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549C 1944-51 annotated group of covers carried on various Re-Opening of Service Flights by BOAC, Qantas & ANA. (13)200250
550*C Single-volume annotated collection remainders with covers & airmail stamps from many countries incl Germany, Austria, Canada, Italy, USA etc, includes some post-WWII material. 200380
551PS Austria: 1915 Siege of Przemysl Field Postcards to Bohemia or Hungary with 'Fliegerpost...' or 'Ballonpost...' cachet, inwards cover (water-stained, still attractive) with monoplane woodcut "stamp" in violet, another similar unused envelope (apparently enclosed in the previous item), unused Field Postcard with similar "stamp" in black. Rare group. (5)500380
552CLBCanada: 1918 (Aug 26) Toronto-Ottawa OHMS cover (apparently re-used with FPO cds obscured by 3c brown) with Toronto duplex & very fine double-boxed 'AERIAL MAIL/TORONTO, CANADA.' d/s in violet, Aero Club of Canada "flaming Zeppelin" label (no value; CLP1) tied to reverse by ornamental 'BY/AEROPLANE/Ottawa Canada' d/s in blue, light fold through the label is of no great moment, the cover slightly reduced at right, Cat $C1200. 400800
553*/**A A1Canada: 1918 (Aug) Aero Club of Canada 25c "flaming Zeppelin" label CLP2 tète-bêche pair, perfectly centred, one unit very lightly mounted, the other unmounted, Cat $C950+. 600750
554WB A1Canada: 1919 (Aug) Aero Club of Canada Toronto-New York $1 blue & red semi-official label CLP3 marginal example from base of the sheet, minor pinkish hue caused by soaking, as is often the case, Cat $C200. 7595
555CACanada: 1919 (Aug 25) Toronto-New York with Aero Club of Canada $1 blue & red semi-official label CLP3 tied to reverse by double-boxed 'AERIAL MAIL/TORONTO CANADA' d/s in blue, 3c tied by Canadian National Exhibition slogan cancel of Toronto, Cat $365. 300300
556CLBCanal Zone: 1918 (Oct 19) official "penalty" envelope with Fourth Liberty Loan 'Ocean to Ocean Aero Mail Service' opt, commemorative cachets applied at Cristobal in blue & Balboa Heights in purple. 150160
557C France: Single-volume annotated collection incl 1910 Nantes 10c label (mint), 1919 Constantinople-Bucharest (roughly opened), 1925 Dakar-Paris, array of later flights to or from South America, Africa, Asia, Pacific etc, many with flight cachets. (34)4002200
558CA-France: 1910 Nantes Aviation Meeting cover with 5c tied by 'NANTES-AVIATION/18-8-10' cds, 10c black blue & pink commemorative label affixed to face, light vertical fold clear of the stamps. [The 10c label was the world's first "stamp" to depict an aeroplane]. 250180
559*PCAFrance: 1925 (Feb) Paris-Dakar with Exhibition 25c & Le Maitre/Arrachard perforated label (marginal example, signed across the map) tied by flight cachet; also a mint example of the label & an imperforate proof on thin card. [Cachet on reverse states the flight set a world record for a trip in a straight line (4600km)] 250300
560C France - Ballon Monté: Annotated remainders with unused printed lettersheet & postcards (2), seven flown items of very mixed quality incl 21/10/1870 with fine strike of the huge Aerostiers cachet in red, 27/12/1870 to GB redirected with 1d red to pay forwarding fee etc, also fine example of the "Mrs Simpson" forgery & an entire from attempted balloon flight into Paris; plus telegram forms (2) with forwarded messages received at Tours by pigeon post. 6002300
