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137LAAden: "The Postal History of British Aden 1839-1967" by Pratt (c.1984), hardbound. [We sold out at $82.50] 50110
138L Aden: "Aden: It's States & Post Offices 1840-1954" by Pratt, "Postmarks of Aden 1839-1949" by Robertshaw, "Censor Marks 1914-19" by Graham, etc. 2538
139LAAden: Robson Lowe auction catalogue of the "Charles Hornal Aden" (17/10/1957), with p/r. [Noted in the intro as "Certainly the finest collection (of Aden) in the world"] 2534
140LAAfghanistan: "Afghanistan: Its Twentieth Century Postal Issues" by Patterson (1964), being Collectors Club Handbook No 18, hardbound. [A similar copy sold in America recently for $US58] 4044
141LA-Antarctica: "Postal History of the Antarctic 1904-49" by Bagshawe & Goldup (1951); "Postal History of AAT 1911-65" by Milner; both with minor blemishes. (2)2555
142LAAntarctica: "Postal History of Soviet Antarctic Activities 1955-1977" by Ott (1980), looselaf in packet. 1565
143LAArgentina: Afinsa auction catalogue of the "Gran Colección of Argentina" (20-21/9/2000), hardbound catalogue of almost 600pp illustrated throughout in colour. Magnifico! 100140
144LAAscension: "History & Postage Stamps of Ascension Island" by Ford (1933), Harry Hayes reprint (1971); "Postage Stamps of Ascension Island" by Leonard (1958); "Ascension" by Attwood (1981, hardbound with d/j). (3)40110
145L Australia: "Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue" by Brusden White (1988 Edition, with updates to 1989), looseleaf in binder; "Australian Numeral Cancellations: A Compendium" by Campbell; "200th Anniversary of Manned Flight" by Reader's Digest (with stamps). 080
146L Australia: "The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue: King George V" (1994). [Although upgraded last year, this edition is still a useful tool] 0 T29
147LAAustralia: "The Australasian Stamp Catalogue" (26th Edn, 1994). [This is the last edition to include the extensive listing of Postal Stationery, as revised by Gary Watson] 2042
148L Australia: Box incl "Enyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps: Vol IV Australasia" by Lowe (1962, would benefit from re-binding), "...Essays, Die & Plate Proofs of the Georgian Penny" by Legge (undated, unusually fine), "Norfolk Island Stamps 1947-1991" etc. 125 T120
149L Australia: Selection incl "NSW Post Offices Volume Three: M-S" by Hopson & Tobin, "Qld Cancellations 1860-1913" by Campbell, "Qld Railway Parcel Stamps" by Elsmre, "Postal History of the Port Phillip District" by Purves, etc. 4070
150LA/BAustralia: "Supplement to the Post Office Guide" 38 of the 40 issues from April 1972 to December 1975. 2518
151L Australia: Box including "Australian Postage Stamps" by Collas, "Commemorative Hand Postmarks" by Sorge, "Railway & Parcel Stamps" by IP&C, "Handbook of Australian & NZ Exhibitions" by Kennedy, "Postmarks of the Australian Forces" by Stobbs, "Australia Post: Delivering More Than Ever" by Hunter, etc. 042
152LAAustralia: Series of 9 booklets published by the Postmaster-General's Department (1960s), authored by Collas but not attributed to him. (9)2021
153LAAustralia: "Australian Postal History" by Breckon (c.1990); & "The History of the Sydney GPO" by Bridges & Appleton (1988), the latter hardbound with d/j. Non-philatelic. [A wealth of marvellous old photographs] (2)2518
154LA-Australia: "Post Office Guide Part 1" (1952) being the comprehensive regulations in 500+pp. 5055
155LAAustralia: "Philatelic Archival Sale by Public Tender Number One" (1986), with Australia Post's pitiful bleating letter advising the sale would not be an auction, the tender documents, and the p/r. 2044
156L**AAustralia: "The Chapman Collection of Australian Commonwealth Stamps" by Chapman (1999), the leather-bound "subscribers' edition", signed by the author on the title-page; and, yes, the Australia 99 Explorers M/Ss with RPSofV opt are still here. 150210
157LA-Australia: Sotheby's auction catalogue of "The James Williamson Commonwealth of Australia Collection" (18/9/1981), cover blemishes. One of the major sales of Australian stamps. 2021
158LAAustralia: Linke auction catalogue for the "Grierson-Smith Australian Georgian Heads" (14/5/1995). Fine collection. 10 T11
159LAAustralia: "The Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia" by Rosenblum (2nd Edn, 1926). 2520
160LAAustralia: "The Chapman Collection of Australian Commonwealth Stamps" by Chapman (1999), hardbound with d/j. As new. 5085
161LAAustralia: "Commonwealth of Australia: The Postage Due Stamps 1902-1963" by Hyeronimus (1980), hardbound. 3055
162LAAustralia: "Commercial Perfins of Australia" by Grant & Mathews (1992). As new. [One of the most in-demand Australian books] 60160
163LAAustralia: "Scout & Guide Philatelic History of Australia" by Stermole (1985). 2017
164LAAustralia: "Australian Telegram Forms & Envelopes" Parts I & II (1991) by Hancock. (2)2538
165LAAustralia: "Flypast: a Record of Aviation in Australia" by Parnell & Boughton (1988), hardbound with d/j. Non-philatelic "coffee table" book with a wealth of historical information. 4050
166LAAustralia: "Airgraphs & Australia" by Collyer (1988). 2538
167LAAustralia: "Exhibit & Catalogue of Australian Air Mail Labels & Vignettes 1920-60" by Frommer (1995), spiral-bound, with valuation guide. 2036
168LAAustralia: "The Australian Air Mail Catalogue" by Eustis (6th Edn, 1997), hardbound with d/j. As new. 3050
169LAAustralia: "Air Mail Postage Rates of Australia" by Martin Walker (1988), looseleaf in large 3-ring binder, signed by the author. Number 16 of only 50 copies. 4090
170LAAustralia: "Australian Imperial Forces Postal History 1914-1918" by Emery (1984), plus the "Supplement" (1988), both hardbound with d/j. Ex Firebrace & both inscribed to him by Bob Emery. [The Supplement is especially hard to obtain] (2)100 T120
171LAAustralia: "Postal History of the Australian Army during World War II" by Collas (1986), hardbound with d/j. Premier retail $62. 5060
172LAAustralia: "Postal History of Internees & Prisoners of War in Australia during World War II" by Collas (1982), hardbound. Premier retail $33. 2527
173LAAustralia: "History of the Australian Military Postal Services 1914-1950" by Proud, hardbound with d/j. Premier retail $181.50. [Excellent study with almost 600 pages of information] 140160
174LA-Australia: "List of Post & Telegraph Offices" (1969), cover discoloured. The last such official list. 2538
175LBAustralia: "Post Office Guide Part 2" (1953) with comprehensive listings of telegraphic addresses plus all post offices & telegraph offices, cover creased & collector's marks in the post office listing. 100130
176LAAustralia: Gary Watson auction catalogue for the "Stieg Australian Commonwealth Postal Stationery" & the "Collas Postal History of the Northern Territory" (25/2/1985). [Both the best such collections to go to auction] 15 T27
177LAAustralia: "The Postal Stationery of the Commonwealth of Australia Parts 1 to 5" by Darke (1976-80). 2538
179LA-Australia: "Australian Commemorative Hand Postmarks" by Sorge (2nd edn, 1987), "Permanent Pictorial Postmarks" by Orchard, plus the annual supplements (1987-93) complete. (9)032
180LAAustralian Colonies - General: "Frank & Free: an Illustrated Catalogue of the Free Markings and Frank Stamps of the Australian Colonies" by Karman (1991-94), looseleaf in 4-ring binder with the sections for Tasmania, Victoria & Western Australia. [A really useful & worthwhile work of which this is the first copy we can recall being offered at auction] 75110
181LA-/AAustralian Colonies - General: "Ship Letters of Australia Volume 1: The European & Australian Royal Mail Company 1857-1858" (1990, marks on cover) & "...Volume 2: The Orient Line" (1992) both by Molnar (2)2590
182LBAustralian Colonies - General: "Australian Mails via Suez 1852-1926" by Kirk (1989), the cover is discoloured. 2546
183LA-Australian Colonies - General: "The Australian Stamp Collector" Volume 1 Number 1 (Oct 1893), vertical fold from having been posted otherwise remarkably fine. Red hot rarity. [Published by T Webb of Melbourne. Includes a flyer stating that the first issue would be published in July 1893] 10095
184L Australian Colonies - General: "The Federal Australian Philatelist" Volume I Number 2 (April 1890, very fine), Volume II Numbers 5 (Jan 1891, faults) & 6 (April 1891, cover split). (3)5045
185LA-Australian Colonies - General: "Australian Numerals Cancellations: a Compendium" by Campbell (1983), hardbound, minor blemishes on the cover. Premier retail $52. 4032
186LAAustralian Colonies - General: Harmers of New York auction catalogue for the "Dale-Lichtenstein Collection of Australasia" (14/5/1990), with p/r. 2040
187LBAustralian Colonies - General: Harmer Rooke & Co auction catalogue for the "Charles Lathrop Pack Collection: Part V" (11-13/3/1947), front cover detached & back cover missing, with p/r. [Excellent selections of New South Wales, Queensland & Victoria] 3048
