930 airmail covers to London with 6d Roo x2 + KGV 2d or 6d Roo x3 + KGV 3d x2, some FDCs & flight covers. (Qty 100s)





Odd lot including Belgium 1897 Brussels Exhibition 10c purple-brown SG 98 complete sheet with imprints (minor gum blemishes) **; Malayan Postal Union (FMS) Postage Dues 1951 8c SG D19 (perf separations) & 10c on 8c SG D29 complete sheets **; British Commonwealth mint with Australia 1930s sets including Macarthur, ANZAC & Silver Jubilee, plus better Fiji, Hong Kong & Seychelles, Cat 1500+; condition variable. (Qty 100s)





Oddments from New Zealand including mint Christchurch Exhibition set (hinge remainders), Auckland Exhibition set (no certificates but they appear to be genuine) & Smiling Boys (toning), also Arms Surcharges 11/- 22/- x2 & 35/- apparently postally used (toning); Papua 1910 2/6d fine mint & 2d with 'BONAGAI SED' relief cds; Australia 3d Roo on 1924 cover to the USA; Tasmania 4d Courier apparently fine unused but cleaned; etc. (Qty 24 + cover)





Overseas covers etc with a range of very fine Postal Stationery including Transvaal to Russia (2), British Bechuanaland 1d to Cape Town, Gold Coast 1901 with fancy 'POST PAID' h/s & Netherlands Indies with straight-line cancels (2) etc, PPCs including Korea 1901 to Austria with 2r to 4ch tied by 'CHEMULPO' cds, etc (50 approx); also some ordinary Japanese stamps.





Postal History group including Western Australia 1901 front with hand-drawn cartoon; Victoria 1899 BHP wrapper with printed 'HALF-YEARLY REPORT', 1900 & 1903 registered covers to Haiti (!) with New York exchange office labels & 1912 cover with d "Bantam" & '100 POSTED' h/s; 1929 philatelic usage of Maltese 2d Registration Envelope to Costa Rica with Australian 1d & 4d; Guadeloupe 1937 commercial cover to Victoria; Norfolk Island 1974 1c local rate cover; etc, condition very mixed. (Qty 11 items)






Postal Stationery bundle of mostly QV-period issues from Ceylon (16), India (10), Hong Kong, Malaya, China etc, generally fine to very fine & mostly unused. (Qty 43 items)





Scrappy little lot but inspection will be rewarded. We noted South Australia Thick 'POSTAGE' 6d perf 'SA' x60 approx (study opportunity), a 5/- Roo, NWPI mint blocks & values on piece, an always-popular Hesshaimer facsimile of the BNG d & some handy European stamps. (Qty 200+)





Sheet file with Australian 1940s-50s large blocks including Booklet Plate 2d red block of 72, GB High Values used, Tattersalls tickets, and an album of Australian Colonies duplicates with some pickings. (Qty 100s)






Trio of 1940s-70s collections mostly mint with Japan including 1949 Postal Week & Portraits, 1950-51 set of 4 M/Ss SG MS600-603, 1951 Nihon-Daira, Airs 1951 75y & 1952 75y; Russia including 1951 Scientists & 1953 Leningrad Views plus M/Ss including 1955 Agricultral Exhibition set of 3, 1955 North Pole & 1957 Philatelic Exhibition; also a well-filled volume of Poland; toning concerns throughout, high catalogue value. (Qty 1000s)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 23 Lots in Category - MISCELLANEOUS

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