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Folio of 1940s-50s commercial coversmany by air to Australia including with BMA North Borneo 1c pair & 3c + Sarawak 50c with 'BRUNEI/7JUNE/1946' linotype cancels, 1947 uprated Postal Card from Greece, 1947 registered from Iran, 1950 registered from Seychelles (philatelic), 1951 from Bolivia, 1947 from Indo-China, 1952 registered from Peru, 1947 from Lebanon, 1947 from Yugoslavia, etc, also 1947 Angola-Peru & a group of South American airmails mostly to Peru, generally fine to very fine. (Qty 24)


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Carton of world coversetc plus three cartons of album covers & as-new pages. No reserve!





Hagner pageswith singles and blocks from China, Japan & Mancukuo with a few better stamps and some unusual items including 1938 & 1939 registered fronts Harbin to Darwin one with very early WWII Darwin provisional censor label, also a nice lot of France Art Series mostly ** & a few scraps, condition mixed. (Qty few 100)





Old Gebruder Senf worldwide album mostly used with some pickings noted GB QVic to 5/-, Italy 1925 Holy Year set *, Australia with Colonies noted Tasmania Pictorials *, a few Kangaroos & KGV including NWPI overprints, 6d Engraved fine used, some Asia including China, plus loose including a few picture postcards & some Australian & Worldwide coins, condition mixed but worth a closer look. (Qty 100s)






Quality European selectionwith Austria including 1910 Birthday set VLMtd, Costumes set ** & 1955 Tenth Anniversary set **; Luxemburg 1957 Europa set **; Russia 1948 Airforce Day & 1949 Museum blocks of 4 **; Poland 1919 'SKALAT' Overprints eight values used (offered 'as is'); Polish Levant 1919 Overprints 1m to 5m apparently the Flat Ink variants VLMtd (Cat 700 if correct); etc. (Qty 100+)






Ireland1922 KGV Coils with Long '1' in '1922' 1d in strip of 3 & 1d single, lightly mounted; and Palestine 1920 (Sep) Overprints 2p 'PALESTINB' SG 22d in unmounted block of 4; Cat 310+. (Qty 3 items)





British Commonwealth selectionwith St Vincent 1d drab SG 39, d green Perf 12 SG 42, 1/- bright vermilion SG 45, 4d chocolate SG 51a & '2d' on 4d SG 54, all mint; also Gibraltar QV 5pta fine used; Mauritius No Value SG 31 with faked 'CANCELLED' handstamp (Cat 13,000 if genuine); and some mostly modern oddments ** including better Tonga self-adhesives; generally very fine. (Qty 100 approx)


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A B1

British West Africa QEII setscomprising Gambia 1953-59 set, 1963 Birds, Self-Government & Independence Overprints, 1966 Birds; Gold Coast 1952-54 set plus extra shades to 10/- x2; and Sierra Leone 1956-61 set plus extra shades to 10/- x2 & 1; all unmounted, Cat 520+. (Qty 130 approx)


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British Commonwealthmostly mint array in two stockbooks with long sets including British Guiana KGVI to $3 x4, British Honduras KGVI x2 sets, Caymans KGVI first set to 10/- x4, Falklands KGVI Pictorials & QEII Birds, Falkland Dependencies Thick Maps unmounted blocks of 4 & Thin Maps, Gibraltar KGVI to 1 x3 plus 1953 10/- & 1 pairs, KUT KGVI to 1 x3, Montserrat KGVI, St Vincent KGVI, also good lot of British Occupation of Italian Colonies including Postage Dues, a few Silver Weddings, sprinklings of 'SPECIMEN' oddments - many without gum - including from St Lucia x14 & Seychelles x45, etc etc. The condition throughout is a bit mixed with some mostly minor toning noted. On the positive side, we haven't checked for better perfs, so inspection is likely to be rewarded. (Qty 1000s)





Three albums crammed with stampsincluding Australia noted Small Lyrebird 1/- used block of 24, lots of British Asia & West Indies, foreign array with M/Ss & lots of oddities, some postmark interest, condition variable. (Qty 1000s)