188LBAustralian Colonies - General: Robson Lowe "Burrus" auction catalogue for New South Wales, Queensland & Victoria (11/2/1964), with p/r, cover faults. [A copy sold in America recently for $US34] 3055
189LA-Australian Colonies - General: Harmers of London auction catalogue for the "Boker Australian States [sic]" (14/4/1981), with p/r, minor blemishes on the cover. [227 lots of sheer magnificence] 3085
190LBAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: Harmers of London auction catalogue for the "España New South Wales" (23/3/1984), annotated with prices, plus p/r. 20 T32
191LA/BAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "Postage Stamps, [Postal Stationery] & Telegraph Stamps of New South Wales" by Basset Hull (1911) in 2 volumes with an incomplete set of the plates (XI & XIII to XXIV, and Q), both volumes have been rebound but Volume 2 needs to be done again. [A set with the complete plates sold in America recently for $US750] 250400
192LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "Priced Catalogue of New South Wales Revenue & Railway Stamps" by Peck & Smith (1999). As new. 3042
193LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "History of the Post Office & the issue of Postage Stamps in New South Wales" by Houison (1890), the View Productions facsimile edition (1983), hardbound with slipcase. 4042
194LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: Robert Siegel auction catalogue of "The Manwood Collection of NSW 1838-1860" (8/11/1995). 1534
195LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: Harmers of London auction catalogue for the "Slade Slade Collection of New South Wales" (18-19/4/1979), with p/r. [Over 1300 lots of NSW!!] 2036
196LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: Harmer Rooke & Co auction catalogue for the "Steinway Collection of New South Wales" (25-26/10/1939), with p/r. Rare catalogue of an important early sale. 50230
197LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: Robson Lowe auction catalogue for the "Blundell Collection of New South Wales" (26/10/1960), with p/r. [Also features the "Ernest Cape of Good Hope" & "Lye St Vincent"] 2555
198LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: Robson Lowe catalogues for the "Leon" (14/3/1978, with p/r) & "Wiggins" (26/11/1981) Collections; also Harmers "España" (23/3/1984). (3)3042
199LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: Spink auction catalogue for the "John White Collection of New South Wales & Queensland" (22/5/1997), beautifully illustrated throughout in colour. 2032
200LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "The Postal History of New South Wales 1788-1901" by White et al (1988), hardbound with d/j (faults). 4534
201LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "Shipping Arrivals & Departures Sydney, 1788-1825" by Cumpston (1977), hardbound. Non-philatelic but of great interest to the postal historian. 2044
202LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "Shipping Arrivals & Departures Sydney, 1826-1840" by Nicholson (1981 reprint). 2048
203LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "Shipping Arrivals & Departures Sydney, 1841-1844" by Broxam & Nicholson (1988). 3044
204LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "Braidwood & District Post Offices & People: Chronicle of events of Royal Mail & Tabloid of People who formed our Mail Service 1835-1900" by Maddrell (1995). [Forget the wordy title. This is the finest local postal history work we have seen from Australia. We commend it to aspiring authors of such works as an excellent model] 2570
205LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "NSW & ACT Post, Receiving, Telegraph & Telephone Offices" by Hopson & Tobin Volumes 1: A-C (1991), 2: D-L (1995), 3: M-S (1998) & 4: T-Z (1999). Premier retail $105. 8075
206LAAustralian Colonies - New South Wales: "Postmarks of New South Wales Part One: History of Post Office Datestamps" by Tobin (1983), spiral-bound. [We have on several occasions commended this book to collectors of all Australian datestamps] 2023
207LAAustralian Colonies - Queensland: "Queensland Postal History" by Campbell (1990), hardbound with d/j. 5038
208LAAustralian Colonies - Queensland: "Queensland Postal Rates & Charges 1832-1913" by Campbell (1995). 2529
209LAAustralian Colonies - Queensland: "Queensland Postal Rates & Charges 1832-1913" by Campbell (1995), No "189" of only 200. 2536
210LBAustralian Colonies - Queensland: "Queensland Post Offices 1842-1980 & Receiving Offices 1869-1927" by Frew (1981), some loose pages as always. Greatly in demand. [The copy in our sale of 10/11/2001 sold for $230!] 100135
211LAAustralian Colonies - Queensland: "The CDS of Qld 1913-1985" by Sellars (1986). As new. 4055
212LCAustralian Colonies - Queensland: "Queensland Post Offices 1842-1980 & Receiving Offices 1869-1927" by Frew (1981), some water damage/damp-spotting but quite serviceable & remarkably not falling apart! Bargain estimate for such an in-demand book. 50 T75
213LAAustralian Colonies - Queensland: "Queensland Postal Stationery" by Collas (1979). [Still the only book on the subject] 2023
214LAAustralian Colonies - Queensland: Spink auction catalogue for the "John White Collection of New South Wales & Queensland" (22/5/1997), beautifully illustrated throughout in colour. 2042
215LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: "South Australia: The Long Stamps" by Purves (1978), hardbound. 4034
216LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: "The Postage Stamps of South Australia" by James et al (c.1950), hardbound with d/j. Very scarce. 50110
217LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: "The Departmental Stamps of South Australia" by Butler (1978), hardbound with d/j. [A similar copy sold in America recently for $US63] 50115
218LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: "Murray Collection of South Australian Departmental Stamps 1868-1874" by Briskham (1953). 1022
219LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: "A Catalogue of Squared Circle Postmarks" by Overton (1983). As new. [A well-worn copy sold for $27 in our postal auction of 9/12/2001] 2020
220LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: "The Travelling Post Offices of South Australia" by Presgrave (1997). As new. 4048
221LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: General histories of the Northern Territory by Donovan (1981) & Powell (2nd Edn, 1988), also "Mail for the Back of Beyond" by Maddock (1986), the first is hardbound with d/j. Non-philatelic. 2518
222LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: "At the Other End of Australia: The Commonwealth & the Northern Territory 1911-1978" by Donovan (1984), hardbound with d/j. Non-philatelic. 1511
223LAAustralian Colonies - South Australia: "The Postal History of the Northern Territory 1824-1988" by Williams (1992), hardbound with d/j. Premier retail $125. 10095
224LAAustralian Colonies - Tasmania: Robson Lowe auction catalogue for the "Viney Tasmania" (27/11/1980), with p/r. 15 T34
225LAAustralian Colonies - Tasmania: "Tasmania: Stamps & Postal History" by Tinsley (1986), hardbound with d/j. As new. [Probably the least impressive work ever published by the RPSofL] 2050
226LAAustralian Colonies - Tasmania: "The Pictorial Stamps of Tasmania 1899-1912" by Lancaster (1986), hardbound with d/j. As new. 5055
227LAAustralian Colonies - Tasmania: "Tasmanian Postal History from Early Settlement until Joining the UPU" by Blake, being photocopies of his International Gold Medal exhibit, hardbound. 2590
228LA-/AAustralian Colonies - Tasmania: "Tasmania: The Postal History & Postal Markings" by Campbell Purves & Viney (1962), minor blemishes on spine; also the Part II Supplement (1975); both hardbound. 50110
229LA-Australian Colonies - Tasmania: "Shipping Arrivals & Departures: Tasmania 1803-1833" by Nicholson (1983), label remnants on face. 2555
230LAAustralian Colonies - Tasmania: another copy. As new. 3055
231LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "Victoria: The Half-Length Portraits & the Twopence Queen Enthroned" by Pack (1923), hardbound, the pages rough-cut at side and base as always but with gilded edges at top. [Three copies sold in America recently for an average of $US250] 200380
232LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: Robson Lowe auction catalogue of the "Wawn Victoria Half-Lengths" (28/5/1952) with p/r, hardbound; also 8-page pamphlet "A Guide to the Classification of the Victoria Half-Lengths" derived from the Wawn collection. 30160
233LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "Victoria: The Registered & Too Late Stamps" by Purves (1966), hardbound with plates. 3030
