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Series of "mini studies" of De La Rue 2d; 1901-12 2½d with many pairs; Watermark Varieties mostly on 1901-12 values to 1/-; and a selection of Misperforated Stamps with Official Repairs. (Qty 300+)





Commercial perfins collection on 1901-12 issues with a good degree of completeness including sub-types, some better values & varieties noted, condition variable. An excellent basis for expansion. (Qty 500+)





Selection of "Classics" comprising Queen-on-Throne 1d, 2d (repaired) & 6d (3); Emblems Imperf 1d (2) & 4d, Perf 12 1d & 2d; Netted Corners 1d Wmk '1'; Octagonal 1/- (3, one with surface abrasion); Beaded Ovals 3d blue & 6d black; and Redrawn 6d black; condition varaible but mostly attractive unused examples, a few with part-o.g., Cat £2000+. Scarce group. (Qty 17)





Collection remainders with many better stamps including Laureates 10d grey fine used, Woodblocks 2/- blue/green mint, Bell 1/- indigo/blue Misperforated & 2/- Watermark Sideways both unused, 'STAMP DUTY' Opts 3d mint, 1888 1/6d blue mint, later issues mint to 2/- green & 2/- blue, 1900 Boer War 1d mint and a few Postal Fiscals including 15/- brown with 'Specimen' h/s, condition a bit mixed; also a stockbook of used duplicates from all Colonies (thrown in without affecting the estimate). (Qty 100s)






Middle Period selection to 1/6d orange all with 'Specimen' handstamp in italics, part- to large-part o.g. (Qty 12)





1850-1912 chiefly used collection including Half-Lengths (9) in mixed condition, 6d 'TOO LATE' (4 margins, ironed-out crease), Imperf 1/- Octagonal on part outer, Emblems, Beaded Ovals well represented, Laureates to 5/-, Stamp Statute to 10/- including mint 3d (toning & crease), Stamp Duty to £10 including £5 bi-colour pair, 1897 Hospital Fund CTO & 1900 Empire Fund mint, Postage Dues CTO to 5/-, Commonwealth period to 5/- (3). Condition variable. (Qty 100s)





Folios of photocopies of Beaded Ovals, Shilling Octagonals, Goldfields Mail etc; facsimile edition of The Age Vol 1 No 1 of 17/10/1854; 1901 (May 9) programme for the reception to meet the Duke & Duchess of York on the occasion of the Opening of Federal Parliament (two folds & some spotting); etc.






1850-57 Half-Lengths Campbell & Co Printings on Good Quality Wove Paper 1d orange-red SG 23, good to large margins, unused, Cat £600. A very attractive example. 






1850-57 Half-Lengths Campbell & Fergusson 3d blue SG 31b, margins just clear (at left) to large, minor gum thin which is of no consequence as the stamp has stupidly been regummed, Cat £425. Attractive.






1852-56 Queen-on-Throne Campbell & Co 2d group SG 19-22 complete reconstruction of 50 on album page from an old-time collection, mostly fine examples with 4 margins and including two pairs & a strip of 3, Cat £1300 minimum plus a premium for the multiples.





1854-59 Shilling Octagonal single-volume collection with numerous better items throughout. The Imperf stamps include 12 unused examples of which 6 are plated: these Cat £700 minimum each. There are over 100 used Imperfs including two strips of 3 & a strip of 4, several marginal examples including a pair, and a selection of annotated varieties. Most of the Imperfs are cut-square but the cut-to-shape examples include a single on piece with Melbourne d/s of JY21/1854, the earliest recorded usage. There are 40 used Rouletted stamps of which 12 have been plated. The more than 200 Perf 12 stamps include 17 unused examples. The covers are relatively pedestrian (and of variable quality) but comprise 22 with Imperf stamps and 10 with the Perf 12 issue. Excepting the covers, the condition throughout is generally fine to very fine, with many very attractive examples of which quite a number are superb. Ex Michael Silvasich including numerous items that are Ex Purves, Perry, Dr Geoff Kellow and Colonel Harrie Evans. A wonderful basis for a major collection. [** We regret to advise that a number of Jeffryes' Forgeries in this collection were not identified as such. While these are scarce items in their own right, they are worth much less than the genuine stamps. Most of the forgeries are included on the page of illustrations in the printed catalogue: Line 2 #2 & 6; Line 3 #3; Line 4 #2; Line 5 #1. As a consequence of this unfortunate gaffe, the reserve has been reduced to $10,000 **](Qty 100+)


