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     Prestige Philately Auction 231 CatalogueREST OF THE WORLD - GENERAL and MISCELLANEOUS LOTS

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Australia & World collection in four albums with lots of pickings throughout, the Australia includes SMult Wmk 2 Roo, mint KGV Heads to 1/4d, 5/- Bridge mint with large-part imprint & CTO, Robes both papers etc, then Great Britain including a very fine Penny Black & fair Tuppence Blue, QV 10/- blue mint (creased) & used, New Zealand including unmounted Smiling Boys, etc, condition variable but generally fine to very fine. Inspection will be rewarded. (Qty 1000+)





Box with about 100 1940s-50s "ham radio" cards including from Canary Islands, Canton Island, Cuba, French Morocco, Guatemala, Russia, Suriname, Timor, UN Forces in Palestine etc; bundle of PPCs including 1907 handpainted from GB; postal history with Australian military mail including WWI Letter Cards with Poem or '2nd AIF Embarking' on reverse, 1906 from Thursday Island with 'LOOSE/SHIP/LETTER', airmails to Australia, 1971 & 1974 'MESSENGER/DELIVERY' covers at 25c or 70c, etc; condition variable (Qty 250 approx)


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Pacific Islands mint collections in Seven Seas pages mostly mounted to 1970s but later ** with Norfolk Island 1947-89 and Papua New Guinea 1952-87 both reasonably complete, Pitcairn Islands 1940-99 complete, also Christmas Island 1958-87 complete, then stockbooks with some Fiji, Nauru, Samoa, etc and others mint & used noted a range of PNG blocks, thematic interest, condition mixed but many fine. Weighs 13kg. (Qty 100s)





Estate remainders in two large cartons with some Australia & Colonies, Australian Territories including many blocks, Samoa with many blocks including $4 Bird imprint block of 10, Europe & Colonies etc, Biafra complete plus Overprints unlisted by Gibbons, Burundi & Tonga "gold coins" etc. Weighs 22kg. (Qty Qty)





Folio of 1940s-50s commercial covers many by air to Australia including 1947 uprated Postal Card from Greece, 1947 registered from Iran, 1950 registered from Seychelles (philatelic), 1951 from Bolivia, 1947 from Indo-China, 1952 registered from Peru, 1947 from Lebanon, 1947 from Yugoslavia, etc, also 1947 Angola-Peru & a group of South American airmails mostly to Peru, generally fine to very fine. (Qty 23)






World War II Censor covers 1) Gibraltar uprated 2d Envelope with scarce '6 OPENED BY CENSOR' label of Hobart; 2) Fiji-Hobart with ' 6 /NOT/OPENED/...' cachet of Hobart - the only recorded example - in error overstruck with normal cachet; 3) Niue-Victoria with NZ-pattern 'PASSED BY CENSOR NZ/ 14 ' cachet (Little #H1); 4) mission cover Niue-Samoa with 'OPENED BY EXAMINER/ DDA 26' label (unrecorded by John Little); and 5) 1939 airmail NZ-Papua unusually with complete strike of the large 'OPENED BY CENSOR/...' cachet. (Qty 5)





Eight old albums with many pickings throughout including postmarks, revenues & perfins, condition mixed. (Qty Qty)





Box of mostly pre-WWII covers many from Australia - including c.1934 large piece from a parcel with Large Lyrebird 1/- x7 tied by complete 'PARCELS POST/BRISBANE' roller - and the others to Australia with GB including Seahorse 5/- & KGVI 5/- solo frankings, two from 'BRODICK/ISLE OF ARRAN' & registered from 'ST AUBIN/JERSEY CHANNEL ISLANDS' etc, also 1924 French registered parcel tag, several from New Hebrides with 'PAQUEBOT' cancels, etc, condition variable. From a family correspondence that has never before been on the market. (Qty 150 approx)





Huge worldwide accumulation in albums, on 100s of Hagner sheets and loose, looks to be mostly low-value stamps in larger quantities but there could be a surprise lurking amongst them, noted USA with 19th Century, Canada including some ** postage, plenty of GB, British Commonwealth with Transvaal remainders in blocks, Germany, Asia with China & Thailand, Eastern Europe including folder of Russian M/Ss, some Cinderellas & Revenues, potential postmark interest, also a few covers including commercial mail, condition very mixed. (Qty 1000s)





