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1838 cross-written entire headed "Adelaide SA/October 31 1838" and signed "Robt Leake" to his brother Edward Leake at "Lewisham/near Campbelltown/Van Diemens Land" with a largely very fine strike of the undated double-circle 'POST OFFICE/[lion & crown]/ADELAIDE' h/s, very fine boxed 'SHIPLETTER/3DE3/1838' d/s of Hobart where rated "11" (4d inwards shipletter + 7d for delivery between 75 & 90 miles), light vertical fold. Ex Michael Blake. A very fine and very early postmarked letter from the Colony, which was founded only two years earlier.

Robert Rowland Leake was one of two sons of John Leake who settled in South Australia. John Leake was a prominent settler in Van Diemen's Land where he established the Italianate villa "Rosedale". Robert writes to his brother Edward - transcript included - "I have moved my flock to Coromandle village it is eight miles from will want a weeks provisions...on first landing...walloughby (= wallaby) rugs...are excellent things in leaky huts...we have 22,000 sheep 2000 head of cattle and 200 horses in the Colony..." He gives numerous instructions on what to bring, what is procurable in South Australia, and prices relative to those in Van Diemen's Land.

Postal operations began on 10/4/1837. Very few pre-1840 letters survive in private hands. The sole postage rate was 1d regardless of destination or distance carried & this was paid to the ship's captain. Harry Lower's entire to London with a very fine strike sold at the Prestige auction of 12.5.2007 for $5060. An April 1838 entire from the Leake Correspondence - with a lesser strike of the handstamp - sold at the Prestige auction of 27.7.2009 for $7187.


No longer available




1858-59 First Roulettes 1d yellow-green SG 13 block of 4, some separation/rejoining of the vertical roulettes, Diamond Numeral '1' cancels of Port Adelaide, Cat 260+.


No longer available




1860-69 Second Roulettes 4d finished die proof in black on India paper affixed to a small piece of card (44x47mm), a couple of trivial blemishes. Ex John Griffiths and Michale Blake. RPSofL Certificate (1972). [Harry Lower's similar 2/- die proof in black - a couple of faint tonespots - sold for $6612]


No longer available




1886-96 'POSTAGE & REVENUE' Perf 10 2/6d to 20 SG 195-208 complete with 12.5mm 'SPECIMEN' overprint, very lightly mounted & virtually full o.g. As fine a set as we have seen. Significantly underrated.

These stamps are from the original printings . These are much scarcer than the later 'SPECIMEN' Overprints one normally encounters that are overprinted on stamps reprinted specifically for the purpose and which have characteristic streaky gum. (Qty 13)





a+ a1

1886-96 'POSTAGE & REVENUE' Perf 11-12 10 bright bronze - with a brilliant irridescent sheen - SG 206a marginal block of 4 from the top of the sheet with aberrant Sheet Number '5/- 000200' in violet, exceptional centring, CTO with the Melbourne single-ring cancellation applied as usual so no part of the inscription is visible, full unmounted o.g., Cat 5600++. Superb & spectacular! Ex Australia Post Archival Sale (1987) and Ed Williams.





a b1

1902-04 Thin 'POSTAGE' 3d deep olive-green (Detmold Paper) with 'POSTAGE' and 'THREE PENCE' Misplaced BW #S19c, very well centred, Cat $750 (2004). RPSofV Certificate (1984).





a b1

1902-04 Thin 'POSTAGE' 1/- brown & brown-red BW #S30A (SG 268a) marginal block of 4 from the base of the sheet, unmounted, Cat $8000++ (4800++) as mounted singles (2004). Ex Ed Williams. RPSofV Certificate (2001). [JRW Purves stated that mint multiples are extremely rare]






1902-04 Thin 'POSTAGE' 1/- brown & brown-red BW #S30A (SG 268a) lower-right corner pair with Plate Number '1' BW #S30Azd, the left-hand unit has a very minor natural gum-crease, very lightly mounted, Cat $4000+ (2400+) as normal singles. [We believe that only one other Plate Number piece has been recorded. If this was a Kangaroo monogram of which only two examples were recorded, our estimate would at least have another zero added]


No longer available




POSTAL NOTES: 1887 'Payable in South Australia; also in Victoria and Tasmania...' at the Base eleven values between 1/6d & 1 overprinted with slightly diagonal curved 'SPECIMEN' in Red, seven with Record Numbers in Yellow & in Black mostly superimposed at the base. Possibly in the nature of proofs? Ex Jack Harwood. (Qty 11)



Displaying 9 Lots in Category - SOUTH AUSTRALIA

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