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     Prestige Philately Customer Testimonials


Customer Testamonials : What our Customers have to say about us

What we provide below are unsolicited statements from our clients, extracted from our daily letters, faxes and e-mails. We are extremely grateful whenever a client takes the time and trouble to express enthusiastic support for the service received from the team at Prestige Philately.

We are delighted to have a forum in which to share these comments with you.

“The auction on Saturday was a fantastic experience and it certainly showed why Prestige has the great reputation that it does…I really enjoyed the day.” - SH (8/8/2011)

“For a first time bidder, I can say without hesitation that I am dealing with an auction house with the highest integrity. I will have no hesitation whatsoever in leaving large bids on your books once again.” - AN - England (8/8/2011)

“Thanks for the fine result with my first part well ahead of estimates! with only a handful unsold lots. I would like to speak to you about the right time for selling my New Zealand collection.” - JH - Denmark (8/8/2011)

“I must give credit to Prestige Philately for devoting entire sales to material I’d have guessed would bomb or perform rather poorly, yet turns out very well…The Thailand collection of Adelaide academic Len Colgan was offered on June 24…Some of the realisations amazed me, and credit to Prestige for taking on such a collection AND getting for the vendor a far better price than any other firm on earth would have garnered…Good to see material from unusual places getting strong results, when offered lotted up carefully and promoted widely…” - Glen Stephens in his “Market Matters” column in Stamp News (August 2011)

“Another example of the global reach Prestige Philately has, was in the result earlier this year of the Tonga Inverted Centre block of 4…The battle came down to three determined overseas bidders, from three different continents…When the hammer dropped at $65,000 spontaneous applause broke out…” - Glen Stephens in his “Market Matters” column in Stamp News (August 2011)

“You have done a fine job with this "difficult" collection and I am very happy with your lotting.” - Dr DP, re the lotting of his Western Australian Railway Stamps (26/7/2012)

“The Prestige site is one of the best I know - fast & easy and no gimmicks like folding catalogue pages with paper rustling in the speaker or similar.” - RK - Germany (12/7/2011)

“First of all I must congratulate you on your excellent sale with so few unsold lots and beautiful results. Also thanks to your staff. Nick did his excellent job on the phone very professionally.” - anonymous bidder - Thailand (28/6/2011)

“The congratulations are aimed directly at you!” - Len Colgan, on the results for his Thailand (25/6/2011)

“I am so pleased to see the manner in which Len Colgan’s Thailand collection has been presented, and I am sure Len will be thrilled at your enterprise. I trust the sale is a great success.” - RK (22/6/2011)

“My compliment to your excellent catalogue presentation of Len Colgan’s collection” - VE - Eur-Seree Auctions - Thailand (22/6/2011)

“Thank you for organising the sale of my philatelic items. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.” - ID (15/6/2011)

“I continue to tell people that I am very pleased with the overall outcome.” - MB - New Zealand (14/6/2011)

“You and your team certainly are prestigious. Darrell put Prestige Philately at the very top of his list and now I know why. I
appreciate all of your help and have enjoyed working with you.” - Nancy Owen - US (7/6/2011)

“The catalog for the Len Colgan auction arrived in today's mail. Thank you so very much! What a tremendous resource and reference. It's going into my Siam/Thailand reference materials after the auction, for sure! Thanks for the free "plug" for the Society for Thai Philately (STP) in the catalog.” - FL - United States (4/6/2011)

“Again I am impressed by the Prestige service.” - TS (18/5/2011)

“Thank you for notifying me on the results of my lots in your last auction. I am very pleased with the outcome, especially for Lot 660. I intend to send you more lots when I return from Europe.” - RH (18/5/2011)

“Just wanted to thank you for the professionalism and courtesy you have extended to me throughout this process.” - JM - United States (18/5/2011)

“Firstly I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your auction catalogue for auction No 165. It is a true collectors item which I am sure I will consult for information in the future.” - KM - New Zealand (13/5/2011)

“Thank you once again for a successful and profitable auction.” - BG (12/5/2011)

“Saving $500 on a bid submitted by email is highly unusual. I say ‘unusual’ not because of the price, but because yours is the only auction house I know of that doesn’t jack the mail bids. I greatly admire and appreciate that, and will support you with the best kind of advertising there is: word of mouth.” - JB - United States (2/5/2011)

“I have been very pleased with your services....I am glad we came to you to sell the Papuan collection.” - JM - United States (28/4/2011)

“Thankyou so much Prestige for always being so helpful!!!” - Robert Siegel Auction Galleries (21/4/2011)

“The Tonga Inverted Head block was one of the most spectacular single items I have ever seen in an Aussie auction !” - RB (14/4/2011)

“Thank you and your team for a great auction. My family and I were very pleased with the results as well as the mentions of Darrell. We followed the entire auction on-line and enjoyed it tremendously. The bidding got quite exciting when Darrell's lots went up. Again I thank you for a wonderful job and such a sincere interest.” - NO - United States (1/4/2011)

“What else can I say, except THANKS!” - David Benson re sale of his Tonga Inverted Head Block of 4 for $74,750 (25/3/2011)

“Great result David...for both you and Prestige. I doubt any other auction globally would be seeing it invoiced at $US75,000.” - GS on “Stamp Boards” (28/3/2011)

“Thank you so much for taking the time to meet me and to go through the stuff I brought for you to put in a future auction. I greatly appreciate the interest you and Nick have shown over the last few years and the help you will provide in the next months before my stamps gets sold.” - RA (17/3/2011)

“My two lots arrived today in good order. I found your web site and bidding a very nice experience, much better than most auction houses.” - RW - United States (15/3/2011)

“Very many thanks for your kindness in giving the Pacific Islands Study Circle a plug in the current auction catalogue.” - JR - England (15/3/2011)

“We received the catalog for the auction. Very impressive and thank you for mentioning my father-in-law and including the picture.” - JM - United States (15/3/2011)

“The framework for the catalogue for my New Zealand Postal History is excellent and is exactly the way I would have ordered the sale.” - MB (9/3/2011)

“Congratulations on your magnificent catalogue on Pacific Islands! Wonderful and very interesting.” - FH (8/3/2011)

“Appreciate you taking the time and providing a prompt response to my Ceylon WWII query.” - JCy (4/3/2011)

“It was great to hear that you will be handling the Mark Benvie collection of NZ Routes and Rates, and like a lot of NZ Collectors I am looking forward to viewing the catalogue.” - GE - New Zealand (25/2/2011)

“Wow! That is GREAT service! I am impressed. Thank you.” - HP - United States (23/2/2011)

“Your World at War catalogue is one of the most thorough, well- documented and illustrated I have ever seen.” - MH (22/2/2011)

“Without wishing to ‘blow your bags’ for you, I must let you know that some independent stamp collecting associates of mine have given your company, and particularly yourself, glowing praise.” - LC (12/2/2011)

“What a wonderful, wonderful catalogue!...This World at War is an inspirational sale. I have never seen as many censor covers in one place before.” - MH (1/2/2011)

“Thank the Lord for great dealers and auction houses who keep the good things flowing.” - HP - United States (31/1/2011)

“Many, many thanks for the assistance provided by Prestige Philately for our feature article on stamp collecting for the forthcoming issue of ABC's ‘Collectors’ magazine.” - JB (20/1/2011)

[Re the Queensland floods] “I am very touched by your kindness. We are safe but the floods have re-awakened memories of the 1974 flood when we lost our house and home. The devastation has been frightful, again.” - JP (12/1/2011)

“You could never know how much your lovely email meant; thankyou so much.” - J (12/1/2011)

“Many thanks for your thoughts and good wishes for Queensland and NSW during these trying times.” - RS (12/1/2011)

“Thanks for the kind email. We are safe but our art supplies and picture framing business is a total loss after 4 feet of water went through the shop…You'll just have to get me twice as much for those covers now to pay for some of the bills ahead.” - PG (12//2011)

“Excellent, the introduction to John Little’s collection covers the major points and is a masterpiece of marketing to justify the estimates, promote the sale of books, help the various Military & Censorship societies and put the doubters and philatelic snobs in their place,” - Mike White - Thailand (10/1/2011)

“Thanks for your help both personally and professionally during 2010. You have been a great mentor to get me thinking in different ways.” - JJ (24/12/2010)

“Many thanks for a fabulous result for our Arms ‘SPECIMEN’ blocks. We are over the moon!” - GB (21/12/2010)

“I had a phone call from Mike today. He is VERY happy and impressed by the professionalism of Prestige and its describers. Thanks to you and all the staff at Prestige who have done a great job.” - PR - England (10/12/2010)

“Your firm is so far ahead on service it’s not funny.” - TM (7/12/2010)

“Another fantastic result, your team does a wonderful job from start to finish, the catalogues were the finest I have seen. No wonder you get top results.” - JG (7/12/2010)

“I buy from lots of art, wine and other auction catalogues all over the world and Prestige has the very best system I have ever seen. It has all the bells and whistles.” - CR - Hong Kong (7/12/2010)

“I have just reviewed your on-line Virtual Catalogue and it is without doubt the best I have ever seen. Whoever dreamt it up needs to be congratulated for his originality.” - Don Abel - United States (2/12/2010)

“I'm featuring the Nelson sale in my January Stamp News column, a mix of unexpectedly high realisations with a measure of "good value for money" results (not that high realisations are necessarily not good value for money ultimately). I think you'll be pleased with the commentary. A great pair of auctions.” - RP (30/11/2010)

“Thank you indeed for sending me the splendid Nelson catalogue. It's a gorgeous book, full of marvellous covers…I'm not a great one for applauding auction catalogues but this one of yours is really superlative.” - RH - England (30/11/2010)

“Congratulations on a VERY successful auction -- completely sold out!” - RDl (29/11/2010)

“I receive catalogues from all the major firms and yours are consistently the best produced.” - GD (29/11/2010)

“Walkley’s Western Australia was an exceptional sale and one where if I was to be more successful, I would have had to participate directly…However, I am happy with a reasonable level of success…Perhaps I should have been on the phone to push the WA Library to spend even more. Well done - another landmark sale for Prestige.” - HW- United States (29/11/2010)

“Congratulations on two absolutely marvellous catalogues and sales.” - DF - Canada (24/11/2010)

“The catalogue for my Western Australia is STUPENDOUS. I am glad I’m alive to see it! It will be treasured by the Walkley family.” - Dr Cecil Walkley (23/11/2010)

“I seldom give praise but must say the two catalogues I have just received are simply world class. Congratulations.” - DF (18/11/2010)

“Congratulations on the latest sale catalogues (Walkley & Nelson). Yours really are the best I see - and you can quote me on that!” - Hugh Jeffries, catalogue editor for Stanley Gibbons - United Kingdom (13/11/2010)

“Thanks for a great job. Fantastic!” - GD (21/10/2010)

“Many thanks for the realisation on the First Fleet letter. It was a great deal more than I’d even hoped for.” - MM - England (30/9/2010)

“Thanks for the faster payment than I am accustomed to with U.S. houses.” - JB - United States (26/9/2010)

“The catalogue [for the Ceylon] looks great…I can appreciate the amount of work which goes into the preparation of a sale such as this…Your website, where you can see all of the items extremely easily, is the model which I wish others would use.” - RF - England (13/9/2010)

“I wanted to write to you and your outstanding people regarding your recent auction. I am extremely pleased with my results, having secured four items. They were expertly described in your great catalogue, and also I wanted to thank Bev Woods in your Accounts Department and Kim Campbell for their help and guidance with your website. Truly professional people.”