No longer available




1857-63 Emblems Star 4d vermilion as SG 42 but with Serrated Perforations on all sides, bold BN '1' of Melbourne. Unrecorded by Gibbons and Kellow although the latter at page 115 records a similar unused Star Wmk 1d in the Royal Collection. [The Barelli Collection included a similarly serrated 4d on Laid Paper SG 71ca - stated to be Ex Yardley & one of two known - that sold for $3450 at auction on 11/10/2006]






1857-63 Emblems Perf 12 Star 1d yellow-green SG 74, a large example, a few trimmed perfs at base & minor tonespots on the reverse, undercatalogued at £275. [Kellow at p114 states "It is a rare stamp...About two dozen copies are known"]





1863-84 Laureates selection comprising Single-Lined Numeral 1d (2), 2d, 4d, 6d, 8d brown/pink & 1/-; Wmk '8' 3d mauve; and V/Crown 1d (2), 3d mauve, 3d yellow-orange, 6d (2), 1/- & 5/- blue & red (2); and '½   ½/HALF' on 1d; condition a bit mixed, mostly unused but a few have part- to large-part o.g., Cat £1600+. (Qty 18)






1863-84 Laureates 1867-70 Emergency Printings Wmk Double-Lined '2' 6d blue SG 161 with Watermark Reversed, well centred, a couple of insignificant blemishes, Cat £2500 (a miserable increase since the £2250 of 1999). A new discovery. [Kellow at p169 states that only 5 examples are recorded of which four have a Barred Numeral '148' cancel & the other is dated 10AU/70. However, the light & somewhat untidy cancel on this stamp is definitiely dated 1873! Kellow also notes that wmk normal and inverted have been recorded but says nothing about Reversed Watermarks which, if not previously recorded makes this a new sub-type]






1863-84 Laureates 1867-70 Emergency Printings Wmk Single-Lined '4' 6d blue with Watermark Reversed SG 168 (?, see below), light strike of the scarce 'RMSS/HOBSONS BAY - VICTORIA'  duplex, Cat £1600 (as it has been at least since 1999). Another new discovery. [Kellow at p169 states "Only ten used copies...can be traced. Of these, all but one has the watermark reversed". Two non-conforming factors make this stamp especially interesting. 1) the datestamp appears to be --28/66 (the month not showing). This is at odds with the listed issue date of 21/5/1870 which is merely the date noted on a pair - in the Royal Collection - & a single, all others having numeral cancels. 2) the stamp is Perf 12x13 (actually 11.7x12.8) which suggests it pre-dates the V/Crown printings in which compound perfs are not recorded by Gibbons. These two factors combined lead to the conclusion that this stamp is not SG 168 but an earlier emergency printing and that it should be listed immediately after SG 125-128, all of which it actually seems to pre-date]





1870-1900 issues including De La Rue 2d, 1873-87 Bell to 9d, Stamp Duty period with Overprints 3d & 4d (2), Naish designs to 2/6d (2) including 2/- (5), also 1/6d blue & 1/6d orange (4) etc, all apparently duplicated items are different watermarks or shades,a few small blemishes but generally fine to very fine and all with large-part o.g., Cat £1800. (Qty 92)





A- C1

1884 Stamp Statute £5 black & yellow-green Watermark Upright Perf 12½ SG 230b, a couple of minor bends, large-part o.g., Cat £4250. Ceremuga Certificate (2006) states "Great rarity..." and with his pencilled notation "Only confirmed example known to me". [Those examples that appear to be unused or mint invariably have had pen cancellations cleaned-off]





A- B2

1884-96 Existing Stamp Duty Issues Perf 13 3/-maroon/bue SG 259, some characteristic rough perfs, faint gum-toning, large-part o.g., Cat £375. Very scarce.





A- B1

1884-96 Existing Stamp Duty Issues Perf 12½ £1 orange/yellow SG 262a, striking colours, well centred, large-part o.g. with a minor hinge remainder, Cat £550. Very scarce.



Displaying 1 - 20 of 37 Lots in Category - VICTORIA

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