234LA-Australian Colonies - Victoria: "Victoria: The Postage Dues" by Purves (1960), hardbound with plates [Ex library copy with faulty end-papers] 2536
235LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "A Subject Index of Victorian Philately" by Kellow (1988), hardbound. As new. 4032
236LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "The Stamps of Victoria" by Kellow (1990), hardbound with d/j. As new. Premier retail $150. [One of the best single-country handbooks ever written] 100125
237LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: Robson Lowe catalogue for the "Harvey Victoria" & "Napier South Australia" (11/5/1976), with p/r. 1534
238LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: Harmers of Sydney auction catalogue for the "Slade Slade Collection of Victoria & Queensland" (1/11/1979), with p/r. 1534
239LA/BAustralian Colonies - Victoria: Robson Lowe catalogues for the "Purves Collection of Victoria" Parts I (27/11/1980), II (14/1/1981, with p/r), and III (13/5/1981, no cover), plus later sales with significant "Purves" sections (6-7/4/1982, with p/r) & (26-27/10/1982). [Parts I-IV sold in America recently for $US86] (5)3095
240LA-Australian Colonies - Victoria: "Victoria: The Barred Numeral Cancellations 1856-1912" by Purves (1963), hardbound with plates, minor rubbing on the spine. 5055
241LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "Instructional & Informative Markings of Victoria 1852-1913" by Rigo de Righi (1982). [Handy reference but ABOMINABLE illustrations] 1012
242LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "The Cancellations of Melbourne 1861-1912" by Davies & Linfield (1980). [Excellent study that has largely stood the test of time] 4060
243LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "The Numeral Cancellations of Victoria" by Freeman & White (2001), hardbound with d/j. Premier retail $150. [A beautiful book of 400pp copiously illustrated incl 8 colour plates. This book has made the earlier studies by Purves virtually redundant and should be on the shelf of every dealer & every collector of postmarks] 120 T125
244LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "The Numeral Cancellations of Victoria" by Freeman & White (2001), hardbound with d/j. As new. Outstanding research & a beautiful book. Premier retail $150. 125100
245LAAustralian Colonies - Victoria: "The Post Offices & Hand-Held Datestamps of Victoria Volume One: A-B" & "...Volume Two: C-G" by Watson Webster & Wood (1989 & 1991), both hardbound with d/j. As new; the first volume with author's note to Ed Druce. Authors were awarded research medals by BSAP, ACCCofNSW & Postal History Society. 6048
246LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: "Western Australia: The Stamps & Postal History" by Western Australia Study Group (1979), hardbound with d/j. 8075
247LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: "Philately from Western Australia 1829-1912 Catalogue & Handbook" by Juhl (1992). 2017
248LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: "Postage Stamps & Postal History of Western Australia" in 3 paperback volumes by Juhl (1981-83). 3046
249LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: "Between the Lines" by Wim Smits (1979) in two hardbound volumes in slipcase, with reprints from the 1854 lithographic stones. 3555
250LA-Australian Colonies - Western Australia: "Western Australia: The 4d Lithograph 1854-1864" by Pope (1984), blemishes on front cover. 1023
251LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: Auction catalogues for the "Chadwick" (Robson Lowe 18/5/1978), "Gartner" (Robson Lowe, Geneva 26/4/1979) & "Slade-Slade" (Harmers of Sydney 29/11/1979), the first two with p/r. (3)3095
252LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: "The Philatelic Collection of the Western Australian Museum" by Pope (1991) with 12 colour plates, hardbound with d/j. 2536
253LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: "The Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia" by Dzelme (1987), hardbound with d/j. 2542
254LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: "Western Australia: The Forces, Prisoner-of-War & Censor Mail" by Haynes & Pope (1997), hardbound with d/j. As new. Premier retail $98. [This massive work of 850pp covers all aspects of Australian military postal history. It is thus an important book for all military enthusiasts] 8080
255LAAustralian Colonies - Western Australia: "Western Australia: The Postal Stationery to 1914" by Pope & Thomas (1982), hardbound with d/j, signed by both authors on the title page. 2524
256LA-Australian Territories - General: "Cocos (Keeling) Islands" by Collas & Hill (1991); also "...Thursday Island" by Turnbull (1990). Premier retail $47. (2)3021
257LAAustria: David Feldman auction catalogue for "Austria incl Levant & Hungary" (21/2/2000) incl the "Oscar Post Offices in the Levant" & the "Frater Austria used in Hungary". 1518
258LBAustria: "125 Jahre Österreichische Briefmarke" (1975) & "Grosses Handbuch Österreich und Lombardei-Venetien...I: Emission 1850" (1976), highly specialised & well illustrated works in German. 4046
259LA-Austria: Köhler auction catalogue of the "Ludlow Grosse Österreich 1850-1864" (29/9/2001), fault on spine. 1521
260LAAustria - Post Offices Abroad: "Austrian Post Offices Abroad Part One: Austrian Lloyd" by Tchilingarian & Stephen (1962). 20 T16
261LCBarbados: "Barbados" by Bacon & Napier (1896), falling apart & the cover is defective but the pages & plates are fine. Rare. [A copy sold in America recently for $US51] 4044
262LABarbados: "The Post Office in Barbados" by Bayley (1933). Unfortunately pages 47-52, relating to postmarks, has been carefullt removed. [Published on the island] 05
263LABarbados: "The Stamps of Barbados" by Bayley (1989), with 8 colour plates, hardbound in slipcase. [Published on the island] 60120
264LBBasutoland: "African Switzerland: Basutoland of Today" by Rosenthal (1948). Non-philatelic. 105
265LABasutoland: "The Cancellations & Postal Markings of Basutoland/Lesotho Post Offices" by Scott (1980), hardbound with (discoloured) d/j. 2560
266LABechuanaland: "The Postage Stamps, Postal Stationery & Postmarks of the Bechuanalands" by Holmes (1971), hardbound. [A copy sold in America recently for $US103] 120170
267LABechuanaland: "The Postal History of Basutoland & Bechuanaland Protectorate" by Proud (1996), hardbound with d/j. Premier retail $99. 7575
268LABechuanaland: "Guide to the Villages of Botswana" for Ministry of Finance & Development Planning (1973), 200+pp. Non-philatelic. 1015
269LABermuda: "The Postal History & Stamps of Bermuda" by Ludington (1962, the Quarterman reprint, 1978), hardbound with d/j. [This edition includes the 1968 Supplement & other additional material] 5070
270LABermuda: "Bermuda Mails to 1865: an Inventory of the Postal Markings" by Forand & Freeland (1995), signed by "CharlesFreeland" on the title page. 2026
271LABermuda: "Bermuda by Air: a Handbook & Catalog of Bermuda Aerophilately" by Cwiakala & Dickgiesser (1996), hardbound with d/j. 50100
272LABrazil: Afinsa auction catalogue of the exemplary "Santos Collection of Brasil" (14/3/2000), hardbound catalogue with d/j, illustrated throughout in colour. [Foreword states: "This is unquestionably the most important auction of Latin American stamps ever."] 75170
273LABrazil: "Três Séculos e Meio da Història Postal Brasiliera 1500-1843" by Oliveira Rosário (1993) in Portuguese. 2544
274LABritish Borneo: "The Postal History of British Borneo" by Proud (1987), hardbound with d/j. Out of print. [A copy sold in America recently for $US60] 6090
275LABritish Borneo: "The Postal History of British Borneo" by Proud (1987). 60100
276LA-/ABritish Borneo: "The Stamps & Postal History of North Borneo Part 1: 1883-1893" (cover discoloured) & "...Part 2: 1894-1908" both by Shipman. 5095
277LA-British Borneo: "The Stamps & Postal History of Sarawak" by Forrester-Wood (1957), hardbound, staining on end-papers; also "Priced Catalogue of Postmarks" (1965). 4060
278LABritish Borneo: "Sarawak: Cancellations & Postal Rates 1858-1963" by Batty-Smith, Johnson & Rogers (1996). 2575
279L British Guiana: Folio of journal extracts etc, also "Postal Registration in British Guiana" by Rego & Robson Lowe "British Empire" sale (26/9/1973, with p/r). 3032
280LA-British Guiana: "The Postage Stamps & Postal History of British Guiana" by Townsend & Howe (1970), hardbound, inscribed No "150" of 500, spine a little faded otherwise very fine. Rarely offered & always in demand. [A copy sold in England recently for £170] 400320
281LABritish Guiana: Robson Lowe auction catalogue of "The Burrus Collection of British Guiana" (26/11/1963), with p/r. 3548