561CBFrance - Ballon Monte: 1870 (Sep 25) entire to 'ELBEUF' (b/s), 20c (small faults) tied by fine '16'-in-star cancel with 'PARIS/R.DE PALESTRO' cds alongside, 'PARIS A CAEN' & 'CHERBOURG A PARIS' TPO transit b/s, a little soiled. [Dates are consistent with carriage per Les États-Unis which flew on 29th September]. 200290
562CBFrance - Ballon Monte: 1870 (Sep 28) makeshift postcard to Tours with 10c tied by 'PARIS/GROS-GAILLOC' cds, the card trimmed at top (affecting the stamp) to reduce the weight to the 3 grams limit. [Carried per an unmanned & unnamed balloon. Vendor states the mail was confiscated by the Prussians] 200210
563CBFrance - Ballon Monté: 1870 (Sep 29) part-flimsy to London (arrival cds on face) "Par Ballon monté" with very fine 30c tied by fair '16' star cancel, 'PARIS/R.TAITBOUT' cds alongside. [The dates are consistent with carriage per La Céleste] 200340
564CAFrance - Ballon Monté: 1870 (Nov 3) flimsy to Vermanton "Par Ballon monté" with fine Ceres 20c tied by fine 'PARIS/(SC)' cds in red, no arrival marking. [The date is consistent with carriage per Le Ferdinand-Fiocon or Galilé. The 'SC' (Service Central) cds in red was noted by Champion as "the only special postal cachet for the Ballons monté] 250340
565CBFrance - Ballon Monté: 1870 (Nov 23) flimsy envelope to Belgium "par Ballon monté" with 'PARIS/R. MONTAIGNE' cds & small boxed 'PD' h/s in red, Bruxelles transit & 'ST JOSSE TEN NOODE' arrival b/s. [The dates are consistent with carriage per La Ville d'Orléans which landed in Norway, having dropped one bag of mail over the Norwegian coastline. Vendor states this item with stamps washed-off is from the recovered mailbag. Gibbons price such items at £950] 250420
566CBFrance - Ballon Monté: 1870 (Dec 10) flimsy to Nantes "par Ballon monté", Ceres 20c (fault) with '18' star cancel & 'PARIS R. D'AMSTERDAM' cds alongside. [The date is consistent with carriage per Poste de Paris] 150280
567CAFrance - Ballon Monté: 1871 (Jan 5) "par Ballon monté", fine Ceres 20c with star cancel & 'PARIS PL DE LA ECUPEE' (?) cds alongside. [The date is consistent with carriage per Le Duquesne] 200290
568CAGermany: 1912 black/grey Flugpostkarte with Germania 5pf plus 'LUFTPOST' 30pf green (Mi III) x3 all tied by very fine 'Flugpost an Rhein am Main/Darmstadt/23.6.12/*' cds, Cat Dm900 (1995). 300210
569CAGermany: a similar black/orange Flugpostkarte with Germania 5pf plus 'LUFTPOST' 1mk on 10pf Mi IV tied by very fine 'Flugpost an Rhein am Main/Darmstadt/19.6.12/*' cds, Cat Dm600 (1995). 200145
570C Germany: 1924-36 annotated group of Zeppelin covers mostly carried on Graf Zeppelin, excellent range of cachets & adhesives incl Zeppelins (plus a mint set). (13)5001100
571*A A1Germany: 1930 South American Flight Zeppelins 2m & 4m Mi 438-9, lightly mounted. 250220
572CCGreat Britain: 1910 (Aug 10) Empire Illustrated PPC (illustration of the magazine on the front) with printed message advising " was carried in the first aeroplane mail" & overprint in red "Although boisterous weather conditions prevented the experiment being carried out in its entirety, this card was carried by Aeroplane for over seven miles...", rounded corners & minor blemishes. [Vendor states this flight from Blackpoot towards Southport was the world's first aeroplane mail]. 5001700
573CAGreat Britain: 1911 Coronation Air Mail PPC with illustration in greenish black, fine '.../AERIAL POST/SP9/1911/LONDON/ 1 ' cds being the first day of the service. 150105
574CBGreat Britain: ditto, with illustration in greenish black, '.../AERIAL POST/SP16/1911/WINDSOR/ 2 ' cds, couple of minor blemishes. 10070
575CBGreat Britain: ditto, with illustration in brown, superb '.../AERIAL POST/SP16/1911/WINDSOR/ 2 ' cds, couple of minor blemishes. 10070
