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1901-10 Issues in expensive Lighthouse album mostly mint with BNG Wmk Horizontal including 2d x9, 4d x3, 6d x7 & 1/-, Wmk Vertical including 2d Thin Paper x2, 4d x5, 6d x5 & 1/- x3; Large 'Papua' Overprints Wmk Horizontal 6d x4, 1/- x4 & 2/6d x6 (two without gum); Small 'Papua' Overprints Wmk Horizontal 2/6d x5, Wmk Vertical d marginal block of 6, 4d x4, 6d x2, 1/- x3 & 2/6d x2; Large 'PAPUA' 2/6d Type A x12; Small 'PAPUA' Wmk Upright Perf 11 1/- x6 and Perf 12 2d SG 56, 2d SG 56a (toned) & 1/-, Wmk Sideways Perf 11 1/- and Perf 12 d SG 66a x2; 1910 Large 'PAPUA' 2/6d Type B SG 82 x15 & 2/6d Type C SG 83 x16; plus used including BNG to 1/- x2, Small 'Papua' to 2/6d x3, Small 'PAPUA' to 1/- x2, Large 'PAPUA' 1/- x2, 2/6d Type B x2 & 2/6d Type C x5, then a useful range of 'OS' punctures including Large 'PAPUA' 6d mint block of 4 (toned) & 2/6d Type B x3 & 2/6d Type C; many with Watermark Inverted, condition variable but most are fine to very fine &/or of very fine facial appearance, STC 19,000+ (2015). Ex Dr Michael Ryan. This & the collection lots that follow represent exceptional opportunities for research and/or resale. (Qty 1000 approx)





1911-17 Monocolours on Hagners with a heavily duplicated array mint to 2/6d x9 & Perf 14 1d x15 and used to 2/6d x4 plus punctured 'OS' to 1/-, then 'ONE PENNY' Surcharges including 1d on 6d 'CA' Monogram pair & 1d on 2/6d block of 4, generally fine to very fine, STC 2500+ (2015). Ex Dr Michael Ryan. (Qty 480 approx)





1916-32 Bicolours extensive duplicated collection on Hagners with an array of shades to 2/6d mint x27 & used x9, 5/- mint x16 & used x8 and 10/- mint x13 & used x15, also 'AIR MAIL' 3d SG 113 used x2, Aeroplane Overprint 1/- with Deep Carmine Overprint mint x4 (all toned), Surcharges, 1932 values with used 9d x2 & 1/3d x2, 'OS' Punctures mint including 1d block of 4, 2d x2, 6d x5 including a corner block of 4 & 1/- x3, and 'OS' Overprints mint with 9d x5, 1/3d x5 & 2/6d x3, etc, condition variable but generally fine to very fine &/or of very fine appearance, STC 15,000+ (2015). Ex Dr Michael Ryan. (Qty 1000+)





1929-30 'AIR MAIL' Overprints duplicated array on mostly philatelic covers but with a few commercial items noted, the stamps identified as including Harrison Printing SG 113 x63! (Cat 4725 as single stamps) & with plate positions noted, a few flown from Australia or USA to Port Moresby with Papuan 3d added for air connection to New Guinea, & one registered from 'EDIE CREEK' (NG) with Papuan 3d tied by 'POST OFFICE/WAU' cds, the condition is very mixed with many showing significant aging; plus two marvellous & very fine real photo PPCs of Ray Parer & his plane at Darwin. Ex Dr Michael Ryan. (Qty 64 covers)



Displaying 4 Lots in Category - PAPUA

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