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1854 to GB with BN '35' on cut-to-shape 4d & mss "Hamilton 22 Dec" (stated to be Ex Purves), 1854 stampless from London, 1856 Hobart-Launceston with 'PRE-PAID' cds in red, 1860 & 1865 with Imperf 6d & BN '52' or superb '75', 1867 Hobart-Launceston mourning cover with Perf 10 4d, 1867 Hobart-Victoria with Perf 10 6d, 1869 mourning cover to GB with Perf 12 4d & 6d (in Private Contract Period) tied by BN '77' of Ross, 1870 with superb BN '63' plus private 'BOURNBANK/...' & postmaster's 'N NORFOLK' h/s (stamps removed), 1890 apparently commercial to GB with 6d Platypus, 1896 Registration Envelope to GB with 'd/2' on 9d pair, Pictorial frankings with cds of 'BEACONSFIELD', 'LEFROY', 'LINDA', 'LOTTAH' x2, 'MOUNT DUNDAS' & 'ULVERSTONE' in blue, two OHMS with 'ONE PENNY' on 2d perf 'T', etc, plus a group of Postal Sttaionery including a very fine 2d+d STO Envelope with embossed 'ET TENEO ET TENEOR' on the flap, condition rather mixed but excellent value at the estimate. (Qty 55)






1855(June) part town-letter to "FC Smith/Postmaster General/Hobarton" with exceptional franking of Couriers 1d pale blue SG 3 - an enormous example with margins good to huge & almost complete 'Printed by H & C Bes[t]' Imprint, Cat 1300++ x6+ on cover - irregularly cancelled with a light strike of the 'PRE-PAID' datestamp of Hobart in red overstruck with & tied by very fine First Allocation BN '61', minor soiling. Ex Koichi Sato, Tatiana and Trevor Hiscock. RPSofV Certificate (2016).

Extensive docketing on both sides: on the top-flap "Referred to Mr Young for his information"; partial notation within indicating the sender was "the prisoner Samuel" & that the letter was "detained in the accts office for some time..." & signed "Thos Barnard/Postmaster/14 6 55"; and on the side-flap "requested to be returned".






1905long cover registered to Henri Tobler, Switzerland with Pictorial 1d red (corner fault) and Tablet 1/- rose & green paying quadruple 2d per oz rate plus 3d registration tied by 'LAUNCESTON/JA2/05' cds, chamfered-boxed 'REGISTERED/LAUNCESTON' h/s in blue on face, 'NAPOLI' transit & 'BASEL/-5.II.05/(POSTE RESTANTE)' arrival b/s, minor blemishes & vertical fold not affecting stamps. Rarely seen correctly-rated usage of the 1/- value.


No longer available

Displaying 3 Lots in Category - TASMANIA - Postal History

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