576CBGreat Britain: ditto, with illustration in brown, fine '.../AERIAL POST/SP9/1911/LONDON/ 6 ' cds (used at Hendon Aerodrome), signed on the reverse by all 4 pilots involved in the service "Clement Greswell", "CHubert", "EFDriver" & "GWHamel" (who flew this first mail). Significant item. [Addressed to the wife of Captain Guy Livingston, a member of the African Aviation Syndicate that conducted the 1911 airmails in South Africa] 5001800
577CAGreat Britain: "privilege envelope" with illustration in violet, very fine '.../AERIAL POST/SP16/1911/WINDSOR/ 1 ', addressed to Captain Walter Windham ("founder" of the service & endorsed to that effect). [With enclosed letterhead inscribed 'FIRST UNITED KINGDOM/Aerial/Post' in violet] 500900
578CCGreat Britain: 1919 (June) stampless cover addressed to Lancashire but endorsed on the flap "Carried by first aerial/post Britain to USA/on/HM Airship/R34", 'SELMAH/NO8/19/N.S' (reversed month slug) & 'HALIFAX/CANADA' cds both on face & reverse, 'T/30'-in-circle tax h/s applied in Canada & large '3D' h/s applied at London, Postage Due 3d tied by 'TODMORDEN' cds, with fabulous endorsement on reverse "This letter dropped by HM Airship R34/on July 5th 1919 and picked up at/Selmah Hants Co NS by Milton Weldon/on Nov8/19. Forwarded to Halifax NS/by CS Waugh/Postmaster", remarkably good condition, opened-out for display; also the enclosed letter that states "I am arranging to send this letter to New York by HM Airship R34 leaving on Tuesday morning. It should be posted in New York when the airship arrives...", triple-oval 'SOUTH-EASTERN COMMAND/27JUN1919/ROYAL AIR FORCE' datestamp, minor soiling [The mailbag was dropped by parachute but burst on impact. 14 items were recovered in November] 10004800
579C Great Britain: 1927-40 Imperial Airways annotated collection in two volumes with covers to & from Asia, Africa & Australia including scarce intermediates, some with contents. (55)3001500
580CAGreat Britain: 1934 (April) registered cover to Brazil "By German Air Mail" with 'DEUTSCHE LUFTPOST/[zeppelin]/ EUROPA-SÜDAMERIKA' cachet in red & Pernambuco arrival b/s. 10070
581CAIndia: 1911 (Feb 18) cover with 2½a tied by very fine strike of the 41mm 'FIRST AERIAL POST/ [biplane]/1911/U.P. EXHIBITION ALLAHABAD' pictorial cds in magenta, very fine boxed registration h/s of the Exhibition Camp, Allahabad & Jubbulpore registration b/s. [This was the world's first official airmail. It was organised by Capt Walter Windham & this cover may be addressed by him]. 250380
582CCIndia: ditto, large PPC of the pilot in the biplane & signed "HPecquet" on the view side, to GB with 1a cancelled with the pictorial cachet unusually in black and with another equally fine example in magenta at lower-left, couple of creases & few minor blemishes still attractive. [Only 40 such PPCs were carried. A similar example but with the cancel in magenta as usual sold for £414 at a GB auction in 2000] 7502600
583PSBIndia: 1918 (Dec 13) GB-India, Indian ½a Envelope endorsed "per HMA Old Carthusian" in red & 'FIRST THROUGH AERIAL MAIL/GREAT BRITAIN TO INDIA/KARACHI 14.1.1919' h/s in magenta, signed at lower-left by flight crew "NDKMacEwen/Brig Gen", "ACStuart-MacLaren/Major" (this item is addressed to his daughter) & "DHalley/Capt", the stamp impression cut by Karachi cds, few minor tonespots. 2501800