“Thank you very much for the results you achieved for that small group of WA TPO's. Far beyond our expectations! Just shows what a cods was made of Harold Wilson’s collection. He deserved better.” - Andrew Norris - England (2/9/2010)

“I was more than pleasantly surprised by the results for my Pacific Islands…I was also pleased to be able to sell through someone I have known from the early years of my collecting.” - GG(17/8/2010)

“I have to confess that when you said in your first email that the First Fleet letter could fetch as much as $50,000 I took it as something of an exaggeration and thought how happy I would be if it fetched even half that amount. But you were right, and I can only say how very very pleased I am both with your professional services and your numerous personal contacts over the last couple of months. The realisation will make a real difference to our lifestyle following my retirement and I have you to thank.” - MM - United Kingdom (17/8/2010)

“I listened to the auction online via internet on Saturday. It was really interesting, and the prices you obtained were very good. It was an excellent and very professional event.” - JT (15/8/2010)

“Congratulations on the great result for the "First Fleet letter… Please don't say it went to an institution!” - John Shepherd (16/8/2010) [It didn’t!]

“Many thanks for your courteous and most helpful contribution to my Papua Airmail Monograph project.” - RK (5/8/2010)

“I am looking into selling another of my collections, Hong Kong and Shanghai, as I was pleased with the results from your auction of my Western Australia collection.” - AP - United States (3/8/2010)

“Congratulations on your new premises. Best wishes for your continued success.” - DM - United States (30/7/2010)

“Congrats on getting the new premises!!” - BH - New Zealand (30/7/2010)

“I do appreciate your ‘hands up’ attitude – it is obviously embarrassing for the boss to muck up.” - CT - England (21/7/2010)

“My stuff looks great in your catalogue. Many thanks.” - JB - United States (20/7/2010)

“This is an exciting development for you and I wish you all the very best for your future success. I personally had great success with your last auction and all items were sold on the day!!!” - PW (20/7/2010)

“Thank you so much for sharing the exciting news. I am always happy to hear the wonderful news and to know that you continue to do very well.” - Helen Bruno - United States (20/7/2010)

“A very big WELL DONE on your move to drop your vendor commission by a third, this is a huge positive for you and is now another reason for us to recommend your firm whenever anyone asks us who we think they should take their collection to…We ALWAYS highly recommend Prestige, and you already know that whenever we are ready to sell any of our collections we NEVER consider anyone other than Prestige. We are overseas at the moment, made possible partly because of the great results from the sales of our major collections” - KD (20/7/2010)

“I am sure the new premises at Boronia will lead to an increase in interest and activity.” - Frank Hedges (19/7/2010)

“Congratulations on your new premises. Best wishes for your continued success.” - DM - United States (19/7/2010)

“Congrats on getting the new premises!!” - BH - New Zealand (19/7/2010)

“I have been following your auctions for some time, and am very aware of your professionalism and success.” - JT (19/7/2010)

“Thanks so much for the stamp result: I was very happy!” - SG (14/7/2010)

“Thank you Gary for the excellent job you have done on my consignment. I note you have taken great care and have picked out the better items. Excellent. “ - AN - England (9/7/2010)

“Thanks so much for the stamp result: I was very happy!” - SG (14/7/2010)

“Thank you Gary for the excellent job you have done on my consignment. I note you have taken great care and have picked out the better items. Excellent. “ - AN - England (9/7/2010)

I would like to compliment you on another remarkable sale, presented in yet another splendid catalogue. You provided photographs of both sides of two stamps in which I was interested. I know it can’t be done without taking a significant amount of extra trouble. Well done!” - Prof JL - New Zealand (5/7/2010)

“Thanks again for the great results!” - NW (30/6/2010)

“Your catalogue for the Peter Troy sale [28/7/2009] gets my vote as the best produced by any auction house in 2009.” - Hugh Jefferies, Editor of the Stanley Gibbons catalogues and “Gibbons Stamp Monthly” (16/6/2010)

“I’ve just checked my vendor results online. WOW!” - LN (14/6/2010)

“Once again, many thanks for your excellent handling of my New South Wales stamps.” - JM (8/6/2010)

“I mustn't forget to compliment you most highly on the extreme high quality of your auction catalogs. They are destined to be permanent fixtures on a lot of library shelves. Keep it up!” - RN - United States (1/6/2010)

“Your sponsoring of the post office's polo shirts was a brilliant piece of marketing. Well done indeed.” - BL - Canada (21/5/2010)

“Your virtual catalogue is BRILLIANT!!” - KP (5/5/2010)

“I am very pleased with the items from the John Williams collection. Your packing and treatment of these exquisite rarities put many of the larger auction houses to shame. Prestige is probably one of philately's best kept secrets…” - IA - Malaysia (23/4/2010)

“An absolutely great result from the recent rarities sale. Thank you again for your professionalism and expertise.” - DC (21/4/2010)

“Congratulations, this is wonderful, wishing you great success with your Sydney venture. It is exciting and I am very happy to see your business grow.” - HB - United States (78/4/2010)

“Congratulations to Gary and all concerned with the news in your recent broadcast email. Keep up the outstanding work.” - RW (31/3/2010)

“Congratulations!!!! Your broadcast email is beautifully written. I love the tone. Only a very evolved, humble and progressive entrepreneur would celebrate and share his achievements this way.” - LW (29/3/2010)

“Many thanks for my stamps: received in excellent condition.” - AM - England (22/3/2010)

“Many thanks for your prompt, thoughtful and comprehensive reply. I do of course fully understand the points you make about the bidding game, but will have a look at your articles from which I'm sure I'll learn a lot.” - MK - Scotland (19/3/2010)

“I am delighted with the stamps and will certainly bid in future auctions.“ - CJ - England (18/3/2010)

“The stamps were beautifully packed, and were every bit as nice as I had hoped.” - MK - Scotland (18/3/2010)

“Thank you very much for the hardbound catalogue of the John Williams Sale: there are some catalogue which are ephemeral, and others which are a joy to keep…and the John Williams catalogue is one of those.” - DH - England (17/3/2010)

“I want to let you know that I received my lots via FedEx today and I am very happy with them. The quality is excellent…I was very impressed with the speed with which my lots arrived.” - JH - Canada (17/3/2010)

“Many thanks for entering these outstanding catalogues into Canberra 2010. The quality of reproduction and the detailed descriptions are exemplary, setting standards rarely seen in auction catalogues…” - judges’ critique for “The Peter Troy BNG & Papua” and “The Brian Peace Pre-Stamp Postal History of New South Wales”, both of which were awarded Vermeil Medals (16/3/2010)

“Thankyou for intervening in this matter successfully on my behalf. It just shows you how much influence you have.” - UR - England (16/3/2010)

“Thanks to you all for a very fast and professional service, and congratulations on a superb catalogue.” - JK - England (15/3/2010)

“Well done, you've had fantastic results for the John Williams Collection.” - SG - United Kingdom (11/3/2010)

“Congratulations to all on a job well done and excellent results.” - JG (11/3/2010)

“Thanks again for the helpful advice and concerns. I plan to continue to be a regular bidder in your outstanding auctions!” - PB - United States (11/3/2010)

“Gary, Gary, Gary. Congratulations! Four unsolds was a terrific result.” - TC (11/3/2010)

“Just read your e-mail about the John Williams auction results. Congratulations! You made a bold move and it paid off. I'm not surprised though: it was a lovely catalogue.” - CM - Canada (11/3/2010)

“I enjoyed participating in the John Williams sale and I am very pleased with the lots that I won. I tracked the sale on your web site and thought it was great. Congratulations on running a very successful sale and I really appreciate the speed with which the results were available.” - JH - Canada (8/3/2010)

“Congratulations on the record prices for Papua that you achieved in the John Williams sale.” - MP (8/3/2010)

“FANTASTIC! Your telephone call has warmed the cockles of my heart. Well done to all at Prestige!” - JW - England (6/3/2010)

“I have received the magnificent Edward VII catalogue. What a Masterpiece!. When one of your books arrives, it makes my month far more pleasant. Thankyou for the superb work.” - DF - Canada (3/3/2010)

“I was disappointed to have just missed out (again) on an item I had been chasing for over 20 years. In fact when I visited Belgrave prior to the auction I mentioned to Gary that I had missed a similar item previously and that it had been one of my few regrets in over 30 years of auction participation. Imagine my delight and appreciation when I opened my purchases this morning to find that indeed I had successfully obtained the item I had set my heart on.
Thankyou for exercising discretion by raising my bid and allowing me to fill that gap that has been present for so long. This is indicative of what makes Prestige Philately a market leader and trendsetter, not only in Australia but throughout the world. Thank you once again.” - MC (24/2/2010)

“Thankyou for the beautiful auction catalogue you sent me for the John Williams Collection. It will have it’s place in my library.” - GM - Luxemburg (22/2/2010)

“Thanks for the catalogue for the John Williams collection. Knowing how much work it is to concentrate excellent images and reliable information in such a perfect way, I can't help but congratulate you for this wonderful work of art. Sideline information and very honest and truthful descriptions gave me a lot of pleasure.” - RK- Germany (21/2/2010)

“Congratulations, first on getting the John Williams' collection to
your auction and also for producing such a great catalogue.
Thank you for including me on the list to receive it: I will cherish it.” - KB (19/2/2010)

“May I thank you once again for handling the sale of my Australian and Polynesian items at the recent sale, and for the excellent result!
I was truly impressed with the excellent and detailed descriptions, high quality photography of your catalogue and the overall professionalism shown by you and your company. I look forward to many more dealings, both as buyer and seller in the future.” - Dr HI- England (18/2/2010)

“I must congratulate you on the beautiful catalogue for John Williams’ King Edward VII stamps. It is perhaps the finest I have ever seen.” - GT (17/2/2010)

“Thanks very much for sending me a copy of your KEVII auction catalogue. It is beautifully produced and has made me think twice about what I should do when I come to sell my collection!” - J B - England (17/2/2010)

“Thank you for all your help last year. We were blown away with our results from this last auction. A Sydney firm told us these items were junk and would not accept them for auction. Needless to say, we will be sending all our auction items to you…” - AC (16/2/2010)

“Thank you for letting me know the results so quickly. And thanks for all your help and patience during this process. It was good knowing I could just leave it all in your hands.” - AW - England (16/2/2010)

“I do think you provide an excellent service: from the on-line bidding, through following the action on-line and now the despatch. Well done.” - EC (15/2/2010)

“We would like to thank you very much for you hospitality when we were visiting you in Belgrave. We had a wonderful trip around Tasmania and really enjoyed the nature and meeting stamp collecting friends there.” - LPS - Denmark (11/2/2010)

“Congratulations on receiving The 2009 Auction House of the Year and the Simon Dunkerley Memorial Award for Excellence. Your catalogues are just the best.” - PT - Canada (8/2/2010)

“I have to say your virtual catalogue is just unbelievable. Well done to the tech team that produced this. Really first class.” - CR (4/2/2010) [Editor’s note: all our technical work is done in-house.]