282LABritish Guiana: Robson Lowe auction catalogue of "The Great Collection of British Guiana" (26/3/1970) incl the famous 1c black/magenta with thorough write-up but noted as to be sold by Siegel's in New York two days prior to this auction!!! (where it sold for $US280,000). [This collection is widely regarded as the most important non-Australian collection ever formed by an Australian, one Frederick Small. The copy in our sale of 23/6/2001 sold for $75] 5080
283LABritish Guiana: "The Postal History of Guyana Volume I: The Post Offices & Postmarks" by Nicholson (1996). 1021
284LABritish Honduras: "The Postal History of British Honduras" by Proud (1999), hardbound with d/j. Premier retail $99. 7590
285LABritish Somaliland: "Postal Markings of Somaliland Protectorate 1903-1960" by Mentgen (2000). 2542
286LABritish Virgin Islands: "Early History of the British Virgin Islands" by Pickering (1983), hardbound with d/j. Non-philatelic, although Pickering is a noted collector of BVI postal history. 2516
287LABritish West Indies - General: "British Caribbean Philatelic Journal" Volumes 1-9 (1961-1969) complete, reprinted in three large spiral-bound volumes. 6075
288LA/A-British West Indies - General: Pennymead "West Indies" auction catalogues #48-58 ex #49 & 55 (1993-95). (9)155
289LABritish West Indies - General: Auction catalogues comprising "Edmondson Cayman Islands" (Harmers, 10/5/1988); "Dominica" (Robson Lowe, 12/3/1975); & "Cameron Jamaica" (Robson Lowe, 5/11/1974), all with p/r. (3)2521
290L British West Indies - General: Old but useful references incl "Pocket Guide to the West Indies" (1910; non-philatelic), "The Codrington Correspondence", "Bahama Islands" by Ludington & Raymond, "Postal Markings of Barbados" by Benwell & Britnor, "Jamaica" by Foster, "Montserrat" by Britnor etc. 3080
291LABritish West Indies - General: Spink auction catalogues for "Ludington" Bahamas (9-10/11/1999) & Bermuda (22/6/1999). [The latter is notable for what seem to be accurate colour photos of the KGVI Keyplates] (2)3022
292LABritish West Indies - General: "The History of the Sailing Packets to the West Indies" by Vritnor (1973), hardbound. 3048
293LABritish West Indies - General: "West Indian Civil Censorship Devices in World War II" by various authors (1976, 2nd impression of 100 copies). 2038
294LACanada: "A History of Canadian Railway Post Offices 1853-1967" by Gillam (1979). 2025
295LACanada: Firby auction catalogue for the "Arfken Collection of Canadian Overseas Letter Rates pre-UPU" (15/5/1997), illustrated entirely in colour. 1511
296LACanada - Provinces: "The Postage Stamps & Postal History of Canada" by Boggs (1945; 1975 Quarterman reprint). The latest available edition of this masterwork. [Cost $C130 in 1988; a less fine example sold for $88 in our sale of 1/9/2001] 100100
297LACanada - Provinces: "Canada & BNA" by Holmes (1945), "Small Queens" by Hillson, "Postage Due Stamps" by Chung, "Webb's Postal Stationery Catalogue" by Walton & Covert (6th edn), "Allan Steinhart Postal Historian" (1997) etc. 40120
298LACanada - Provinces: 1972-96 Definitive Series set of 5 specialised handbooks by Robin Harris. 5036
299LACanada - Provinces: "New Brunswick & Nova Scotia" by Argenti (1962), hardbound, published by RPSofL. Only 350 printed. 200180
300LACanada - Provinces: "The Postage Stamps & Postal History of Newfoundland" by Boggs (1942), hardbound, signed by "WinthropSBoggs" on the title page. 25110
301LACanada - Provinces: "Postal History of Yukon Territory" by Woodall (revised edition, 1976), hardbound with d/j. 3021
302LACanada - Provinces: Spink America auction catalogue for the "Koh Seow Chuan New Brunswick & Nova Scotia" (13/4/1999), illustrated throughout in colour. [A copy sold in America recently for $US34] 2519
303LBCayman Islands: "Cayman Islands" by Melville (1912), cover faults as usual but the pages are fine. 2022
304LACayman Islands: "The Cayman Islands: Their Postal History, Postage Stamps & Postmarks" by Aguilar & Saunders (1962), hardbound, with a very useful fold-out map. [A copy sold in America recently for $US52] 3075
305LACayman Islands: "The Postal History of the Cayman Islands" by Giraldi & McCann (1989), hardbound. 3042
306LA-China: Sotheby's auction catalogue of the "Wei-liang Chow Collection of Treaty Ports of China" (7/11/1996), minor notations, with p/r. 25 T26
307LA-China: Sotheby's/Corinphila auction catalogue of the "Wei-liang Chow Collection of Shanghai & Formosa" (18/2/1997), minor notations. 25 T19
308LAChina: "Postage Stamp Catalogue of the Republic of China 1878-1996" for the Directorate-General of Posts, hardbound with d/j. Beautiful book. [Note: post-1949 covers Taiwan only] 3020
309LAChina: "China 1927-1949" by Lankester (1972) being a record of the early issues of the Communists, hardbound with d/j. 2532
310LAChina: "A Brief History of China Post" by Xiang Xihe et al (1999), hardbound with d/j, in Chinglish; also 3 Chinese-language publications incl "Postal Stationery Catalogue of PRC". (4)3060
311LAChina: China Guardian (Beijing) auction catalogues for 6 sales between April 1996 & October 1998, in Chinese & English. (6)2548
312LAChina: "China Organising Committee for the 22nd Congress of UPU" (or "How to Spend a Lot of Money on Production at the Expense of Content"); "Official Guidebook for the 22nd Congress of UPU" (1999); "Writing the Philatelic History Together" (1999) in Chinese (unintelligible to most Westerners) & English (unintelligible to most Westerners!). (3)032
313LAChina: "Imperial China: History of the Posts to 1896" by Major Richard Pratt (1994), hardbound with d/j. Handsome volume. Retail £45; $US75. (Note: written by the UK Pratt, not Colonel Robert Pratt USA). 8095
314LAChina: "Postal Stationery of China Imperial & Republic to 1949" by Alexander & Kadull (1994), hardbound. 4048
315LAChina: "A Complete Collection of Postage Stamps of China: Postal Stationery", illustrated entriely in colour, hardbound with d/j, in Chinese with some English captions. 3036
316LACyprus: "Cyprus Postal Stationery 1880-1992" by Ioannides & Podger (1993), hardbound with d/j. As new. 3055
317LACzechoslovakia: "Specializovana Prirucka" (1988); "Monografie Ceskoslovenskych Znamek" No 4 (Stamps 1918-1939) & No 17 (Postmarks 1919-1939); "Rukovet pro sberatele Hradcan" (1998). [No, we decided to not even try putting in all the accents!] (5)10080
318LACzechoslovakia: "Die Post im Ghetto Theresienstadt/Mail Service in the Terezin Ghetto 1941-1945" by Benes & Tosnerova (1996), in Czech, German & English, hardbound in matching slipcase (minor fault). 10070
319LAEgypt: "The Posta Europea & 1984 Kehir Catalogue of Interpostals" by Keht & Cockrill (1984). 1526
320LAEgypt: Robson Lowe auction catalogues for the "Gougas" (28/2/1973) & "Royal" (5/11/1981, with p/r) Collections, also a sale incl "Unique Egypt Essays" (23/3/1979). (3)2534
321LAFalkland Islands: "The Falkland Islands Philatelic Digest No 1" edited by Barton (1975) & "...No 2" edited by Spafford (1979). 5070
322LAFalkland Islands: "Falkland Islands Report for 1910" & "...for 1917" being the official Colonial Office reports to British Parliament. 3030
323L Falkland Islands: "Falkland Islands & Dependencies" by Grant (1952), "The Travis Franks & Covers" by Norris & Beech (1977), "The Falklands War: Postal History..." by Davis (c.1983); & two minor Dependencies works. 3085
324LAFalkland Islands: "The 1933 Centenary Issue of the Falkland Islands" by Spafford (1972), signed by the author on the title page, hardbound with d/j. 25240
325LAFalkland Islands: "The War Stamp Overprints of the Falkland Islands 1918-1920" by Bunt (1981). 2034
326LAFalkland Islands: "The Postal Service of the Falkland Islands" by Barnes (1972). 2014
327LAFalkland Islands: "The Cancellations of the Falkland Islands & the Dependencies" by Andrews (1974), hardbound with d/j. 2036
328LAFalkland Islands: "The Postal Cancellations of the Falkland Islands" by Barnes (1982), hardbound with d/j. 3042
329LAFalkland Islands: Robson Lowe auction catalogue for the "Lovibond Falkland Islands" (16/6/1965). 1515
330LAFalkland Islands: mostly Harmers auction catalogues incl "Palmer" (12/10/1978), "Ayre" (2/10/1979), "Neild" (20/3/1984), "Bunt" (13/10/1987), "Styles" (11/10/1988), "Lazarnick" (21/5/1991) & "Earl Spencer" (22/9/1993) etc, all with p/r. (13)10075
331LAFalkland Islands: a similar selection with all the "name" sales from the previous lot (except "Spencer"), all with p/r. (7)6065
332LA-Falkland Islands: Harmers auction catalogue for the "Mayall Falkland Islands" (6/4/1964), minor blemishes on cover. 1517
333LAFiji: "Fiji: the Stamps & Postal History 1870-1875" by Rodger & Duberal (1970), signed by Duberal on the title-page, hardbound with d/j. 3075
334LAFiji: Christies Robson Lowe auction catalogues for the "Robertson Collection of Fiji" (3/6/1992). 15 T11
335LAFiji: "Fiji Philatelics: A Guide to the Availability & Price of Stamps, Covers etc" by Alford (1994), looseleaf. [Useful resource but way out-of-date] 2580
336LAFiji: "The Postal History of Fiji 1911-1952" by Rodger (1991), #148 of only 300. 3070