584CBIndia: 1925 cover to GB with Anglo-India Air Survey black/green label & triangular cachet in violet, Indian 2a uncancelled, taxed 3d at London & Postage Due 3d tied by cds, signed on reverse "ABElliott/Engineer", minor blemishes. [The pilot was Alan Cobham] 150230
585CBIndia: 1925 (Feb 19) Anglo-India Air Survey flight by Alan Cobham with Calcutta-Karachi black/pink label & triangular h/s in violet, signed "ArthurBElliott/Engineer" on reverse. 200250
586CAIraq: 1919 (Feb 25) OAS cover to GB with superb Indian-type 'FPO 55/24FEB19/+' cds & very fine boxed 'POSTAL SERVICE MEF/AERIAL MAIL, BAGHDAD-CAIRO/BY 31ST WING RAF MESOPOTAMIA' cachet in magenta, with contents. [Owing to a series of misfortunes it actually took 3 separate planes to make the journey]. 3001600
587CBIraq: ditto, very similar item of 11MAR19 carried on the second Baghdad-Cairo RAF flight, horizontal fold at base. 2001300
588CCIraq: ditto, similar item carried on the third Baghdad-Cairo RAF flight Indian-type 'FPO 85/12MAY19' cds on reverse, 'CIVIL POSTS/AERIAL/IRAQ' cachet in red on face, vertical fold with minor splitting at top. Rare. 2001250
589C Iraq: 1921-25 Royal Air Force flights between Baghdad & Cairo mounted collection of official & civilian covers with array of adhesives, air mail markings/labels etc. Very attractive group. (26 items)5002200
590CBIraq: 1926 (Dec 21) Iraq-India with 6a tied by boxed '.../By Light Aeroplane/with Messrs Stack & Leete' h/s & Bagdad cds, Karachi arrival b/s, signed "GNevilleStack" on face, horizontal & vertical folds and small tear at top. 200140
591CAItaly: 1911 PPC with 5c tied by one of two very fine strikes 'POSTA AEREA/RAID AVIATORIO/ Milano-Torino-Milano/...' for Aero Club of Milan air race. 100105
592C Italy: 1917 Turin-Rome commemorative PPC; return flight covers with the 2 different cds; Naples-Palermo (Sicily) & the return (stained) seaplane flights. [The Turin-Rome opt was the world's first official airmail stamp] (5)150180
593*A/A-Italy: 1930 Balbo Massed Formation Flight 7L70 Mi 361, small hinge remainder; also the 1933 triptyches Mi 445 & 446 each with '1-BALB' opt, lightly mounted. 150260
594CAItaly: 1930 (Dec) Balbo Massed Formation Flight to Brazil commemorative cover addressed to Balbo, with 1L25 & 7L70 Mi 361 tied by 'POSTA AEREA/CROCIERA/ITALIA-BRASILE/...' machine cancel, the face bearing the signatures of Balbo & 17 other pilots. Impressive souvenir. [We seem to have under-valued this item. A very similar cover was offered in Italy recently for €1850 - approx $A3200!] 4001000
595CA-Italy: 1933 Balbo Massed Formation Flight to America with Colisseum triptyche Mi 446 optd '1-BORG' (Cat Dm2500 used) tied by Firenze cds with registration label below, commemorative cds on the reverse & cachet in green on face, single pinhole at top doesn't affect the stamps. 7501600
596CAMauritius: 1937 (Jan 20) cover to GB with KGV 25c x5 tied by 'QUATRE BORNES' cds, very fine 'MAURICE-FRANCE/1ere Liaison aeropostale/Avion Roland Garros/Voyage de retour' h/s. [50 items carried]. 150170
597C Netherlands: 1930-53 single-volume annotated collection of KLM flights to & from Netherlands Indies & beyond to Australia & New Zealand, also to & from South America, North America, Africa etc, many illustrated and/or with flight cachets. (34)300400
598*ANew Zealand: 1930 Dominion Airlines 6d labels comprising Hastings-Gisborne (2, one with 'AIRWAYS' error, the other with type-written correction) & imperf Gisborne-Hastings. (3)100160
599*/**ANew Zealand: ditto, 6d Hastings-Gisborne with 'AIRWAYS' error complete sheetlet of 6, large-part o.g. with four units being unmounted. 200260