“Thank you for the Pre Auction 153 Vendor Advice and the catalogue. I am really impressed with the manner in which my material has been described and presented.” - Dr HI - England (29/1/2010)

“A quick note of thanks for the way that you handled my little consignment; good results and a wonderful presentation.” - Larry Grossman - United States (13/1/2010)

“The books from your on-line literature auction arrived today. Thankyou: I am pleased with them. They are as good as new!” - GC (7/1/2010)

“I would like to wish all the Team at Prestige Philately a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year, and thank you for all your hard work in bringing us such an entertaining 2009.” - RC (18/12/2009)

“…One other wonderful event happened in 2009: Ed Williams from the USA auctioned his Samoa collection with Prestige Philately and I bought the gems. Those are stamps I never in my wildest dreams ever expected to obtain, and yet, here they are!! So yes, 2009 has been a good year in all ways.” - BH - New Zealand (18/12/2009)

“What an excellent literature auction…Your online catalogue is superb.” - DP (11/12/2009)

“I enjoyed the banter at your auction even though it was late at night. You Aussies know how to have fun!!” - AB - United States (7/12/2009)

“Nick has just left for the airport, with everything very efficiently packaged. He is a nice guy and knew exactly what he was doing… Thanks for arranging to personally pick up my collection.” - JW - England (29/11/2009)

“If I didn't think you could do a GREAT job in the handling of my material, I wouldn't have written you about them. I know there are lots of places that would sell my collection, but I felt that it needed to be handled by someone in the South Pacific area. I have always been impressed in what you present to the buyer.” - RS - United States (26/11/2009)

“I have followed the progress of Prestige Philately with interest over the past seven years and you certainly do provide the best Australian items in conjunction with an unrivalled catalogue (even my wife is impressed) and excellent service. Long may it continue and I wish you every success for the future.” - CH - England (24/11/2009)

“I must commend you on that fantastic Papua catalogue! Although it is sent free to your clients, I suspect it may cost me dearly on the day!” - TS (6/7/2009)

“The book arrived yesterday, well packed and in excellent condition. Many thanks for your help and good service.” - MMcK - New Zealand (17/11/2009)

“The latest results are much better than I was expecting - thank you very much for looking after us!” - DC - England (12/11/2009)

“The Auction last Saturday produced some great results! I am very pleased indeed with the outcome. The imperf-betweenChalon vertical pair has set a new benchmark reflecting its true rarity/scarcity and I congratulate you on promoting it accordingly.” - AG - Canada (30/10/2009)

“Let me thank you for an excellent result with the sale of my lots in your last auction, followed by the expeditious payment to my account.” - HF (19/10/2009)

“I am truly delighted with the realised prices for my Kangaroos. I did not expect such results and indeed would have been quite satisfied had the prices matched your estimates. I am particularly pleased with the result for Lot 203. I had determined some of the various components of this cover and was pleased to see that you had extended the description with still more analysis. Thanks so much for highlighting it as a separate lot.” - JK - Canada (29/9/2009)

”Thanks for the display of my Kangaroos in the October catalogue: very impressive.” - AL (24/9/2009)

“It was quite a pleasure for us to actually be able to attend one of your auctions at Belgrave…We do thank you all for the very professional services you carry out on the day, and we greatly enjoyed the experience…” - D& L M (24/9/2009)

“Really impressed by professional service you provide.” - HS - England (21/9/2009)

“Congratulations on your 150th sale on September 5th. A wonderful achievement!” - JM - New Zealand (18/9/2009)

“I did not get a chance to thank you on auction day…I am very impressed with every part of your business. First off, the stock is fantastic. I have not been around for that long but I do know good stock at good prices when I see it. I am also amazed at how friendly the people are. You do not get people introducing themselves to new faces in Sydney. Your staff were all very helpful and friendly: there is a family feel about Prestige…I very much look forward to your next auction.” - AC - ANZ Stamps (17/9/2009)

“Thanks much for your honesty (in advising of a double payment), very refreshing in the world today. This makes me look forward to your next auction.” - CS - United States (14/9/2009)

“I wish to relay my felicitations on your anniversary: certainly you have distinguished yourself and your productions in a globally outstanding way.” - J& JF - New Zealand (14/9/2009)

“Congratulations on 30 years, and a fine auction to celebrate.” - RB (14/9/2009)

“Just wanted to say how wonderful Bev (from accounts) is. She is always pleasant to deal with, has a wonderful sense of humour, and makes everything on the payment side a breeze.” - David John (7/9/2009)

“I forgot to congratulate you on your milestone in our chat on Friday. Well done: you have built and sustained the best philatelic auction house in the Australia and New Zealand.” - DC (7/9/2009)

“My heartiest congratulations to you and your lovely team, who were inspired by your expertise, knowledge and willpower, and who have helped you to their best ability to achieve the high quality auctions and the top position in the international philatelic market. I could go on and on…I wish you and your team more great success.” - Uty Rohrs - England (5/5/2009)

“Terrific sale! I have not heard such a lively room for a long time.”
- HW - England (5/5/2009)

“Congratulations on all you have achieved for philately over the past thirty years !!” - Danny Swart - Sotheby’s South Africa (2/9/2009)

“All the best for your 150th call. Have a good one!” - TC (2/9/2009)

“Gary, congratulations on 30 years and 150 auctions. Always a philatelic professional, you have risen through dedication, perseverance and creativity, to be one of the world's great auctioneers.” - SB (20/8/2009)

“Daniel spoke of your catalogues being a wonderful reference tool and I could not agree more. Thank you again for your wonderful contribution to our hobby. Congratulations on your 30 years service and 150th auction.” - RK (20/8/2009)

“My auction lot arrived today. many thanks. a superb cover and packed very well.” - JL - England (20/8/2009)

“Your diligence towards customer service is exemplary!” - DJ (19/8/2009)

“Purchases received. Now THAT was quick! Do not know how you do it!” - BH (19/8/2009)

“I just received the lot I won at your last auction. I'm very pleased with it!” - HK (17/8/2009)

“Have been travelling and came back to find a hardbound copy of your fantastic catalogue for the Brian Peace auction. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate this. In fact, I have previously arranged for all your major auction catalogues to be hardbound…” - AH - England (15/8/2009)

“Many thanks for selling so many items; very pleased.” - AG - England (11/8/2009)

“Packets received. Your despatch procedures and packing are superb!” - JT - England (10/8/2009)

“I think that you should be congratulated for the quality of your catalogues. Particular thanks for the Peter Troy catalogue, which I think will serve as the landmark for Papua and for the quality of catalogue production for many years to come.” - PX (8/8/2009)

“I am afraid I had to put you top! (even above some US sites!!)…Your utility is better by far than any other - I like your site a lot.” - Auction Agent & columnist Tony Lancaster - England - in response to a query as to how he rated the Prestige Website (7/8/2009)

“Many thanks indeed for the excellent realisations you have been achieving for us recently. Well done!” - Campbell Paterson Ltd - New Zealand (3/8/2009)

“BRILLIANT!! I’m sure nobody could have done a better job for us. The magnificent hardbound catalogue is a beautiful and fitting memorial to Pete’s collecting passion.” - LT (3/8/2009)

“What an experience - 3 sales in one hit! I’m very happy with all my purchases…Thank you for your generous hospitality afterwards.” - HW (30/7/2009)

“It was lovely to meet you (Bev) personally at the Melbourne show and put a face to an efficient administration person who knows and does her job properly, not so many of your kind left.” - M W - Thailand (29/7/2009)

“You guys are so far ahead of everyone else for catalogues, website, notifications and service, to say nothing of the prices you get for your sellers.” - JT (29/7/2009)

“The Peter Troy catalogue must be the most comprehensive catalogue or indeed any printed work on Papua featuring photographs of all the major proofs, stamps, specimens and significant varieties on the 1901-32 Lakatoi issues. It is certainly a unique collectors' item in its own right.” - RL - England (21/7/2009)

“Thank you for your good work on Bahawalpur. You have become a ‘must-look’ source! Your descriptions are always good, though a little conservative I think.” - IB - England (20/7/2009)

“I’m just back from South Africa, where a number of Rhodesia Study Circle members spoke most highly of you and your dealings with them.” - SB (20/7/2009)

“I have enjoyed studying the three current catalogues, especially the Postal History auction. As this is my field of interest, it is great to have such a fine catalogue to read and the chance to bid on quality items. It is a credit to everyone at Prestige who put these auctions together.” - RB (16/7/2009)

“I must commend you on that fantastic Papua catalogue! Although it is sent free to your clients, I suspect it may cost me dearly on the day!” - TS (6/72009)

“Congratulation for this nice catalogue of the fantastic Brian Peace collection. Unbeatable, indeed.” - JH - Germany (6/7/2009)

“Congratulations to all concerned on the Peter Troy catalogue. It is a presentation model, and no doubt you will submit it for awards.” - BG (6/7/2009)

“I would like to congratulate Gary Watson, his staff and Stephen Browne for the excellent work they did in producing the Brian Peace catalogue, which will be an everlasting reference for anyone who has any interest in early NSW, Tasmanian, Victorian and New Zealand Postal History. WELL DONE!" - DB on StampBoards (3/7/2009)

“Prestige are really coming out with some stunning catalogues. The one for Peter Troy's BNG & Papua auction in July is incredibly good. It's in hardcover format with large images and excellent descriptions of each lot. Reference quality through and through.” - “Lakatoi 4” on StampBoards (3/7/2009)

“A big CONGRATULATIONS to Prestige Auctions and Gary Watson on both these magnificent catalogues.” - “Punter” on StampBoards (3/7/2009)

“I received one of these Prestige Philately "Peter Troy Collection" hard backed catalogues the other day. What a stunner! I think these will probably be collectors’ items in their own right. They are beautifully produced and must have cost a fortune. I have never before received a hard backed stamp auction catalogue EVER!” - “Blackpepper” - New Zealand - on StampBoards (3/7/2009)

“I must also add that the search engine on the site is magnificent as a reference. And I also like their new normal catalogue.” - “Jack” - United Kingdom - on StampBoards (3/7/2009)

“I have received my copies of the Troy and Peace catalogues... What an amazing two tomes of philatelic literature you have produced with these catalogues.” - HP (1/7/2009)

“…when Gary visited us in Germany it turned out to be the ‘beginning of a beautiful friendship’. I entrusted him with my album of GRI New Guinea…Very much to my surprise he sent me the draft catalogue pages…Gary did a fantastic job describing the lots…One very last word: thanks Gary.” - Erich (“Ello”) Schlieper - Germany (29/6/2009; published in “Vorläufer”, the journal of the German Colonies Collectors Group (USA).

