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A A2

DOUBLE-CIRCLE 'SKELETON' TYPES WITH TOWN-NAME: '[GT] STHRN UP TRAIN/JA9/06/VIC' largely superb large-part strike on 1d pink. Used on TPO 7 (2) on the South Gippsland Line; recorded for one month only. One of the great rarities of Victorian TPO markings.





A+ A1-

DOUBLE-CIRCLE 'SKELETON' TYPES WITH TOWN-NAME: 'ST KILDA RAILWAY/JA31/06/VIC' very fine strike on 1d pink on PPC. Ex Hugh Freeman. [The only recorded example. This is an excellent example of how improper setting of the type within the collar would produce unsatisfactory results: only the letters 'S K Y' are clear and most letters are totally absent]


No longer available



MILITARY ENCAMPMENT TYPES: 1900-14 annotated group begiining with Boer War period 1900 from Langwarrin Camp (5) with Shield '1' & superb BN '231' (rated RR), 1901 from Langwarrin Camp (6) with superb Shield '1' & 1902 from Langwarrin Military Camp (1) with Shield '2' (with the enclosed Langwarrin notepaper); Annual Easter Camps 1910 from Sunbury with Shield '2' (fair only) on a nice PPC with printed 'Kitchener Camp/Seymour', 1912 from Kilmore (a Receiving Office only) with Shield '2', 1913 from the previously unrecorded camp at Wallan (stamp removed from PPC with printed 'YMCA Military Camp'), 1914 (Feb) from Lilydale with cds on Letter Card & 1914 (April) from Bundoora with Shield '2' on YMCA PPC (this item illustrated by Watson Webster & Wood); finally World War I 1914 (Sep) from Broadmeadows Military Camp (1) with cds on YMCA envelope registered with 4d Kangaroo (with the enclosed YMCA letterhead). A few faults but this is by far the best group of this rare material we have ever seen. (Qty 9 + enclosures)


No longer available

Displaying 3 Lots in Category - VICTORIA - Relief Datestamps:

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