600*/**ANew Zealand: ditto, 6d Hastings-Gisborne with 'AIRLINES' typed over 'AIRWAYS' complete sheetlet of 6, large-part o.g. with five units being unmounted. 200440
601CA/BNew Zealand: 1930-31 Dominion Airways covers each with 1d postage plus 6d label comprising Hastings-Gisborne with 'AIRLINES' typed over 'AIRWAYS', imperf Gisborne-Hastings (used one day only) & two different post-suppression cut-down versions, all signed by pilot "GBBolt". [The labels were banned on 29/12/1930. Subsequent usage was with 'SIXPENCE' removed, usually by cutting-down the label] (4)2001000
602CANew Zealand: 1931 (Jan 5) cover with illustration of route & 'DOMINION AIRLINES LTD/HASTINGS-GISBORNE' h/s, signed by pilot "GBBolt". [See also the 44 lots listed under "New Zealand: Great Barrier Island Pigeon Post"] 10070
603*A B1Newfoundland: 1919 $1 on 15c SG 143, large-part o.g. 100135
604CCNewfoundland: 1919 (June 14) Alcock & Brown flight to Ireland, cover to "Chief Staff Officer/Newfoundland Contingent" in London with $1 on 15c No Stop after 'POST' SG 143a tied by St John's machine cancel, tear at left & few minor blemishes that don't affect the stamp. 1501050
605CANewfoundland: 1930 (Oct 9) flight to GB endorsed "Per Air Mail Columbia Hr Grace to London England" with Pictorial 14c Tower & Caribou 36c (no, it's not overprinted) tied by St John's slogan cancel. 150420
606CCNewfoundland: 1932 (May 20) Dornier flight, addressed to Horrie Chisholm in New Zealand, with $1.50 on $1 Map tied by St John's slogan cancel, faults at upper-right just impinge on the stamp. 100525
607CBNewfoundland: 1933 use of 'NEWFOUNDLAND POSTAL TELEGRAPHS' envelope to Italy with 7c 10c & $4.50 on 75c Balbo Flight Opt SG 235 all tied by 'SHOAL HARBOUR' cds, '.../ITALIA-NORD AMERICA' flight cachet in blue, central vertical fold. 6001700
608CASouth Africa: 1911 (Dec 27) official Aerial Post PPC carried on the first flight from Kenilworth to Muizenberg with the commemorative datestamps of both offices, 'RECORD BRANCH' b/s, signed by the pilot "EFDriver". 5001700
609CASouth Africa: ditto, similar item carried on the return flight from Muizenberg to Kenilworth unusually with the commemorative datestamps of both offices. [Wyndham in "Air Posts of South Africa" says "The return mail...was not stamped to show arrival at Kenilworth..."] 7502100
610CBSouth Africa: 1918 (Oct 7) Red Cross flights Capetown Series "large wings" PPC carried on the first such flight, 1d tied by one of two strikes 'AERIAL POST' cds, small closed tear at top. 200240
611CASouth Africa: ditto, Johannesburg Series "small wings" PPC carried on the first Transvaal flight, ½d tied by very fine strike of the 'AERIAL POST' cds. [This flight was from the Wanderers Cricket Ground] 300420
612CASouth Africa: 1925 (Nov 16) GB-South Africa PPC with perforated "Flight" label in vermilion tied by oval 'BY SPECIAL AIR MAIL/16-11-25/LONDON/-CAPE TOWN' cachet in violet, signed by the pilot "AlanJCobham". [Message from the editor of Flight magazine to the South African PMG: "To blaze the Trail"] 15002100
613CBSouth Africa: another example with the Flight label tied by the violet cachet & Cape Town arrival slogan cancel, signed "AlanJCobham", couple of minor blemishes. 12502000
614CBSouth Africa: 1926 (Feb 26) South Africa-GB cover (Queen's Hotel, Sea Point embossing on the flap) with perforated "Flight" label in vermilion affixed at lower-left, signed by the pilot "By Aeroplane/Carried by/AlanJCobham", no postal markings, horizontal fold doesn't affect the label or the autograph. [No more than 20 items were carried on the return flight] 10001800