Mostly foreign array with lots of "Cinderellas" & Revenues including British Railway Stamps, Brunei selection including Japanese Occupation 12c x3 & 30c mint, also batches of Indian pre-stamp entires with intaglio handstamps, commercial & philatelic paquebot covers, and Egyptian covers including commercial airmails & some Postal Stationery, condition variable. (Qty 100s)






Australian Colonies stamps & revenues noted Queensland 1c 'Betting Tax' slips x50+ in consecutive number run (!), Victoria Petrol Ration coupons x6, WA Swans impressed Stamp Duty 1/-, 9 & 10 on piece, Australia Official Postal Cards KGV 1d brown Solid 'OS' x9 plus KGV 1d green Dots 'OS' unused, 1945 letter from Liberated POW with fascinating story of Japanese captivity, World stamps noted Hong Kong QV '20 CENTS' on 30c with lovely 'SHANGHAE' cancel & China range plus small group of covers & used PPCs, condition very mixed but many fine.





Consignment remainders with a modest Indian collection, an album of Nauru blocks of 4, Norfolk self-adhesives large blocks, range of Tasmanian cds on Pictorials including a superb 'BLESSINGTON UPPER' (rated RR), also some early editions of "Australian Stamp Monthly" plus 1980s "The Australian Philatelist" (an excellent publication).





Large carton with collection on hundreds of Hagners, strength in now-popular areas such as Tuva, Gulf States & China, lots of pickings including Hong Kong Silver Wedding mint, lots of hinge remainders but inspection will be rewarded; also some unmounted Australian Territories. (Qty Qty)





Great Britain 1970-80s mint & used plus booklets x80+ including a few Pre-Decimal, also 1981 Royal Wedding collection ** plus extra gutter pairs, 1985 Queen Mother FDCs album, etc, lots of thematic interest, condition fine. Weighs 7kg. (Qty 100s)





Large suitcase & a carton with World array in several albums, boxes, packets etc, noted lots of Ceylon/Sri Lanka and other Asia, condition very mixed; also a quantity of FDCs etc from Australia, Ceylon/Sri Lanka, GB etc, mostly very fine. Very heavy. (Qty Qty)





World accumulation partly sorted in hundreds of small packets. (Qty 1000s)





Huge used accumulation in stockbooks, 100s of packets plus a few ancient worldwide albums including lots of Great Britain, British Commonwealth, some Australia with bundle of Territories CTO, noted Malaya to $5, Ceylon QV 'TWO' on 4c red block of 53 with Plate Number on parcel fragment plus group of numeral postmarks, France Ceres 25c blue plate & variety study, some mint & a few covers including Victoria 'GOVERNOR' frank stamp, USA 1936 airmail from Hawaii forwarded to Australia with GB 6d & 9d added, lots of fun here, condition variable. Weighs 42kg. (Qty 1000s)





Worldwide used accumulation in stockbooks, albums, Hagners & packets including Australia & Territories with range of New Guinea & Papua including a few NWPI overprints, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India and some China, Germany with Third Reich, etc, condition variable but many fine. Weighs 24kg. (Qty 100s)





Covers accumulation including Australia commercial mail & FDCs, 1960s airmails to Australia from Samoa, Asia, Europe, GB, USA, etc, China 1920s to England with 24 stamps on back, Germany Third Reich PPCs x4, etc, condition mixed but many fine. Weighs 10kg. (Qty 100s)





Accumulation mostly used with Asia including China Junks & Sun-Yat Sen with overprints, Hong Kong with some QV and KGV Silver Jubilee set **, Shanghai 1893 Jubilee overprints 1c Letter Card and 2c Envelope x7, also a few Ceylon, India, Indo-China, Japan, Malaya, North Borneo, etc, then worldwide with pickings including Switzerland 1932 Airmail 90c, plus some literature, variable condition. Weighs 5kg. (Qty 100s)



Displaying 1 - 20 of 41 Lots in Category - REST OF THE WORLD - GENERAL and MISCELLANEOUS LOTS

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