337LA-Fiji: "The Post Offices & Postal Cancellations of Fiji" by Campbell (2nd Edn, 1969), being Hawthorn Press Monograph #9-10; also "Post Offices & Agencies and their Cancellations 1956-1977" by Botwright & Walker (1978); minor discolouration on covers. (2)3022
338LAFiji: "The Postal Stationery of Fiji" by Duberal (1998), hardbound & endorsed "No 6 of 7" so produced, signed by the author on the title page. 50105
339LAFinland: "Luovutetun Karjalan, Petsamon ja Sallan Postihistoriaa" ["Postal History of Territories Ceded to USSR"] by Helklö (1980), in Finnish with English introduction. 2044
340LBFinland: "Finnland II: Ganzachen" (Postal Stationery) by Helsingfors Frimärkssamlare Förening (1923), covers missing. 3020
341LAFrance: "Tables of French Postal Rates 1849 to date" by Richardson (1992) & the Second Edition (1996). (2)1534
342LBFrance: Sotheby's auction catalogue of the "Tom Roberts Covers of the World carried by French Mailboats" (7/10/1982), fault on spine. 1511
343LAFrench Community: "The Loyalty Islands: a History of Culture Contacts 1840-1900" by Howe (1977), hardbound. Non-philatelic. 07
344LBFrench Community: "French Equatorial Africa & Cameroons" for the Naval Intelligence Division (1942), hardbound with two large foldout maps, spine discoloured. Non-philatelic: cost $60. [Naval Intelligence for a landlocked country: a classic oxymoron!] 3046
345LAGambia: "The Gambia: The History of its Posts, Postage Stamps and Cancellations" by Dalwick (1953), hardbound with d/j (faults). 2032
346LAGambia: "The Stamps & Postal History of The Gambia" by Andrew et al (1985) with 8 colour plates, hardbound with d/j. 4065
347LAGermany: Cockrill booklet #47 "German Seepost Cancellations 1886-1939 Part II: the African, Asian & Australasian Routes" by Cockrill & Gottspenn (undated). 2038
348LAGermany - Danzig: Köhler auction catalogue for the "Hennig Collection of Danzig Part 1" (29/9/1994) & "...Part 2" (26/1/1995). (2)2534
349LA-Germany - States: Robson Lowe auction catalogue of the "Burrus Alt Deutschland" (28-31/10/1964; in Basel), in German & English, minor fault on spine, with p/r. [A remarkable collection of 1683 lots. A copy sold at an American auction in 2000 for $US98] 75 T100
350LAGermany - States: Corinphila auction catalogue of the "Elster Collection of Bayern 1849-1900" (16/11/1997), hardbound with d/j, includes many fold-out illustrations of complete sheets of the classic issues, with p/r. [This wonderful collection was formed between 1890 & 1922. It was presumed lost during World War II. It's re-appearance thus caused a sensation] 50 T85
351LAGermany - States: Köhler auction catalogues for the "Boker Prussia" Parts I (9/3/1991), II (9/11/1991) & III (7/3/1992), copiously illustrated in colour, each with p/r & English translation. Fabulous material. [These are Boker sales 9-11] (3)4065
352LAGibraltar: "Posted in Gibraltar: an Illustrated Postal History of Gibraltar" by Hine-Haycock (1978), hardbound with d/j; plus the Supplement (1983). 3032
353LAGibraltar: "Gibraltar Postal Stationery" by Jackson (1976). 2540
354LA-Gilbert & Ellice Islands: "Philatelic Handbook of the Gilbert & Ellice Islands" by Vernon (1983), spiral-bound; also the Supplement No 2 (1982) & "Postal History of US & Japanese Military Forces...during WWII" by Jersey. 4095
355LAGold Coast: "The Postal Services of the Gold Coast 1901-1957" by Ensor et al (1998), hardbound. 5080
356LAGold Coast: "The Postal Services of the Gold Coast 1901-1957" by Ensor (1998), hardbound. 5065
357LAGold Coast: "The Gold Coast: The Post Offices/Agencies & their Cancellations 1875-1975" by Mackin, "revised, enlarged edition" (1990). 4080
358LAGold Coast: "The Gold Coast: The Post Offices/Agencies & their Cancellations 1875-1957" by Mackin (revised, enlarged edn, 1990). [A copy sold in America recently for $US57] 4075
359L Great Britain: Small carton of lesser titles including many pre-1960 booklets & monographs. Could be a bibliophile's delight. 40230
360LAGreat Britain: "Brittanica Depicta or Ogilby Improved Road Atlas" (1731) being the Brittania Publications facsimile edition (1979), hardbound with quarter-leather. Non-philatelic. 25110
361L Great Britain: Box of stamp-related titles incl "A History of British Postage Stamps" by Todd (1941), "British Stamps" by Hamilton (1949), "Rowland Hill & the Fight for Penny Post" by HW Hill (1940), "Story of the Penny Black..." by Rigo de Righi (1980) etc, condition variable. 070
362LAGreat Britain: "The Story of the Penny Black & its Contemporaries" by Rigo de Righi (1980). 1513
363LAGreat Britain: "The British Postage Stamp of the Nineteenth Century" by Lowe (1968), hardbound with d/j, 32 colour plates. [Beautifully illustrated record of the Reginald Phillips collection housed at the National Postal Museum. A copy sold in America recently for $US51] 4080
364LAGreat Britain: Bundle of 1990s auction catalogues for Phillips or Spink GB sales incl "Gilbert", "Folkard", "Manzi", "Jessener Machins" etc, few with p/r. (17)40140
365LAGreat Britain: Christie's Robson Lowe auction catalogue for the "Daisy Grand Prix Collection of Line Engraved Issues" (8/10/1996), hardbound. [A copy sold in America recently for $US40] 2595
366LAGreat Britain: Christie's Robson Lowe auction catalogue of the "Daisy Grand Prix Collection of Line-Engraved Issues" (8/10/1996), hardbound. 25100
367LAGreat Britain: Shreves auction catalogue for the "Pichai Buranasombati Grand Prix Collection of Line Engraved Issues" (15/3/2001), hard-bound. 5070
368LAGreat Britain: "Catalogue of the Revenue Stamps of the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands & Eire" by Booth (2nd Edn, 1982) in 3 volumes. (3)4070
369LAGreat Britain: "The Evolution of British Stamped Postcards & Letter Cards: Their History & Documentation" by Dagnall (1985), hardbound with d/j. 4048
370LAGreat Britain: "Priced Catalogue of the Newspaper & Parcel Stamps issued by the Railway Companies 1855-1906" by l'Estrange Ewen (1906) being the Clutterbuck reprint (1983). 1021
371LA-Great Britain: "The Mulready Advertisements" by Malcolm Lowe (1983), hardbound with d/j, the binding split in one place. 2548
372LAGreat Britain: Spink auction catalogue for the "Grunin Collection of The Mulready" (2/4/1998), with p/r. Awesome! 3070
373LAGreat Britain: "Acts of Parliament relating to the Post Office 1838-1844", the Brittania Stamp Bureau reprint (1976), small but quarter-leather bound tome. 2538
374LAGreat Britain: "The Forwarding Agents" by Kenneth Rowe (1966) & Volume II (1974, containing "283 revisions & 869 additional listings), both hardbound. [A similar lot sold in America recently for $US51] (2)4048
375LAGreat Britain: "The Postal History of the Forwarding Agents" by Kenneth Rowe (1984), hardbound. [A copy sold in America recently for $US46] 4050
376LAGreat Britain: "Royal Mail: The Post Office since 1840" by Daunton (1985), hardbound with d/j. Non-philatelic. 1516
377LAGreat Britain: "The British Postal Reforms of 1839-1840" by Grimwood-Taylor (1990). 1516
378LAGreat Britain: "Coaching Days & Coaching Ways" by Tristram (1888) Bracken Books facsimile edition (1985), hardbound with d/j. Non-philatelic. 2534
379LA-Great Britain: "The Franking System in the Post Office 1652-1840" by Bottomley (1988), minor discolouration of the plastic covers. 2027
380LAGreat Britain: "British Postal Rates to Europe 1836-1876" by Oxley (1992). 3040
381LAGreat Britain: "British Postal Rates 1635-1839" by Sanford & Salt (1990). 30105
382L Great Britain: Box incl "Postal History of GB & Ireland" by Willcocks, "England's Postal History" by Willcocks, "Penny Post 1680-1918" by Staff, "Inland Posts 1392-1672" by Stone, "Post Roads, Post Towns, Postal Rates" by Robertson, "Herewith my Frank" by Lovegrove, "Provincial Local Posts" by Oxley etc, generally fine. 60135
383LAGreat Britain: "British External Airmails until 1934" by Newall (2nd Edn, 1988), hardbound with d/j. 4090
384LA-Great Britain: "World War II Censor Marks" edited by Daynes (1986). 1526
385LA-Great Britain: "The Post Office Militant 1899-1902" edited by Batten (1981) being reprints of the Post Office Staff Magazine "St Martin's-Le-Grand" from the period of the Boer War, spine split. 2021
386LAGreat Britain: "Tommy Atkins' Letters: The History of the British Army Postal Service from 1795" by Boyden (1990) for the National Army Museum. 1519
387LAGreat Britain: "British Maritime Postal History Volume I: The P&O Bombay & Australian Lines 1852-1914" by Kirk (undated), hardbound. 2529
388LAGreat Britain: "The Maritime Postal History of the British Isles" by Robertson (1955-64) being the Harry Hayes reprint & consolidation (1973) in 3 black binders each in matching slipcase. 300270
389BAGreat Britain: "Robertson Revisited: A study of the Maritime Postal Markings of the British Isles" by Tabeart (1997), hardbound with d/j. Retail £40. 7585