“…you have always been well and truly ahead of the competition and I believe this applies to collectors at all levels from beginner to advanced. It is the reason you consistently win the awards that you do.” - AL (25/6/2009)

“The Peter Troy Collection catalogues have arrived, and the buzz is out on the wires. Everyone appears to be proud of how well and tastefully done the catalogue is, and recognise the significance to philately of the service that Prestige has provided in doing such a good job.” - MP (25/6/2009)

“The Troy catalogue is brilliant!” - MW (24/6/2009)

“Just received the Peter Troy hardbound auction catalogue…the presentation is superb.” - AC (24/6/2009)

“Thanks for your prompt email in response to mine. As usual you guys are the epitome of professional efficiency-many thanks…In closing, as always thanks for your usual kind attention to my request.” - AL (24/6/2009)

“I do appreciate all the work that has gone into the NSW catalogue. No other auction house would have come even close to producing what you have created. You earn your commission!” - BP - England/Thailand (21/6/2009)

“Gary Watson & his team are by far the most professional auction house in Australia. No one else comes close to the scans they provide, almost every item in detail. Their descriptions are also by far the most accurate.” - “Swoosh” on StampBoards (16/6/2009)

“I want to thank you again for doing such a good professional job on my material. I realise I would probably have done better if I had committed more material to you in the first place, instead of selling here in England.” - DC - England (9/6/2009)

“Let me congratulate you all on a fantastic catalogue: the quality being superb!” - PH (20/5/2009)

“Thank you for your outstanding Manning & Rarities catalogues. There is no doubt that Prestige is the finest auction house in the WORLD.” - AL (19/5/2009)

“May I, on behalf of all who attended the BSAP Convention, express our thanks to Prestige for sponsoring the President's reception. It gave us an excellent start to the weekend...It was interesting how many people (entirely unprompted) spoke favourably of Prestige, or you personally, in conversation.” - PR - England (12/5/2009)

“Wow! What a result, despite all my fears. Your buyers proved me wrong. Many thanks for letting know so soon.” - TW - England (27/4/2009)

“Congratulations to all! Wonderful what you all did to raise funds for the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund. “ - HB - United States (21/4/2009)

“I wanted to take the opportunity to say a very big thank you for your tireless efforts to raise money for the bushfire victims. It was indeed a noble gesture on your part and those involved in the Auction.” - DC (19/3/2009)

“The last paragraph of your email made me even more happy than I had been knowing the total result. I am glad that it was mostly collectors that were attracted and that my studies of the various settings were appreciated. I can but repeat that you and your colleagues did a marvellous job.” - Erich Schlieper (“Ello”) - Germany (16/3/2009)

“Congratulations on the bushfire relief auction of today. Every lot sold, I stand in awe and admiration. Excellent…Your auction typifies the spirit I associate with Australia.” - JC - England (14/3/2009)

“Fantastic result from the charity auction. Well done!” - BP - England (14/3/2009)

“Congratulations on the result for the Bushfire Auction. A really splendid outcome for a most excellent cause.” - PR - England (14/3/2009)

“A great auction benefiting a great cause - congratulations to all at Prestige who made this possible.” - AM - England (14/3/2009)

“Congratulations on an excellent catalogue for the charity auction and your wonderful generous donations: it is an example to us all and I feel it will be deeply appreciated.” - JC - England (12/3/2009)

“Congratulations Gary and team in your sterling efforts in putting the bushfire relief charity auction together.” - VP - New Zealand (11/3/2009)

“I really enjoy reading your comments in the catalogs. You add history, perspective, honesty and humor to the introduction and the individual listings. Keep up the good work.” - RR - United States (26/2/2009)

“I find my Ello catalogue really marvellous. It amazes me that you put so much work into an auction.” - Erich Schlieper - “Ello” - Germany (24/2/2009)

“The Ello GRIs catalogue came today. It’s a beauty!” - BG (19/2/2009)

“You are to be highly commended for conducting this auction in this manner for the benefit of the Bushfire Victims. Congratulations on such an immense and much needed response. May it be a resounding success for the people who will benefit.” - JK (12/2/2009)

“I applaud your effort in putting up a charity auction for the victims of fires in which I will gladly participate.” - GS - Czech Republic (12/2/2009)

“Congratulations for your laudable idea and efforts to help the suffering residents of the Victorian Bushfires by this Special Charity Auction. It’s just great!” - OJ - Indonesia (12/2/2009)

“Let me say what an outstanding initiative your Bushfire Charity Auction is, and how utterly admirable.” - Prof RD AO (10/2/2009)

“You have excellent auctions.” - BG - United States (10/2/2009)

“Thanks so much for my vendor check, which arrived today. I am pleased with the results…You and your team did a super job! Thanks again.” - M (“Bonnie”) L - United States (26/1/2009)

“Thankyou very much for the draft pages of the catalogue, including all of the illustrations. I wish to give you my compliments for the really tremendous and fine work you have done. I think your work is great! It makes me proud that I have formed such a collection over the years.” - Erich Schlieper (“Ello”) - Germany (23/1/2009)

“I recently wrote an email of inquiry about a particular Lot being offered in your upcoming auction. Kim Campbell’s response was extremely polite and very informative. I received more helpful information than I requested. This, for me, was very refreshing. In recent years, I have found a decline in customer service. It made me feel good that people can still do their job with skill, backed by knowledge. It was also nice to find that people can be greatly helpful and very courteous at the same time. I was beginning to think those days were gone.” - ML - United States (16/1/2009)

“Congratulations for a beautifully prepared catalogue. Not only is the presentation superb, but having captions near the pictures is a great help as I only have time to check lots which have a picture to catch my attention.” - JL - England (15/1/2009)

“Once again I would like to thank you for your help and support. I received the payment yesterday and plan to put it towards a prize at Ivanhoe Grammar in Bill’s name.” - ED (15/1/2009)

“Thanks Gary. You’re truly a fine communicator.” - DP - Canada (14/1/2009)

Staggered by some realizations for my books! Thanks for great listings” - MH (13/12/2008)

“Many thanks again for your excellent impromptu performance as auctioneer. You literally rose to the occasion yet again and the result certainly speaks for itself.” - GK (11/11/2008)

“I write as a very satisfied client and to acknowledge receipt of the wonderful cheque resulting from the sale of my collection. This far exceeded my expectations, so naturally I am delighted…I want to give genuine credit to the wording etc in the catalogue - excellent!” - JP (24/10/2008)

“Thanks Gary, and Matt for his lotting, for what I regard as an eminently satisfactory sale. Seventeen lots out of twenty-one is a good score alright. Bravo!” - BB (24/10/2008)

“Last night I spoke to Mr Kevin Nelson, finding his name on your website (after seeing your excellent advertisement in the recently published catalogue)…At Kevin’s suggestion, I shall send my collection ‘Registered Mail’…By the way Kevin was a great help!” - AS (23/10/2008)

“Thanks for the vendor advice and catalogue. I'd like just to say thanks for the strong presentation of my lots…it was you who kindly suggested how I could identify the complicated watermarks on those issues.” - PM - England (4/10/2008)

“Very pleased with the last sale! Herewith further material…I will leave it entirely to you re lotting and estimating…Whatever you are doing - keep doing it!” - JB (26/9/2008)

“Thanks so much!! I really do appreciate the care and attention that characterizes Prestige. I buy often at auction and you are by far the most user-friendly auction house I have come across!” - EN - United States (18/9/2008)

“Thanks very much for the auction results. Please thank Gary for a great job done.” - KD (17/9/2008)

“Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with winning the KGV items from your last auction.” - BM (10/9/2008)

“All of us very much appreciated getting the catalogue as a record of my father’s stamps – a lifelong passion of his. It gives great comfort to us that his stamps have been handled in such a professional way.” - SH (28/8/2008)

“Many thanks for all your kindness. Draft received today. Great service and greatly appreciated.” - JC - England (27/8/2008)

“Please thank on my behalf whoever did the description of that lot for me!” - JA (27/8/2008)

“Thank you for such a detailed response to the queries about my lots in the current sale. I know you take great pride in your work, and your auctions which I consider to be the best In Australia and among the best in the world.” - BG - United States (23/8/2008)

“I honestly think that the Tim Rybak catalogue which you have produced ranks amongst the top ten auction catalogues in the history of philately. Congratulations. It is a most delightful read!” - SI - Rumania (13/8/2008)

“As I now live a great deal further away than previously I have to rely upon descriptions of collection lots over the phone. Your staff are very obliging in this regard. Their descriptions are extremely accurate and forthright, so much so that I trust their descriptions 100% and will bid quite happily after speaking to them about the lots I am interested in.” - WL (11/8/2008)

“A quick note to let you and the team know how pleased I was with the results of my sale items. The presentation of the catalogue and informative description of lots is a credit to you all.” - DN (4/8/2008).

“Please accept my appreciation for advertising the Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania in your auction catalogue, and making it extremely easy to sign up new members.” - DM - United States (19/7/2008)

“You sure had a fantastic auction. I bid on 30 Western Australia lots, with what I thought were good bids, and did not get one. Wow!” - NR (19/7/2008)

“The draft pages for my Antarctic Collection are spot-on. It’s an absolute pleasure doing business with you.” - KD (8/7/2008)

“Congratulations on your latest catalogue, in a word it is superb, logo and all!” - PC (19/6/2008)

“Your website is first-class and easy to use for old guys like me, and I like your feed-back when bids are placed. Well done.” - JM - United States (19/6/2008)

“Thankyou for everything you have done for me. I am delighted with the results for my Sydney Harbour Bridge collection.” - MW (27/5/2008)

“I fully appreciate everything you have done for me. You know I have openly sung your praises! The 26 April catalogue for my collection was the finest production I’ve ever seen, even better than the Rarities sale. Others offered me all sorts of deals, especially much lower commission rates. I chose you because I know you are the best. I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL.” - TR (26/5/2008)

“Thank you very much for the effort you made for me on Saturday and of course in the lead up. I am a very satisfied vendor: I will return!” - JJ (26/5/2008)

“My compliments to you on the presentation of the illustrations and descriptions throughout the Rybak catalogue. The level of scholarship reflected in your descriptions is staggering. Technical detail, historical background, and market analysis, all very impressive. Bravo and thanks.” - MK (26/5/2008)

“All lots received, superbly packed by you, first class.” - JT - England (23/5/2008)

“Thanks very much for the hardbound Rybak catalogue. It really is a fantastic production.” - TM (16/5/2008)

“Thank you for the items from this sale, and also for the very nice deluxe edition of the catalogue, it was very much appreciated.” - JB - Sweden (14/5/2008)

“I have been receiving philatelic catalogues for about 40 years and yours are certainly the best produced and most informative I have seen.” - TD (13/5/2008)

“Re the Rarities catalogue, I want to express my thanks and admiration for the way you have handled my lots. The scans are great and the way you have combined items is really appropriate and shows them off so nicely…I wish I could have enjoyed that quality of presentation when I sold [elsewhere in the past]…I admire your professionalism.” - JJ (12/5/2008)

“Thank you very much for your kind assistance and enlightenment on the subject…I really appreciate your kind update.” - LSH - Singapore - (6/5/2008)

“You’re the Number One auction house in my book. Many others don’t give a damn, but you do.” - BG (5/5/2008)

“Once again, a terrifi catalogue: a collector’s item indeed!” - RM (2/5/2008)

“I looked through your results from the sale and just want to congratulate you on achieving such a staggering. I am sure this was beyond your wildest dreams and all I can say is - it couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke! Well done, Auctioneer of the Year!” - HW - United States (29/4/2008)

“Thanks for all the effort you went to on my behalf. Linda and I are very happy about how you handled the collection. Our thanks to you and Lakshini for your hospitality and the after-auction dinner.” - TR (28/4/2008)

“That was exactly what I needed to hear. Very constructive, and you were not at all blunt!! You have been very kind to make that time available. I sincerely appreciate it and now have a clearer and hence a better basis from which to work.” - JJ (17/2/2008)

“Congratulations on acquiring the Rybak Collection, a very interesting and valuable property! I can tell you certainly had fun writing it up. From one describer to another, I thought you did a great job!” - GH - United States (16/4/2008)

“Many thanks for taking the time to frame a comprehensive response. I found your comments to be very accurate.” - JM (15/4/2008)

“The Rybak catalogue is a delight!” - RC (15/4/2008)

“Thank you for the powerful and beautiful book issued for the Rybak sale. The information and listing of NEVER SEEN material is priceless.” - DF - Canada (11/4/2008)

“THANK YOU for sending me the most beautiful catalogue EVER! I get catalogues in the mail all the time but never have I seen one as magnificent as this. If the right lotto numbers come up tonight you can send the whole Rybak collection straight to my house!!!!“ - RG - United States (10/4/2006)

“The Rybak catalogue is MAGNIFICENT!” - JT - England (7/4/2008)

“[Rybak’s is] a great catalogue of wonderful material” - RL - England (7/4/2008)

“I enjoyed my selling experience with you very much from start to finish. I actually listened to you live on the internet.” - EP (4/4/2008)

