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Prestige Philately: Podcast

What is a podcast?

Simple. A podcast is a type of MP3 audio or video file. Podcasting is the delivery on demand of audio content to an iPod and other portable media players. Download it today, listen to it tomorrow, store it for future reference. Gary Watson will personally share with you his thoughts about auctions, the state of the philatelic market, and other matters of interest.

What do I need?

Well, if you have an iPod, then you already have iTunes. iTunes is available from Apple's web site for Mac or PC. If you have an alternative mp3 player to an iPod, there are other programs available too if you don't want to use iTunes.



What do I do?

  1. For example In iTunes, go to the advanced menu and select subscribe to podcast.
  2. A box will appear, this is where you cut and paste the podcast URL.
  3. The URL is available just below.

Prestige 2009 Podcast URL

!!! 1. A Busy Year at Prestige !!!

Prestige 2008 Podcast URL

1. The Big Deals - Rybak Rarities Review
2. The State of the Philatelic Nation

Prestige 2007 Podcast URL

Included in the Podcast:

1. Gary's introduction to Podcasting
2. The Auction Game
3. The Truth about GST
4. Fifth International Rarities Results
5. Prestige Points 129
6. Prestige Points 130
7. The Art of Collecting
8. Prestige Points 132
9. Auction House of the Year
10. 2007 - Year in Review