390LAGreat Britain: "South American Packets: The British Packet Service to Brazil, the River Plate, the West Coast & the Falkland Islands" by Howat (1984). 3044
391LAGreat Britain: "British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875" by Moubray (1992), hardbound. Monumental work. [A copy sold in England recently for £180] 250320
392LAGreat Britain: "The Postage Rates of the North Atlantic Mails 1635-1950" by Montgomery (1991). 4060
393LBGreat Britain: "The Postage Rates of the North Atlantic Mails 1635-1950" by Montgomery (1991), faults on spine. 3034
394LAGreat Britain: "Early Routings of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company 1842-1879" by Kenton & Parsons (1999), hardbound. 7590
395LA-Great Britain: "Wiltshire & its Postmarks" by Siggers (1982), spine discoloured. [At 736pp, this is far and away the most comprehensive & impressive County study we have seen. 4234 postmarks are listed, of which 2921 are illustrated!!] 50100
396LAGreat Britain: Bundle of small-format local postal histories incl Brighton, Beaumaris, Cambridge, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, the Tendring Hundred of Essex etc. (8)4038
397LAGreat Britain: "Postal History of Doncaster" by Sedgewick, "Leeds Postal History to 1858" by Clarkson & Versey, "Sheffield Postal History to 1850" by Buckley & Ward, "Sheffield's POs in the Wapentake of Strafforth & Tickhill" (only in England!) by Ward & Sedgewick, & "Wakefield Postal History" by Buckley, all for Yorkshire Postal History Society. (5)5070
398LAGreat Britain: "The Posts of Essex" by Johnson (1969); & "The Posts of Sussex: The Chichester Branch 1250-1840" by Greenwood (1973). (2)2532
399LA/BGreat Britain: Quarto-size local postal histories of Saffron Walden, Bishop's Stortford, Reigate Redhill & District, and Leicester. (4)3042
400LAGreat Britain: "The British County Catalogue 1&2" (1996), "...3: London" (1983), "...4" (1988) & "...5" (1990), all hardbound with d/j. (4)60360
401L Great Britain: Box of local or county postal histories incl "English Provincial Posts" by Austen, "British County Catalogue 1", "PO at Nottingham" by Hall, "Bristol 5th Clause & Penny Posts" by Warn, Postal Histories of Kingston-upon-Hull, Upper Wharfedale... , Matlock & District, Pontesbury, Norfolk, Durham City, Sherborne etc. 60150
402LAGreat Britain: "Postmarks of the Date Impression Books Post Office Records Section 1" (1979), "...Section 2" (1983) & "...Section 3" (1984) all edited by Proud, hardbound. (3)6065
403LBGreat Britain: "A History of British Postmarks" by Daniels (1898), hardbound. Rare. 5042
404LA-Great Britain - British Post Offices Abroad: Robson Lowe auction catalogue of the "Glassco Collection" (25-27/11/1969), with p/r, minor blemishes on the cover. [Probably the finest such collection ever formed. A copy sold in America recently for $US40] 4042
405LAGreat Britain - British Post Offices Abroad: "Combination Mail of British Post Offices Abroad" by Kellow (c.1990). [Showcase for the collection formed by Dr Paul Kornan] 2015
406L Great Britain - Scotland: "Three Centuries of Scottish Posts" by Haldane (1971), "Postal Markings of Scotland to 1808" by Auckland (1978), "ditto, to 1840" by Auckland (2nd Edn, 1995), "Penny Posts of Scotland" by Aukland & Oxley (1978) etc. 40230
407L Great Britain - Wales: "Welsh Post Towns before 1840" (1970) & Supplement (1987), "Barred Numeral Cancellations" by Parmenter (c.1980?), "Postal History of Cardiff" by Morgan & Archer (1974), "Bibliography of Welsh Philately & Postal History" (1973), "The Penny Posts of Wales before 1840" by Archer. 40105
408LAGuatemala: "Guatemala-1" (1969) & "Guatemala-2" (1974) both edited by Goodman, each hardbound with d/j. [Volume 1 was awarded a Gold Medal for Literature at Philympia 1970 & the prestigious Crawford Medal. [A set sold in America recently for $US126] 80100
409LAHong Kong: "Hong Kong Airmails 1924-1941" by Crewe (2000) & "...1945-1995" by Halewood (2000). As new. 50110
410LAHong Kong: "The Hong Kong Fiscal Stamps" by Huygen (1979). 1532
411LAHong Kong: Robson Lowe, Tokyo auction catalogue for the "Antonia Collection of Hong Kong & Treaty Ports" (10/10/1981). 2534
412LAHong Kong: "Cancellations of Hong Kong: The First 100 Years 1841-1941" by Schoenfeld (1989), hardbound. [A copy sold in England recently for £20] 2560
413LAHungary: "Magyar Bélyegek Monográfiája" Volumes I-VII (1965-1981) for the Hungarian Philatelic Association, in Hungarian, hardbound. Could be sub-titled "Everything you ever Wanted to Know about Hungarian Philately". [Reminiscent of the New Zealand Handbooks. A set sold at auction in 2000 for $300] (7)200240
414LAIndia: "Stamps of India" by Jal Cooper (3rd Edn, 1968), hardbound with d/j. 2522
415LAIndia: "India's Bi-Coloured Four Annas 1854" by Jatia (2000), hardbound with d/j, inscribed on title page "To Ed Druce/a great friend/DNJatia". 75110
416L India: Group incl "Companion to the Handstruck Postage Stamps of India" by Giles, "Indian Field POs 1903-04" by Lowe, "Postal Communications in India 1773-1834" by Misra, "Azad Hind & Chalo Delhi" by Friedman, "Ajmer Postal History 1820-1947" by Dhor & Ranjan, etc. 4042
417LAIndia: "A Collection of the Catalogue, Statutes & Notices relating to the Indian Post Office til the end of the 19th Century" by Pai (1997), hardbound. 2536
418LAIndia: "The Classics of India" by Pai (1997), hardbound with 42 colour plates. 4075
419LAIndia: "Overseas Letter Postage from India 1854-1876" by Martin & Blair (1975), hardbound with d/j. [A copy sold in America recently for $US58] 4075
420LAIndia: "Indian Postal Meter Markings" by Singh Gandhi (1998), bound photocopies of the first exhibit of meters to win a Gold Medal at an International Exhibition!! 109
421LAIndia: "British India Postal Stationery" by Lang (1997). [Could be subtitled "How Not to Produce a Catalogue"] 2548
422LAIndia: "An Introduction to India used Abroad" by Dastur (1977), and "The Persian Gulf" by Tomkins (1950). (2)2575
423LAIndia: "India used Abroad" by Jal Cooper (1972). 25105
424LAIndia: "Burma Postal History" by Davis & Martin (reprint including the 1987 Supplement), hardbound with d/j. 3060
425LAItaly: "Venezia le Vie della Posta" by Rigo (1985) in Italian, & "Venezia per l'Europa" by Rigo (year?) in Italian & French, both hardbound. 5055
426LAItaly - States: "Dagli Antichi Stati All'Unità d'Italia" by Crevato-Selvaggi (1999), hardbound with d/j, with numerous colour photos of early covers, in Italian. 4044
427LA/A-Italy - States: "The Romagna" by Patton (1953); & "Forged pre-Adhesive Postmarks of the Old Italian States" by Vollmeier (1979), this with minor silverfish damage on cover, both in English. (2)2026
428LAJapan: "Earthquake Emergency Stamps & Emergency Mails" by Makino (1982), mostly in Japanese but with photos of exhibit pages annotated in English, hardbound in slipcase. 4065
429LAJapan: "Gallery of Japanese Stamps Volume 1: Postal History 1871-1947" (1983), in Japanese, leather-bound in slipcase. 40130
430LAJapan: "Gallery of Japanese Stamps Volume 9: The Post-War Period 1946-1957" (1982), in Japanese, leather-bound in slipcase. 40110
431LAJapan: "Gallery of Japanese Stamps Volume 10: Postal Stationery" (1981), in Japanese, leather-bound in slipcase. 40110
432LAJapan: "Courier Covers in Japan" by Ninomiya (1976), hardbound with d/j & slipcase. [In Japanese with some English captions, plus an introductory booklet in English] 5075
433LAKenya Uganda & Tanganyika: "British East Africa: The Stamps & Postal Stationery" by Minns (1981), hardbound with d/j; also the Supplement (1990). (2)40120
434LAKenya Uganda & Tanganyika: Spink auction catalogue for the "Shivani Collection of British East Africa Stamps & Postal History" (8/5/1997), illustrated throughout in colour, with p/r. 1527
435LAKenya Uganda & Tanganyika: "The Cancellations of Kenya 1890-1963" by East Africa Study Circle (1991), spiral-bound. 2560
436LAKorea - North: "Catalogue of North Korean Postal Stationery 1947-1961" by Todd (1997), spiral-bound. Limited edition of only 150 copies. 2055
437LALatin America - General: "Central America: Postal History & a Listing of Pre-Philatelic Postmarks" by Harris et al (1986) for Collectors Club, New York, in English & Spanish. 2542
438LA/BLatin America - General: Range of booklets & small monographs incl "Postal History of the Chaco War Parts 1 & 2" by Shepherd, "Costa Rica: The 'GUANACASTE' Overprints" by Alvarez, 3 booklets on Cuba by Aguiar (in Spanish) etc. (8)3065
439LALatin America - General: "The Nicaragua Route" by Folkman (1972), hardbound. Non-philatelic but of value to US & other postal historians. 2022
440LALatin America - General: "Rutas y tarifas de los Correos Aéreos en Sudamérica 1928-1940/Air Mail Routes & Rates in South America 1928-1940" by Kurchan (1999), in Spanish & English. 2534
441LALeeward Islands: "The Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps Volume VI: Leeward Islands" by Robson Lowe (1990), hardbound with d/j. 5090
