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Collection of virtually all different TPO postmarks on piece or stamp including a few multiples, many are part-strikes only but there are many very fine to superb strikes and a good number of rarities including 'TPO/ 2 ' obliterator (rated RRRR) & Large Octagon '.../MG2' (RRRRR); 'TPO/ 3 ' Obliterator first period (RRRR) & boxed '____/TPO No [3]'; 'TPO 4/DOWN.../VICTORIA' (RRRR); MG5 Down Duplex (RRRRR); MG6 Down 22mm Octagon (RRRR) & 'TPO 6/DOWN...' with arcs (RRRR); MG10 Down Octagon (RRRR); 'TPO/ 12 ' from Duplex (RRRRR); 'TPO/ 14 ' from Duplex (RRRRR); 'TPO 15/DOWN...' (RRR); 'TPO/ 17 ' Obliterator (RRRR), 'TPO/ 19 ' Obliterator (RRRR) & 'TPO 19/ DOWN.../VIC' (RRRR); 'TPO E' (RRRR); and 'ENGLISH MAIL/NSW' (RRRRR, previously unrecorded as a cancel). An exceptional opportunity for those who prefer their postmarks on stamp or piece.

Because of the detailed nature of the Molnar & Waugh inventory, they have been able to assign rarity ratings for usage on loose stamps separate from usage on covers. This throws up some interesting anomalies, where more examples are known on cover than on stamp but, overall, it's a valid methodology that is sure to excite vigorous debate! (Qty 110 items)





Collection of covers with all different array of TPO markings on cover Postal Card or PPC mostly removed from Les Molnar's exhibit pages (including from pages in earlier versions of the exhibit), a high proportion are cancellations rather than backstamps & most strikes - including most of those listed below - are fine to superb, some better usages including on franked envelopes, "Beer n Baccy" Postal Card, Fullface scenic Letter Card in pale emerald & Registration Envelopes, and very few Tatts covers. Many are highly rated including MG4 Down Large Octagon (rated RRR), 'DOWN TRAIN/GM4' error (RRR), MG6 Up with Colons (RRRR, rare franking of Bell Emergency Printings d rose/pink block of 4!), 'TPO 6/DOWN...' (RRRR), 'DOWN TRAIN - TPO/7' duplex Second Period (RRRR), 'DOWN TRAIN/MG8' octagon (RRR), 'DOWN TRAIN/MG9' octagon (RRR), 'DOWN TRAIN/MG11' octagon (RRRRR, '11' indistinct), 'TPO 11/UP...' (RRR), 'DOWN TRAIN/MG12' octagon (RRR), 'TPO 13/UP...' (RRRR), 'DOWN TRAIN/MG13' octagon (RRRR), 'TPO15/UP...' (RRR), 'DOWN TRAIN/MG15' octagon (RRRR, the stamp excised), 'TPO 19/UP...' (RRRR), 'DOWN TRAIN/MG19' octagon (RRR), etc, condition variable but all are presentable and many are fine to very fine. An exceptional opportunity (Qty 73)


No longer available




First Type Datestamps comprising Large Vertical Oval 'UP/TRAVELLING/POST OFFICE/VICTORIA/MG1' very fine b/s on 1877 Postal Card, '..../MG3' fine b/s on 1867 cover, and '.../MG4' b/s on 1869 cover, also Large Octagon 'DOWN/.../MG4' b/s on 1869 cover with the original letter. Rated R, R, RRR and RRR respectively. A very desirable quartet, especially of this quality. (Qty 4)





Commonwealth Period Datestamps all different selection comprising 'UP' types for 'TPO 2' (rated RRRR on cover), 'TPO 3', 'TPO 6' (RRRR), 'TPO 7' (RRRR), 'TPO 9' (RR), 'TPO 11' (RRR), 'TPO 13' (RRRR), 'TPO 15' (RRR), 'TPO 16' (RRRRR), 'TPO 17' (RR) & 'TPO 19' (RRRR), and 'DOWN types for 'TPO 6' (RRRR), 'TPO 9' (RRRR) & 'TPO 17' (RRRR), condition variable but all presentable and the strikes are generally very fine to superb. An exceptional lot. A remarkable opportunity to acquire almost half of all these rare markings and all on cover, postal stationery or postcard. (Qty 14)


No longer available



Les Molnar's display pages for his 9-frame Large Gold exhibit plus pages from earlier versions of the exhibit, with a significant number - probably 100+ - of cancels on stamps & covers remaining throughout, mostly lesser items but a few better items noted. Most bundles of exhibit pages offer little of substance, being sparingly annotated, providing no more information than is glaringly obvious, or merely parroting the leading catalogue or reference book. That is not the case here. Les Molnar's pages go far beyond information available in his book and elsewhere.

In effect, this is his "doctoral thesis", in which Les develops the history of each TPO service, paying particular attention to data gleaned from official records of mail guard movements and detailing their assignments/shifts (what Molnar & Waugh call "routines"). The material then supports the historical framework, resulting in an entirely novel and engaging study that should be recognised for both the scholarship and the philatelic treatment. This is one of those rare exhibits that had "Felicitations of the Jury" written all over it. Felcitations can be awarded for research, for treatment of the subject matter, or for the material. In our opinion, Les Molnar should have received Felicitations in all three categories. Consequently, everyone who is interested in the art and science of exhibiting - and that particularly means judges - should study how Les went about creating this extraordinary display. [Eight sample pages are shown on our website]



Displaying 5 Lots in Category - TRAVELLING POST OFFICES

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