“I'm sorry you couldn’t get through on my phone during the auction. Thanks for recommending I put my bids on the book just in case something like that happened. My thanks again for that 'prestige' experience.” - AL (31/3/2008)

“Thanks very much for the bank draft for £431.93, which arrived this morning. I was very pleased with the results of this sale and thank you most warmly for the effective lotting and descriptions.” TP - England (29/3/2008)

“The results for my Northern Territory covers were outstanding (an amazing return on my investment) and the postmarks were about what I expected. The Great Britain did better than I had been offered by UK dealers.” - PR - England (17/3/2008)

“I have decided to sell my stamps through you. Another auction firm offered me zero per cent commission but I expect you will get me much more than 15% extra.” - MB (15/3/2008)

“I must tell you that you have a fantastic auction and catalog and I thoroughly enjoy receiving them. It has convinced me to consign material to your auction. I will also be bidding in the current auction which has some fascinating material. You do a great job.” - BG - US (12/3/2008)

“I really like the way you advertised the Rybak sale with double spreads in the Collectors Club Philatelist, the London Philatelist and the Papuan Philatelic Society Journal PNG Calling. If you are going to do something, you might as well pay just a little more and do it right. That says a lot about your business plan.” - PZ - US (11/3/2008)

“Congratulations on your podcast initiative. I listened to the 2007 review while on a plane to New Zealand at Christmas - interesting stuff.” - AB (7/3/2008)

“Just wanted to let you know that the lots from the recent auction arrived safely and that I am very satisfied. Thank you.” - LT - United States (26/2/2008)

“It was great to talk to you on the telephone the other day. Thanks for passing on some of your vast philatelic knowledge to me.” - PM - New Zealand (25/2/2008)

“Have just seen the realizations. Absolutely stunned! Will be pleased to buy you another no expense spared lunch!!” - KH - England (11/9/2008)

“Congratulations on another outstanding catalogue. Yours are simply the best and miles in front of other auction houses that really don't do justice to their vendors, let alone buyers who need online “benefits” to buy with confidence.” - AL (4/2/2008)

“I am delighted with the presentation of the Lord Howe Island cover! It's even better than I suspected, thanks to your reference books which have not yet found their way into my ever growing reference library.” - PW - England (17/1/2008)

“Thank you for your recent podcast which I found very informative. I especially liked your discussion on the quality of items, having been burnt recently by another local auction house over the quality issue. What do I like about Prestige website – amongst all the functionality the site offers – these are my key criteria:
a. The lots are categorised, by lot, theme and region – I can go straight to my theme and find all the items that meet it.
b. The search functionality – enter in a word or partial word and search. This is so important for us thematic collectors because sometimes we come at it from “left field”. This in turn points back to the quality of the descriptions.
c. Lots of images – not just the single stamps or sets. Even when there are 15 – 20 covers in a lot – there is still an image or two or more.
d. The zoom functionality - I can zoom in and check it out…” - JW (15/12/2007)

“Thank you all for handling and selling our stamps. We received the cheque last week, and were very pleased with the end result…thank you very much for all your help and advice to us throughout this exercise.” - BG (13/12/2007)

“2007 has been a great year for you and the account of it on your podcast was excellent. Warm Regards.” - HM Australia (13/12/2007)

“The blockade cover lot arrived safely today. Beautiful. Thank you.” - RF - United States (12/12/2007)

“Thanks for your great work for me in 2007. I would be happy to give you a reference anytime. You have given me top service. Prices achieved were beyond my most optimistic hopes. You found gems that even I didn’t know I had!” - DO - England (3/12/2007)

“To say that I am amazed with the prices realised for my lots is an understatement. I am absolutely thrilled!” - CH (19/11/2007)

“I find your website to be as easily toured as any I have experienced…It was simplicity itself to go to the lots in which I was interested one at a time. Thank you for making it easy for someone like me with limited interests who is not a techno wizard.” - JB - United States (14/11/2007)

“I have no hesitation in saying that yours is the best auction website of any auction house with whom I deal.” - JC - Great Britain (14/11/12007)

“I am very happy with the results from the auction. Thanks for your support and behind-the-scenes promotion of my items.” - BH (26/10/2007)

“I took great pleasure in listening to the live auction, it sounded very entertaining, and the audience/bidders seemed very jovial.” - CS - England (25/10/2007)

“You did a great job with my lots. I am both impressed and grateful.” AN - England (22/10/2007)

“Your automated results service is GREAT - even if I was not a winner!” - PI - Canada (22/10/2007)

“There's no doubt about it: Prestige is outstanding!” - SE - United States (19/10/2007)

“I must congratulate you and the team at Prestige. All my lots in auction131 were sold.” - JK - India (19/10/2007)

“I am very pleased with the lots I received from Auction 130. I especially like your grading system where you have separate indicators for centring, for perfs and for cancellation. Very good!” - RO - US (18/10/2007)

“Thank you for disposing of my Swiss material. Everything was handled in a very efficient way and I shall not hesitate to recommend Prestige Philately to other 'Stampers'.” - GH - WA (18/10/2007)

“THANK YOU!! What a good job you did with the catalogue of Vic’s Departmentals! I am very pleased with the result…” - MB (2/10/2007)

“Super job with my WA 1d Swan! Many thanks for the nice surprise.” - GG - United States (27/9/2007)

“Pleased to see my items for sale in your October auction. Once again beautifully presented.” - DO - Great Britain (18/9/2007)

“A particular ‘thank you’ for the lovely book, The Art of Collecting. I am part way through and really enjoying it.” - HL (16/8/2007)

“I enjoyed your review of my book “The Art of Collecting” and value your comments…I really value your philatelic interest and your enthusiasm for the book.” - JW (11/8/2007)

“When I ‘go to God’, my good lady knows to send the lot to you ...hopefully not too soon. Love your website!” - EJ (10/8/2007)

“I appreciate your forthright assessment, which is one of the reasons I admire you, your professionalism and your business.” - JC (3/8/2007)

“One of my most prized aviation items is a postal card to an Aussie Aviator POW, that I purchased in one of your auctions! I have also been the one that has purchased nearly all of your WWI Palestine-related POW material in recent years….I'm very impressed with the material you continue to attract.” - Dr Jonathan Becker - US (3/8/2007)

”Auction lots won in your auction last month received safely today. Most impressed. All I'm used to over here is the “odd” 1d red single in auctions.” - MW - Great Britain (1/8/2007)

“I should like to congratulate you on the quality of your literature e-catalogue. It is amongst the very best for ease of access and clarity.” - MD - US (4/7/2007)

“I greatly appreciate the new feature of electronic Special Interest Reports with illustrations included!!! This will definitely make it easier for me to get the bids out. Thanks for continuing to innovate!!” - EN - United States (20/6/2007)

“Thanks for your advice this morning about relevant references for Tasmanian stamps and postal history. I found it very useful…I have now read the auction articles from your website. To someone new to the auction scene like myself, I found them extremely useful, and hope to put the principles to practical use in coming months…it’s a big help to be able to pick up the tips from someone with your background…I should add I have been using eBay to some extent and wish I had read your comments about eBay earlier.” - PA (23/5/2007)

“I would just like to place on the record my appreciation for the wonderful job you and your professional staff have done with my Queensland Small Chalons collection. The presentation, marketing and outcomes were superb. No other auctioneer could have done a better job for me. As well, your professional advice and ongoing contact and support were much appreciated. The contribution of people such as Daniel, and the always smiling Nick and Bev were also much in evidence. The many innovations you continue to introduce such as the podcasts and prepublication vetting and pre bidding are all designed to create a dynamic and beneficial environment for both vendors and buyers. If you would like any personal comments or attestations from me, please feel free to contact me.” - Bernie Manning (17/5/2007)

“Congratulations on a splendid result in the Rarities sale.” - CS - UK (16/5/2007)

“I was delighted with the result of $30,000+: everything sold for far more than I paid for it. If you can recall, I valued the whole lot at £4000 to £5000.” - TF - UK (15/5/2007)

“UNBELIEVABLE!! We had the champagne in the fridge in anticipation of a good result. If we had achieved 150% of your estimates we would have been thrilled. But 200%!!...Yes, on average all the sold lots went for double estimate. How often does that happen?...we must pay great credit to the way that you promoted the material…Many thanks for everything, and best wishes from Harry and Joy” - HL (14/5/2007)

“I would like to compliment you on the live auction #128! Even though it was past midnight here in Florida USA - it was a true pleasure to hear the auction "Live". Your team and those in attendance sounded like a jolly good crew - the one thing I was most impressed with was the speed in which lots were called - without a hitch - very good!!!... I want to thank you for being a leader in this area of live auction broadcasts over the internet - for us USA patrons, it will probably be the only way we would ever get to hear/see such!!!” - CB - United States (14/5/2007)

From a letter to APTA in response to APTA’s “Year Book”: “The article by Gary Watson How to Win Friends & Influence Philatelic People should be copied & reprinted in as many philatelic publications as possible…” - WP (7/4/2007)

“What can a person say when the realisation total of his collection exceeds expectations by almost 100%. Thankyou does not seem anywhere near enough to express my feelings. No other auction house in Australia could equal your total professionalism from pre- to post-auction. The auction catalogue will remain a treasured memento of the occasion and will be a talking point for years to come. The quality and details are unsurpassed. Any person wishing to auction a collection could not go past Prestige as the expertise and service is second to none.
My sincere gratitude for a magnificent result.’’ - BG (20/3/2007)

“Congratulations Gary. Nice press release. Well done.” - BL - Canada (14/3/2007)

“Congratulations, a job well done. Twice +++ estimates for many items is indicative of a strong market. It was great listening to it.” - MG (14/3/2007)

“Prestige is certainly the best auction house in Australia by a long way. You have made an effort to think of the buyers and it is easy to access your site and the prices realised are readily available. Well done - you have dragged the industry a long way - but the others are just so far behind you. I wish/hope you become better known internationally.” - JJ (14/3/2007)

“You run a first-class operation.” - VK - United States (13/3/2007)

“I just received my parcel yesterday. It is worth every $$$. Beautiful books. I am most pleased with the purchase. Thankyou also for using STAMPS for the postage.” - DF - Canada (22/2/2007)

“Congratulations on an absolutely brilliant set of very collectable catalogues” - WB (22/2/2007)

“I appreciate the care with which you have put together the auction of the material with I recently consigned to you. The lotting was well done and actually broken-down more than I had expected. The descriptions and research behind each lot also reflect the attention to detail that first attracted me to your firm. The illustrations in the catalogue and especially the website are excellent. The special treatment in your “Two Vendors” catalogue was icing on the cake.” - RJ - United States (5/2/2007)

“I just wanted to congratulate you and your staff on your most user-friendly website, and to say how much I enjoyed listening to the auction live on the Net…” MG (24/1/2007)

“Great wants list function and your auction search for those wants lists is great stuff!!” - RM (22/1/2007)

“Very good website - the best that I have seen. What I particularly like about it is that unlike other auctions sites where you might receive an 'outbid' email if you are lucky, your website updates automatically. In addition to this I also like the total number of bids indicator…I was also very impressed when I phoned up from the UK at a time that I thought no one would be there and left a message on your voicemail to obtain an unsold lot. I was completely astounded when a confirmation email was received not more than 5 minutes after I had left the voicemail!! Spooky!” - PG - England (22/1/2007)

“I am delighted to share with you, that I now have a half-decent collection, the basis of which, was the original collection that I had purchased from you…Thanks again, I look forward to purchasing lots from you on a continuing basis.” - JS - United States (18/1/2007)