442LBMalaya: "The Postage Stamps..." by FE Wood, in 3 parts reprinted from The London Philatelist, some minor spotting. 4046
443LAMalaya: "The Postage Stamps..." by FE Wood, the second reprinted edition (1981). 4070
444LAMalaya: London & Brighton auction catalogue of the "Charles Taylor Collection of Straits Settlements" (8/5/1981). 1538
445LA-Malaya: "Postage Stamps of Federated Malay States" by Reeves (1978), minor discolouration on cover. 1525
446LAMalaya: "A Guide to the Display of Straits Settlements Revenues" by Koh Seow Chuan (1995), colour photocopies with spiral-binding. 2042
447LAMalaya: "The Singapore Philatelist Annual Journal" (1982) with a wide range of interesting articles by numerous authors. 1513
448LAMalta: "Malta: The Postal History & Postage Stamps 1576-1960" by Martin (1980), hardbound with d/j; also Supplement No 1 (1985). As new. (2)40100
449LAMauritius: "Classic Mauritius: The Locally Printed Postage Stamps 1847-59" by Kanai, hardbound with original slipcase. 100270
450L Mauritius: Selection incl "B53 Obliterators" by Baker, Robson Lowe "Mauritius & Seychelles" catalogue (9/11/1976, with p/r), "Report on Mauritius" (1963, non-philatelic), also a folio of clippings; plus Seychelles "Cancellations" by McCloy & "Airmail History" by Fitton. 3022
451LAMauritius: "Mauritius: Postal History & Stamps" by Ibbotson (1991), hardbound with d/j. As new. 50300
452LAMauritius: Feldman auction catalogue of the phenomenal "Kanai Collection of Mauritius Classic Postage Stamps & Postal History" (3/11/1993), a beautifully produced 200-page effort to produce the world's finest auction catalogue, in original slipcase with the "Supplement...Reference Information used in Compiling & Classifying the Primitive Issues" by Rudge. Wow! [Two copies sold in America recently for an average of $US165] 150105
453LAMexico: "The Pre-Stamp Postal Markings of Mexico" by Yag & Bash (1965), hardbound; plus the Supplement One (1971), looseleaf. 5065
454LAMiddle East - General: Handy group of auction catalogues incl "Vernon Holy Land", "van Doorn Holy Land etc" (24/4/1980, with p/r) etc. (7)3021
455LANew Guinea: "A Place in the Sun" by Harry Voyce (undated) being a postal history of the Japanese Occupation of New Guinea. 2585
456LBNew Hebrides: "The New Hebrides: Postal Stamps and their History" by Hals & Collas (1967) being Collectors Club Handbook No 20, well-thumbed & the cover worn. [A copy sold in America recently for $US40] 4060
457LANew Hebrides: "The New Hebrides: Postal Stamps and their History" by Hals & Collas (1967), a fine copy. 6075
458LA-New Zealand: "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand" by Collins & Fathers (1938), hardbound with d/j (minor faults), some very minor spotting on the end-papers & page edges. 150625
459LPA-New Zealand: "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume II" by Collins & Watts (1950), hardbound, some minor spotting on the end-papers & page edges but the reprinted Chalon proofs are very fine. [A copy sold in America recently for $US207] 150190
460LANew Zealand: "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume III" by Collins & Watts (1955), hardbound, the title-page is stained otherwise very fine. [The always in demand postal history volume. A copy sold in America recently for $US195] 250340
461LA-New Zealand: "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume IV" by Collins & Watts (1964), hardbound, toning on the end-papers. [A copy sold in America recently for $US98] 75170
462LA-New Zealand: "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume V" by Collins Burge & Watts (1967), hardbound with d/j, minor toning on page edges. [The always in demand Dependencies volume. A copy sold in America recently for $US184] 150360
463LANew Zealand: "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume VI" by Naish & McNaught (c.1975), hardbound with d/j. 100220
464LANew Zealand: "The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume VII: Postal History 1820-1874" by McNaught (1988), hardbound with d/j. [A copy sold in America recently for $US126] 100170
465LA-New Zealand: "The Penny Universal of New Zealand" by Lee (1953), slim volume but hardbound to match the Handbook series, minor toning on end-papers. 2060
466LANew Zealand: "New Zealand Postal Routes & Rates pre-1874" by Ellott (1986), largely photocopies of the author's monumental collection, hardbound in 3 volumes. [Almost certainly the finest such collection ever formed] 200220
468LANew Zealand: "New Zealand Shipwrecks 1795-1982" by Ingram (1984), hardbound with d/j. Non-philatelic but a valuable historical record. 2550
469LANigeria: Cockrill booklets #29-31 being "The Stamps & Postal History of the Niger Territories & Niger Coast Protectorate", "Bisects & Surcharges of the Oil Rivers & Niger Coast", & "The Stamps & Postal History of Southern Nigeria", all by Nicholson. (3)2542
470LANigeria: "The Postal Services of the British Nigeria Region" by Ince & Sacher (1992), hardbound with d/j. Massive tome of 556-pages with maps & 16 colour plates. 150260
471LB/ANyasaland: "British Central Africa & Nyasaland Protectorate" by Melville (1909), cover faults; also Robson Lowe auction catalogue for "BCA" sale (14/4/1976) in which Ed Druce was vendor of one lot. (2)3029
472LAPakistan: "PAKISTAN Overprints 1947-1949" by Balgamwala (2000). 2044
473LAPakistan: "Pakistan Overprints on Indian Stamps & Postal Stationery 1947-1949" by Doubleday & Isani (1993), hardbound with d/j. [Enormous volume of 820 pages, illustrated entirely in colour] 100180
474L Pakistan: "Pakistan Overprints on India 1948-49" by Martin (1959); "... Part II: Service Stamps & Service Post Cards" by Juhl (1978); & "Gems of Pakistan: British Indian Postal Stationery & Stamps overprinted 'PAKISTAN'" by Balgamwala. (3)3060
475LAPalestine: "The Postal History of Palestine 1918-1948" by Proud (1985), long out-of-print. [A copy sold in America recently for $US69] 50110
476LA-/APapua: "Lakatoi I: British New Guinea & De La Rue" (1979, cover discoloured) and "Lakatoi II & III: Territory of Papua" (1983) both by Croaker. (2)3055
477LAPapua: "The Postal History of British New Guinea & Papua 1885-1942" by Roger Lee (1983), hardbound with d/j. An elusive book. 4065
478LAPapua: "The Postal History of British New Guinea & Papua 1885-1942" by Roger Lee (1983), hardbound with d/j, signed by the author on the title page. 4075
479LAPeru: "Prefilitalia Peruana 1772-1857" by Coloreta (1979), in Spanish & some English, attractively illustrated & with fold-out maps. 2538
480LA/BPitcairn Islands: "Pitcairn Islands: Stamps & Postal History" by Foxwell (c.1967); similarly titled work by Simpson (1972); "Pitcairn Postal History 1914-1927" by Bloom; the last with cover faults. (3)3050
481LAPortugal: Torres auction catalogue for the "Salgado Collection of Borja Freire 1853-1862" (2/10/1998). 1513
482LARhodesia: "Rhodesian Post Offices: Where & When" by Calder (1984). 1021
483LARhodesia: "North of the Zambesi: The Postmarks & Postal History of Northern Rhodesia & Zambia" by Hoyte (2nd Edn, 1983), spiral-bound. 3032
484L Scandinavia - General: "Norden Sveriges Frimärken" catalogue in 2 parts (1990), "Skandinavien Frimaerkekatalog" (1999), "Danmark Skilling 1851-1871" by Andersen & Engelau (1972), "Denmark Numeral Cancels" by Barefoot (1983), & two non-philatelic titles. 30 T46
485LASeychelles: "Seychelles: Postage Stamps & Postal History" by Farmer (1955), hardbound with d/j (faults). [A copy sold in America recently for $US40] 3038
486LASeychelles: "Seychelles: Picture Postcards 1903-1955" by Hopson (1989). 1511
487LASeychelles: Robson Lowe auction catalogues "Mauritius & Seychelles" (9/11/1976; including Danson), "The Farmer Seychelles" (11/5/1977) & "The Burnett Seychelles" (26/4/1978), all with p/r. (3)3040
488LASierra Leone: "Sierra Leone King George VI Definitive Stamps" by Walton (2001), hardbound. 4055
489LASierra Leone: "The Postal Service of Sierra Leone" by Beale (1988), hardbound with d/j. 5070
490LASolomon Islands: "British Solomon Islands" by Gisburn (1956), hardbound. 2536
491LASolomon Islands: "Postal History of United States Forces in British Solomons during World War II" by Jersey (1968), hardbound. 2026
492LA-South Africa: "The Maritime Marks of South Africa" by Allen (undated), in Afrikaans & English, minor discolouration on front cover. 1526
493LASouth Africa: "Post Office Guide 1978" (English version) with all current regulations. 2532
494LBSouth Africa: "Poskantore/Post Offices" official publication in Afrikaans & English, minor separation. 2522
495LASouth Africa: "Railway Stamps of South Africa" by Hagen & Naylor (1985), hardbound, with 4 colour plates. 2555
496LA-South Africa: "South African Postal Slogans" by Vermaak (1979), in English, minor faults on spine. 15 T36
497LA-South Africa: "De Postwaardestikken van Zuid-Afrika/The Postal Stationery of South Africa Part 2: 1910-1997" by Quik (1998), minor split at top of spine. 4055
