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     Prestige Philately Auction 205 CatalogueAUSTRALIAN COLONIES/STATES - General & Miscellaneous Lots

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Displaying 5 Lots in Category - AUSTRALIAN COLONIES/STATES - General & Miscellaneous Lots










"Seven Seas" hingeless album with a smattering of stamps including NSW Charity duo (**), Queensland Large Chalons set mint/unused, Tasmania Sidefaces to 1 plus Crown/A 10/-, Victoria 1900 Boer War Charity duo, and Western Australia 1888 4d, etc, condition a bit variable. (Qty 100 approx)





Untidy collection but lots of little gems including NSW Imperf 'REGISTERED' with superb BN '81' of Warwick (Moreton Bay District), 20/- Governors, Charity duo, 'OS' to 5/- Coin & 5/- Map; Queensland 'REGISTERED' SG 20 mint pair, 6d SG 69 unused & Crown/Q 6d SG 92 superb used block of 4; South Australia 2d with superb Diamond Numeral '158' (rated RR); Tasmania Tablets mint to 5/- & DLR Pictorials and Crown/A 6d used strip of 3; Victoria earlies & 1/6d blue; Western Australia earlies & later to 10/-, etc, condition variable but many are fine to very fine. (Qty few 100)





Collection on Hagners with numerous better items with NSW including a very fine 3d Sydney View, 20/- Governors, Charity duo, 'OS' to 5/- Coin (unused), KEVII Stamp Duty 14 values to 1; Queensland Large Chalons 1 postally used & very fine mint Charity duo; South Australia Imperf 1/- orange, 'TEN-PENCE' on 9d yellow x3 (one unused), '3-PENCE' in Red on 4d; Tasmania Courier 1d (attractive but rebacked) & 4d x3, Star Wmk 2d with full margins, Tablets to 10/-; Victoria good range of Imperfs including Half-Lengths 1d x4, 2d x 3 & 3d x4 + Perf 12 3d, Woodblocks 6d Experimental Separations x5, Imperf 2/- & Perf 12 2/-, Laureates 8d orange x3, 10d grey & a very fine 5/- blue/yellow, both Charity pairs, KEVII 2 mint, Stamp Statute to 5 including postally used d on 1d; Western Australia Litho 4d unused & 1 VFU; etc, condition variable but generally fine to very fine. A very good lot and an excellent basis for serious expansion. (Qty 100s)





Large shoebox accumulation with strength in NSW & Victoria but smatterings from the other Colonies/States, stated to be unchecked for watermarks, perforations & datestamps. (Qty 1000s)





Useful used collection in Springback album with NSW Sydney Views 1d Plate I with 3 margins, 2d Plate III with large margins, Laureates, Diadems, 5/- Coin, 20/- Governors, and 'OS' Overprints; Queensland Chalons to 1/- plus fiscals to 1; South Australia Imperf to 1/-, and 'OS' overprints; Tasmania Imperf Chalons to 4d, Pictorials to 6d some mint and Postal Fiscals to 2/6d; Victoria some Half-Lengths and Queen on Throne, 6d 'TOO LATE', 1/- REGISTERED, range of Emblems, Beaded Ovals, Laureates to 5/- including 10d grey & 6d blue with Wmk '4', Stamp Duty and Postage Dues; Western Australia with selection of Swans. (Qty 100s)



Displaying 5 Lots in Category - AUSTRALIAN COLONIES/STATES - General & Miscellaneous Lots

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