“I like your website and that I can track my lots as to how many bids and where the prices are at etc.....kinda cool.” - SZ - USA - 9/1/2007

“It has to be said, so i am going to say it. Your catalogues have by far the best philatelic annotations I've seen anywhere. The comments on the rarity of issues I'd normally pass up are really educational…” - SE - USA (30/12/2006)

“It’s a pleasure to see people so kind and so devoted to philately. Your professionalism is very appreciated and I will increase my consignments in the next months.” - JOl - Canada (29/11/2006)

”I am always eager to receive the catalogue and take a look at your superb work, and also at the information (philatelic or otherwise) that you so generously provide the collectors with. Your catalogues are, in my opinion, of library quality. Your service to the collector is second to none.” - DF - Canada (22/11/2006)

“I am sure that many of your customers have said this already, but your auction website and on-line bidding facilities are excellent.” - PS - UK (21/11/2006)

“Extremely impressed by your professionalism - excellent live auction audio, and very fast results posted (the best I have seen). I will be bidding more in the future with you.” - LD (20/11/2006)

“I want to thank you for doing such a great job with the sale of my lots. I had no idea they were worth so much.” - PS (20/11/2006)

“Your live listening facility is great, and I greatly enjoyed all the chat and especially the auctioneer’s comments. Your site is brilliant from the internet point of view, and very easy to use and kept me right up to date with all the bids. Well done.” - CM - GB (20/11/2006)

”Once again, my grateful thanks for the excellent promotion and remarkable results for the sale of my “Advertising” collection. I am still amazed!” - RK (9/11/2006)

“Great on-line bidding format that makes it easy to participate. I appreciate the multiple photos of covers in individual lots.” - SH (23/10/2006)

“Thankyou so much for your honesty. I was very relieved to receive back the banknotes that had been mistakenly included with our stamps, that we hadn’t even registered to you! Thanks again and kind regards. [Smiley Face!]” - AM (21/9/2006)

“Once again, outstanding service - stamps here already after just two days. Most of the 'others' take two to three weeks and they don't even tell you if you've won or lost the bid.” - AL (6/9/2006)

“My compliments to you, Daniel and Nick for another outstanding auction. The on-line facility that you have developed is just fabulous and I believe the 'best' in the world. No other auction house does it quite like Prestige.” - AL (4/9/2006)

“I just read your article "WHAT'S IN A NAME?: 150 YEARS OF TASMANIAN STAMPS" The article is excellent, and gave me a lot of advice for starting up with Tasmania as a new area of collection. It includes in clear wording many hints useful for me.” - LS - Denmark (28/8/2006)

“Congrats on the catalogue. Best yet!” - WB (21/8/2006)

“Thankyou for the cheque received today…I appreciated your courtesy in handling my collection…The catalogue was very interesting and showed me the quality of Prestige Philately…” - Mrs DM (21/8/2006)

“Special thanks to Gabrielle for the terrific job she did for me handling my phone bidding on Saturday.” - C R - UK (28/6/2006)

“Your catalogues just keep getting better and better. Hearty congratulations!” - SJ - USA (27/6/2006)

“Oh, thank you so much. We listened to the auction on the internet and we were thrilled with the result. That result, of course, is a reflection of the care, attention to detail, accurate descriptions and worldwide exposure that you gave the collection, including the large number of high quality pictures included in the catalogue. I never considered any other auction house when I decided to sell the collection: you were the obvious choice, and the results are the vindication of my decision to entrust it to Prestige. Thank you so much for your work.” - KD (26/6/2006)

“A1 website. Triple AAA Rating to Nick for Customer Service, and to the lady who answers the phone. Gary, well done as the auction caller. I like the courtesy letter that went out re the status of bids: a very handy tool. This is a team working together – and it all works! You have set the benchmark for others to follow. Congratulations on a job well done.” - SR (26/6/2006)

"I wish to compliment you and your team for your professional approach to this sale and the high quality of the catalogue, which I am sure will be a great reference for collectors…" - AB (21/4/2006)

"Thankyou for your professional service that you showed me from start to end." - SR (19/4/2006)

"Many thanks for the hardcover catalogue. Beautiful!" - PS (19/4/2006)

"My thanks for the superb hard cover version of auction 121, much appreciated. Something to keep." - NR (14/4/2006)

"Thank you very much for the hardbound rarities catalogue. It was most unexpected but a pleasure to receive." - AL (4/4/2006)

"I would like to congratulate you on the fine results you achieved in
selling my lots. Thanks for the expertise you've shown in cataloguing and displaying my collection which resulted in a much better than expected figure. I don't think [name of major London firm suppressed] would have done half as well!" - JL (14/3/2006)

"Just a note to let you know how terrific your auctions are. The service to your bidders and the thoughtfulness in following up on status of bids is terrific…Your website invites frequent visits. And Gary's musings are important to us." - RJ - United States (2/3/2006)

"Compliments on your website. It is the best stamp auction site worldwide." - AT (15/2/2006)

"Many thanks indeed for the simply splendid catalogues you have been sending me. I look forward to seeing them arrive and then spend a considerable amount of time poring over them." - PG (13/2/2006)

"I am exceedingly pleased with the way in which my material has been offered for sale…" - SD (10/2/2006)

"I would like to thank you for successfully handling the sale of my collection for me. I would have no reservation in recommending your services." - RC (12/1/2006)

"I really don't understand why people sell through anyone but you.
As for buying, you offer hard to get and high quality stuff more often than anyone else, so although it is unlikely that you will get a bargain at a Prestige auction, that is where I EXPECT to find quality and rarity and that is simply the truth Gary." - SD (11/1/2006)

"You are doing a wonderful job." - RK - Sri Lanka (19/12/2005)

"Yours is a first class operations and I enjoy looking through your auction catalogues…" - CB- United States (19/12/2005)

"Certainly another excellent result. I appreciate your expertise and all you have done for me." - Mrs BJ (19/10/2005)

"Cheque for $10,000+ arrived today. A great result, especially as I almost sold it last year for $5! Many thanks." TC - New Zealand (14/10/2005)

"I congratulate you on a superb catalogue." - WS, QC - England (21/9/2005)

"Thanks for your very prompt response and your patience in dealing with my confusion. It is the quality of service that I have always experienced with Prestige." - RS - United States (21/9/2005)

"I just received my copy of your excellent Bahawalpur catalogue and I am VERY grateful! MANY thanks for sending me this keepsake!" - JS - United States (20/9/2005)

” My compilments for a most excellent web site. Your format and over all layout is superb." - JB (19/9/2005)

"The standard of your catalogues is quite remarkable." - JC - United States (24/8/2005)

"Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me: it was a privilege to read your uplifting words" - KH - England (21/7/2005)

"Thank you for the quick delivery of the KGV catalogue I ordered. And the great service I received from your staff, when I made a telephone enquiry." - TC (18/7/2005)

"Thanks to Gary and all of you for your thoughts and kind words on the atrocities that took place here last week. I was really moved by the messages that came in from all over the world. But Gary's words were really inspiring." - MN - England (18/7/2005)

"Many thanks for your wonderful message. Britain has been so privileged all these years (1914-18, 1939-45 and so on) to have such support, from our Australian 'cousins'. Your e-mail shows that that still continues. Our gratitude can never be truly expressed and I can only say 'Thank you'." - GD - England (14/7/2005)

"My thanks to you and your staff for your very kind letter. Your sentiments and support are very much appreciated. " - AP - England (11/7/2005)

"Thank you for your very nicely expressed sentiments of support, very much appreciated." - JH - England (11/7/2005)

"Thank you for your kind words of sympathy." - AG - England (11/7/2005)

"I wish to send sincere thanks to you and your Team for the message of support following the 7/7 events in London." - TL - England (11/7/2005)

"Thank you Gary for your kind words and thoughts for us in the UK during these terrible days….But the B*****ds will NEVER win!! London will carry on, and defy their atrocities." - CE - England (11/7/2005)"

"Many thanks for your message of support for the British people following yesterday's terrible bombings….I shall be in London myself the week after next, and as usual, shall use the Tube. Whether it is a stubborn refusal to be beaten, or just a stoic acceptance of fate, I am not sure; but one thing is certain, life will resume its normal pattern as quickly as we possibly can.." - AG - England (11/7/2005)

"Thank you for an excellent and feeling message….I experienced similar feelings some years ago when the IRA blew up my office in London." - JL - England (11/7/2005)

"Your e-mail was most welcome - thank you to you and your team for sending it. I am sure that all recipients here in the UK will be encouraged by the amount of support that we are receiving. Every cloud has a silver lining, the reaction of Londoners was superb, calm, organised and sharing." - JK - England (11/7/2005)

"Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated and I am sure London will bounce back indeed." - RM - England (8/7/2005)

"Thank you, and your team, for the message of support concerning the murders that took place here yesterday. Much appreciated." - AN - England (8/7/2005)

"Many thanks for your kind and wonderful message and thoughts," - JC - England (8/7/2005)

"Congratulation on another great result for your vendors also your
lightning fast results to the online buyers. You are a long way ahead of the opposition. I will ring soon regarding selling some of my collections." - GC (27/6/2005)

"Your Rarities Catalogue was extremely impressive, particularly the Western Australia section…which contains a considerable amount of valuable information…This catalogue is a valuable resource." JL - New Zealand (16/6/2005)

"Let me congratulate you on the quality of your website. I have had some experience in building websites…so I can appreciate the great site you have created. Your site is easy to use, intuitive and builds on the quality of your catalogues which, due to your search by theme etc, have always stood apart from your competitors." - DC (14/6/2005)

"Finally, it looks as though I've found a good auction house/source for Oz colonies/states." - SE, United States (3/6/2005)

"First time dealing with Prestige and I must admit I am very impressed with your service and professionality [sic]. A pleasure to deal with." - PL (23/5/2005)

"Your cheque arrived this morning & this is just a brief line to thank you very much for the most efficient & very pleasant way you have handled our business." - JSA (4/5/2005)

"Hi, thought I would send a little note to say how much I enjoyed your catalogue. Congratulations to all involved in production. They are wonderful reference books and I drool over them." - LH (18/4/2005)

"I simply wanted to thank you for your hospitality last night - it was really very kind. And I would like to thank you for your company - I enjoyed it greatly." - SD(15/4/2005)

"Impressed with the final wash-up. You were spot-on with the estimates…I must say how pleased I am that I made the right decision and put the collection through you." - JS (11/4/2005)

"Your lovely Rarities Auction catalogue arrived today. I am very pleased with the entire layout, and with the publicity you have given my early Fiji. " - DW - Canada (5/4/2005)

"Every lot of mine sold! Truly an excellent result. 4 lots more than twice estimate. I am extremely grateful for your efforts on my behalf." PS - England (5/4/2005)

"Your website is the best in the philatelic world!" - PS - Germany (31/3/2005)

"I have received the Rarities Auction catalogue and send my congratulations on this magnificent piece of work. Apart from the tremendous span of items for sale, the quality of the publication is outstanding and a joy to read. Very, very many thanks." - JK - England (30/3/2005)

"I am delighted with the manner in which you have displayed my Western Australia in your catalogue. I feel confident the collection will sell well with your excellent descriptions. In fact the entire catalogue is a credit to you…" - CW (30/3/2005)

"I was very pleased with the results for my material on Saturday. Many thanks and well done." - MB (20/3/2005)

" Hi there, Just a wee note to say "thanks" for the prompt processing and posting of my order. The book has arrived in extra fast time, and well packaged. Well done Prestige. I'm looking forward to spending an hour or two reading my latest acquisition." - LW - New Zealand (28/2/2005)