Box of coversincluding 100+ from small BWI post offices in the Caymans, Grenada, Montserrat, St Kitts Nevis and St Lucia; Leeward Islands Postal Stationery including 12 items with 'SPECIMEN' Overprint; lots of military mail including 1901 Boxer Rebellion postcard with message in morse code!, several Boer War items, WWI with PPC bearing 'Soldaten-/Brief/...' stamp, Swiss PPC with 'Internement des Prisonniers de Guerre/MURREN-SUISSE' cachet, POW covers from Belgaum Camp in India, WWII noted Belgian cover with re-addressing label & 'Regiment Cycliste Frontiere/...' h/s, GB Used in Belgian Congo airmail to SAfrica with 'TROUPES COLONIALES/CENSURE MILITAIRE' label, GB 3d POW Postal Card to Thailand, and Nyasaland 'NOT EXAMINED/BY CENSOR' h/s & 'PASSED/Q5' h/s, etc; also BEA 1901 Mombasa to India, 1938 Gibraltar airmail to Ceylon at 3/- rate, Uruguay airmails to South Africa, etc, condition variable. A very interesting lot. (Qty 250 approx)





Worldwide collectionin seven chock-full springback albums mostly used but plenty of mint throughout including a few M/Ss, noted Australia & Colonies, New Zealand, Pacifics with New Guinea Birds 2/- 'OS' x2, PNG with 1952 10/- x4 & 1, Great Britain including 3-margin Penny Black and Seahorses to 10/- up to modern including postage, Ceylon, Hong Kong, India & States, Europe with lots of Germany, pages of Canada and USA, etc, noted overprints, officials, perfins, postmark interest, a few larger blocks and lots of duplication, condition very mixed but many fine.





Worldwide accumulationin eight archive boxes mint and used with stockbook of Earlies from Australia & Colonies, Fiji overprints, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc, then Great Britain, British Comonwealth and USA in quantity, China 'Qingdao Beer Festival' book including M/Ss, France 1980s 'Collection Philatelique' folders x20+, modern thematics, also mixture in Hagners, envelopes of loose and on paper plus old Triumph album, will reward careful inspection, condition mixed but many fine.





Islands accumulationin three archive boxes mostly mint with many still in original PO packaging including Cocos, Christmas Island, Fiji, Nauru, Norfolk Island and especially large quantities of PNG, also New Zealand and some Cook Islands, Pitcairn, Samoa, Tuvalu and AAT, lots of thematic interest, generally fine unmounted. (Qty Qty)





Islands First Day Covershuge accumulation in four archive boxes including Cocos, Christmas Island, Fiji, Gilberts, Nauru, Norfolk Island, PNG, Samoa, etc, mostly modern but including a few 1930s-60s items, lots of thematic interest, condition generally fine. (Qty 1000s)





Pacific Islands coversrange mostly 1950s to modern including Fiji pre-decimal aerogrammes and 2008 commercial with $4 Lobster M/S x4!, Gilberts range including 1952 'TARAWA' registered, Samoa, Solomons, Tonga, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, etc, many sent to Australia including by airmail, also a few used PPCs, condition mixed but many fine. (Qty 200 approx)





European arrayincluding better Air sets from Albania, Austria Birds x2 sets (one unmounted), Bulgaria plus 1927 Sofia-Varna-Sofia flight cover, Denmark & Greece, other useful Austrian sets including Charities, France PEXIP M/S CTO (the stamps **), Switzerland 1945 War Victims M/S (**), etc; also Berlin mint collection with Buildings x2 sets, then complete from UPU to 1961 including Relief Fund M/S tied to large piece by commemorative cds (this may be a fake); generally very fine, high catalogue value. (Qty 100s)






Balance of consignmentin a large box. At the vendor's request, no description; no cross-references; no photos! Take a punt or, better still, have a look! Guaranteed great value at estimate. (Qty Qty)





Folio of mostly philatelic coverswith Australian flights, 1913 Engraved 1d on PPC to London & 1927 Canberra 'OS' on OHMS cover, USA 1938 airmail to Australia with 20c Air x2 & 9c Prexie, Russia 1930 commercial airmail to Australia, Papua 1936 to Victoria with Brisbane 'PAQUEBOT' slogan cancel, etc, condition variable. (Qty 39)





Truly odd lotwith Australia 1d Swan two imprint blocks with Re-Entries, KSmith 2d set of Plate Number blocks, Gemstones '9c' on 8c with Misplaced Surcharge, 1938 German advertising cover with d Customs Duty stamp, etc; also GB Silver Jubilee 2/- & 3/- booklets largely complete, NZ 1d Admiral Letter Card with 'Direct Mail Advertising...' on reverse, France Ballon Mont forgery, etc, condition variable.



Displaying 1 - 20 of 45 Lots in Category - REST OF THE WORLD - GENERAL and MISCELLANEOUS LOTS

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