498LASouth Africa - Provinces: "De Postwaardestikken van Zuid-Afrika/The Postal Stationery of South Africa Part 1: The Provinces" by Quik & Jonkers (1998), in Afrikaans & English. 4055
499LASouth Africa - Provinces: Harmers of New York auction catalogue for the "Dale-Lichtenstein Collection of Cape of Good Hope" (25-26/11/1989), with p/r. 2544
500LASouth Africa - Provinces: Christie's Robson Lowe auction catalogue of the "Bonaventure Collection of Triangular Issues" (9/9/1993), hardbound, with p/r. 2042
501LASouth Africa - Provinces: "The Handstruck Letter Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope & the Postmarks from 1792-1910" by Jurgens (1943), being a hardbound facsimile edition. 6048
502LASouth Africa - Provinces: "The Postal Markings of Natal" by Hart, Kantey & Leon (1977), hardbound. 2542
503LASouth West Africa: "The Postage Stamps & Cancellations of the Post Offices in German SWA" by Friedemann (1967), the English translation by Wittman with price revisions by Putzel & Morrison (1980), hardbound with d/j. As new. 4085
504LASouth West Africa: "Handbook of Postmarks of South West Africa under South African Administration" by Putzel (1977), hardbound. 5070
505LBSouth West Africa: "Handbook of Postmarks of South West Africa under South African Administration" by Putzel (1977), hardbound. 4065
506LASouth West Africa: "The Postal Stationery of SWA 1888-1990" by Quik & Stolk (1993), all text in Afrikaans & English; plus Pricelist (1998). 4065
507LASouthern Rhodesia: "The Postmarks, Postal Routes & Principal Postage Rates of Southern Rhodesia to 1924" by Knight & Mitchell (1984), hardbound with d/j. 3065
508?ASpain: "Catálogo multimedia de Sellos de España: 1950-1996" CD-Rom by Afinsa, apparently in Spanish & English but has never been unwrapped. 05
509LA-Spain: "A Postal History of Spain" by van Dam (1972) being Collectors Club Handbook No 24, minor blemishes on the cover. 1510
510LASpain: "Porteos y Cartografía en la Prefilatelia Española" by Alonso García (undated), being Cuadernos de Filatelia No 12, in Spanish, extensively illustrated with many maps. 2522
511LA-Spain: "The Post Office Markings of Madrid 1757-1900" by Crew (1976) for The Spanish Philatelic Society, minor blemishes on cover. 1510
512LASt Helena: "St Helena: Postal History & Stamps" by Hibbert (1979), hardbound with d/j. 30105
513LASt Helena: "St Helena: The Philately of the Camps for Boer Prisoners of War 1900-1902" by Mabbett (1985), marred by poor photocopied illustrations. 2075
514LASt Kitts-Nevis: "A Study of the KGVI Stamps of St. Kitts-Nevis 1938-50" by Baldwin (1997). 2540
515LASt Vincent: "St Vincent" by Pierson, Messenger & Lowe (1971), hardbound with d/j. 3090
516LCSt Vincent: "Saint Vincent" by Napier & Bacon (1895), hardbound but with the cover largely separated, minor toning that could be trimmed-off if the book were to be rebound. Rare. 4055
517LASt Vincent: Robson Lowe auction catalogue of the "Messenger Saint Vincent" (11/1/1983), with p/r. 1510
518LASwaziland: "The Postal History of Swaziland & Zululand" by Proud (1996), hardbound with d/j. Premier retail $82.50. 6065
519LA/A-Sweden: Postmark texts Sveriges Filatelist-Föbund "Specialhandbok Nr 4: ...Lösenstämplarna 1843-1874" by Ivarsson (1974); "...Nr 5:Datumstämplar Del I. Bagsämplar" by Stenberg (1974); & "...Nr 6 ...Del II. Fyrkantstämplar" by Stenberg (1974); all in Swedish but well illustrated. (3)40 T28
520LASweden: "Handbok över Göteborgs-Stämplar" ["Postmarks of Gothenburg"] by Göteborgs Filatelist-Förening (1977). In Swedish. 2014
521LASwitzerland: Feldman auction catalogue of "Canton of Geneva: The Collection" (14/6/2000), hardbound. [Superlative selection of 24 items offered as one lot with an estimate of SFr1,500,000-2,500,000] 15 T34
522LASwitzerland: Harmers of New York auction catalogue for the "Dale-Lichtenstein Collection of Switzerland" (8/12/1989), with p/r. 2032
523LBSwitzerland: "Handuch der Schweizer Vorphilatelie 1695-1850" by Winkler (1968), hardbound, few minor blemishes. In German. 4036
524LATibet: "The Postal History of Tibet" by Waterfall (2nd Edn, 1981), hardbound with p/r. 2544
525LATokelau Islands: "The Postal History & Postage Stamps of the Tokelau/Union Islands" by Burgess (1977), hardbound. 3044
526LATristan Da Cunha: "The History & Postal History of Tristan da Cunha" by Crabb (1980), spiral-bound & with the cover laminated. 3095
527LATristan Da Cunha: "Social Philately: Letters from the Loneliest island in the World" by Richard Peck (1991), spiral-bound. 2014
528LATurkey: David Feldman auction catalogues for "Turkey: Levant: Middle East" (17/11/1997, incl "Kinsky Turkey Part II" & "Mayo Anatolia") and (11/11/1999, incl "Oscar Post Offices in the Ottoman Empire" & "Turkey: The First [Toughra] Issue"). (2)2532
529LATurkey: "Postal Cancellations of the Ottoman Empire Part IV: Turkey in Asia" by Coles & Walker (1970s). Still shrink-wrapped as purchased. 3027
530LATurks & Caicos Islands: "Turks Islands & Caicos Islands to 1950" by Challis (1983), hardbound. [Appears to a quality facsimile of the original] 2555
531LAUnited States: Shreves auction catalogue of the "William Floyd Collection of United States Postage & Revenue Stamps" (23-25/10/2001), hardbound with d/j, with p/r. [An extraordinary collection of 1962 lots illustrated entirely in colour in a sumptuous volume of over 500pp. One of the finest auction catalogues yet. Exceptional reference volume, especially for Revenues & Postal Stationery] 100 T145
532LAUnited States: Kelleher auction catalogue of the "Sierra Madre Collection of 1847 Stamps & Covers" (5/3/1991), with p/r. [One would have to say this is a disappointing catalogue for such an important collection] 15 T10
533LAUnited States: "The 3c Stamp of the 1851-57 Issue" by Chase (1929, revised 1942), the Quarterman facsimile edition (1975), hardbound with d/j (minor tears). 3042
534LAUnited States: Christies New York auction catalogues of the Weill Brothers "Postmasters' Provisionals" & "Important USA Stamps & Covers" (both 12/10/1989), each hardbound with d/j, p/r. [The pair sold in America recently for $US62] 4540
535LAUnited States: Bundle of better auction catalogues mostly Siegel incl "Vernon Morris" (26/9/1997), "Rose 1869 Pictorials" (27/9/1997), "Confederate States Postal History" (11/12/1995), "Sevenoaks Imperforate Issues" (9/5/1998) etc. (7)3531
536LAUnited States: "Gold Rush Steamers of the Pacific" by Wiltsee (1976), hardbound with d/j. 3527
537LAUnited States: "A Postal History/Cancellation Study of the US Pacific Islands (including the Trust Territories)" by Murphy (1983), hardbound. 3032
538LAUnited States: "US International Postal Rates 1872-1996" by Wawrukiewicz & Beecher (1996), hardbound. 100100
539LAUnited States: "United States Incoming Steamship Mail 1847-1875" by Wieringa (1983), hardbound. [A copy sold in America recently for $US46] 3544
540LAUnited States: "American Air Mail Catalog Volume Four: Trans-Oceanic Record Flights" (5th Edn, 1981), hardbound. Still the current edition. [A copy sold in America recently for $US40] 3090
541LAUnited States: "The Richard Winter Collection of US-France Mails by Steamship 1838 to General Postal Union", spiral-bound photocopies of this International Large Gold Medal collection (c.1998). 3028
542LAUnited States: "A Caribbean Neptune: Maritime Postal Communications of the Greater & Lesser Antilles in the 19th Century" by Stone (1993), hardbound. [A copy sold in America recently for $US46] 4050
543LAUnited States: "Letter Post Communication between the United States & Europe 1845-75" by Hargest (2nd edn, 1975), hardbound with (stained) d/j. [One of the most decorated philatelic works of all time, but not the most expensive] 5036
544LAUnited States: Christie's auction catalogue for the "Ryohei Ishikawa United States Stamps & Covers 1847-1869" (28-29/9/1993), hardbound with d/j, with p/r. [Magnificent catalogue of almost 400pp with 746 awe-inspiring lots all illustrated in colour] 6044
545LAUnited States - Hawaii: Robson Lowe auction catalogues for the "Leman" (Geneva, 2/5/1975) & "Spencer" (Bermuda, 2/12/1976) collections, both with p/r. (2)25 T18
546LAUnited States - Hawaii: Robert Siegel auction catalogues for "The Honolulu Advertiser Collection" (7-11/11/1995), 3 hardbound volumes each with matching d/j, with p/r. A magnificent set of books that took auction catalogue production to new heights. [A set sold in America recently for $US100] (3)150105
547LAUnited States - Hawaii: Robert Siegel auction catalogue for the "Aall Collection of Hawaiian Stamps & Covers" (11-12/11/1998), with p/r. 2522
548LBUruguay: "A Study of the Stamps of Uruguay" by Griebert (1910), with 7 plates, needs rebinding & the cover is defective but the pages & plates are fine. Rare. 150140

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