"I would like you to know that I'm very happy indeed with this excellent specimen of a rare stamp," - GD - England (28/2/2005)

"I very much like the “zoom” function on your lot images. Very handy, as I was able to plate several of the classic stamps I am interested in." - JB - United States (24/2/2005)

"Very impressed with the speed of which I am able to find out how successful my bids were…Excellent lots yet again." - KB (31/1/2005)

"You have an excellent system, the best I have come across. Very much looking forward to success in this auction and many future auctions." - HS, Finland (24/1/2005)

"I would like you to know how much I enjoy the catalogues and your web site. I have found your firm very helpful and prompt and the stamps very well packaged…I have very little confidence any more in leaving bids on items I have not inspected except at Prestige where I have found the lots fairly described." - JH (8/1/2005)

"Your site was an absolute delight . To surf, locate, access, enlarge all types of information and photos. Your site definitely beats all others hands down…You should be very proud of it." - AM (2/1/2005)

"I reviewed my vendor results and they looked very good, with almost 88% sold and realisations close to total estimates. I have been very pleased with your service and the results." - RJ, United States (22/12/2004)

"Thankyou for your fine work with the November auction" - JS (14/12/2004)

"I have bought from you recently and have been pleased with the diversity of lots that you have to offer and the quality both of your hard and soft sales literature. I wanted to mention "Articles by Gary" which I have found to be most informative and balanced…
I also agree with the thoughts on auction catalogues being a huge source of information and provenance. Keep up the good work." - JK, England (13/12/2004)

"Just a note to say how much I appreciate your articles… PS. You are also an inspiration for all of us philatelists still misguidedly practicing law!" - EN, United States (6/12/2004)

"Gary's new articles, especially the one on Tasmanian Philately, are very much appreciated. I look forward to his valuable and informative articles." - AF (3/12/2004)

"Thoroughly enjoy checking your on-line catalogues." - RS, New Zealand (25/11/2004)

"I thoroughly enjoy looking at your catalogue on-line and wish I had greater financial reserves!!! The aspect I find most rewarding is the knowledge I am gaining and the greater understanding I am acquiring." - JH (19/11/2004)

"Over the past two years I have enjoyed receiving your catalogues because of their excellent reproduction and content…I have always kept your catalogues and they have become part of my philatelic library which exceeds over 10,000 titles." - MT, England (17/11/2004)

"I have found the image inspector a really useful tool. Please keep it!" - DS (15/11/2004)

"Thank you for the emails and the online catologues. I think that you have produced a very good professional product. I only wish that some of the British auction houses would follow your example." - MH, Great Britain (15/11/2004)

"Your web site deserves all the praise you are getting as it is a super site." - RK, Sri Lanka (12/11/2004)

"Thank you for the magnificent catalogue for sale #112." - WB (1/11/2004)

"Congratulations from a mathematician on tackling one of the great howlers of philatelic mis-nomenclature: yes, the so-called Octagonal is a Star" - CB (29/10/2004)

"I have been browsing your web site a little. It is well set up. I especially like your index for the auction lots. It both allows me to get a quick overview and to jump to lots of interest." - DR, United States (29/10/2004)

"I want to take this opportunity to commend you on the handling of my material. It was described correctly and…I was delighted with the results. Most lots brought high prices, due to your international clientele as well as your reputation as an auction house which offers consistently good material. Based on my experience with your firm, I have sent you another group of my material for auction. I am sure you will handle it with the same care and expertise." - GP, United States (25/10/2004)

"Your catalogues are really exquisite and a joy to examine." - RM, United States (9/8/2004)

"Your catalogue extract service is quite precisely superb." - DM, England (3/8/2004)

"Thanks for catalogue 111, especially the stunning Victorian Half-Lengths, which look (you're right) really special, and way, way beyond anything I can afford. At least I can enjoy the pictures."
- CB (28/7/2004)

"Thankyou so much for the cheque received following the sale of my stamps. Your catalogue was magnificent: a collector's piece in itself." - BH (15/7/2004)

"Sadly dad passed away last evening. Thank you for contributing to his lifetime of enjoyment from philately, a hobby I have shared with him since I was a young child. Dad always respected you as an honest & reliable dealer but more importantly an expert in the field in which you operate, something he rated highly in choosing the people he did business with." - TC (18/6/2004)

"Many thanks for your assistance and help in dealing with my husband's stamps." - Mrs MW, England (7/6/2004)

"A short note to congratulate you all on the 'Stampwealth' magazine. It is an excellent production with relevant and fascinating articles...Long overdue for stamp collectors and reinforces the burgeoning interest in the art and investment of stamp collecting." - RN (4/5/2004)

"Stampwealth is a superb piece of work, very high quality and first class in-house magazine. The whole publication looks very professional and simply superb. I am proud to be a contributor." - UR, England (28/4/2004)

"Your efforts to raise the profile of philately, are really appreciated by collectors and dealers alike, and you are the most dynamic Auction House I have dealt with in 30 years as a collector/dealer." - MH (27/4/2004)

"You continue to outdo yourself with your catalogs. You did it again." - MS, United States (27/4/2004)

" Loved the newsletter, very slick and professionally produced!" - RG (27/4/2004)

"Re Stampwealth, congratulations upon producing what surely must be one of the grandest house organs we have seen in philately anywhere." - RP(26/4/2004)

"I wanted to compliment and encourage you re Stampwealth. It is a work of genius and your editorial comment…is spot on. Your exposure of people of substance and their influence on the stamp market is brilliant…" - BM (26/4/2002)

"Thank you for sending me a copy of your in-house magazine. I have seen enough corporate magazines to be able to identify one that has been professionally put together and of which you are entitled to be proud." - PG (23/4/2004)

"Just a quick line of congratulations on the well-written and superbly-presented edition of Stampwealth that you were kind enough to send me." - AL (23/4/2004)

"I have become quite a fan of your catalogues, and impressed by the quality of the material you have been able to attract." - HW, Morocco (15/4/2004)

"Re the articles in Stamp News of Gary Watson, my congratulations for the way he makes us readers look forward to the next edition." - CW (18/3/2004)

"Colonel Evans' family are very grateful to Prestige for its first class service and sterling efforts on our behalf." - TE, England (25/2/2004

"Many thanks for my cheque. Your record is phenomenal. What more can I say!" - MK (18/2/2004)

"Very many thanks for the cheque I received today. I must admit that the collection did far better than I thought it would, and much of the praise must go to you for the marvellous way it was presented in your catalogue." - Dr GH (28/1/2004)

"Thanks for all your trouble. It is heartening to see a company that still provides great service." - SL (28/1/2004)

"Thankyou for your prompt first class service that continues to be second to none." - AL (20/1/2004)

"I wish to congratulate you on the excellent presentation. I have seen many catalogues in my time but yours is of exceptional quality." - AH (13/1/2004)

"Yours is a prestige auction house that has built its reputation on providing top quality lots coupled with top quality catalogues and top quality service. I know that within your own business you will accept nothing less than the best you can do and that you always strive for 100%." - SD (12/1/2004)

"Thankyou again Gary for all your work in expanding the interest in philately, and for your ethical approach to the auction trade in postal history." - MS (12/1/2004)

"Please thank Gary for the Fitzpatrick catalogue. I am thrilled with it. It was exceptionally kind of him to go the trouble" - S. D., SA (6/1/2004)

"Many thanks for the results, which are more than I expected. I think you and your team have done a superb job, I was particularly impressed with the catalogue. And it is especially pleasant to get the results so rapidly" - G. H., Perth (8/12/2003)

"I like your style and you do a fine job. Seems you believe in the word 'service'. It is a pleasure to do business with you. Wheels up!" - S. J., United States (8/12/2003)

"Congratulations to you and your team on the excellent results you obtained for me. Only two unsolds which is quite an achievement and clearly demonstrates your lotting and pricing expertise. You may have changed the name but you are still the "Premier" philatelic auction house." - P. G., England (6/12/2003)

”Your colour illustrations are beautiful and the colour so true-to-life that they would grace any album page!" - R. S., England (25/11/2003)

"I have not seen such a well-produced and informative publication as your "Pacific Islands" catalogue for many years." - E. W., Scotland (21/11/2003)

"Have just received the catalogue. You have done a superb job. The catalogue presentation is first class and I cannot fault the lotting of and estimates for my stamps. Well done to you and your team." - P. G., England (6/11/2003)

"In summary I am now convinced both packets arrived. So I apologise for the trouble caused to you. Your offer of restitution is in line with the high standards of your organisation." - B. P., England (20/10/2003)

"I was indeed mightily pleased with the results which were in excess of my expectations and made the effort to put the collection together over a number of years so worthwhile." - B. B., Vic(4/10/2003)

"Thankyou for keeping me well-informed of your efforts on my behalf. Things seem to have gone very well and results were most pleasing." - J. H., UK (15/9/2003)

"Many thanks for the recent catalogue, also your excellent web site. Oh, how I wish I could be at one of the auctions. Many, many thanks for your kindness and help. Best Wishes" - J. C., UK (12/9/2003)

"May I say how impressed I was with the coverage you afforded my Headless Roo in your recent auction…Thanks so much for your undertaking on our behalf." - M. T., Qld (8/8/2003)

"Congratulations for the qualities of your website: fast and very simple access, clarity of the presentation. One of the best in the philatelic world!" - G. L., France (8/7/2003)

"Received my Vendor Advice and cheque in the mail yesterday. Many thanks to yourself and staff for your efficient handling and disposal of my philatelic material." - L. H., Vic (26/6/2003)

"Thanks again for the assistance with this lot. I received the cards and am very pleased with them." - B. K., Canada (26/5/2003)

"I am delighted with the result for the sale of Doug's material." - B. R., ACT (19/5/2003)

"Re the sale of the KGV Large Mult ½d Sideways Watermark, just a quick note to let you know how delighted I was with the outcome. Thank you for the professional way my stamps were also promoted on Premier's Web Page." - R. C., NSW (19/5/2003)

"Thanks for providing such great facilities on-line!" - J. V., ACT (19/5/2003)

"Many thanks for another excellent result, and the brilliant and very fast notification system. You've done a great job for us on this." - D. J., UK (19/5/2003)

"Thanks very much for the warning about the potential problem with black stockcards. It's great that there are people like you in the hobby." - R. C., Canada (1/5/2003)

"Received Catalogue 103 and I think the new style is excellent. The front cover is eye-catching in colour and layout and even more so when you have such a nice item to put on it! The standard of colour illustrations seems to me to be very good. Stamps that I am familiar with are reproduced very faithfully." - B. P., WA (1/5/2003).