615C South America: 1931-35 Zeppelin flights to Germany from Brazil (9, several with Zeppelin opts, also 1931 Opts mint set), Argentina (registered) or Chile (registered) with good range of cachets. (11)400400
616C United States: 1918-36 remainders incl 1918 covers with 16c or 24c, 1919 cover with 24c, 1928 & 1929 Graf Zeppelin flights, 1931 New York-Budapest commemorative PPC, 1934 New York-Warsaw, 1936 Hindenburg flights (4), and a couple of oddments. 400650
617*AUnited States: 1918 Airmails 6c to 24c (exceptional centring) Scott #C1-3, with large-part o.g. Unusually fine set. 250200
618*/**A A1United States: 1918 Airmails 24c Scott #C3 Center Line block of 4, large-part o.g. with minor hinge remainder at top & the lower units unmounted. 500550
619CLA-United States: 1918 Aero Club of America cover to New York with 24c Scott #C3 tied by 'AIR MAIL SERVICE WASH.N.Y. PHILA/MAY/15/1918/FIRST TRIP/WASHINGTON' cancel, superb 'AERIAL MAIL...VIA NEW YORK' h/s in purple, Cat $US750. 500360
620CLCUnited States: 1918 Aerial League of America cover to Baltimore with 24c Scott #C3 tied by 'AIR MAIL SERVICE WASH.N.Y.PHILA/MAY/15/1918/FIRST TRIP/NEW YORK' cancel in purple, 'VIA/AEROPLANE MAIL' "wings" h/s in purple, faint 'Not claimed at/Baltimore Post Office' h/s, bit of creasing & few minor defects, Cat $US750. [With enclosed roneo'd letter on Aerial League letterhead stating "...the forerunner of a network of aero mail lines which will cover the entire world within a few years...You can help in bringing about this development by using...the Aero Post at every opportunity..."] 300210
621CBUnited States: 1918 Eugene Klein cover to New York with 24c Scott #C3 tied by large-part 'AIR MAIL SERVI[CE WASH.]N.Y.PHILA/MAY/15/1918/FIRST TRIP/PHILA.' cancel, minor soiling, Cat $US750. [The smallest of the 3 first day mails] 500460
622CA/BUnited States: 1918 (June) New York-Boston Experimental Flight two covers each with 24c but different cancels (one recut), plus the return flight with 24c tied to 1c Envelope by 'BOSTON/-TO-/NEW YORK' h/s. [One with enclosed letter on Aero Club of America letterhead: this you have to see to believe!] (3)300420
623CLAUnited States: 1918 (July 15) Washington-New York National Aerial Coast Patrol Commission cover & New York-Washington Aero Club of America cover each with 16c Scott #C2 tied by airmail cancel in purple or black. [Rate reduced on 15th July to attract greater patronage] (2)200150
624CLBUnited States: 1918 (Aug 15) New York-Washington National Aerial Coast Patrol Commission cover with 16c Scott #C2 tied by airmail cancel, 'FIRST TRIP BY AERIAL MAIL AERO-/PLANES PILOTED BY CIVILIAN/AVIATORS EMPLOYED BY THE POST/OFFICE DEPARTMENT' h/s in purple. [With NACPC patriotic enclosure] 150120
625CA/BUnited States: 1918 (Sept) New York-Chicago Experimental Flight with 24c tied by ovoid 'N.Y.CHIC./AERO MAIL/9.5.1918/FIRSTTRIP' d/s in purple; also return flight with 16c, 'SEND A LETTER BY AIRPLANE/ ESPECIALLY TO ONE OVER THERE/IT WILL BE A REAL TREAT' h/s. (2)200210
626CAUnited States: 1918 (Dec 16) cover with 6c orange Scott #C1 tied by 'AIRMAIL SERVICE WASH.N.Y. PHILA./DEC/16/9AM/1918/PHILA.' cancel in purple, to London with GB Censor label. 100110
627C United States: 1935-58 Pan American Airways annotated single-volume collection with 1935 Pacific Survey Flights, 1937 to & from Hong Kong, other trans-Pacific & trans-Atlantic flights, to & from Africa, Malaya, Australia etc. (53)400525

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