"I would recommend to any overseas buyer that they can buy from Premier Philately with confidence. Once again, many thanks to you. A great asset to Oz Land." - C. C., UK (4/4/2003)

"Thankyou for selling my collection. I was quite pleased with the results." - T. B., NSW (17/2/2003)

"Thank you for the excellent catalogues you produce: they are exceptional. I have also been extremely pleased with the lots I have bought." - A. M., England (3/2/2003)

"I am very happy for you and kept on waiting already for the good NEWS. It is indeed an excellent result and a highly successful auction. Bravo, well done!" - U. R., England (30/1/2003)

"Thanks for all your help... I woke up in time to call and bid by telephone but you have made this unnecessary with your understanding of what is needed for a top-class collection. All the best and thanks again." - D.C., United States (27/1/2003)

"Many thanks for sending me the special hard cover catalogue which I greatly appreciate and will treasure." - H. G., England (24/1/2003)

"I will keep the hardbound copy of your Rarities Auction in my bookcase. Thankyou." - G. B., England (24/1/2003)

"Congratulations on your marvellous International Rarities Auction its production and content it is certainly up with the best I have seen from around the world." - H. L., Adelaide (22/1/2003)

"I am very, very impressed with the hardbound catalogue. So many rarities...the content is even better than the packaging!" - U. R., England (18/1/2003)

"Congratulations for a fantastic catalogue, the first I have got from Premier Philately. Its a masterpiece!" - O. R., Norway (17/1/2003)

"Many thanks for the wonderful surprise - Rarities Catalogue hardbound edition...I feel very privileged to be included in the lucky fifty to receive the numbered version." - V. S., Melbourne (16/1/2003)

"Congratulations on your magnificently presented Auction Catalogue for the International Rarities. It's only January12th and I think you've already won this years' Award for Excellence for this splendid work!" - G. K., Melbourne (13/1/2003)

"I'm writing to thank you for the beautifully produced catalogues from your firm..." - J. C. - Germany (13/1/2003)

"Thankyou for your immediate attention to my e-mail and the prompt scan...Congratulations on the resolution quality of the images of material in the auction in general. Usually such standards are only found amongst the better continental firms (with which I am extremely familiar) and rarely or never on the Australian auction scene. " - B. P., Sydney (7/1/2003)

"Thank you for your professionalism in selling my KGV collection." - M. G., Belgium (9/12/2002)

"This is the first time I have had the pleasure to deal with you and may I take this chance to say how impressed I am with material you auction." - K. B., England (1/12/2002)

"I must congratulate you on your wonderful system that advises clients by email of any successful bids immediately after the auction. I wish other auction houses followed your lead" - R.G., ACT (1/12/2002)

Thanks for your email confirming that lot [x] was sold to me... This is the first time i have had the pleasure to deal with you and may I take this chance to say how impressed I am with material / auction. - K.B., U.K. (1/12/2002)

"I was surprised to receive the emails of results. WHAT A GREAT SERVICE!!! RAVE Rave etc etc" - R.A., Tasmania (30/11/02)

"It's great working with you. The company has a real client- focused, "try to do what the customer wants" orientation." - R.S., USA (28/11/2002)

"The package arrived via FedEx this morning safe and sound without any problems. I was very impressed with the expert and careful packing. I am delighted with the 20 items. So far as I am concerned, this has been the most successful and efficiently run auction at which I have bid." - P.G., England (19/11/2002)

"...Dad passed away on Saturday morning...Thank you for your assistance in the trading side and may I say that in Dad's last week he found humour in your description of our material. Dad was very proud to have dealt with you for so long." - D.C., Melbourne (18/11/2002)

"My congratulations to you and your team for conducting such a smooth and trouble-free auction and for the super-efficient service you have provided. You certainly deserve the title of "PREMIER"." - P.G., England (11/11/2002)

"The Prices Realised on your website is super). You did a great job with the catalogue, & the results were likewise super. Thanks for all the help." - R.S., United States (11/11/2002)

"Good luck to Vic Walker on his move, and quite a snare for Premier." - R.G. (7/11/2002)

"I do thank you for the excellent job you did resulting in a wonderful amount! I was knocked out by the size of the results! I do feel it is a fitting tribute to my father as a philatelist of world class." - H.C. (22/10/2002)

"Congratulations on Auction cat No 99: really good production and content." - D.T., England (9/10/2002)

"I am delighted with my purchase. I would like to congratulate you and your staff on the ease with which I was able to bid via the phone. The staff member who handled my bidding was extremely helpful." - P.L., Melbourne (27/9/2002)

"I am very impressed at your sincerity and professionalism. You have a new fan!" - M.S., Merimbula (6/9/2002)

"I'm writing to let you know how much pleasure I've had going through the lots I bought in Sale 97." - R.V., Warragul (14/8/2002)

"Many thanks for my lot from your latest auction which arrived safely yesterday morning, beautifully packed." - R.S., Queensland (7/8/2002)

"You have a great way to communicate the results." - P.W., Melbourne (22/7/2002)

"You are the fastest auction house from whom I obtain results. Well done. Keep up the speedy advice which I greatly appreciate." - Y.C.H., Malaysia (22/7/2002)

"Just a quick email to let you know your fine catalogue arrived safely in Canada. My 4yr old daughter was looking at it and said Daddy, this book is beautifu (exact words)"! - B.L., Canada (16/7/2002)

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"Thank you for your prompt and attentive reply, so nicely presented on your decorative e-mail stationery." - J.P., Switzerland (24/5/2002)

"As a Brisbaneite visiting Melbourne, the team at Premier Philately are to be congratulated. Not only did they offer to book accommodation for me and arrange transport to and from the airport, they also offered me dinner after the auction." - Dave Elsmore, Brisbane (12/5/2002), writing in "Cinderellas Australia".

"I found your [online bidding] process wonderfully easy" - E.N., NY (11/5/2002)

"I received the latest catalogue from Premier Philately, a publication I cannot recommend too highly. Oh! that all philatelic auctions were run like this one." - Tony Finlayson, UK (11/5/2002), writing in the "Bulletin" of the British Society of Australian Philately.

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"Congratulations on your website and catalogue layout. It is superb. It is also a great help showing starting bids." - I.H., Adelaide (3/4/2002)

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"When you first put your catalogue on the website I felt that I would dispense with the printed catalogue, but with the enhancements this decision continues to be put off - you are making the catalogues too attractive and useful as reference material." - C.S., GB (15/2/2002)

"Thanks for the fantastic results service. You have outdone yourselves!" - P.R., GB (27/1/2002)

"Congratulations on your excellent catalogue. I will keep it as a reference for all things from Australian philately that are not standard." - R.A., Germany (14/1/2002)

"I've just received the catalogue - I think its the best in terms of presentation that you have so far produced. I particularly like having the important colour illustrations with the text, it makes much easier and interesting reading, and its so much nicer to have the hard copy compared to finding it on line." - D.C., UK (1/1/2002)

"Many thanks for your superb catalogue. Your products and service are excellent" - J.C., UK (1/1/2002)

"You and your great staff make it so easy to do business." - J.C., USA (1/1/2002)

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"I obtain much pleasure visiting your website. An excellent substitute for not being able to be present whilst the auctions are in progress. Gives a flavour of the atmosphere! Keep up the good work!" - T.L., UK (23/11/2001)

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"Thank you for the catalogue - and congratulations on the new format - most impressive!" - W.G., UK (22/10/2001)

"Your new style catalogue arrived today and I must congratulate the team on putting it together... There is so much of interest that I find the Starting Prices on your website very useful." - D.W., UK (19/10/2001)

"Thankyou for purchasing my Australia collection. Which auction will it appear in? I'd like to save the catalogue." - M.R., Florida (17/10/2001)

"Very impressed with the speedy update of your website with the results of Saturday's sale." - D.J., UK (12/10/2001)

"This is just a message to say how appreciative I am to be able to view your auction catalogues thru the internet." - R.S., New Zealand (06/10/2001)

"A special thankyou for the free educational value of your great catalogues." - M.M., Canada (16/9/2001)

"It is a privilege as well as a pleasure to do business with real people like yourselves that not only run a first class business operation but are themselves "a class act"." - D.G., USA (13/09/2001)

"I think that your catalogues are a model of clarity and exactness." - P.M., UK (11/9/2001)

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"The catalogue is very attractive. I especially appreciate the cross reference index. As for your website, it is very simple to use. It could be among the best in the philatelic world with its currency converter." - Dr G.L., France (29/8/2001)

"Got my lots from the Fiji auction yesterday and must say I'm extremely pleased. All thanks to you; if you hadn't taken the trouble to give me such a detailed description I probably would have given it a miss. I would like to commend you guys. I think you did both the Colonel's estate and us collectors a service by taking the trouble to break down the collection into small lots." - A.C., Malaysia (1/8/2001)

"Congratulations on a well marketed and successful Fiji auction but unfortunately my bank account was not dented at all!" - R.D., Perth (31/07/01)

"Congratulations Gary on approaching 20 years in auctions! May you and David continue to build on your successes." - D.M., USA (12/7/2001)

"One of the most useful websites around." - R.C., Croydon (9/7/2001)

"The stamps are so magnificent they took my breath away...I have dealt with many auction houses that run my bids to the max. It is indeed a pleasure to do business with an honest auction house. I will recommend PPA to anyone..." - N.N., USA (9/7/2001)

"The Evans Fiji auction cat arrived yesterday. You have done a really fine job." - J.B., Cyprus (29/6/2001)

"It was a pleasure to meet David and yourself and all the rest of the crew. You all seem a good bunch of happy folk!" - F.H., WA (26/6/2001)

"A very professional operation run by great people. Honesty and integrity are priceless. I have every confidence bidding by e-mail or post in the future." - G.G., Qld (24/6/2001)

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"The new website looks terrific. Well done! The access to your auctions is first class, especially by Country and Thematic type: it's easy to find anything." - S.A., Melbourne (25/5/2001)

"Many congratulations on not only producing a superb catalogue but on the whole organisation of the sale" - M.P., UK (23/5/2001)

"I have received your parcels and would offer my congratulations on the exemplary manner in which they were packed and addressed. You could teach some of the other big boys how to do business" - A.D., United States (22/5/2001)

"Thankyou so much for all your help with my father's collection. We have really appreciated it all and were very surprised at the outcome. We never expected it to do so well." - Sten Liljedahl's daughters, Melbourne (17/5/2001)

"Thank you for all your help. It would seem that you have established a new market level for Australian stamps." - A.D., United States (13/5/2001)

"I thoroughly enjoyed my short visit and your several kindnesses." D.M., United States (13/5/2001)

"AMAZING! Congratulations...guess the philatelic center of the world has moved south! Really, great news!" - M.W., United States (12/5/2001)

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"Marvellous, bloody marvellous!! $1,000,000 can't be far away. Keep up the excellent standard." - T.J., Melbourne (11/5/2001 - second for the day!)

"Congratulations on the fantastic results achieved for the "Evans" collection. A true benchmark catalogue that deserved the results you achieved. Bravo!" - D.G., New York (11/5/2001)

"Congratulations on your approach. You are setting a fine example for the trade" - T.J., Melbourne (11/5/2001)

"I have been a client in London at Grosvenor, Phillips, Harmers and Spink…your catalogue is easily the best I have ever seen." - W.L., London (14/4/2001)

"Gee, thanks for giving me the forgery! You know I was prepared to pay for it" - S.O., ACT (4/4/2001)

"Many thanks for the Great service Chaps!! Wish all auctions were as slick and professional!!" - C.E., UK (2/4/2001)

"Many thanks for your excellent e-mail results service!!!!!!!! especially as you send it as an ordinary e-mail and not as an attached file" - S.S., Sweden (30/3/2001)

"I think your e-mail results service to bidders is a great idea and should be applauded"" - T.P., Queensland (30/3/2001)

"Thankyou for your excellent and quick response. I deal with auctions worldwide and can say that you really have your act together" - C.S., Netherlands (1/3/2001)

"I was delighted with the way my material was presented, and with the prices realised. Proof again that you are the very best." - J.T., Melbourne (19/2/2001)

"I am really satisfied with your service. Much better than many European firms" - M.C., Italy (13/2/2001)

"Yours is the best organised catalogue I have seen from any philatelic auction company, and it is enjoyable to read even when I don't bid for anything" - J.C., London (18/1/2001)

"Thankyou for your guidance and professional approach to the sale of my father's stamp collections" - J.P. (20/4/2000)